Let's just cut straight to the chase. My name is Brad Campbell, I'm 18, and I am feeling pretty sexually frustrated at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriend Tracey, we've been together for three years now and my love for her hasn't diminished in the slightest. It's just...... well, this might sound stupid to you, but even though we have a pretty good sex life for two teenagers who are both new to relationships, I feel that she doesn't, you know.... Spend enough time pleasuring me. To put it bluntly, I haven't felt a mouth on my dick for 6 months. I was too ashamed to ask for it or even say anything, because she had never really been enthusiastic about it in the first place, and I felt it would be really selfish of me to expect her to do something she obviously didn't want to do. But it didn't stop me from lying in bed every night in silent anticipation, hoping against odds that she would surprise me with even a handjob or something. To make matters worse, she didn't have any problems with expecting me to finger-fuck her to orgasm every time I came over to her parents house or she came to mine and we had sex, because I couldn't last long enough to get her off. It's not a physical problem, I'm fairly fit for my age and have a decent 7" penis when erect, but everytime we start to have sex I think about how she doesn't seem to care enough to try to make me feel good, and I can't get it up properly as a result, and then when I finally jerk him up to a state of semi-hardness that will actually go inside her, I am already so close to cumming that I barely last 20 seconds. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that it's her fault and not mine. I just wish she would make an effort.

Another month of ineptitude and disappointment rolled by until I finally decided it was worth trying anything, so I just asked her flat out if there was anything I could do to get her to think about maybe blowing me. She sat there looking at me, before sighing and shaking her head, muttering something about boys. She put down her book and looked me square in the eye "If you fuck me for ten minutes and then make sure I come afterwards with your big fingers, then I will blow you- after you've had a shower, of course" I was so happy about the prospect of getting what I wanted that I had no problem getting it up, and I started off with a slow pace that would speed up every now and then before slowing back down, giving me a chance to pace myself. After 7 and a half minutes Tracey made me stop and shoved two of my fingers up her cunt, and I bring the fingers on my other hand up to her clit and lightly stroke it. I know all of the sensitive spots and pleasure centres on Traceys snatch, I've always had the mindset that if you're going to do something, you should do it right. It's a trait that both me, my father and my 16 year old sister share. In any case it seemed to do the trick because I had Tracey thrashing around next to me in little to no time.

After she had come back to reality she pushed my hands away and brought the quilt up to her chin, sighing contently. "Ah, that was nice! OK, hop in the shower and I'll take care of what you need."
I tried so hard to keep calm and not make a big deal out of this but I couldn't help it, I practically bounced over to the shower and turned it on, climbing in and getting straight to cleaning. I made sure I had washed under the foreskin at least 5 times, there is no such thing as a job too thorough. With shaking hands I turned off the shower and stood there, feeling the water running down my skin. I calmed myself and decided that I was being childish. It wasn't like she was bestowing upon me some great boon from the Gods, it was just a simple blowjob. I just had to savour it for as long as I could. I decided to dress just so that when I crossed the hallway from the bathroom to her bedroom I wouldn't run the risk of her parents seeing me naked. I entered the room and adjusted to the light; the curtain had been lowered. I inched closer to the bed, tense with anticipation. Then I heard the sound of gentle snoring, and my eyes adjusted properly to see that Tracey had fallen asleep. I stood there, uncertain, before deciding to just go for broke. Leaning over, I jostled her lightly and spoke her name softly until she woke up.

She looked at me tiredly, obviously irritated that I had woken her up. "What are you doing, Brad? I'm sleeping!"
"But, Tracey, don't you remember? We kind of had a deal......"
Tracey looked at me like I was weird. "Oh, well I thought that the deal was that we would have sex for ten minutes, but you didn't even make it to 9, if I remember correctly."
"But, but that was because you stopped it! I could have gone on for ages, I had planned to! Besides, you told me to take a shower, you said you would 'take care of what I need'!"
"Brad, for God's sake stop being such a baby. It's just a blowjob. I'll do it later, after more sex."
"No! I'm sick of being the only one to put in any effort! If you don't care about pleasing me then fine, I'm out of here."

