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A mature woman seeks help and gets more than she bargains fo
Autumn. Wet, windy and dirty. At least, that is how I see it. Leaves falling from the trees clutter up the drains and footpaths and look so untidy.
It was a horrible, wet Autumn night that I was driving home from work in the early hours one Tuesday morning at the end of October. My route takes me across wild moorland roads and the rain was pouring down with a strong wind making the car difficult to drive with visibility quite poor.
Suddenly, through the rain soaked windscreen, I saw something dart across the road in front of me, something small and dark. Instinctively I hit the brakes and on the greasy wet surface, my wheels locked and I slid off the road and onto the grass verge, coming to a halt with the two right wheels still on the road and the other two on the grass.
As I got my breath back I realised that what I had seen was a cat. Black. I was angry with myself for overreacting but reassured myself that no harm had been done and I hadn't run over the cat. Neither had I damaged the car, so all was well.
I selected first gear and slowly let the clutch in. Damn it, nothing! The front wheel had sunk into the mud and was spinning uselessly. I tried reverse but that had the same effect.
Great! 2am and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere. I got my mobile phone out of my handbag to call the breakdown people. I couldn't believe it, no signal. not even enough to call the emergency services!
Now what? I pondered my situation. I could wait and hope someone would come along but that was unlikely, considering the remoteness of the area, or I could walk and try to find help but again it could be miles before I found anyone.
As I sat and thought, I realised that just in front of me was the end of a drive. Surely, I thought, that must lead to a farm, a house, something, and that cat had to live somewhere.
So that was it, I decided, I would walk up the lane and ask to use their phone to get help or maybe they would have a tractor or something to pull me back onto the road.
I grabbed my coat from the back seat which, unfortunately, wasn't a rain coat, picked up my hand bag and got out of the car, locking it behind me then set off, past the old gate, which looked as though it had not been closed for years and along the drive, the rain was lashing against my face and the wind blowing it into every space it could find, almost knocking me over it was so strong.
As I walked I began to sense that I was not alone. I looked around. I was right, the cat was following me.
"Come on, then", I said to it, sort of glad of the company, "you got me into this".
I seemed to walk for ages but in only a few minutes I saw a dim glow ahead of me. I was right, it was a house and I was glad to see light in the windows, I wouldn't wake them when I knocked.
The house was a rather shabby looking, stone built farmhouse and the outbuildings looked as though they were falling down but when I knocked on the peeling paint of the front door I was glad to hear movement inside and before too long I heard the rasp of a bolt being drawn across and the door creaked slowly open about six inches.
"Can I help you?" the voice belonged to a not unattractive woman aged maybe in her mid to late fifties, her long dark hair giving her age away due to the grey strands appearing amongst the darker grey hair which had probably been jet black in her prime.
"I’m so sorry to disturb you at this time of night", I apologised, "but I swerved to avoid a cat and now I am stuck in the mud at the side of the road. May I use your phone please, to call for help?"
"One moment", she answered, then closed the door. I was puzzled at first but then heard the rattle of the door chain being removed before the door opened again but fully this time.
"Come in, come in", she said, beckoning me in.
As I stepped inside the cat followed me in.
"He is yours?" I asked her.
The woman looked at me and and said:
"Yes, that's Lilin, she can be a little devil sometimes! Look at you! You are soaked through, come and sit by the fire and get warm".
I followed her into the living room which was dimly lit by a myriad of candles and the roaring log fire and as we walked I said to her:
"I don't want to be a nuisance but if I may use your phone?"
"Oh, I'm sorry", she stopped and turned to me, "It's not working. as you can see, we have no power either, all the lines have been blown down but come, rest and get warm while we decide what to do with you"
"We?" I queried.
The woman put her eyes up.
"What must you think of me! My friend here...", she gestured towards the arm chair by the fire, "is Freyja......", I looked over to the chair and saw a most beautiful, younger woman, maybe late thirties, sitting there. her hair was jet black and long, I guessed down to the middle of her back, had she been standing and eyes as dark as her hair. She was wearing a long velvet dress, also black,and she smiled and nodded as I said hello.
