WARNING: this is the story of an older man (maybe 37) who is a pervert and doesnt care much about gender as long as its young pure flesh.... hopelessly obsessed with my employees 10 year old daughter
I'm captivated... by those gorgeous green eyes. That soft wavy blonde hair. By the way her innocence sparkles around her like a silhouette of bright dazzling fireworks.

"What a beautiful family you have, John." I said to my employee John Walker as i handed him back his wallet.

"Thank you sir... you know my wife Lauren is making a large meal this friday night to celebrate Jenna getting first place at her little dance competition. Maybe you and your son would like to come?" John asked eagerly. I glanced down at the picture of Jenna i had sneaked out of his wallet and smiled gently.

"you know what? i might have to take you up on that John. i think Logan would get along with Jenna pretty well so why not?"

This was the perfect excuse. the best way.

"why don't you email me the time. i'v got a meeting in a few minute so i best head over there."

"alright, will do Adam."
the meeting is in about a half hour. enough time for me to get off and then get ready.
My office has always been on the side of the building that never gets any sunlight. I didnt bother turning on the lights, not with the raging lump in my pants with the building explicit images of little Jenna in my mind.
from the moment i met her a year and a half ago, i knew that i had to have her.

Checking that the blinds on the door window were shut, i locked the door. unzipping my pants as i rushed over to my desk. i sat down and gently set the photo down on the desk in front of me. i didnt touch my fully erect cock. i simply stared down at the innocent girl. thinking of ravishing her. my cock throbbed once hard. i grabbed it and stroked slowly. i felt my eyes close and my imagination set me off.

i see in my mind the little girl innocently grabbing my hard on. "why is it so hard daddy?" i hear her sweet little voice coo at me. she licks it slowly while her hand trails down her tummy to her young innocent heat.

i licked my lips.

in my head, the small frame hunched over and took half my cock into her mouth.

i fapped vigorously. i felt my whole body heat up as i got closer and closer. i felt an immense pressure welling up in the pit of my stomach then suddenly

im pulled so quickly out of my trance that i stand straight up.

the phone is ringing - and it seems excessively loud.

"Adam Thomas' office" i answer, aggravation lacing my tone."

"Mr. Thomas, i just wanted to let you know that your meeting at three has been canceled and that means you're done for today, sir."
"Thank you Hannah. thats the best news you have given me all week. i will be on my way then"
a slight giggle on the other end.
i silently hang up the phone and stare disapprovingly at my boner, still standing tall.
"I guess i will finish you at home then"
i grin. knowing what can be done there.
i should be getting home right after my 13 year old son Logan.
its a pretty quick drive from the office to my home. only a couple of blocks.

as expected, my boy is home.
my wonderfully skilled little toy.

i walk through the door. i hear the familiar tap of keys on his laptop coming from the living room.
"Hey Logan. i have something for you to take care of for me really quick"
i look around the corner from the front door to the living room and see his dirty blond straight hair, and his blue eyes look up at me. instantly a grim expression over his face. hes a smart boy. he already knows.
i smile at him and he looks down in embarrassment.
i walk over to him and stare down. then take a few steps back. i clear my throat once as a signal for him to hurry.

He reluctantly stands and slowly walks over to me, his head down the whole time. he stops in front of me and drops down to his knees. he looks up, his misty blue eyes glimmering at me as he slowly undoes my belt.
something that looks like it could have been a tear welling up in the corner of his eyes as he unbuttons my khaki pants. he looks down at his new project and unzips my fly. he moves the fabric so slightly and my semi hard on springs up. almost as if aiming directly for his soft full lips. he grabs it and caresses my ballsack and coaxes my dick to full hardness. he gently, teasingly licks the tip. just as i told him to 3 years ago.

he skillfully places kisses and licked from tip to balls, then licks the underside from base to head. finally taking the whole thing in at once. a small groan escaping my lips.
my fingers intertwining in his silky hair. his head bobbing on its own at different rhythms for some time. his tongue cupping and caressing in the spots he knew would please me most. soft moans vibrate his hot throat for me. a long sigh leaves me as i feel myself coming close.
my grip on his hair tightening, holding him in place and slowly thrust deeper into his throat. i cant control it anymore as i thrust faster and harder. out of my own carelessness, his teeth gently graze the underside of my rock hard cock, sending my over the edge. my balls rest on his chin, my back twitching as i empty my hot semen in his hot mouth.


2013-11-01 00:49:56
thank you. im a she though c:

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2013-10-31 16:14:08
You say he's twisted yet you looked up the story yourself when it said things like "rape" and "boy" and said at the beginning that it'd be an older guy with kids so doesn't that make you sick for looking it up then?

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2013-10-29 02:34:17
Doesn't bother me non. What bothers me is the errors. Other then that, not bad story wise. Could use more details


2013-10-28 15:13:30
Maybe a little. but is not my fault that it gets me off.

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2013-10-28 06:14:47
You are somewhat twisted.

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