I got up and picked up my phone and wallet from the top of her TV and pocketed them, before grabbing my bag and heading for the door. Tracey yelled after me with loathing in her voice. "Go on, get out of here, you immature little fuck. Making such a big fuss over such petty bullshit, I don't know what I saw in you."
I slammed her front door and stormed off in the direction of the bus stop. I didn't understand, I thought our relationship had been great, I thought she truly loved me. I did everything I could for her. But in the end it didn't even seem like she cared about how I felt. It was 8 by the time I had gotten back to my mothers, and as the sun had gone down so had my flame of self-righteous indignation, only to be replaced with an even worse feeling of regret, loneliness and shame at my own foolishness. I entered the driveway and saw mum's car wasn't there. She must be at her boyfriend Joseph's house. My parents split when I was ten, and after 5 years of staying at home to look after us I told her that it was time that she went out and played the field again, and that me and my sister will be fine by ourselves. I walked through the door and instantly I could hear the sound of my younger sister's Anime playing in the lounge room. I decided that I might just forget about this whole mess if I spend some time with her. Before I met Tracey, me and my younger-by-2-years sister Sophie were pretty close with each other, hanging out a lot at home and the city. A lot of her friends were my friends and vice-versa, probably because we were both so familiar with the other sibling's age group. I leaned against the loungeroom archway and she turned to look at me, her brow widening first in surprise then her whole face seemed to light up with unexpected glee.

"Brad! Mum said you weren't coming back till tomorrow! What are you doing here?" She babbled all at once, reaching up to pause the DVD. I sat down on the couch next to her and turned to look at her, trying to keep my expression light and my voice casual. "Oh, it's no big deal, I just felt like staying over here tonight. What are you watching?" As soon as that last sentence popped out of my mouth I knew that she'd realise that I was deflecting the question. We have always been able to read each other like books, and I could see in her eyes that she was instantly suspicious.
"What happened between you and Tracey? Did you fight? Is it...... a sexual problem?" Damn, I knew she was good but I didn't expect her to make that connection so quickly. I just looked her in the eyes and nodded slightly before looking away and letting out a short, nervous laugh. "But it's no big deal, I'm looking forward to the idea of being my own man for a while. It's not something I really want to discuss with my little sister anyway! No offence, haha" I had my hand on the back of my head and I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed with my "problem" if you could call it that. Sophie shifted closer and rested her hand on my knee lightly, her eyes uncertainly searching mine. "Would it help if I told you... that I know it's because she wasn't blowing you?"

I looked at her, shocked, before realising how uncomfortable I felt about being this close to her right now. I leapt up awkwardly and started pacing back and forth, before whirling on her and basically shouting "What on Earth makes you think it's that?!"
She squirmed in her seat, before sighing and closing her eyes as she answered. "Because I overhead you asking Matt on the phone the other night if Paige liked to give him head. Then I heard you say that it's been nearly half a year since she had even touched your dick for any reason other than sex." She sat there, switching between looking at me and at the wall behind me. I could tell she was struggling with herself about something like there was something she wanted to get off her chest. Finally she stood up and walked over to me, reaching one arm to stiffly rest on my shoulder. It looked like she was trying to comfort me but felt weird about it. "Look... you have every right to feel frustrated. If it had been that long since Jake had gone down on me then I would have left his sorry ass by now! Tracey was just a selfish bitch, that's all. Soon you'll find someone who cares about you and wants to make you feel happy" She brought her hand up to my face and held my cheek. "I know you, you would have put everything into that relationship. It's so unfair that there are people out there who just take and don't give. I'm sorry that this happened to you Brad." She slowly moved in to hug me softly, and I put my arms around her and held her tight, thanking her for her beautiful words. I felt a weight had been lifted off of my chest. In one fell swoop she had validated my frustration over Tracey's selfishness and then expelled it completely by showing me how much she cared about me. Suddenly I realised it wasn't so much a sexual issue as it was one of wanting to be loved and cared for. I felt so incredibly lucky to have such a mature and loving younger sister.

I pulled away and thanked her again, before letting my arms awkwardly fall to my sides. Sophie just stood there, with a look on her face like she was struggling with an important decision she had to make. I decided to not let the awkwardness build up any longer so I smiled at her as I turned towards the door. "Well, I've taken up enough of your time as it is. Thank you so much again Soph, you have no idea how much your words mean to me. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life." As I reached the doorway I felt her hand grab my shoulder and hold me back. "Wait" she said, facing me but unable to look at anything but her feet. "Don't go hide in your room..... I want you out here with me." There was something weird in the way she said this, usually Sophie is quite loud and boisterous, and has no issue with telling people what she thinks of them. However right now her voice was quite faint, and she was acting shy and reserved. Maybe she's worried that I'm going to act distant and embarrassed around her because of our conversation. Now that I thought about it that kind of was what I felt like doing. Well, after Sophie had been so nice to me it would be horrible of me to repay her kindness by giving her the cold shoulder. "Okay, sure Soph. What do you want to do?"
"Well.... I was going to put on Ponyo.... will you watch it with me?"
Ponyo is a Japanese animated movie that we both used to watch together every day when we were kids. I looked down into her face as she gazed at me anxiously "Sure sis, I'd love to watch it with you again."

