A photographer finds himself being being watched by a young girl.

Part 1

I am an amateur photographer. My day job is not important, but my
passion, my hobby, is photography. Most evenings and weekends you
will find me either out taking pictures or shut up in my darkroom
creating images. My wife often jokes of being a photographic widow!
She doesn't complain too much though, as the modest second income I
make selling prints from my web site enables us to afford a decent
foreign holiday every year.

I'll take pictures of most things, but I tend to prefer landscapes.
Most weekends I (and sometimes my wife and boys) take a trip to some
remote, beautiful location in the search of a stunning landscape. It
was on one of these trips that this story took place.

On this particular fall weekend I went alone as my wife had arranged
to visit her sister and the boys were still away at college. I
packed my small two man tent and some basic camping supplies in the
car and drove to a lake I knew well. I had taken many pictures there
before and the reason for this trip was to capture some images of the
beautiful red and gold foliage of the surrounding forest.

I set up camp at my favourite campsite, which at this time of year
had only a few late season campers, and spent the first day checking
out my favourite scenes and scouting for new ones in the forest
around the lake. I returned early evening with my camera equipment
having decided on a couple of likely places to take the images.
(Evening, a couple of hours before sunset and the morning, a couple
of hours after sunrise are the best times to take pictures because of
the superior quality of the light!)

I had set up the tripod with my Mamiya camera and was testing the
exposure settings using my Canon digital camera. (I use the digital
camera to assist with composition and exposure settings then take the
actual image on medium format transparency roll film for its
excellent quality). I noticed a child standing off to one side,
partially hidden behind a tree, watching me. At first I ignored the
intrusion but after I had made several exposures with the Mamiya, the
child was still there, watching my every move.

"Hello," I smiled.

The child stepped out from behind the tree, smiled back and replied,
"Hi-ya," before slowly creeping forward to get a better view.
"Whatcha doing?"

The child was a girl. She had a very pretty face, long ginger hair
and pale skin adorned with a few freckles across her nose and cheeks.
She wore a baggy light blue T-shirt with 'Little Angel' stencilled
across the chest, navy blue knee length cycling shorts, white socks
and sneakers. I remembered seeing her about the campsite earlier.
Her family owned a modest motor home and a small sailing dinghy and
had spent the day sailing on the lake.

"Just taking a few pictures of this beautiful scenery," I replied,
thinking it should be pretty obvious.

"Why d'you have two cameras?"

"I've more than two cameras, and they each have their own purpose," I
answered. She was fairly tall but quite thin. I judged her to be
about eight or nine years old.

"What's the big one on that stand for?" she asked, displaying that
annoying tendency of children to ask endless questions that I
remembered of my two boys at that age.

"That's the one I use to take landscape pictures with. Its on a
tripod because the pictures need to be very sharp, so it has to be
kept very still."

She continued to ask questions and I tried to answer them using
language a child would understand, a process that had me unpacking
the two Nikon SLR bodies I had in my gadget bag. She was interested
in the digital camera because it has a little screen on the back that
shows the pictures you've taken. I asked her some questions and
discovered she loved sailing and camping, she hated her older brother
because he was too bossy and her name was Juliet which she also hated
so her friends called her Jules. I thought Juliet was a lovely name
and told her so but agreed to use her nickname.

"I never known anyone with so many cameras! My dad's only got one,"
she exclaimed.

"Well, one is fine if you just want to take family holiday pictures.
I have all these because I like to take lots of different types of
pictures so hopefully I can sell some of them," I explained with one
eye on the falling light level.

"Hey! why don't you take a picture of me," she exclaimed, "with that
silver one so I can see it."

That was the last thing I wanted to do. I needed to move on to
another location to try and catch the sun setting over the lake.
"Well OK," I smiled, pulling the Canon back out of the bag and hoping
I didn't sound too annoyed. I set the camera up quickly, took a
couple of snaps then showed her the images on the preview screen.

"Wow, that's cool!" she laughed, "take some more." She struck a

I took another shot and she continued to pose in ways she had
probably seen models do on the TV. I continued to take pictures, any
hope of catching the sunset shot fading rapidly. After a few minutes
we sat together on a nearby log to review the ten or so images.

"You're pretty good at this," I said. I was quite impressed with the

"You think I'll make a good model?"

"Sure," I encouraged, "you're a natural."

"You taken model pictures before?"

"Yeah, a few," I said, then instantly regretted it. I'd done some
glamour stuff with the photography society I belong to and I just
knew she would ask about it. I wasn't wrong!

"That's cool," she smiled after I had explained what glamour
photography was. "I could do that!" she jumped up and in one swift
movement pulled the T-shirt off.

I was speechless. I was also revising my assessment of her age. She
had very small tits, just slightly swollen cones really, rising from
her chest and topped with tiny puffy nipples. The bagginess of her
T-shirt had been sufficient to hide them. I figured she must be ten
or eleven and approaching puberty, but she still had that
unselfconscious attitude to nudity common to most kids.

"Come on then!" she urged, then squeezed her tits together with her
upper arms in the way a model does to enhance cleavage.

