Three girls and a virile granddad make for a lot of sex education
Okay, this gets a little confusing for readers. Hell, it’s even confusing for me and I wrote it.

Don’s daughter, at age 20, married a man, 32, with four children... Danielle (Dani), the oldest, was 13. Michelle (Micki), 12, Cassandra (Cassie), 11, and Calvin (Cal), 2.
Carol, Don’s daughter, immediately became a wonderful mom to the kids, and a great wife to Wayne.
The kids came to love Don as their own granddad and loved spending time at his home on a private lake, with no close neighbors.
Wayne and Carol had custody of all but Dani, who had a different mother than the younger kids.
Dani, her mom, and her grandmother lived a few miles from Don in a large, old house in the country, close enough that she was able to spend lots of quality time with her siblings, as well as her dad and step-mom.

Don had lost his wife to cancer and thoroughly enjoyed time with the young kids, and watching them grow. Cal never warmed up to him like the girls did, though. Don would have loved to teach the boy to hunt and fish, work on lawnmowers and cars, etc. The little guy just wasn’t interested.

Usually, when the girls were at the lake, they were more interested in swimming and getting tans. During the winter months, they enjoyed making snow men and snow forts on the large lawn between the house and lake.

Tragically, four years after Wayne and Carol married, on one winter morning, the two of them, plus Cal, had just dropped Cassie and Micki at Don’s and were on their way to pick up 17 year-old Dani for a surprise birthday party.
Their car hit a patch of ice, spun into a guardrail and flipped over it, falling twenty five feet into a ditch….. Carol, Wayne and little Cal were all killed when the fuel tank exploded.

The two younger girls were placed in the custody of Wayne’s parents, who were already in their sixties. Dani, having her drivers license by then, enjoyed picking them up and taking them to Don’s place, where they all three enjoyed spending nearly every weekend.

On a warm day, the following summer, the three girls raced from Dani’s car into Don’s loving arms, “Can we go swimming, granddad?”

“You know where the water is. I washed your suits, they’re in the top drawer in the back bedroom.”
Micki and Cassie changed and were out the door in minutes.

A few minutes later, as he watched them from the big window, he heard, “They’re so funny, Grandad.”
As Don looked around, he saw Dani with a towel held up to the front of her naked body, “Would you please unscrew this cap for me? I’m not going to swim today, but I need a shower.”
She handed him the shampoo bottle, he loosened the cap, and she turned to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Her entire backside was bare, causing his 44 year old cock to jump.

“Hey, girl… you need to cover yourself better!”
Dani halted for a second at the bathroom door. When she saw that Don was still looking, she giggled and shook her tight little ass at him before disappearing through the door.

Don went directly to his master bathroom and jacked a huge load of cum into the toilet, “Shit,” he thought, “She’s going to have to be careful. Some little, horny bastard will be knocking her up, pretty damn soon, with his stiff little dick if she doesn’t watch out. Come to think of it, Carly was her age when she and I first started fucking. Whoever Dani picks for her first is going to be a lucky little fucker, that’s for sure.”

“Granddad! I need your help, please!”

Don pulled his shorts up and headed back toward the living room to see what Dani needed help with. He banged his shoulder into the door facing because all his eyes could focus on, was the knockout young woman in a red thong, standing in his living room.
Dani’s tits had grown more than he’d realized. Her nipples were barely covered by the small piece of thin fabric.

“Oh, Goddamn,” he thought, “She must shave her cunt. There’s not enough material to cover hair. Shit! Look at that slit. What the fuck is going on?”

Dani looked up when she heard the thump at the doorway. Don rubbed his shoulder as she gave him a concerned look and asked, “You okay?”

“Hell no!.... I’m sorry, I try to never cuss around you girls. No, I’m not okay. You’re standing in front of me, naked. How in the fu… heck am I supposed to be okay with that?”

“I’m not naked, Granddad. I have on my bathing suit. True, there’s not much to it, but it’s what girls wear these days. And I need your help. I’m going to go swimming with a guy this evening and I need to know which bathing suit looks best on me, okay?”

Don’s heart was jack-hammering. His recently drained balls were replenishing their supply rapidly, and the outlet for that supply was already stiffening itself for another ejaculation.
He stood, staring, and silently nodded as the luscious body in front of him turned, modeling the tiniest amount of cloth he’d ever seen on a woman. The string holding the top was little more than thread and, on the bottom, most of that was hidden in her butt crack.
Just as he reached into his shorts to adjust his cock’s binding confinement, Dani made a quick turn, smiling at his action.

