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Amazing sex interrupted by an unexpected visitor
Every once in a while my wife Suzan and I like to get away and try new things. Normally we like to see new things and have new sexual experiences, so I decided to take her for a trip to San Antonio, TX. We flew in at about 3:00pm and headed for the hotel. After several hours of flirting with each other on the plane and a cab ride of my wife groping me my mind was only on one thing. While we were checking in on of the maids stepped behind the counter to ask the manager a question. My eyes locked in on her amazing body. Her uniform was low cut revealing a nice amount of smooth cleavage. While allowing my eyes to wander I could see her breasts bulging underneath the little nametag that read “Rosa”. Her skirt looked like it had been shortened to reveal her thin legs that just screamed to be followed to the promised land. I have no idea how long I was staring, but I heard the manager repeat my name twice before I realized he was handing me the keys to our room. My wife looked at me kinda funny and then we headed for the room.
When we got to the room I was sporting a semi from all of the days activities Suzan and I decided to try out the bed. She is about 5’8” with an athletic build long and thin with breasts plump like melons ready to be picked. Her long brunette hair is like silk as she runs it across my body. She is flexible, creative and hot in every way. We ordered room service about 8:00 when we needed a break.
After a late night of in-bed entertainment, Suzan and I slept in late. I was awakened from my slumber by the sensation that someone was sucking on my cock. As pleasure pulsated through my body I opened my eyes to see Suzan as she licked, sucked and stroked my cock. I was I began to get hard as she would take me all the way into her mouth, then withdraw and blow lightly across my drenched member. The cold sensation was exhilarating. Suddenly, the door to the room flew open and in walked Rosa with a stack of towels. I don’t know if we didn’t hear her knock or what, but we didn’t expect to see her and she certainly didn’t expect to see us. In her surprise my wife stood up off of the bed abruptly revealing me laying with my legs spread on the bed. Rosa didn’t notice us until she was standing right at the foot of the bed right next to my feet and right between my legs. Everyone froze shocked by the occurrence. Rosa dropped the towels and stood there staring right at my cock. My eyes locked in again on her amazing body, but then I also saw her beautiful deep brown eyes and long black glistening hair. I don’t know how long she stood there, but I stared up and down her entire body 3 or 4 times and was standing at full attention. There I lay buck naked with my legs spread and a full on and a beautiful naked woman standing to my side and another breathtaking woman standing staring right at me when Rosa finally said, “I’m so sorry”, and she grabbed the towels and slowly backed out of the room never taking her eyes off of my throbbing cock.. My wife and I laughed as she returned to the bed. Noticing that I was clearly excited by the situation she instantly climbed on top of me and surrounded me with her warm wet pussy. The surprise visit had clearly stimulated her as well as within only a couple of minutes she climaxed with me.
After a day of walking around the river walking and going to nice places to eat, we returned to the room for some late afternoon play time. I went down on my wife eating her sweet and wet pussy until she came. Afterward we both fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the door closing and Suzan was entering the room. Seeing the confusion on my face Suzan explained that Rosa hadn’t left any towels during her earlier visit. I clued in as I saw the towels in her hand. I just sat back and watched her every move as she disrobed, revealing her long slim body, enticing breasts and neatly shaven pussy. After Suzan’s shower we headed out for dinner. She spent the evening teasing me, rubbing up against me and revealing glimpses of herself to me. By the time we got back to the room I was ready to go again, but when we arrived she made up some coffee and was just chatting with me. In the course of our conversation she informed me that she had seen Rosa when she went to get the towels and talked to her about what had happened. Curious I asked her what Rosa said. Suzan told me that she just apologized and hoped she didn’t mess up a good time and talked about other stuff. Now she had my attention. “What kind of other stuff?”, I asked. “Well, um, I did ask her about you a little.”, she responded.
“Well?”, I blurted out. Now she knew she had me right where she wanted me.
“Well… She said she thought you were pretty good looking and…” she paused. “She said that you were pretty big.” I couldn’t believe my wife was having a conversation with another woman about the size of my manly hood, but was pleased with the report, and I was getting bigger every second the conversation went on.
“Pretty big?”, I responded, desiring more details.