Still in a daze, I raised the camera and pressed the shutter.
" shouldn't be doing this," I mumbled, having finally found
my voice.

"Come on, take some more," she said ignoring my feeble protest.

By now I was coming out of shock and I'd noticed two things. First,
the memory card in the camera was full, so I fiddled about changing
it trying to use the time to think straight. Second, my cock was
growing rather stiff and felt as though it was trying to burst out of
my Levi's. Photographic instinct took over and I began taking

At first Jules chose the poses, running through the same routine she
had before. Most of these poses were not really suited to glamour
photography, so I was soon asking her to move here, bend that way and
place her hands so, instinctively taking over the shoot to create the
images my photographic mind visualised. I asked her to pose stroking
her nipples or one hand cupped between her legs or with fingers
slipped under the waistband of her shorts and also a couple of shots
with the waist band pulled down to reveal the top of her ass and her
upper thigh. Jules was eager to comply, no doubt keen to learn new
things in the way all kids are.

Soon, the camera beeped to tell me its memory card was full again.
We adjourned to the log to review the results of the shoot. She sat
close beside me, having to lean in to see the images on the miniature
LCD screen. Her naked chest came into contact with my arm just below
the seam on my T-shirt's sleeve. I could hardly breathe. I could
feel the silky smooth texture of her breast and nipple rubbing gently
on my skin.

My erection, which had eased a little during the shoot, suddenly
stiffened again. As we sat admiring the images I noticed that Jules'
nipple had stiffened to a soft rubbery point and I was sure she was
deliberately rubbing her tit against my arm.

Suddenly I wanted to see more of her. I can't explain why, I've
never felt sexually excited around children before and I was
struggling to come to terms with my stiff cocked response to a
topless prepubescent ten year old. "I've got one more memory card in
my bag, you want to do some more?" I asked.

"Sure, that'd be great." She jumped up off the log.

"How do you feel about doing some nude shots." I asked innocently as
I changed the memory card.

"Er...isn't that a bit naughty?" she replied, eyes wide.

"Well, yeah," I reasoned, "but no more than the stuff we already
did." I fully expected her to grab her T-shirt and run screaming
back to the campsite. "It's OK if you don't want to."

"No...I guess it's all right," she smiled, "I don't really mind."
Jules turned away from me and slowly pulled her cycle shorts and
panties down.

She bent down to step out of her clothing giving me the first glimpse
of her pussy. I raised the camera and pressed the shutter. Once
again my photographers eye took over and I began directing her poses
as before.

I was enthralled by Jules' pussy. Her mound curved gently down
between her legs, splitting to form two soft puffy lips. The colour
of the skin changing from the soft white of her purse to the coral
pink of her pussy lips. There were a few wispy ginger hairs just
beginning to grow on the smooth white skin above her crack.

I kept taking pictures, zooming the camera so her cunt filled the
viewfinder. I asked her to slip her finger into her crack, to part
her pussy lips so I could photograph the tiny pink clit standing
proud above the dark crevice of her vagina. All this she did with a
mischievous smile on her face, perhaps guessing that the photo shoot
had moved from glamour to porn.

My cock, aching for release, felt very uncomfortable within the
confines of my jeans.

Finally the last memory card was full and I reluctantly called a
halt. We sat on the log once again. I'd expected her to get dressed
first but she sat next to me naked, snuggling up against my arm as
before. I moved my arm around her, resting my hand on her naked

Jules looked up at me, a smile on her face signalling she was
comfortable with this close contact. "Come on then, lets see the
photos." she urged.

Operating the camera with one hand, I scrolled through the images.
She made no comment about the close ups of her pussy, just declaring
the pictures were great after we had reviewed them all.

"It's not fair!" Jules suddenly turned to me as I slid my fingers
gently between her thighs just inches from her cunt.

"What isn't?" I asked, removing my hand from her leg, fearing I had
gone too far.

"You've seen all of me, but I haven't seen you!"

"Well...that wouldn't be the proper thing to do for a man in my
position." My cock ached for the opportunity.

"It's still not fair." she sulked.

"Hmm...perhaps your right, it isn't fair." I conceded. "Have you
ever seen a boys willy before?"

"Yeah, I've seen my brother's loads of times. Mostly its all small
and floppy looking, but sometimes its long and sorta stiff looking.
He rubs it when its like that."

"Does he let you watch then?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh no! He doesn't know I've seen him." She grinned. "Why does he
rub it like that?"

"Because it feels really nice. All boys do it, and girls too."

"How can girls do it? We haven't got willy's," she laughed.

"Ah...well, girls have a little...button type thing instead, it's
called a clit. You can rub that so it feels really good."

"Oh yeah! It does feel kinda nice if I...well, sorta touch myself
there," she blushed. Jules parted her legs to look down at her
pussy, then noticed I was looking too and snapped them together
again. Placing her hands in her lap she looked indignantly at me.
"Not fair!" she objected, "you still haven't shown me yours."