I sat down on the lounge while she got the DVD out and put it into the player. Then while the previews played she ran off to her room, returning shortly with the blanket from her bed. "I missed watching movies with you" She said, smiling bashfully. I was a little apprehensive because I could sense from her behaviour that she was hiding something from me. A part of my brain was telling me that the thick sensation that I felt permeating the air was sexual tension, but my brain refused to accept that theory. My mind was a jumbled mess at the moment, I was just getting the emotions from earlier today mixed up with the awkwardness that still hung in the air. Still, I couldn't help but notice how fast my heart was beating when she came back and told me to lie down. She laid the blanket over me then crawled over onto the other side and lay down between me and the back of the couch. When she got under the blanket and snuggled up close to me I subconsciously held my breath as I felt her soft warmth press into my side. She leaned over me to grab the remote on the floor, crushing her boobs against my chest. "S-sorry!" She said sheepishly, before pressing play and starting the movie. I felt myself begin to harden and I tried to focus on the opening of the movie but I was hyper-aware of the smell of her sweet breath as her hand rested lightly on my chest.

I had noticed a hundred times before how sexy my little sister had gotten but it was only now that I was really starting to take in every detail. She was quite tall and lanky, with a slim stomach and perfect shaped boobs that would have easily been a C cup. Her long, wavy brown hair flowed along her body, and the T-shirt she was wearing had ridden up slightly, revealing her tantalisingly smooth midriff. She was wearing denim shorts and I could feel the warmth from her thigh pressing into the side of my stomach. She looked up at me with her hazel eyes and I could feel my heart melting. I had my arm around the back of her head with my hand resting on her shoulder. I squeezed her shoulder and I felt her hand claw at my chest through my shirt. My heart started to beat more and more frantically, and I knew she would be able to feel it. I was getting really hard now and I was terrified that she'd accidentally brush up against it. Her hand on my chest started to slowly rub back and forth, I shivered from the warmth that spread across my chest. I looked into Sophie's eyes as her hand slipped under my shirt and back up onto my chest, the skin on skin contact sending goosebumps across my body. When Sophie looked back at me I saw in her eyes a single-minded determination, and I felt my own eyes widen with surprise when I realised what was happening "Sophie, what are you..." I trailed off and looked at her pointedly, knowing she would understand what I was asking. She didn't say anything, just snuggled in closer to me and lay her leg across my body. Shit! Now her leg was directly on top of my groin. "Sophie, please don-"
"Ssssh" was all she said before she kissed me softly on the neck. I drew in a long, jagged breath as I felt her soft lips brush against my skin. I was paralysed, I couldn't move an inch. Actually, it was more like I didn't want to. The longer I laid there stunned, the more I could feel of her lips as they slowly trailed a path to the middle of my neck and then upwards to my chin. Slowly she moved closer and closer to my mouth, I could feel her sweet breath blowing across my face. She stopped just before my lips and returned my silent gaze, neither one of us moving for minutes.

I figured she was giving me a chance to think about this and make a decision before we passed the point of no return. I was trying really hard to think about this, to rationalise and say that this had gone on long enough, and that as the older sibling it was my duty to stop this from happening. But all I could think about was how soft and plump her lips looked, and how they were inches from my own. I ripped my gaze from them and looked into her eyes. I saw a lot of emotions whirling around in them: fear, nervousness, excitement, concern. But beyond all that I saw that she loved me, as a brother, a friend, and something more. I saw that this was as much about what she felt in her heart as it was about making me happy. My eyes must have told her something because all of a sudden her mouth curved into a big smile, and we moved our heads together to have our lips meet for the first, real time. Her's were as soft and delicious as I had imagined, and I held her lower lip between my teeth and moaned. Her hand dug into my chest, nails ripping my skin slightly as she pressed her body into mine. She opened her mouth and my tongue slowly explored her teeth and gums, savouring her taste and the exquisite feel of her small mouth. I rolled onto my side facing her, freeing up our hands, which flew all over each other as our tongues danced. I placed my hand on her breast and squeezed it, while my other hand rubbed up and down her inner thigh. She was squirming around in my hands as we kissed, and when I tried to pull away she followed my mouth desperately. I rolled onto my back again and she rolled with me so that she was on top. I groaned as I felt her dig her crotch into my pulsing cock, and our mouths locked in a fierce embrace. All of a sudden there was a loud burst of orchestral music as the movie's intro reached it's climax. Sophie looked down at me and we both burst out laughing. She shifted down a bit so that her head was on my chest, and spoke in a husky voice. "Mm, that's right, we were watching Ponyo. Sorry about that distraction!"