“She actually said that she had never seen one that big before.” Susan continued.
“Really”, I said as I had never had a conversation with my wife about the size of my cock. “I thought size didn’t matter”, I continued playfully.
“Well it really doesn’t”, Suzan expounded, “but it is a nice bonus.”
I nodded my head clearly wanting to hear anything else she had to say.
“Actually, it really turns me on”, she said almost being shy and then she leaned in and whispered, “It turns Rosa on too.”
“What else did she say?”, I responded.
“You’ll just have to ask her yourself, she’ll be here in about 5 minutes.”
The stunned look on my face had to have spoken volumes as I responded with silence.
“You do think she’s hot right?” Suzan said.
“Sure”, I responded, not wanting to incriminate myself.
“O come on”, she jabbed me with her finger, “I saw how you locked in on her in the lobby and then got so hard when she came into the room. I can see how hard you are right now just talking about her. You want her.”
“Well, yea!” I said with an obvious tone to my voice.
“She thinks you’re hot too.” She responded almost seeming proud that her possession was coveted by another woman.
As our conversation continued there was a knock at the door. Suzan opened it and Rosa entered. She was wearing a v-neck silk top that draped across her breasts. Her hair was now down flowing over her shoulders with a soft curl to it. She wore a tight mini skirt that covered just enough and left every possible inch of leg revealed. I stood up having no idea what to expect next. My wife then grabbed me by the shoulders and walked me over to the foot of the bed and said, “You stand here. Rosa and I will take turns on what we want to do.” She continued firmly, “ Don’t move unless we tell you to.”
Still a little stunned by the circumstances, I stood awaiting my first command. Suzan then pulled out two dice and gave one to Rosa. They rolled and Suzan got a 6 while Rosa got a 3.
“I’m first then.” Suzan said and then proceeded to unbutton my shirt and remove it from me while lightly caressing my nipples, then she stepped away and they rolled again.
4 and 2, Suzan wins again and steps up and unbuckles my belt and removes it, then steps back.
5 and 3, Rosa wins. She leans over to Suzan and whispers something in her ear. Suzan nods to her and Rosa steps over and unbuttons my pants and slowly unzips them, then slides them down my body. My boxers revealed a bulge that wasn’t quite as obvious with my pants on. And then another roll.
2 and 1, it’s Suzan’s turn. I tried to imagine what her next move would be and began to get harder. She stepped up inches from my body, smiles at me and then leans down and takes my socks off. What a tease. They both chuckled as I smirked back at them.
Next roll 4 and 1, Rosa wins. She stood there and looked me over as I stood with only my boxers on bulging at the front and then walked over and slid them to the floor examine my quite hard cock very closely but never touching. I could see down her blouse slightly seeing a wealth of cleavage. She stepped back and both woman just stood watching me. There I stood totally naked with a rock hard cock in front of these two unbelievable women. I never thought that would happen to me.
Another roll 5 and 4, Suzan. She looks over my fully naked body examining my cock and then turns to Rosa and begins to unbutton her blouse. As the silk shirt slid off of her shoulders it revealed a black lace bra harboring to of the most amazing breasts in creation. Her hair fell softly on her exposed shoulders and her skin glistened in the soft light of the room.
A 6 and 3 were next and it was Suzan again. She may have had a lot of luck rolling dice that night, but I was clearly the lucky one. Suzan turned again to Rosa and proceeded to remove her skirt. Now Rosa stood there with only a black lace bra and matching panties. It almost took my breath away to see such an amazing specimen revealed in front of me. Everything in me longed to step to her and remove the rest, but I didn’t want to spoil the game.
Next was a 3 and a 1, Rosa got her chance. She then proceeded to unfastened her bra and reveal those amazing breasts I had been longing to see. After removing it she came over to me and lightly hang her bra over my cock and stepped away. As I stood there with the black lace evenly laid across my dick precum began to surface and both ladies began to smile.
Another roll 5 and 4, Suzan wins. She then walks over to me and leans over and licks the precum from the tip of my pulsating member almost taking me to my knees and then stepped back.