"Oh right," I said. By now I was desperate to release my bulging
cock. I stood up and dropped my jeans and shorts down to my ankles
then sat back next to Jules. My stiff cock was sticking out at and
angle from the bush of hair at its base. My balls rolled expectantly
within their sack dangling between my partially opened thighs. I was
so rigid the foreskin had partially pulled back from the head, a
large drop of pre come oozed from the slit.

Jules stared wide eyed at it for a few moments. "Wow! I never seen
one this close before," she muttered. "It's so big!"

Actually I'm average, just the usual six inches, but she made me feel
as though I was hung like a horse. "Would you like to touch it?" I

She looked at me and frowned, but I didn't miss the spark of interest
in her eyes. "Is it OK...I mean yeah I would. But wont it hurt

"It'll be fine, it feels real nice. Go on...touch it if you want," I

Jules moved her hand over, but stopped short. "I...I don't know how
to," she giggled.

"Just wrap your fingers around it," I urged, "just like holding a

Her fingers gently touched my cock, then she carefully rubbed her
fingertips up and down the length, feeling the ridges created by the
swollen blood vessels beneath the skin.

"It feels...silky," she murmured, "and hot." Growing bolder, she
wrapped her fingers around it. "What do I do now?" she asked.

"Rub your hand up and down, just like you saw your brother doing to
his," I croaked. The sensation of her small ten year old hands
intimately touching me was unbelievable. She did as I suggested, but
her touch was so light that her fingers slid effortlessly over my hot
skin. "Hold it a little tighter," I instructed, "the skin can slide
over the middle."

Jules increased the pressure of her grip. "Cool!" she enthused,
marvelling at the way the skin slid freely over my rigid tube.
Precome was flowing copiously, covering the head and foreskin and was
spreading down the shaft beneath her fingers. "Why is it getting
wet?" she inquired.

", sort of like a natural oil to make it even smoother so
there is less friction during sex. Girls make it too." I was
worried that the mention of 'sex' would frighten her and bring about
a premature end to the evenings events. She seemed unconcerned
though, and continued to rub my cock.

By now I was eager to engage in a little caressing of my own. "Would
you mind if I touched, your pussy?" I was having a little
difficulty choosing the right words. "Would you like me to rub yours
too?" I corrected.

"Er...I don't know," she muttered, obviously a little scared of where
this new experience was leading.

"It's only fair, I let you touch mine," I reasoned, unashamedly using
her own persuasive logic.

Jules smiled at that. "I guess it's OK," she shrugged.

I reached over, heart pounding wildly, and placed my hand on her leg
above the knee. Jules opened her legs, allowing me to slide my hand
along the inside of her thigh. My finger lightly brushed her
hairless pussy, gently caressing the soft cushions of her cunt lips.

I eased my finger along the crease, gently parting the lips and
finding the skin within her private place hot and slightly moist. As
I ran my finger along the length of her pussy I found her clitoris,
that tiny nub of flesh the only firmness evident in that delightfully
soft area, and gently teased it with small circular motions.

Jules shuddered and a low moan escaped from her lips. She leaned
against me and I placed my free arm around her, this time slipping my
hand under her arm so I could fondle her breast. As I continued to
caress her pussy, Jules closed her eyes and though she still held my
cock she had stopped stroking it. This was fine with me, I was ready
to explode but didn't want that to happen yet. I wasn't sure what
she knew about the male orgasm, if anything.

"How does that feel?" I murmured.

"It's really good," she breathed.

"Jules..." I whispered into her hair, "I'd like to do something very
special for you, if you'd like me to."

"What?" she looked up at me.

"I'd like to give you an orgasm."

"What's that?"

"It's when the nice feeling you have now gets better, a lot better
all of a sudden. Its a really wonderful thing," I explained quietly.
"Will you let me?"

"I guess. How do you do it?"

"Well...I could keep on touching you like this until it happens, but
I would like to do something else that'll make it feel even better."

"OK...what do you do?"

"I'll kiss you down there, on your pussy. Girls really love that," I

Jules made a face. "Yuk!" She looked at me with a puzzled
expression. "You sure..? It'll be really really nice?" She wasn't

"Yeah, you'll love it, I promise."

"I guess it's OK, what do I do?"

"It'll be best if you lie down, er..." I looked around and decided
that the log we were sitting on would suit. Taking my T-shirt off, I
jumped up and shuffled awkwardly, jeans still wrapped around my
ankles, to spread it on the log. My stiff cock bobbed up and down
comically and Jules laughed. I helped her to lie on my shirt with
one leg on either side of the log, whilst I knelt on the grass next
to her.

I could now use both hands to caress her cunt. As I gently spread
her pussy lips to reveal the tiny pink opening to her vagina, I
smiled at her. Jules returned my smile though the unease she was
feeling was clear.

I lowered my face to her lap and planted a gentle lingering kiss on
her cunt. Jules flinched and gasped. For my second kiss I opened my
mouth slightly and gently sucked on her pussy lips. Jules moaned. I
lifted my head and smiled at her. "How does that feel?" I asked.

"It's you said." she stared at me with wide eyes.

The taste and smell of her was a mixture of sweet musk, sweat and a
faint tinge of urine. I lowered my face once more and this time I
opened my mouth more and slowly ran my tongue the full length of her
crack. I delighted in licking her pussy.