She winked cheekily and settled back down, wiggling into my body and sighing. I could feel her boobs crushing into my stomach and I shuddered when she curled her fingers around the waistband of my track-pants and held them there. I'm surprised she wasn't crying out in pain, because the way my dick was pressing into her stomach, it felt like I was cutting her open. I rubbed my hand up and down her back as we watched the movie. I was still feeling really uncertain about what we were doing, but I decided that as long as I kept my pants on we couldn't go too far. I tried hard to focus on the movie so that my boner would go down, but Sophie must have been restless, because every 5 minutes or so she'd wiggle a bit to get more comfortable, and I would be right back where I started with a massive erection. About half an hour later I noticed that I could feel Sophie's chest pressing into my crotch, I look down and am amazed to find that Sophie has been secretly wiggling her way down my body each time she stirred. I tap her on her head and she looks up at me, her face expressionless and innocent. "Yes brother? I'm trying to watch the movie!"
"Like hell you are! What are you doing down there?!"
She looked down into my stomach and giggled, before responding. "It's weird I know, I just wasn't....... COMFORTABLE up on your chest. I'm much more comfortable down here though" She kissed my stomach before continuing her slow descent downwards. This was bad. I knew that she was planning to do, and a large part of me wanted nothing else. But a firmer voice inside my head told me that it was my job to protect her and keep her safe from harm, not to use her like this. What we do now as teenagers we cannot undo as adults. She finally arrived at my crotch and rested her cheek against the bulging outline of my cock through the fabric of my pants.

Trying desperately to ignore the heat that was spreading from her cheek throughout my groin, I managed to choke out a single word.
"Mmmmmmmmm?" She hummed in response against my pants, the vibrations ricocheting throughout my groin. I shuddered once, then hesitantly continued. "Look, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you've done for me tonight, you've made me feel so incredibly happy. I love holding you and I love, I love kissing you and stroking your body and feeling you stroke mine, but...... But I don't want us to do something that we'll both regret in five years time and create a rift between us. I'm sorry but I can't let this go any further."
Sophie lay there silently, her thumbs tapping against my waistband. Finally she turned her head until her lips were pressing against my bulge, then tilted her head up to face mine.

The look of mirth had gone from her eyes, replaced by one of gentle happiness, and when she spoke there was fondness in her voice. "Do you remember how I used to get you to watch Ponyo with me everyday? I always loved watching Ponyo, because we'd just lie there on my bed and cuddle throughout the whole movie. Every time we watched it I would day-dream about you and me going on adventures, exploring caves and ocean depths. At the end of every adventure we'd come back to our house that sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, and we would climb into our bed and cuddle. It felt so wonderful to be held in your arms in real life and pretend that we were holding each other on the night of our honeymoon or anniversary or something. As I got older the day-dreams got more and more sexual, until I would be fantasising over how I would seduce you. I tried a hundred different things in my head, but in the end the one I liked most was where I kissed your neck and slowly made my way to your mouth, then we would look at each other's eyes, searching for any doubt, before finally collapsing into each other and making out passionately. I had no idea that you were going to play your part so well though, Brad. You are amazing."