"and I am Lilith", my host continued, offering me her hand. I took it and smiled,
"Pleased to meet you, I am Anna", her hand was cold to the touch.
"and we are very pleased to meet you too, Anna", and turning her head added, "aren't we, Freyja?".
The younger woman didn't reply but smiled mysteriously.
"Let me take your coat, my dear, it is soaked".
Lilith took the coat from me and hung it near to the fire to dry out. It had been no use whatsoever against the elements and my uniform blouse was wet through and clinging to my body and virtually see through, causing my white cotton bra to stand out in stark contrast to the darker tone of my wet flesh beneath.
Suddenly, I became very self conscious when I realised they where both looking at me.
Lilith broke the silence.
"I think you had better get out of those wet clothes, my dear, we don't want you getting pneumonia".
I hesitated.
"I.....erm, I haven't got anything to change into........" my voice trailed off. It seemed vague, as if it was somebody else's. I didn't seem to be in control of myself any more, as if my thoughts were not my own.
"Don't worry" the soft seductive voice from the armchair, "I will find you a towel and, a robe". Freyja more uncoiled herself from the chair rather than just stood, she moved with feline grace and I saw then how slim and beautiful she really was.
She soon returned carrying a big fluffy towel and a black silk kimono.
"Now take off those wet clothes and we will get you comfortable".
I had never taken my clothes off in front of anyone but my husband but I seemed powerless to resist, to protest even, and I began to unfasten the buttons of my sodden shirt and simultaneously, stepped out of my shoes.
Neither Freyja nor Lilith averted their eyes, both watching me as I released each button and peeled the clinging fabric from my skin.
Lilith stepped behind me and gently pulled the blouse from my shoulders, the sleeves turning inside out as they clung to my arms.
She placed it on the back of a chair she had placed near the fire for that very purpose.
Next, I unfastened the button and zip on my grey, knee length skirt. The weight of the water in it caused it to fall quickly to my feet as soon as it was free and I stepped out of it, allowing Lilith to pick it up and place that too, on the chair near the fire.
I could feel the heat from the fire, warming and drying my flesh and I stood still as I felt Lilith's fingers begin to release the little hooks holding my bra in place.
In my mind I protested but all that came out was a rather weak:
"No, I........", which trailed off as my white cotton bra was released and carefully peeled away from my breasts.
I wanted to cover myself, hide them from view but my arms felt heavy and unwilling to move and I could only stand and allow Lilith to continue downwards and begin to remove my nylon, flesh coloured tights, slowly pulling them down over my hips and thighs, lifting first one leg and then the other to allow her to take them clear of my feet and lay those, too, on the chair by the fire.
My white cotton bikini briefs were not wet, at least not from the rain, but those she also slowly drew down my legs and removed them without me being able to do anything to prevent it.
I stood there naked, arms hanging by my sides, my body trembling throughout. Not with cold, the fire in the huge inglenook was roaring and crackling beside me, but with a whole host of feelings, fear, embarrassment, not least, excitement, but there was nothing I could do, my mind just would not work and the flickering of the flames from both the fire and the candles cast moving shadows around the room.
Feyja moved slinkily toward me and began to dry me with the towel, gentle smoothing it over my body, my breasts, my stomach, and down between my legs, and not once did she look anywhere but directly into my eyes, staring deep into my soul, holding me with her gaze, then, stepping closer, she dropped the towel and ran her finger nails down my breasts, from my collar bone right down to the tip of my nipples. Her nails were long and beautifully manicured and the hardness of them as they scratched along the skin made my heart pound with desire, causing me to gasp deeply as she reached my nipples and flicked slowly off the ends, momentarily digging into the ridged flesh and gently dragging them downwards until they released and sprung back upwards, painfully erect and pushing outwards, throbbing and aching.
Lilith bent and picked up the towel, moving around behind me she began to dry my hair but still I could not break away from Freyja's gaze. Slowly and deliberately she moved closer to me until her lips touched mine and although I had never kissed a woman before, nor even wanted to, my lips opened of their own volition to meet hers and they pressed together, accepting her, encouraging her, even welcoming her as her slightly rough tongue entered my mouth and worked it's way around my teeth and inside, around my gums and touching the roof, whilst my tongue danced around hers. I wanted to stop her but I couldn't, nothing worked any more, as if my brain had been disconnected and my body was remotely controlled.