Whilst I was licking her, I reached up to caress her tits. The small
cones had a soft firmness under my fingers. Her nipples had hardened
to form small rubbery teats that I teased gently between my fingers.

Jules' vagina was beginning to ooze juice. I dipped my tongue into
the musky fluid then tried to follow the cunt honey to it source. My
probing tongue soon reached her hymen. This soft but firm barrier
had a minute hole at it's centre that was not large or pliable enough
to allow my tongue to probe further.

I became aware Jules was moving her hips, pushing her cunt onto my
face. She was breathing in rapid shallow pants and couldn't be far
from orgasm, probably her first. Transferring my attention to her
clit, I began to flick it rhythmically.

Her movements became more pronounced and less controlled. Then
suddenly she stiffened, moaned loudly and began shaking all over as
though she were shivering. Her hands grabbed the back of my head,
holding me against her pussy.

Gradually the shaking subsided and she went limp. I lifted her
gently and hugged her as her breathing returned to normal.

"Nice?" I smiled.

"Wow!" she smiled back.

"It's a really good feeling, isn't it?" I laughed.

"Awesome!" She giggled.

I looked down at my stiff cock. "I'm about ready to have an orgasm
too! Did you ever see your brother have one?" I asked.

"Nah, I don't think so. I just saw him rubbing it."

"Do you know what happens when boys have one?"

Jules shook her head.

"Well, we have that lovely feeling just the same as you girls, but
some gooey white stuff squirts out at the same time."

"Yuk!" she pulled a face.

"It can be messy wiping it up after, but its worth it. Would you
like to see it?"

"Yeah!" she enthused. "Can I?"

"Sure," I smiled, "you can help me if you want." I was desperately
hoping she would want.

Jules shrugged. "What do I have to do?"

"You can rub it just like you did before, but there is a special way
you can do it that I really like."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Here, I'll show you." I shuffled away from the log and lay on my
back on the grass. My cock having lost some of its stiffness by now,
it leaned over resting on my pubic hair. "I just lie here and you
sit on my lap and rub yours on mine. That way it'll be nice for you
too, just like it was before."

Jules looked unsure, but got off the log and approached me. She
stepped across my legs and lowered herself slowly to sit on my
thigh's. "That's right," I encouraged. I took hold of her thigh's.
"OK, now slide forward until you're sitting on top of mine." I
helped her into position, her moist pussy touching my cock causing it
to regain some of its former stiffness.

I encouraged her to rock her hips, to rub her pussy lips along the
hot sensitive skin of my shaft. At first Jules held herself up on
her knees keeping contact between us to a minimum, but as sexual
desire took hold she lowered her weight onto me squeezing my cock
between her cunt and my torso.

Satisfied with her movements, I slid my hands up from her hips to her
chest, gently massaging the delicate cones and teasing her stiff
nipples. Jules leant forward against me as though she wished to
crush her small tits in the palms of my hands.

Jules' love juice had started to flow again, liberally coating my
prick and making little slurping sounds as she moved. Her cunt lips
had parted, spread wide open on either side of my shaft, her clit
clearly visible standing proud between her labia.

Each forward thrust she made pressed my cock onto my stomach, milking
me of clear pre cum fluid which collected in a large wet pool below
my navel. As she slid back, pressure on my stiff shaft eased
allowing it to rise up a couple of inches at an angle from my body,
trailing a dribble of fluid. Then the next forward thrust would
force the shaft back to the horizontal causing the head to splat in
the pool of liquid.

I was losing control. I could feel the pressure building at the base
of my cock and knew I was about to erupt. "Jules..." I gasped, "I'm
going to have my orgasm." She stopped moving and looked down.
", keep rubbing me." I urged. Obediently, she began sliding
back and forth on my cock once again.

"Ahhhh..." I grunted as my orgasm exploded. The first squirt of
semen came just as Jules had slid forward, forming a large white
liquid pool on my stomach. Then as she slid back allowing my cock to
rise up, a second, more powerful eruption sent a stream of cum arcing
through the air to land six inches above my navel. The next jet came
as Jules was on her way forward, filling my navel.

"Wow! Awesome!" Gasped Jules. The sight of my orgasm and the
continuing sexual stimulation had had their effect, her movements had
become jerky and uncontrolled. In her excitement, she pushed further
forward than before, sliding off the end of my cock so that her pussy
landed with a splat in the pool of cum.

Then as she jerked back, my cock became caught in her vagina. I felt
the tip squeeze into her tight opening, no more than about half an
inch, before being deflected as a result of her tight hole and the
slick lubrication. A final flood of cum oozed from me, filling the
restricted space between her hymen and cunt entrance then flooding
ahead of my cock as it ploughed on between her labia.

Jules was panting then let out a long moan, she suddenly went limp
and sank down to lie on my chest as her hips jerked repeatedly,
squelching her pussy against my cock.

We both lay still for a few minutes, breathing heavily. "Wow!" I
sighed, "I have to agree with you, that really was awesome. Thank

She giggled, a delightful relaxed sound. "Mmmm...that was kinda
nice." she agreed. I kissed her forehead.

