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Flipping through the papers and hapen to see a number says Making new friends!
Its 10 in the evening, the whole family were out for a holiday for 2 weeks, I just don't wanna go with them just hoping to have some time for myself. Staying alone for merely 2 days, I felt really bored and lonely........ I was abt 19 yrs of age then...... Started to flip through some papers, and hapen to see an advertisment on a chatline, thought perhaps I could just call and just have a chat with someone would helps me to kill my time for the rest of the lonely night..... I was working as a freelance model in a model agency since 17 yrs of age, always had compliments of my looks, body and my sexy long hair. Standing at 1.73, having a nice figure. Confidently, I held up my cordless phone and dialled into the chatline, heard lots of guys & gals's introductions. And this guy, Tony had caught my ears in his introduction with his husky and manly voice. I send a short indroduction abt myself to him and was glad that he replied me. We exchanged our numbers and started to chat offline. He couldn't fail to impress me with his intelligent speech through the phone. We chated for nearly an hour and he asked me if he could just meet up with me for a short while and perhaps a cup of coffee.. And he promise to send me home when I feels tired. To me, its kinda wierd to meet up with a guy at this hour and someone whom I do not know! However, I thought to myself, just a cup of coffee, and I could jolly well leave if I don't feel comfortable at any time.

Time and meet up place was arranged, and I saw Tony in his car. All I could say abt him was just amazing great looking! He's rather compatible to my height, standing at 1.85, well bulit, top of all, he had really charm me with his mature yet cute looks. "Hello, nice knowing you, this is Melisa" I said. "Hi! you are just gorgeous"! He replied. "Thanks for that!" I replied again. He bought some drinks and drove me to the seaside.

The place is rather dark and I suppose no one would be around at that place at that hour. We started our conversation, he commented on how nice it would be if he could give me a hug, upon hearing his request, I looked straight to his eyes and our lips meet... we kissed and while we are kissing wildly, I could feel his hands moving around me... He slid his hand in my skirt, pulled my g-string aside, starts rubbing his fingers on the outer part of my pussy......Mmm..... I let out a moan uncontrollably.... I know my pussy was really wet at that point of time. I have had sex with a man 23yrs my senior before two years back, but, since then, that was the only man I have had sex with. Tony continue with his finger journey around my pussy. "Dear, you are really wet.... can I go further?" He asked with a desperate look on his face.. For myself, I seriously think that he should just go ahead with what he wants! I'm as well desperate as he was! And I really needed a good fuck after 2 long years............ I nodded, imed he pushed his finger in my juicy pussy....."Ah..........Mmmmm.." Its has been a long time I hadnot feel a man's warm finger in my pussy..... And I really enjoyed every moment...... He starts to increase his pace of pushing his finger in and out of my wet dripping pussy........ while he was finger fucking me, we were kissing madly, with one of my hand stroking his cock with his pants still on, another hand helding on to his shoulder...... I shaked my body to his pace of finger fucking me vigorously...... In a quick time, he stood up in front of me, unzip his pants, pulled out his cock in front of my eyes, I think he s desperate enough to not saying anything to me, just push my head to his 6 inches thick and hard cock, "Suck it for me, I want you to suck my cock" I don't know why, I just love to suck cock... When I had an affair last time with an uncle, he mentioned he love me sucking his cock. I do not understand why is it that some gals would resent that idea.... I was delighted! held by his strong hands on my head, I enjoyed every moment of sucking his cock...... I uses my tougue to taste his pre cum, playing around with the tip of his cock and sucking his cock deliciously..... "Ah......Ah........Mmmmmmm.... Oh My! You are really good...........!" I gets the trilled when I sees his enjoying face, I starts to finger fuck myself.... I pushed my fingers in harder even each time he moan......... He starts to moan even louder at this time! "Ah...............Mmmmm.....Ah, Mmmmmm I'M CUMING BABY....... You re such a great sucker! Ahhh..........Mmmm....." Upon hearing this, I sucked his cock even faster as he could never imagine, I was hoping to to taste and swallow his whole lot of cum in my mouth........ "AHhhhhhh........." He let out his cum in my mouth... I happily swallow his cum and licking up the rest of them on his cock... He hold me in his arm, we kissed again......

