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Let me start out about telling you who I am. My name is Katherine. I go by Kat. I'm not to tall about 5'5 with long black hair and blue eyes. But this story also involves my brother. His name is mark, he's taller than me with short messy black hair and deep brown eyes. Now before I tell you this story, there are a few things you should know. One, my brother and I have always been close, we talked to each other about everything. Two, I has been dreaming about this day for so long before it happened. Now here's the story.

It was a hot summer day, and our air conditioning was broken, I had just turned nineteen and was living with my brother for my first year of college. It was extremely humid that night, and I felt like I was going to die of heat stroke. It was normal for me to sleep in shorts and a tank top, but I couldn't take the heat anymore. So I pulled them off and laid on top of sheet smiling at the feeling of the fan blowing gently on me. I couldn't sleep though, but I knew something that normally helped.

My hand slid down between my legs as I spread them slowly. My finger dipped into my slit and I started massaging my clit gently. I left out a quiet moan of pleasure but the feeling was short lived as I heard my brother knock gently on the door. I moved my hand quickly and pretended to sleep as he slowly opened the door. He was about to say something but he stopped suddenly. I figured it was because I was naked and full on display.

He slowly started to walk into my room and I instantly felt myself getting wetter (A little side note, I always heard my brothers ex talking about what a good fuck he was and it got me exited. She had dumped him not long ago because one night he didn't feel like having sex) My brother sat down carefully at the edge of my bed and placed his hand slowly on my knee, as if testing if I was asleep. I kept up the act but opened my eyes barely so I could see him. His hand traveled down my thigh and pressed against my wet snatch. He slipping his finger past my slit and rubbed my clit gently for a few second before sliding his finger into my tight love hole.

I couldn't keep pretending as I moaned in pleasure and opened mu eyes. He was looking at me with a knowing smirk, as if he never thought I was actually sleeping. He moved his hand away and I whimpered in frustration and need. But it turned out I didn't need to. My brother stood and pulled off his shirt, before unbuttoning his shorts and pulling them down with his boxers leaving his clothes in a pile. My brother was fit. He loved sports and was always activity. His dick was hard, about 8" large. I moaned at the sight and spread my legs wide.

I have to admit I was nervous though. Sure I had been having sex since I was sixteen. But none of the boys I had been with were this big. My brother slowly knelt between my legs and started rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy, soon enough it was covered in my juices. I guess he finally figured I had enough teasing, because he placed his dick at my opening and thrust into me. I let out a gasp of pleasure and wrapped my legs around him as he started thrusting into me.

He was moaning about how tight I was and how I was his special little sister no one could replace. We were both panting and sweating worse than we were before but neither of us really cared. I told him I was close through my moans of pleasure. He grunted as a response, and I knew he was close as well. Suddenly I remember he didn't have on a condom and I wasn't on birth control. I started trying to tell him to pull out, but I couldn't form the words.

The feels of fear from the lack of protection when I felt him stiffen above me. He gave one last hard thrust into me before he started shooting his cum, and I came along with him. My back was arched so I was pressed against him as he filled me. But after, two soon for my liking, he laid beside me panting. His cock was still half hard covered in my juices and his cum.

I smirked a bit and moved down. I looked at him and winked before taking his dick in my mouth. I started sucking the head flicking at it gently with my tongue. After a few minutes of that, I started bobbing my head up and down his cock. I felt him getting hard again and listened to his moans of pleasure. It didn't take me long to get him hard again. He reached down and took a fist full of my hair and started fucking my mouth. I moaned around his cock and looked up at him. He was looking down at me his eyes wide with lust. He started thrusting faster and faster till BAM he shot a load of cum into my mouth.

I crawled up to him showed him my mouthful of his cum before swallowing it slowly so he knew it was all gone. And when it was he sat up and kissed me deeply. Our tongues seemed to dance with one another. Soon enough though I pulled back "Was this a one time deal?" I asked almost afraid of the answer

He smiled softly and laid back down with me, my head resting on his chest "Not a chance." He promised I smiled a bit and we fell asleep like that. We were no longer just brother and sister. But two lovers who had to go through a heat wave to find out.

(Okay, thanks for reading my first ever story, if you have any tips they would be great. I'm hoping to continue on with my stories of my brother so tell me if I should thanks!!



anonymous readerReport

2013-11-01 14:59:50
A hot read but went way too fast.
Hope she ain't pregnant....
I rate this story a 5 out of 10 as it could have been better written...
Also excited ......NOT exited.....


2013-10-31 11:04:54
Very good. Thanks for sharing.

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-30 22:32:53
Bump all that proof reading write your story in word then cut paste here. Your story was just right not to much details and great explaining the sex. Keep going posy more

Capt. NemoReport

2013-10-29 07:16:21
I enjoyed the story. Simple, actual, factual reading. Keep it up and keep writing, please !


2013-10-29 04:12:42
Great story and hope to hear more from you on the "discovery" maybe even a thread.

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