She sat up a bit and gripped the waist of my pants tightly as she looked into my eyes. "I put Ponyo on tonight to make this fantasy come true, and in so many ways it has. But if you reject me here then you will be ruining a dream that I've had for 8 years now. Surely you don't want to...." She yanked my pants and underwear down and rested her chin on my balls while looking at me with big, round eyes "....create a rift between us?" She lay her head down gently on my hip, her lips inches away from the middle of my cock, and continued to watch the movie. I was practically hyperventilating from the feeling of her soft, warm face on my groin. I could feel her breath caressing my cockmeat, and I was struggling to resist the urge to grab my dick and start pumping away like mad. After holding back during my sex with Tracey, and then being constantly touched and caressed by Sophie, my dick was aching for release. I felt her move closer and closer, until her lips gently made contact. I held my breath as I felt her tongue dart out and taste my flesh. Her lips kissed up and down along the length of my shaft, her tongue darting here and there. I closed my eyes for a bit and then opened them to look at Sophie's face as she slowly moved up to the head. Her eyes found mine and they looked at me intensely, as she slowly opened her mouth and even more slowly lowered it around my cock and closed. I felt her tongue sear across the head and my whole body twitched when she applied a light suction.
"Oh my god, mmm, fuck Sophie that feeeels sooooo goooood."
She slowly slid my cock back and forth past her glistening lips, her tongue leisurely rolling around and around. She plunged down to take it as far as she could, bumping the back of her throat, and I bucked while croaking as I sucked in air, temporarily forgetting how to breathe. She released the tip and and looked at me with a half-amused, half-concerned expression.
"Gee, it doesn't look like you're going to last very long does it? That's a shame, I was hoping that I would get a chance to savour the first time. Ah well, I guess it's to be expected" and she started to bob up and down at a fast pace, her tongue exploring every inch of skin it could reach. She'd alternate between fast and slow, building me up to an orgasm than slowing down just enough to bring me back from the brink. I started to shout and moan when Sophie stopped slowing down, and my hips began bucking of their own accord, with Sophie adjusting so that she could work with my thrusts. I yelled out "I'M COMING" as I felt the sperm rise up through my shaft, and Sophie held her head still with the tip still in her mouth while massaging the underside with her tongue, and the room filled with my strangled grunts as I filled her mouth up again and again. I lay there in a stupefied daze while my gorgeous little sister nursed and cleaned my shrinking penis.

When she was done she moved up to be by my side again, resting her head on my shoulder. Her words sounded like they were muffled by a pillow as they reached my ears. "I think I know what must be wrong with Tracey. In fact I'm positive. She must secretly be a lesbian and not realise it, because....." She softly placed her hand on my wet prick. "...because you have probably the finest penis I have ever seen or tasted. If just looking at it didn't make her want to swallow it whole, then she obviously isn't really straight."
I opened my eyes to look at her, and brought her face up to mine so that we could share a slow, intimate kiss. The rest of the movie was spent facing each other, my back to the TV, as we made out and held each other. Towards the end of the movie I felt the life return to my cock, and I hugged Sophie tight to me in an attempt to indirectly show her. Her mouth widened into a smile as she pressed her face to mine, kissing me firmly as our bodies pressed into and moved with each other. "Hmmmm... I think it's time we went to bed don't you? We DO have school tomorrow after all. Will you put Ponyo away and turn the TV off while I call mum? I figure that she doesn't have to come home tonight now that you're here, which will make things..... easier for us." She gave me a wink and left the room, her sexy butt dancing from the way she was walking. I ejected the DVD and put it away, before turning off everything in the loungeroom. I could hear Sophie talking into the phone, so I walked over to the computer room where she was sitting.

"...yeah so, I'll be fine tonight. Brad will look out for me! He just entered the room if you wanted to talk to him." She handed the phone to me and I walked over to pick it up. As I put the receiver to my ear I felt Sophie's hands grip my buttocks and pull me closer to her.
"Hey mum, how's it going? I hope Sophie didn't interrupt the 'fun' you and Joseph were having"
"Oh, that's exactly what your sister said! You two are as bad as each other. For your information we haven't done anything yet, I didn't think I'd be able to stay for that long tonight! Sophie told me that you and Tracey are having problems."
"Well don't worry dear, when you have been going out with someone for as long as you two have then you are bound to run into a few bumps. What were you two fighting about, if you don't mind me asking?
"...huh? Brad, did you hear me?
"Oh.. Shit, er, sorry mum, what were you saying?" I had stopped focusing on the conversation the moment I felt Sophie slowly tug my pants down and begin to lick my dick like a giant lollipop. I pushed her head away half-heartedly, and she responded by taking three quarters of it past her lips. Fuck!
"I said, what were you and Tracey fighting about? This is the first time right?"
"Oh! Umm, yeah. We are fighting because..... of..... because she wanted to find a house to move in with me"
"Whaaat?! You two are WAY too young. What is she thinking?! You were right in objecting Brad, you are not ready to get a house together. Sheesh! Anyway, I'm so sorry that happened baby! Sophie said that she's been taking care of you, and I thought that was very sweet of her. There aren't many siblings out there who are as close as you two, you know!"
"Yes... well, umm.... I feel pretty lucky to have her as a sister right now..."
I'll bet you do! Nothing like having a pretty shoulder to cry on while you're going through a break-up. Anyway I'll get off the phone now. Make sure you both go to school tomorrow! Goodnight!"
"Night mum" I said, a little breathlessly, and hung up the phone.
Then I grabbed Sophie's head and brought her up to face-level.
"Excuse me young lady but what exactly were you trying to achieve there?!"
She giggle uncontrollably and held on to me, her whole body shaking with mirth. Finally she straightened up and flashed me a brilliant, heart-melting smile. "Sorry Brad, I've just always wanted to do that to someone. I'm glad I got to do it to you and mum though!" She laughed merrily and hugged me tight, her head resting on my chest and sighing.