The sun was low on the horizon, creating the wonderful gold/orange
light I had wanted to photograph earlier. "When have you got to be
back at the campsite? Your mom must be wondering where you are," I

"Nah..." She looked round at the gathering twilight, "Don't have to
be back till dark." She sat up on my lap again then looked down at
her body with an expression of horror. "Yuk! What a mess. It's all
sticky." She was soaked from her nipples all the way down to her
cunt with a mixture of sweat and semen. Globs of white goo had
transferred to her chest from mine and were sliding slowly down from
her tits. Her stomach, thighs and pussy were slick with an even
coating of my cum.

My own stomach was smeared and my pubes and chest hair matted with
it. "Ah!" I exclaimed. I wondered what I could use to wipe up the
mess. Not my T-shirt, it would show the stains when I got back to
the campsite. "Er...hang on a minute." I struggled my legs out of
my Levis and shorts, then showed her my boxer shorts. "I'll use

She giggled again as I gently wiped the goo from her, starting with
her tits and working down. By the time I got to her pussy, my shorts
were quite a mess. I had to fold them carefully to find a dry patch
of cloth.

As Jules gathered her clothing, I began wiping the mess from my
chest. But the shorts were so smeared I was putting more on than was
coming off.

Jules saw the problem I was having and approached me holding her
panties. "I'll use these," she smiled, mimicking me. She began
using them to wipe my cock. "Hey! It's gone all soft and squidgey."

"It'll go all hard again if you keep on touching it," I said. She
blushed. "You'd better hurry and get dressed, it'll be dark soon."

She turned back to her pile of clothes, but realised she couldn't put
her panties on now that they were wet and stood puzzling over the
problem for a few seconds. Then she made up her mind, tossed the
damp garment on the ground and quickly dressed without them. "Er...I
guess I'd better get back then." she stammered with embarrassment
when she had finished. "Er...thanks mister, tha...that was really

I was riddled with guilt and embarrassment myself. "Thank you," I
replied. "I'm really happy you enjoyed it."

Jules turned to go, then suddenly spun round to plant a quick kiss on
my lips before skipping off down the forest path. "Bye!" she called.

"Bye Jules, take care," I called back.

As I got dressed I looked again down the path and saw her pause to
wave at me. I blew her a kiss and waved back. Jules turned and
disappeared between the trees, leaving me to collect my camera gear
and trudge back to the campsite at my own pace.

Part 2

I woke early on Saturday morning with a raging hard-on. The night
had been a restless one and my sleeping bag was twisted around my
body. Obviously I had been dreaming of Jules, reliving the
incredible sexual encounter I had with that delightful ten year old
ginger haired girl last evening. The dreams had no doubt been
fuelled by the review of the pictures I had taken of her with my
digital camera. Common sense told me to erase them, to keep no
record, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I
transferred them from the memory cards to my laptop computer.

My boxer shorts had a damp patch below the waist band at the front,
evidence of those intensely erotic dreams. I unravelled myself from
the sleeping bag and slipped the soiled garment off. Pulling on my
Levi's, careful not to catch my cock or pubic hair in the zipper, I
grabbed a towel and wash bag and crawled out of the tent heading for
the campsite shower facility.

As I crossed the site, my gaze fell on the camper van and the small
sailing boat on its trailer I knew belonged to Jules' family. I
wondered what she thought of our encounter, probably her first ever
sexual experience. My own feelings were mixed. Mostly I was
consumed with guilt, having never felt such feelings toward a child
before. Fearing Jules had said something to her parents, I expected
a police cruiser to pull up at the campsite any moment! My stiff
cock and wet dreams, however, showed that I found the episode a
powerfully erotic experience.

By the time I had returned from the shower, my cock had deflated a
little. I had only brought enough spare clothing to see me through
my short weekend camping trip, and had only one pair of boxer shorts
left. I decided not to wear them. I finished dressing and resolved
to put the whole thing out of my mind and concentrate on taking

The purpose of this weekend camping trip was to take landscape
photographs of the beautiful lake and forest scenery around the
campsite. I picked up my camera bag and headed out into the forest,
intent on a long hike to clear my mind of Jules.

To begin with, the strategy worked. The early morning sun created
perfect lighting conditions for landscape work. I busied myself with
taking pictures. By mid morning though, I had finished two rolls of
film and the light had become too harsh. I headed back to the
campsite. With no activity to keep my mind from thinking of Jules, I
was soon fantasising of once again finding her in the forest. My
cock soon stiffened at the prospect, the coarse interior of my jeans
and the extra room from wearing no shorts providing extra
stimulation. I even altered my route to pass by the small clearing
with the log in the hope she would be there. She wasn't.

The camper van was deserted. Jules and her family must have been out
on the lake in their sailing boat. I was both disappointed and
relieved. I had no idea what I was going to do if she had been
there. I mentally kicked myself, collected a few rolls of fresh film
and returned to the forest heading for a photogenic waterfall I knew

The trip to the falls took most of the afternoon. When I got back to
the campsite, Jules and her family were back from their sailing trip.
I busied myself heating some water for a simple boil in the bag meal.