I could feel Lilith behind me, her cold but gentle hands smoothing the soft warm towel over my back and down, passing slowly over the soft smooth curves of my buttocks, letting the thick material dip between them and over my anus, down and down my legs, drying my feet and back up the inside of my thighs until she reached the soaking, hot smoothness of my vagina and allowed a towel covered finger to rub gently between my lips, so lightly that I felt I was going to orgasm at any minute.
Freyja broke away as Lilith stood. Taking my shoulders she turned me carefully so my back was to the fire, It was hot but not burning and I could see my reflection in the rain battered window opposite, standing still, my nipples painfully erect standing out on the tips of my small breasts, my legs together and arms hanging loosely at my sides and my shoulder length brown hair dishevelled and untidy. I had no expression on my face and my smooth, hairless vagina glistened wetly in the flickering candle light.
As I stood and looked at my reflection, Lilith moved around behind me, putting her arms around my waist, her cold hands making me start, and slowly, painfully slowly moved them up to cup my breasts and pinch my aching nipples between finger and thumb. Small electric shocks seem to pass from them, shooting deep inside me and causing me to take a sharp breath and lean my head back against her.
The emotions I felt were amazing, I knew it was wrong, not what I wanted to happen and yet I did want it, couldn't stop myself from enjoying what was happening, I felt so hot inside and every touch sent my head spinning with desire and when Freyja stepped even closer and began to rub herself up against my body, the soft velvet of her dress made me lose my senses as her leg rubbed against my mound and I parted my legs to allow her thigh to press against the soft entrance to my whole being.
I could feel Lilith's cold breath against my neck as Freyja resumed her attack upon my lips, pushing her rough tongue once again between my teeth and exploring my mouth eagerly and sensuously.
I felt the cold hands on my breasts replaced by soft, warm hands gently squeezing and kneading them, the long, sharp nails digging into the flesh and scratching across the nipples.
Freyja's mouth was restricting my breathing which increased the emotions a hundred fold, I was gasping for breath and my heart was pounding like a hammer in it's effort to supply blood around my over loaded senses.
The cold hands moved slowly down my sides until they reached my slim hips, the fingers wrapped themselves around my prominent pelvic bones and pressed firmly into the soft flesh of my groin, pressing inwards against my pubic bone, causing me to groan aloud and try to take in even more air.
At the same time I could feel a cool tongue tracing the curve of my buttocks, along the crevasse between them and down to the hollow where they joined the tops of my legs.
Soaking wet now, I was so close to orgasm and yet, not. I was trembling, shivering violently and yet, at the same time, so hot!
The fire seemed to be roaring and crackling more than ever and the wind howling and moaning louder around the house like all the demons from hell were loose, while the rain battered incessantly against the windows.
“There is no need for fear, pretty one”, Freyja's soft, sensuous voice purred in my ear as she bit gently on my lobe, “You are safe here”.
What did she mean, 'safe'? Should I be afraid? These thoughts were pushed far from my mind as I felt my buttocks being carefully pulled apart and the soft, cool touch of Lilith's tongue moving between them, licking and probing, circling the tight, puckered orifice and pressing against it. My muscle tightened and contracted, I had never been touched like this before by anyone and certainly not there but as I relaxed and enjoyed the feelings flooding through me her tongue found an entrance and I gasped and breathed in deeply. My whole body was trembling and vibrating and I felt the orgasm approaching but no, not yet, something was holding it back as though some unseen force didn't want it to happen, not yet.
