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Ted loved his job but he especially liked all the girls that worked where he worked. There were about a dozen young gals at the company. Most of them were just out of high school and they all liked to wear revealing clothes. A blonde bombshell named Judy worked in Ted's office. Judy wasn't very good with the typewriter but Ted tolerated her because she was so sexy looking in her mini skirts and he knew if he played his cards right he would get to fuck her. Whenever she got up from her desk Ted would catch a glimse of her panties. Whenever she got supplies out of the floor to ceiling cupboard she would climb up on a ladder to do so. Her dresses were always so short that her entire panty covered ass would be on display for Ted to enjoy. Ted always felt she did these things on purpose to tease him.

One day Judy wanted to ask Ted a question about her work so she came around behind his desk. As she leaned over to show him her problem Ted could see both of her young firm tits hanging straight down without the benefit of a bra. Ted thought she had done it on purpose so he decided it was time to make his move. He put his left hand on her leg and ran his hand up under her mini dress. When he reached her panties he traced their outline with his finger. He ran his finger tips over her pussy area and felt the growing wetness as he was getting her very aroused.

"Getting kind of fresh, aren't we?" asked Judy.

"Tell me to stop" replied Ted. When she didn't answer Ted slipped his finger under the band of her panties and inserted his forefinger into the folds of her cunt. He ran his finger up and down her slit several times and as her juices began to flow freely he stuck a finger into her cunt and began finger fucking her.

Just then the door of Ted's office opened and Claudia came in. "There you are" exclaimed Claudia, "I have been looking all over for you".

"What's up?" asked Judy.

We got to go to a meeting with Mr. Conners", replied Claudia. "Hurry up we have to be there in two minutes".

Judy pulled away from Ted and left his office with Claudia. She was cussing under her breath at being interrupted. She had been wanting Ted ever since she had first seen him when she applied for her job. She hoped she could resume what had been started.

As they were heading for Mr. Connors office Claudia got inquisitive. "What were you doing with Ted when I came in?" she asked.

"Oh, he just had his finger in my cunt making me wish it were his dick", replied Judy.

"I thought you were going to share him with me" responded Claudia.

"I didn't plan it for today, he just sneaked up on me" answered Judy. "I was asking him a question about an invoice when he put his hand under my dress and began finger fucking me."

"Well girlfriend, we got to make sure we control the next episode so we both can enjoy it" replied Claudia.

By now the girls were approaching Mr. Connors office. They didn't know why Mr. Connors would want to talk to the two of them but they had learned long ago to follow the orders of their superiors and Mr. Connors was Claudia's boss. When they entered his office he montioned for them to sit down while he finished up on the phone. When Mr. Connors swumg around to talk to the girls he gulped because of the way the girls were sitting. He could see all the way under both of their dresses. Both of the girls wore bikini panties so Mr. Connors thought he could see the hairs of their pussies curling out from under their panties.

"What can we do for you today, Mr. Connors" inquired Claudia.

"I heard you girls are putting out in the office" said Mr. Connors. "This behaviour is not appropriate on company time".

Both girls got up and approached Mr. Connors desk where they sat down on his desk top with their legs towards him with their legs spread wide open. Now there was no doubt about the pussy hairs. "Would it help if we let you in on the action?" asked Claudia as she pulled her top down exposing a breast.

"What do you have in mind? asked Mr. Connors.

Judy came around behind the desk, reached down and began playing with his dick through his pants. She pulled his zipper down and reached inside his drawers and began fondling his balls. Mr. Connors was a bit shocked that these two gorgeous girls would be so open with him. He had often thought about how he would like to fuck them but never dreamed that it would be so easy. He reached out and grabbed his secretary's young firm tit. Meanwhile Judy was busy getting his pants down so she could have total access to his dick. She put her sweet young lips on his manhood and began licking him up and down the shaft of his cock. Claudia stood up and put her foot up on his desk to give him unrestricted view and access to her young nubile pussy. He pulled the elastic band of her panties aside and began to lick the folds of her cunt as Judy proceeded to give him a blowjob. Judy was an expert io giving blowjobs. She used both hands to carress the balls as her head bobbed up and down on the shaft. Each time her head came up one of her hands would be wrapped around the dick and sliding just ahead of her mouth as she slid up and down. This kept up the ultimate pressure on a man until he would explode in orgasm. She purely loved to suck a dick and most men wouldn't last long under her intense expertise. Mr. Connors was no exception. As he exploded Judy gobbled up all his cum and didn't miss a drop.


2004-05-10 19:55:30
this is just a tease story...i swear..u suck...gimmie more...i'm so wet! *crys*


2004-04-08 00:17:59
Poor Ted.... Good Story, could be a lil longer...

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