I kept my eye on her as she played ball with her brother, but she
paid me no attention except to look over at me a couple of times.

By the time I had finished my meal and cleared up, it was almost
sunset. I had been fantasising she would wander off alone into the
forest, waving at me from the trees to follow. I considered walking
into the woods myself, carrying my camera bag and wondered if she
would follow me. In the end I decided it was too late in the evening.

When it got dark Jules and her family retired to the camper van. I
decided on an early night as I was planning to take some pictures of
the sunrise from the slopes of a nearby mountain. I stripped off and
climbed into the sleeping bag trying to ignore the stiff cock bobbing
between my thighs.

I woke suddenly to the sound of a zip being slowly undone and
realised it was the zip on my tent. Fearing an attempted robbery, I
grabbed my tripod to use as a club and quickly unzipped the inner
tent to confront the intruder. I had pitched my tent close to the
campsite's street lamps, its glow illuminated the inside of the tent
so I was able to recognise the small shadowy figure crouched at the
entrance. She froze and stared at me with frightened eyes. "Jules!"
I gasped, "What are you doing here?"

"I...I...I'm sorry," she stammered, "I...I wanted see you."
The sound of her voice told me she was close to tears. "I'm sorry, I
shh...shouldn't have come."

"No, it's OK," I reassured her. "Don't go. You frightened me, I
thought you were a burglar."

Jules giggled, the tension visibly draining from her. "Oh sorry,"
she smiled, "I didn't think."

"So what do you want to see me for."

"I er...I looked for you today, you know, up in the woods," she

"Me too," I laughed, "I was hoping to see you as well. Guess we
missed each other."

"Yeah, I guess."

An awkward silence developed. I checked my watch, it was two in the
morning. "You shouldn't be out this late, your folks will wonder
where you are."

"Oh, its OK. They're all asleep. I just went to the bathroom," she

I noticed Jules was wearing just a night-dress. I was feeling the
cold night air on my naked chest as I sat up in the sleeping bag.
"You better come in for a moment, or you'll catch a chill."

"You sound like my mom," she giggled. Jules crawled in beside me and
I zipped the tent flap shut behind her.

I had brought the double size bed roll my wife and I usually use and
our sleeping bags are the sort that can be used individually or
opened out and zipped together to make a double size bag, but I had
only the one sleeping bag on this trip. I unzipped it and opened it
out to form a blanket we could both use.

I was sleeping with no shorts on and when I opened the bag out, I saw
Jules' eyes look at my crotch. My cock was totally flaccid, just a
limp worm of wrinkled skin, no doubt due to an intense fear of
discovery I was feeling. I patted the bed roll. "Come on," I said,
"you must be freezing." Jules shuffled across to lie next to me and
I pulled the sleeping bag over us.

She was cold. I could feel the chill radiating from her little body.
Wrapping my arms around her, I snuggled her close to me, rubbing my
hands rapidly over her back to generate some warmth. "How's that?"
I asked.

"Mmm...nice. Your all warm," she replied.

I moved one hand down to rub her bare legs below the hem of her
night-dress. "You should have put a coat on before coming out." My
parenting instincts were taking over.

"Yes mom!" she moaned. Then we both laughed. "Your...thing was all
tiny, shrunk?" she said, changing the subject.

"Well, yes," I replied. "It can't be stiff all the time, it would be
very uncomfortable if it was. That's what a cock looks like when
it's er...resting. It only gets stiff when it needs to for sex."

"Can I...touch it again?" Jules asked.

"If you like." My stomach was turning over in knots with worry.
Sound, especially voices, can carry a long way at night on a
campsite. It would only take someone else to make their way to the
bathroom and it would be all over for me.

Jules' hand moved slowly down to my crotch. Her cold fingers
gingerly poked and prodded my cock. Finally, she took the flaccid
lump in her hand, gently massaging it. "Wow! It feels really
weird," she remarked.

I could feel a sexual ache growing in my loins. "If you keep doing
that you'll be able to feel it growing."

"Cool!" She said. Then, "Jeez! That's really spooky." She gasped
when she felt my cock slowly lengthen. Eventually the shaft
stiffened as she continued to fondle me. "Awesome, how do you do

"It's not me," I explained. "Your doing that, I have no control over
it." I slid my hand from her back down to her bum, rubbing her ass
in little circles until I had worked her night-dress fabric up
exposing her panties to my probing fingers. I caressed the panty
fabric, toying with the hem and slipping my fingers into the warm
enclosure between her thighs.

Jules sighed, parting her legs to allow me to rub the panty fabric
stretched over her pussy lips. We lay like this for several minutes,
each stimulating the other. Eventually Jules hesitantly asked,
" the last time, that er...special thing you did?"

"Hmm, yes," I mumbled into her hair. "You liked that, didn't you?"

"Oh yeah!" she nodded her head vigorously, her cheek felt soft and
warm against my chest.

A few more moments of silence followed. I knew Jules wanted me to
lick her pussy, but she was too embarrassed to ask. "Would you like
to experience that pleasure again?"