“Oops… sorry, Granddad. I didn’t mean to make you… uh, uncomfortable. Let me change into the blue suit.”

Don’s tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth as his step-granddaughter stripped off and changed her bathing suit… right in front of him. “Yes, she shaves. Her young pussy is puffy. God it’s beautiful. I always figured her aureoles would be dark, but they’re so pink they’re almost invisible. Shit, I’d give my left nut to suck those nipples and that cunt.”

Don snapped back to reality. “Do you like the red or the blue better?”

“Who really gives a fuck? They both look awesome to me.”

“WHAT?... Did you just say ‘fuck’?”

Don’s thoughts had finally loosened his stuck tongue, “Yes, baby, I guess I did. I’m just saying this… It doesn’t matter which suit you wear swimming with this guy. When he sees you in it, he’s going to want to rip it off you and fuck your silly little brains out. There… I said it. If I were twenty years younger, I’d kill to get to that pussy of yours… and, sweetheart, I think that’s exactly what you wanted to hear from me.”

Dani jumped across the room and crushed her tits into Don’s chest, arms around his neck, “Would you really fuck me? I’m just a little girl, Granddad,” she teased as her hand crept into his shorts and found his hard shaft, “and you’re dick is sooooo big.”

Don quickly glanced out the window, reassuring himself that the two younger girls were still swimming. All thoughts of morality were abandoned as he tugged at the two bows, completely releasing Dani’s top. His mouth sought out one nipple, then the other. As he carried her to the couch, the bows on each hip, magically, came loose. Her bare pussy was in his face as he laid her down.

“Are you going to eat me?”

“Yes, I am, honey… I’m going to eat your luscious cunt and give you an orgasm you’ll never forget.”

“Flip the latch on the door, just in case the girls come to the house.”

Don returned to the couch within three seconds. Dani’s legs were splayed wide. All he could see was pussy, asshole and tits. His shorts disappeared and his head dropped to her mons.

“Are you sure, sweetheart? Have you ever done this?”

Dani’s fingers entwined his thinning hair as she pulled his mouth to her opening. His tongue sought out the button at the top of her slit.

“Yes, kinda… Oh God, YES! YES, Grandad… Do it… Eat my pussy and make me cum. Mmm… yeah, right there. Oh, shit, that feels so good…”

The taste of sweet young pussy drove Don frantic. He raised his head long enough to wet three fingers with saliva. Moving his mouth back to Dani’s clit, he pushed his ring finger into her tight anal sphincter, causing her to protest slightly.

When his middle digit entered her cunt, she accepted both with a low moan of pleasure, “Unnnnnnnh, unnnnnnnnh, ohhhhh yesssssss…..”
His finger was soon met by her barrier, which was a surprise to him, ‘Damn, as easy as this is going, I figured she’d lost her cherry long before this.’

Again, he raised his head, under protest from Dani, “Are you still a virgin, honey?”

“Oh, don’t stop, pleeease,” she gasped, “I think so, but just do everything to me… it’s okay.”

‘Hmmm,’ he thought as he returned to his task,‘I think so? I’ll have to get to the bottom of that answer.’He soon loosened her vaginal entrance to the point he began inserting his index finger, also. The added thickness sent Dani over the edge. It was the first time, other than self masturbation, she had reached a climax… “Oh, God.. Oh God.. Oh Goddddddddddd!!! YES, YES, OHHHH… SHIT!!!!!”

Don licked at her opening as his fingers made their short trip in and out. It was the sweetest pussy juice he’d ever tasted.
‘Now it’s time to show my baby what real fucking feels like.’

As he lifted himself up, he glanced out the window, “Oh shit, honey. Cassie’s coming this way. Grab your swim suits and get to the bedroom,” he leaned back down and kissed her on the lips, giving Dani a taste of her own cunt cream, “We’ll finish this later.”

He slipped back into his shorts as his dick began to deflate. Cassie stopped on the front deck and yelled something at Micki, just as the older girl left the water. Don unlatched the door and handed Cassie a towel, “Dry off and leave your wet suit in the bathtub. When Micki gets up here, tell her I want her to do the same. I think Dani is in the bedroom. When all of you get dressed, we’ll go get pizza for lunch.”

He swatted the eleven year old on the butt as she took off toward the bathroom. Since she didn’t wait to give her sister the message, Don waited as Micki took her own sweet time, dancing and skipping her way to the house. As he watched, he observed a slight jiggle under her halter top. His eyes followed her lines down her young, teenage body… the slim waist, which flared into smooth hips and down to her flawless, athletic legs.