When I was about to button up my bra, as well as tidying up myself, there came about 6 to 7 guys, and to my surprise was, they actually were all Tony's friends! They were all along hiding behind the bushes watching Tony getting a blowjob from me! At that point of time, I was really scared! I knew things would go out of hand at that time, I ran towards the path to the lights, I felt pain on my both knee, due to the squatting earlier which I sucked Tony's cock....... I couldn't ran fast at all..... 2 of Tony's friends pined me to the ground, shortly after the rest of the gang were all around me, two of them carried me back to the deserted area, and the rest follows. I kept on strugglling, but, I could not break free from them at all! I just see Tony standing behind them smiling........ Two of them held tightly to my hands, and two guys held on to my legs....... while another three guys tore open my clothes exposing most part of my body........ My breast were shown in front of those rescals!

They started to lays their hands all over me body, squeezing my breast, sucking my nipples, one of the man lick me desperately around my neck, my lip. Basically, every part of my body were being touched and licked. I had always masturbate myself often, just thinking about being gang bang makes me climax....... But, I just can't imagine this is happening in life to me right at that time! I thought why not I'll just relax and enjoy the whole fucking process..... I stop strugglling, they all took out their cock in front of me...... I sucked their cock by turns..... one guy held up my ass high, push his cock into my pussy, "Hey guys, this pretty is so wet! I think she's begining to enjoy..." he said. While saying, he pulled my hair while fucking me from behind, he push his cock deep and fast in me, as the push getting faster each time, "Ah....ah.......Ah......" I feels really good...... another taps him on his shoulder saying his turn, he then pulled out his huge cock for him to fuck my wet pussy...... I'm on doggie style, allowing them to fuck my pussy whoever and how they wants........ while being fucked from behind, I had 2 cocks on both of my hands stroking them, and 2 cocks in front of me for me to suck......... I feels really great! I took a peek and saw Tony behing me, stroking his fully errects cock waiting for his turn to fuck me......
I was being lifted up, one guy lay down on the grass, carried me on top of him, holds his long and thick cock, touches my pussy, push his cock straight into my pussy, " Ah.......... Oh, this is heaven..... Ah......Ah........ Mmmmm....... she just love to be fuck guys!" he say to his friends. I was riding on his cock, shakes my body fast to go with his rythem, stroking 2 hard cocks, sucking 2 cocks, with manly hands all over my body is such a fantastic scene and memories...... while shaking my body to let the guy's cock deeper into my body, a guy push me downwards, my god! he's trying to push his cock in my ass....! That hole has not been used before, I thought to myself....... Feeling sightly worried, I think he knows, he puts lots of saliva and starts to finger fuck my ass........ he inserted his finger hard in and out of my ass, at the same time, I saw his stroking his cock all ready to insert in my ass....... and I feels great! He knows he want more........ "Ah .................Mmmmmmmmm....." He pushed his cock in my ass, but, my hole is so tight that he could hardly push in his whole cock! The guy below me fondle and suck my nipples........... The guy still trying to get his cock in my ass had suceed in doing so, he starts to pump fast in me...... finally I could understanding why some enjoy ass fucking by then.......... I feels so good and had cum times feeling that all my holes were filled with hard cocks....... especially thinking about my ass were being fucked.......... guys exchanged positioning the whole night............ but I'm the centre of their target....... I was being fucked so badly that night, loads and loads of cum were in my ass, my pussy, my face, I would say all over my body....... Not once by each man, some guys had fucked me so much that they keep waiting for their turn to fuck.......... I serve all 7 guys well, let them fuck me in all positions and ways.............. I had swallow lots of cum........ I love swallowing cum and see the looks on their face.........

Finally, they get Tony to send me home, walking to the car, they kissed me, hug me, and mentioned to me how much they enjoy this, told me, that I could really enjoy as they have got more friends whom are not free that night, but, they would be asking me out again whenever they feels like it, and the next time, it would be in larger group..........................


2005-10-12 23:09:49
Nice..... makes me thinks of one time I had met up with a girl, on our first meeting, we had great sex. I met her in a park in the middle of the night with my another one friend. We bet if I could fuck her right there! I won! Her figure is just so great that I 've fucked her twice before letting my friend have her. She struggle so much while my friend was fucking her. She cries!


2005-10-01 10:39:32
meh it woz orite...rape stories r always pretty good but dey r all kinda predictable. itz alwayz a gal n den derz a guy. she tries 2 resist him but in de end shez luvin evry minute of it. try make em different pleasee


2005-09-30 18:38:24
ok story


2005-09-29 21:32:48
I am sorry darling, I do not really like, cause, when I was about to cum, things end...... I expect more... Try harder!


2005-09-28 18:25:56
Liked the story lot. I love rape stories aswell and hope you write more!!!!

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