"Brad, I am just so happy right now. I needed you in my life, not just as a brother, but like this. Look, me and Jake are having a bit of a break right now, and I don't know if I'm interested in him anymore to be honest. But even if I do get back with him or if you find someone else, can you promise me that we'll always have this, for the rest of our lives? No matter where I am or who I'm with, I'll always belong to you."

I looked at her as I felt tears begin to form in my eyes, and I held her head to mine as I squeezed her entire body as hard as I could. We stood there for a while, until I felt her small hands travel down my stomach and slowly encircle my still rock-hard cock. I had never remained this hard before with Tracey, even without having orgasmed an hour beforehand. I told Sophie this and she responded by dragging me by the cock to her room. She had already taken off my pants and undies in the computer room, and she stood on her toes to remove my top, leaving me naked. Then she spread her arms out and threw her head back, presenting herself to me dramatically. I know she was trying to keep it light and funny but I had a serious expression on my face as I gripped the hem of her shirt and gingerly lifted it up over her head. Her pale skin shone in the darkness, outlining her black bra, which I reached around and unclipped. I grabbed the straps around her shoulders and pulled them away from her, slowly revealing her perfect, round globes. I had a vicious urge to just ravish them right now, but I wanted this to be slow and romantic, to make her fantasy be as amazing as possible. I unbuttoned her shorts and they fell down her slim legs to land at her feet. My hands start halfway down her thighs and slowly travel upwards, until they are resting on the sides of her panties. I grip them and pull them down until they reach her ankles, then let go and slowly kiss up her leg, then waist, stomach and neck, to finally arrive at her mouth. I kissed her softly once then pulled back, she had closed her eyes and was leaning forward to kiss me but I held a finger up to her lips and she looked at me with half-lidded eyes.

"Let's get into bed now, sweetheart." I gently pulled her with me onto her double mattress, and pulled the quilt over us. Both of our naked bodies pressed against each other as we lay side-by-side and kissed. I brought a hand up to stroke her face and hair and cup her cheek, then leaned in to kiss her forehead. I started to talk into her head, pausing between words to trace a path around her face with my lips. "You know... it is such a terrible thing.... that incestuous relationships are taboo.... I know I wouldn't be able to have kids with you...... I just wish that....... I could legally call you my wife."
I passed near her mouth as I said "wife" and Sophie instantly locked her lips with mine as her arms flew around my body.

Sophie broke away and looked at me with shining eyes. "Oh Brad, do you have any idea what you are doing to me?! Here!" She grabbed my hand and thrust it between her legs. My fingers brushed over her smooth, shaven pubic mound and I felt the heat on my hand long before I made contact with her soaking pussy. My hand slid down her slit easily thanks to the amount of juices she had produced, and when I passed her clit Sophie arched, moaning and twisting her head from side to side. I brought my face down to her chest and kissed her breast just on the outer edge of her areola, the outside of my lip grazing her nipple just barely. Her hand came up and gripped the back of my head as she sighed, and pushed her chest up into my face. My hand drifted up from her pussy and rested on her other breast, squeezing and pressing it softly, deliberately avoiding the nipple. Sophie's bucking and humping was getting more and more desperate as I started to kiss around the outside of her areola, my tongue escaping my mouth to lick just out of reach of her nipple which was now standing up prominently. She tried to angle my mouth towards it but I pulled back just as it touched my tongue, and the whimper that came out of my sister's mouth was so sad and desperate and full of lust that I stopped for a second to look at her. I had planned on doing the same thing to her other nipple but seeing how badly she needed it changed my mind, so I slowly moved back to her glistening breast and placed my mouth gingerly over her little nub. I breathed lightly onto it then slowly dragged my tongue from one side to the other, swirling around her nipple on each pass. Then I would drag my tongue in a circle around the edge of my mouth, before sucking down and lapping at the underside of her nipple. I alternated between these two methods while Sophie gripped at my arm, hissing and saying my name. I switched to her other boob and repeated the process, then came back and licked a wide, flat path up her breast. I kissed her nub and worked my way down and around her belly button, eliciting little gasps, giggles and shrieks from Sophie.