"...please." she whispered, her breath tickling my chest hair.

I gently eased her onto her back and rolled the sleeping bag down.
Her night-dress had some kind of furry animal picture on the front.
Leaning over her, I kissed her forehead then the tip of her nose,
making her smile. I kissed her mouth, just a small peck at first
which she tentatively returned, then again with my mouth partly open,
sucking her lips. Jules gradually relaxed, parting her lips and
returning my kiss with some passion as she explored this new pleasure.

My hand wasn't idle while we kissed. I had slipped it under the hem
of the night-dress to caress her tummy, moving it slowly upwards
lifting the garment up her body until one of her small cone shaped
tits lay under my palm. I spent a delicious few minutes playing with
Jules nipples, teasing them between my thumb and forefinger.

I continued to pull the night-dress up until her breasts were
exposed, lowering my mouth to suckle on the erect teats. My hand,
having been displaced from its favoured position by my mouth, found
its own way south, slipping under the elastic waist band of Jules'
panties, to fondle her cunt lips.

My finger traced the moist crack between Jules' thighs, gently
parting her labia and stimulating her clit before moving down to her
tight cunt hole. I pushed my finger in as far as her hymen and
wriggled it about, encouraging her cunt juice to flow.

Inevitably, my mouth followed my hand. I kissed and nuzzled my way
down to her pussy, pulling the panties down to her knees. The small
size of the tent made it difficult to reach her cunt with my mouth
without folding myself in half, so I had to shuffle around so I was
facing Jules feet. At last I was able to kiss her nether lips, to
push my tongue into her crack following the trail blazed previously
by my finger.

I licked her clit, running my tongue in little circles around the
tiny hard button. Jules moaned her pleasure, rocking her hips gently
against my face. Slipping my tongue lower, I pushed the tip into her
pussy hole trying to ease it past the tight ring of her hymen. The
tongue is a strong muscle, but lacks the rigidity to penetrate the
membranous fold of tissue that protects a girls cunt. I returned to
the stimulation of her clit.

Because of the position we were in, my rigid cock bobbed only inches
from Jules' face. She had noticed this and took hold of it with one
of her hands, rubbing me once again. Suddenly, without warning, she
leaned over and planted a kiss on my cock head. I stopped what I was
doing and looked at her.

Jules shrugged. "I...just wanted to see what it was like," she

I reached over and stroked her hair. "That's all right," I replied,
"that felt very nice."

She smiled and kissed the head again. "What do I do?"

"Kiss it like that or lick it," I suggested, "or you could suck it
like you would suck your thumb." I couldn't believe I was teaching a
ten year old to suck cock!

Jules frowned. Then after a few seconds thought, she stuck her
tongue out and tentatively licked my cock. Then, obviously deciding
it wasn't too bad, she licked me again, this time lingering and
rubbing her tongue on me. "What happens when stuff comes
out?" Her expression revealed she didn't like the idea.

"It's OK, I'm not ready yet and I wont let it happen anyway," I
promised. "I'll tell you to stop before it then."

She smiled at my reassurance and continued licking my cock. I bent
my head back to her pussy. After a minute or so of the most
delightful gentle licks, I felt her lips stretch over the tip of my
shaft and she began sucking me just like a child sucking a thumb. It
was the most erotic feeling I have ever felt, I had to concentrate
very hard to keep my promise to her!

While I was licking Jules' clit, I slipped my little finger into her
cunt hole hoping it would be small enough to ease past her hymen.
Although her barrier still resisted, I was able to insert the tip
past the obstruction to the depth of my finger nail. I gently fucked
the membrane with my finger, pushing in and out with small movements
in an effort to loosen the membrane.

Jules was breathing rapidly through her nose and moaning into my
cock. Her hips were bucking purposefully, grinding her cunt against
my face. She began twitching uncontrollably as an orgasm shook her
body. Suddenly my finger slipped further into her hole, past the
first joint. Jules gasped, clamping her thighs on my head and hand
as she thrashed uncontrollably for a few seconds.

"Wow! What did you do." she asked after her orgasm eventually ebbed.

"I hope I didn't hurt you? I just slipped my finger into your

"It was really awesome, didn't hurt or nothing."

"Does it still feel nice?" I still had my little finger in her cunt
and began gently fucking her with it again.

"Yeah, it feels good. Kinda weird, but good."

"You can do this to yourself, you know? You can make the good
feeling and give yourself an orgasm."

"Yeah?, I rubbed myself there before," she blushed. "I was
doing it today up by the log when I was looking for you. I never put
my finger inside me though."

"Hey, that's good," I encouraged. "Did you have an orgasm?"

"Nah!" she shook her head.

"Here, why don't you try." I withdrew my finger from her pussy and
gently pulled her hand between her thighs.

Jules rubbed her pussy, pushing her finger between the lips. "How do
I do it?" she asked. I guided her finger into her cunt hole,
teaching her to finger-fuck herself and to curl her finger up behind
her clit and stimulate her own G-spot. While she explored herself, I
turned around so that my throbbing cock rested on her thigh, just
inches from her pussy. My face was very close to hers, and I kissed
her passionately, kisses she eagerly returned.