A cold finger snaked seductively beneath me, finding the entrance to my soul, circling around the soft, moist flesh, pressing but not entering, moving up to the sensitive spot between my labia, pressing it, rolling it, rubbing it then, back, across the tiny opening of my urethra, pausing momentarily to press gently against it then on, finding the way in and entering the hot cavern of my desire, pushing so deep I could feel the movement in my bowel. A second finger entered alongside the first, stretching me open and and together they moved in and out, round and around, pressing and stretching, deeper, harder and the tongue pushed deeper, hit me, blasting through me like the howling gale outside and I joined it,
“Aaaahhhhh....”, howling like a baying hound, screaming loudly, “Aaaaahhhhhhh.......” and as it crashed through me Freyja pressed her mouth hard against mine, her rough tongue pushing past my teeth and dancing with my own as she held me tightly, her body coiled around mine, restricting my movement and breathing. I was yelling and sobbing and the fingers pressed harder into me and the tongues pushed deeper inside me until I could take no more and my knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor, unable to control myself.
I closed my eyes for a moment until I was able to regain my senses and when I opened them again
the fire had died down and Lilith was sitting in the armchair by the fire. Lilin, the cat was curled up asleep on her lap.
I looked around
“Where is Freyja?”, I asked. The older woman looked at me and smiled mysteriously.
“She had to change”, was the answer. I wanted to ask more but Lilith continued:
“You must go now. The sun is beginning to show its face. People will be about soon and will find you”.
I looked at the window and saw the first tentative glow of daylight. The rain had stopped and the wind had died away.
I dressed in silence, there was so much I wanted to ask but Lilith sat with her head bowed, stroking the cat and my mind was prevented from forming the words.
When I was ready, Lilith rose and walked with me to the door, opening it for me to step through.
Outside I stopped and turned to say goodbye but the door was already closed. Lifting my hand to knock I was suddenly unwilling to do so and allowed it to fall back to my side.
Along the drive I saw that the clouds were breaking and clear skies forming and still dark enough to see the stars and moon beyond.
Along the main road I could see headlights approaching so I hurried along and waved them down.
It was a large pick-up truck carrying crates of milk in the back.
It stopped alongside me.
“Something wrong, Miss?” The driver was an older man with greying hair. He was wearing green overalls and a flat cap.
“My car”, I gestured toward the stranded vehicle, “I got it stuck in the mud. Can you help me please?”
“Course I can, have you out in a jiffy. Been here long?”
I told him about braking for the cat and skidding due to the rain and wind and about the ladies at the farmhouse, not everything of course, and them having no phone or electric due to the wires being down and as I jabbered he frowned and looked puzzled but waited until I had finished before saying:
“You went to the farm down there?” and gestured through the broken gate and down the lane.
“That's right”, I said, “why, is something wrong?” He scratched his head.
“Well, that house hasn't been occupied for nigh on half a century, Miss. My dad had this milk round before me and I used to work with him until he passed it on to me. We used to deliver here when I was a nought but a lad. That was old Lil's place. Odd character. Lived alone with just her cat for company. Never had electricity nor a phone. Always used candles for lighting and did all her cooking on the big open fire. We hardly ever saw her, never left the house and always left the money on the step with the empties. Folks used to say she was a witch but that was just kids talk. Must be best part of forty years since she passed away. Stopped taking the milk in and after a few days the police broke in and found her cold in the chair by the fire. The cat was curled up asleep on her lap and when they took her body away the cat disappeared. No-one ever knew what became of it”. He pondered for a moment, rubbing his chin, “Funny about the weather though. I never heard any wind or rain. Must've slept better than I thought!”
I was stunned and pondered the events as the man tied a rope to the tow ball of his truck.
After he pulled the car back onto the road, I thanked him and offered to pay.
“No,no”, he said, “no need for that, just pleased to help. Anyway, must get on. First of November so have to collect payments for Octobers bills. Takes so much longer. Take care now”, and with a wave he was gone.
I got back into the car and looked across towards the farm, it was still to dark to see anything at that distance. I shrugged my shoulders and decided I must have fallen asleep and dreamt the whole thing, then I pulled the seat belt across me.
“Ouch”, I said, semi aloud. My chest was stinging under the pressure of the belt so I released it again and let it retract.
Then I undid my blouse and stared in disbelief. My breasts were covered in what appeared to be cat scratches!
I looked again across to the farmhouse and shivered. Putting the car in gear I let the clutch pedal up and drove quickly away. I was never going to pass this way again........ever!!!
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