“Fuck, Micki’s developing into a nice piece of ass, too. How in the hell have I NOT been able to see this coming?” His cock began to rise again, so he called out to her, with the same instructions he’d given Cassie. Leaving it at that, Don went to his own bedroom to get ready for the lunch trip.

The younger girls sat on each side of Don while they enjoyed several kinds of pizza from the buffet. Dani sat, constantly smiling, on the other side of the table.
Most of the evening, she stared at her granddad’s eyes, occasionally snaking her pretty little tongue out for an extra lick on her soft lips.

With the constant banter from Micki and Cassie, they never noticed the flirting, nor the hard-on in Don’s shorts.

“Granddad? Sometime, can we go see a movie at a real theatre?”

Don leaned over to Cassie and kissed her on top of the head, “Sure, sweetheart, I don’t see why not. Hmmm… do you have plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Now? I mean, today? That’d be so cool granddad. Ice Age 2 is playing somewhere. Can I go over to the computer station and check?”

Cassie told Micki to come with her and the two cuties walked, hand in hand, to the only open monitor left on the long table.

“Good idea, handsome. But if I get you alone on the back row, you just might get a blow job, Mr. Parker.”

“‘Mr. Parker’, your sweet ass. Don’t you ever call me anything but Granddad… unless it’s something real sweet, like ‘honey’, ‘sugar’, ‘darlin’ or something like that.”

“If things work out at the movie, I may be calling you ‘sweet dick’.” Dani winked at him and licked her lips again, “Here they come.”

Ice Age had been playing for nearly two weeks and the crowd was a thin one. Don made sure the girls used the bathroom before entering and finding their seats. The younger ones wanted to sit near the front… Don said it was much too close for him. Dani agreed to sit in the back to keep him company.
He bought buckets of popcorn, large drinks and candy so Micki and Cassie wouldn’t have to get up for anything during the one hour, thirty two minute animated show.

Before the lights went low, Dani told Don she’d sucked her boyfriend off, twice, “He had a lot of cum, but I was able to swallow it all and not make a mess. His dick is lots smaller than yours, though… sweetie.”

She was ready to start as soon as the opening credits began. Don held her off for a few minutes, in case some late arrivals were to walk in and catch a glimpse of them.
When he finally gave in, if you want to call the biggest anticipation of his life ‘giving in’, Dani’s eyes explored the thick, seven inch cock, “mmmmm,” she whispered, “this thing is awesome.”

Her tongue slid up and down his entire length, taking extra time to make quick stabs at his piss slit. After Don’s head rested against the back wall, her warm lips slipped over the 2-1/4 inch head and held still, except for her amazingly active tongue.
Twice, he placed his hand under her neck and raised her off. He needed to blast his nuts empty, but he also wanted to hang on to the elation as long as he could, first.

The third time Dani’s mouth went down on her granddad, his hand rested on the back of her pretty, teenage head. He began rising off his seat and pressing her downward, wanting her to take as much of his cock as she could, but not wanting her to gag… gagging sounds would bring attention from other movie-goers.

His head bent down and he whispered, “I’m almost there, baby. Get ready for a warm load.”

On the screen, the prehistoric squirrel fell through a hole, near the top of a cliff. Between his scream, and the laughter of the crowd, nobody except Don, himself, and Dani heard him moan, “Ohhhhhh… Godddd. Ohhhhh, shit, honey. Uhhhg.. yeah, suck me dry, baby. Suck it all dry……”

Rope after rope, stream after stream of hot cum erupted for, what seemed like, ten minutes. Dani swallowed like she’d been doing it all her life. Not a drop reached the bottom of Don’s shaft.
Giving head was just the first part, as far as she was concerned. For the next fifteen minutes, she licked and wiped droplets, making sure she got it all.
Once she was satisfied her granddad was satiated, she sat with her head on his shoulder and his limp dick in her hand. Occasionally, she look at him and smile, her breath having the distinct smell of sex.

While the saber-tooth tiger and raccoons caused havoc in the snow, Don talked quietly to Dani, “You know that nobody can ever find out about this, don’t you? Not even your best friends. You may already at the legal age of consent, but legally, it’s still considered incest. When Carol adopted you kids, you became my grandchildren in the eyes of the law. If anybody ever finds out, I could spend the rest of my life in prison.”

As the wooly mammoths trekked across drifts of snow, Dani kissed Don on the cheek, “So do I get to sleep with you tonight?”