"Jules, do you know what fucking is?" I ventured, between kisses.

She gaped at me wide eyed. "That's a naughty word!"

"Well yes, it is. People mostly use it as a swear word," I
explained, "But do you know what it really means?"

"Yeah, I think. Is it like...doing it, you know, proper sex?"

"That's right," I said. "Where did you learn that?"

"My friend Hannah. Her big sister says she's done it."

"Did she say what happens when you have proper sex?"

"No, her sister wouldn't tell her."

"I can tell you. Actually, I'd love to have proper sex with you.
Would you like that Jules?"

Her eyes lit up with interest, then a frown of doubt wrinkled her
forehead as she realised she didn't know what was involved. "I...I
don't...know," she whispered.

"It's OK if you don't want to," I soothed. "We could just do the
same as we did before if you like." I desperately wanted to fuck
her, but I didn't want to press the issue in case she left suddenly.

"W...what do I have to do?" Jules was still finger fucking herself,
so she obviously hadn't lost interest after having her orgasm.

"Well, you don't HAVE to do it at all," I reminded. "But only if you
want to, I'll put my cock inside you, just where your finger is now."

"Will it hurt?"

"I don't really know the answer to that one, Jules," I admitted.
"I've heard it's supposed to hurt the first time, but not always.
You can get your finger in, even my finger fits in. My cock is
bigger than our fingers though, so it might be a bit uncomfortable at
first. If it is, then we'll stop straight away. I don't want to
hurt you."

Jules digested my little speech, then having made up her mind,
withdrew her finger from her pussy. "OK, lets try it." A look of
eagerness returned to her face.

My cock throbbed at the thought and once again I had to concentrate
to prevent a premature ejaculation. I maneuvered my lap under her
ass, lifting and parting her legs over my thigh so that my swollen
shaft protruded between her thighs. The head of my cock rested on
her cunt lips.

Both Jules cunt and my cock were oozing love juice, so there was no
shortage of lubrication. Taking my stiff shaft in my hand, I guided
the swollen head between her pussy lips, using it to part them and
stimulate her clit. Jules moaned her pleasure, rocking her hips and
pushing her pussy against my cock.

I slipped my cock lower, easing it against her tight virginal
opening. Pushing gently so that my swollen cock head slipped between
her pussy lips and up against her hymen, I asked, "How does that
feel, sweetheart?"

"It's nice," she breathed. "Doesn't hurt or anything."

"OK, I'm going to push a little harder now, you can tell me to stop
anytime." I could feel the resistance in her vagina as I pushed up,
then suddenly felt it give. My cock slid up her cunt, the hot wet
tube enveloping the first three inches of my stiff cock.

I withdrew slightly then pushed in again, repeating the gentle
movements until her pussy was taking four or five inches and I could
feel my cock head pushing against her cervix. Jules lifted her hips
away from my thrust and pushed her hand against my thigh, obviously
finding my deeper thrusts a little uncomfortable. I backed off a

"That better?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's nice now. It was hurting a little before." She looked
down between her legs and watched as my cock slipped repeatedly
between her pussy lips. "Wow, we're really doing it!"

Jules relaxed as I kissed her tenderly and fondled her tits. I
continued fucking her with slow gentle thrusts. She slipped her hand
between her legs to feel my cock as it entered her body, fingering
her clit at the same time.

The pressure of my climax was building rapidly and Jules was meeting
my thrust, pushing her cunt onto my pole. Suddenly my cock erupted,
pumping my load of cum into the restricted space within her vagina.
It was the best, the longest lasting orgasm I could remember. 'My
god,' I thought, 'this is a ten year old girl I'm fucking.' My cock
continued to pump long after the supply of semen had been exhausted.

A minute or so after my orgasm began, Jules gasped, throwing her arms
around my neck as her hips jerked uncontrollably, signalling her own

We lay quietly, hugging each other and panting for several long
minutes. My cock lost its stiffness, the tightness of Jules' pussy
squeezed it out to flop into the pool of cum that had collected on
the mattress between her thighs. More cum oozed from her hole to
dribble down her ass crack.

Eventually, I roused myself and used my towel to wipe the mess from
our bodies. "You really should get back to your camper before
someone wonders where you got to," I advised. I was beginning to
feel guilty and frightened of discovery now that the fog of sexual
desire had lifted.

"Yeah, guess so," she said as she pulled her panties up and covered
her delightful breasts with her night-dress. "Er...that was really
great, thanks." She said as she unzipped the tent flap. I guessed
she was feeling guilty or embarrassed as the realisation of what she
had just done dawned on her.

"Thank you, you were really wonderful," I called to her retreating
back. She turned briefly and waved goodbye before disappearing into
the darkness.

I lay awake for some time thinking about what had just taken place.
I felt a mixture of shock and desire. I wanted to repeat that
wonderful experience, but feared the consequences of discovery. In
the cold, post sexual loneliness, I resolved to pack up and leave
first thing in the morning.

*** The End ***


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