The blanket was impeding me at this point, so I threw it back and gazed at her groin in the semi-darkness. She leaned over to a bedside table and flicked on a lamp, and I could clearly see her beautiful vulva in all of it's glistening, smooth glory.

I looked her in the eye and said "I have never been this excited to go down on someone before. Your juices smell so good, I can't wait to taste them" before moving down and resting my closed mouth on her spread, drenched pussy lips. Her hands found my head and they pushed me into her as I opened my mouth and sucked and mouthed her delicious labia. I worked up and down one side and switched to the other, sticking my tongue out and dragging it up and down. I pulled away with her lip held between mine and slid away, stretching the skin lightly. Then I slowly lowered my face into her welcoming warmth and ran my tongue up the centre of her pussy. Her thighs instantly clamped around my face, and Sophie was breathing in heavy gasps as I repeatedly licked up her cunt starting from the vaginal entrance and finishing just below the clit. I licked up around the sides and above the clitoral hood, and even bumped it twice with my nose, but I made sure not to touch her clit with my tongue. When I moved down and stuck my tongue into her entrance she shrieked and begged me to suck on her clit, that she was going to explode if I don't do it soon. I slowly licked my way up and regarded her little love button as it proudly stuck out from under it's little hood. I carefully closed my mouth around her clit and ever so slowly dragged my tongue across it. While I did so I poised two fingers at her opening and slowly inserted them up to the first knuckle. When I felt Sophie's legs squeeze against my face and hand I quickly pushed my two fingers all the way up inside her, and sped up my assault on her clit. Sophie was thrashing about on the bed as she soaked my hand and the mattress in girl-cum. I pulled my hand out and put my mouth over the whole, licking up any juices that were left. She shuddered and grabbed my hair, tugging my head up. When my face was level with hers she pulled me to her and kissed me furiously, one hand wrapped around my head keeping my face pushed into hers as her hand reached down and grabbed my dick, guiding it to the entrance.

I looked down at Sophie's face as she gazed up at me with a combination of excitement and nervousness. I kissed her softly on the lips as my hands rested on her shoulders. I moved forward slightly, and I felt my cock come into contact with her glistening vulva, the tip sitting right outside her vagina. We kept our eyes locked on each other as I slowly moved forward, and a jolt of electricity passed through my shaft as the head popped past her tight opening. The tip of my dick felt like it was being constricted as her tight cunt throbbed around the head. Sophie was hyperventilating and freaking out so I gently kissed her neck in an attempt to calm her down. Then I pushed forward some more.

"UGH, FUCK BRAD YOU'RE GOING TO SPLIT ME IN HALF" Sophie shouted as half of my cock disappeared inside her.
"I don't understand, I've heard you and Jake fuck heaps of times. Does he have a micropenis or something?"
Sophie narrowed her eyes at me "No, but you're as thick as a tree trunk! Oh my GOD it feels so good though Brad. You're filling me up completely."

I started to slowly rock backwards and forwards, pulling out so that just the head remained inside then slowly pushing forward until I was buried to the hilt. Sophie was repeatedly going "ah, ah, ah" in varying tones and speed, as I experimented with thrusting speeds and strengths. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I grabbed her hands in mine and held them to the headboard above her head, and started to really let loose. The whole bed rocked with me as I pounded my sister's cunt, her short "ah's" being replaced by one drawn out wail as I felt her cunt constrict around me. She shoved her tongue into my mouth as she started to awkwardly buck and clench against me, disrupting my rhythm. Her vagina felt so amazing as it milked my cock. Sophie began blathering as I picked up my speed.

"Brad, oh Brad I've wanted this for so long, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, oh, oh GOD. Fill me up. I need to feel your cock stretch me open, I need to feel you filling me up with your cum. Please, brother. Cum for me." She whispered the last part into my ear before nuzzling her face into the crook of my neck, and I gripped her tightly as it pushed me over the edge. I jackhammered in and out of her as I felt the sperm rise up from my balls, and I yelled into Sophie's neck as I came viciously, pumping rope after rope of thick cum inside her. Sophie stroked my hair as she cooed softly. I began to rock her slowly in my arms while looking down at her lovingly.