Micki and Cassie climbed into their bunks at 9:30. Dani checked on them fifteen minutes later and found both girls in dreamland. She closed their door quietly and made her way to Don’s den. She danced to a spot between him and his TV and began a seductive strip dance. He casually picked up the remote control and made the big screen blank.

“So would you rather watch me than the baseball game?” she asked as her bra fell to the floor.

“Honey, I’d rather watch you than anything I can think of,” he stood and let his shorts drop, “why don’t you just dance through that door and right over to the bed… I think it’s bedtime.”

Dani’s young cunt was just as tasty as it was earlier in the day. Don was able to control his lust long enough to eat her into, and through, three orgasms, each one stronger than the previous.
Her mind was going crazy and her pussy was sloppy wet as he positioned his cock at her entrance.
The teenage baton twirler’s eyes popped open when the head of her granddad’s dick passed the first of her vaginal muscles, “Oh, my God, Granddad… that feels so big. I’m really fucking, I’m really fucking a man.”

On his third push, her hymen broke, causing Dani to wince and gasp, “That was it, wasn’t it, Granddad? You busted my cherry..”

“Yes, darling girl, I did bust your cherry. I’m going to get my whole cock in, now, and let you get used to the feel. Then we’re gonna fuck like a couple of monkeys, all night long. If you hurt too much, you tell me and we’ll quit.”

Her youth, strength and flexibility made it much easier than most, to accent the length and girth of Don’s adult, experienced shaft. As his pubis met the youngster’s puffy mound, Dani whispered, “It doesn’t hurt at all, Granddad, just do it. Fuck me, now. Fuck me a lot, I know I’m going to love it. Mom put me on birth control a while back, so please fill me up with your cum, please, please…”

Don needed no further encouragement. At first, he started driving in and pulling back slowly, getting her used to the feeling. Although she was riding a high, the muscles of her pussy began to relax with each push, accepting the intrusion, then tighten, not wanting him to pull away. She didn’t realize that her desire was a natural instinct, a centuries old reflex, meant to enhance the act of sexual satisfaction.

Dani had gone through so much new emotion that she was hardly making a sound as the two sweaty bodies complimented each other’s movements. “My God,” Don thought, “this girl just lost her virginity and is giving me the fuck of my life, bar none. With lots of experience, I can’t imagine what she’ll be like in ten years. Ohhh, Shittt, this is good… so fucking good.”
Dani began moaning a little louder as the pounding friction brought her toward a climax, “Uhh, Uhh, Uhh, mmmmmm, oh Lord.. that feels so great, Grandad. Mmmmmm, yeahhh… I must be… gunh.. gunh… gonna c-c-c-cummmm. Oh, yes… Oh God, Oh GOD! I’m gonna cummmmmmm… Ahhhhh! ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ohhhh… mmmmm.”

It took her a few minutes to quit gasping for breath, during which time Don increased his pace, pumping his cock as deep and fast as he’d ever done to any other woman. His balls tightened and his ass started clenching as his load of hot jism made its way out of his testicles and through the chute, blasting into Dani’s sensitive cavity.

She felt the streams of sperm as each pulse made its journey past the tightness of her entrance, intent on finding an egg to fertilize. Her love for the man on top of her young body increased her desire, causing another orgasm of her own.

They lay satiated, locked together at the genitals. Don’s dick was still semi-hard. Dani’s, heretofore inexperienced, pussy gripping at the organ inside her body, not wanting to relinquish her hold on it.

Don smiled at the blonde teenager and asked, “You never explained what you meant, when you told me you thought you were still a virgin. There’s no doubt, now, that’s for sure. Where in the hell did you learn to fuck like that?”

She pulled his head back to her lips and kissed him soundly, “My boyfriend thought he got his dick in me, once, but I kept telling him he was just rubbing it against my pussy. He got cum all over everything, but I didn’t think I ever felt anything, much less his dick, get inside me. You’re right, my lover, he never took my cherry… but you damn sure did. Everything I know about fucking a man, I learned right here… tonight… on this bed… with you, Granddad. And I want you to teach me everything, everything you know. You can fuck me every weekend. I can stop by here every day after my college classes and we can fuck, too. I can stop by on the way to the school and give you blowjobs. God, I love you, Granddad and nobody… nobody will get any of this pussy but you.”

Don Parker slept soundly for six hours, only to be awakened by the horny girl, as she mounted him from topside. Her hand had been working his cock and it was responding. She was determined to get one more round before her little sisters woke up.
‘… and maybe if they go swimming later………’

Watch for part 2…


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