Sophie looked back at me with tears in her eyes, then she brought her face up into my chest as she started to sob uncontrollably. I pulled out of her immediately, scared that she was suddenly regretting what we had done, and I lay on my side with my arms wrapped around her as I tried to comfort her. Finally the sobbing had turned into light sniffling and the odd hiccup, and she began to talk in between gasping breaths. "I'm sorry Brad, I didn't mean to break down like that. I'm just so unbelievably happy. You made my dream a hundred thousand times better in reality then it was in my head. Brad, y-you are just incredible. What did I d-do to deserve you?" She snuggled into me as her tears started anew, and I softly showered her face in kisses, sucking up her tears and rubbing my face against her tear-stained eyes. The sobbing quickly gave way to giggles and squeals of delight as I tickled and stroked her body, and she looked up at me with these huge eyes full of awe and adoration.

I rolled onto my back and Sophie laid her head on my chest and stroked my stomach, while my hand rubbed up and down her smooth back, pulling her in tighter to me. Her right leg came up over my waist and rested on my slowly stirring cock. I could feel my cum leaking from her pussy that was pressing into my leg. Sophie let out a long, contented sigh and moved up until the top of her head was pressing into the side of my neck.

We lay there for a while, satisfied in each others arms, until I started to harden under Sophie's leg. She wiggled her calf against it and giggled. "Hmm, it looks like someone doesn't want to go to sleep. Doesn't he know that we have school tomorrow?"
"Heheh, sorry sis, you've awakened something in him, It's going to take quite a bit to make him go down."

"Quite a bit, huh?" Sophie rolled onto her stomach and propped herself up, looking at me with a wicked look in her eye. "I wonder if he will be ready to go to sleep after this?" Sophie got on all fours and thrust her butt out, wiggling it from side to side. "Tell me Brad, did Tracey ever let you fuck her butt?"
My eyes widened as I looked at her "N-no, to be honest I never asked her"
She grinned at me and replied "Good, I'm glad that I'll be the first. Get up behind me Brad"

I didn't need any more encouragement, I moved into position behind her and my hands reached tentatively for her round cheeks. I massaged backside for a while, enjoying the little noises Sophie was making. My index finger slowly worked down her crack until it was lightly brushing against her hole. The skin felt so sensitive and warm, and Sophie was pushing against my finger slightly and moaning.
"Wow Soph, I didn't know you were so into anal!"

"Yeah, I didn't expect to be but when Jake first stuck his dick inside there I knew I would be doing it often. I can't wait to see how good yours feels though. Oooooh that's it." She added as my finger slowly pushed past her ring. I started to scrape the inside of her anal wall as I slowly fucked her with my finger. After a couple of minutes I inserted another finger, causing Sophie to arch her back and utter a sound that was halfway between a moan and a growl. Seeing my sister act so primal while I'm stuffing her anus with my fingers was making me incredibly horny. I pulled my fingers out and positioned my cock over her hole. Slowly I began to push forward, getting the head and two inches inside. Sophie let out a long moan as she started to rock back and forwards on her knees, pushing more of me inside her with each backwards motion. I groaned as the final inch slid in and we just held our position, savouring every single, tiny movement. Sophie started to squeeze her anal muscles, milking my cock as it sat inside her. I slowly pulled all the way out only to slam forward again, rocking Sophie's entire body with the force of my thrust. I held myself inside her again as she held her breath, her arms shaking from the pleasure. I continued to thrust in and out forcibly, making Sophie shake and babble from the pleasure. She kept saying "Oh Brad" over and over and over, running her words together as I fucked her harder and harder. She shrieked as she came, soaking the bed with her juices. I started to thrust even harder still as my orgasm built itself up. Sophie began to scream as I pounded her ass, shouting "OH MY GOD" and "FUCK YES BRAD" repeatedly. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as my dick erupted while buried to the hilt, spraying her bowels with my seed as I held myself deep within her.

After what felt like hours I carefully withdrew from her clenching passage, eliciting a low moan from Sophie. She collapsed on her stomach and I laid down on my stomach next to her, putting my arm around her back as I nuzzled my head in next to her.

"Brad........ That was insane. You're an animal and I FUCKING love it." She breathed out heavily and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Sophie, everything that happened tonight is thanks to you. I will always love you sis. Fuck I am the luckiest person on the planet."

She smiled sleepily at me and held my hand in hers as we both passed out almost instantly.

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