The next roll was 4 to 2 Rosa. She looks me right in the eyes allowing me to gaze into those deep brown eyes and then removes the blak lace panties. Just when I though I couldn’t get any harder, there she stood with her perfect dark skin revealed. The lines of her body from head to toe were like a true piece of art. As I stared at her flawless body and black bush, precum began to drip from my tip. Now I am standing there harder than I have ever been and Rosa has nothing on and Suzan is still fully dressed in her blouse and skirt.
The next roll revealed a 5 and a 2, Suzan. Now she was ready to get involved and take charge. She reaches up and slides her panties off and kicks them across the room and then waves Rosa on as she pushes me to the bed. After laying me out Suzan proceeds to straddle my face revealing her dripping wet pussy inside her skirt and lowers down to allow me to insert my tongue and instantly evoking a moan of great pleasure. Just when I started to get her going Rosa grabs my cock that is screaming for attention and begins to rub her plentiful breasts all over me. My moans began to echo that of Suzan’s as I continued to suck lick and fondle. Suddenly Rosa begins to deep throat me and then pulls away. “God, you are so big!”, she exclaimed and then went back down for more. Pulling on my balls, stroking my cock and sucking me like there was no tomorrow, Rosa indulged herself, while Suzan began to shout out. Then Rosa quickly lifts up and then lowers down on me engulfing me in her dripping wet pussy. I thought I was going to go right then, but wanted to hold off as long as I could. Rosa placed her hands on Suzan’s side and they began to rise and fall together. As Ross would lower down on me, Suzan would lower down on my face. All three of us began to moan in unison as I focused to last longer. Then I heard Suzan cry out again and I knew she was about to cum, and Rosa shouted out something in Spanish at the top of her lungs. I felt her pussy constrict around me and just then Suzan began to cum all over my face. It was more than I could bear and I blew my load. The room exploded with shouts of pleasure and cries of enjoyment. The bed rocked up and down like waves in the ocean as I felt Susan’s juices run down my cheeks. I held my breath as I filled up Rosa’s sloppy pussy with cum and heard her shouting for more. Suddenly the room grew still. Susan rolled over laying spent on the bed next to me while Rosa laid forward placing her head on my chest while still retaining me inside of her. After a moment of silence Rosa raised her head looking up at me and Susan with her flowing black hair strung across her face and smiled. As she lifted her body off of me she sat back between my legs as Susan and I lay there naked and Rosa continued to lightly caress my soaking wet cock. I reached over and lightly ran my fingers across Susan’s amazing breasts as she squirmed in calm pleasure. Rosa must have sat there between my legs for 30 minutes, just lightly touching my cock with her fingertips watching every inch along the way, while Susan and I fondled, touched and flirted calmly. I was lost in the moment, stunned by my present state. “Did that just happen?”, I thought. Then I realized that I was quite hard again, and so did my wife. She then looked at Rosa and said, “That’s mine.” Rose smiled and moved aside as Susan then scooted next to me and rolled me on my side toward her. She wrapped one leg around me and slid me inside her drenched pussy. I was instantly lost in the feeling of her body pressed against me as we kissed and she plunged me deeply inside of her. Totally lost in my wife I had almost forgotten about Rosa until I felt her pressing up against my back. Her amazing breasts and soft skin were pressed so close to me that it seemed no air could pass between us. I could feel her kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck, while Susan and I kissed deeply thrusting smoothly together. Rosa quickly found the rhythm and there I was the meat in a sandwich like no other. As our bodies flowed together I reached behind myself and began to finger Rosas moist warm pussy. Moans of pleasure filled the room again and the soft, smooth flow of three bodies turned into one intense motion of clinching squeezing and thrusting. Again, and again we moved as pleasure rose. I feared I would not last long enough to pleasure my wife again when she surprised me with what appeared to be a very intense orgasm. Just the sound of her shouting at the top of her lungs set Rosa and I into overdrive. I exploded into Susan and must have intensified my hand motions as Rosa began to orgasm in my hand. We thrusted, squeezed, and played our way through another intense group orgasm, but as Rosa and I began slow, I realized that Susan was still going strong. I continued to thrust and kiss Susan deeply and she kept coming. Minutes past before it began to subside and Susan flopped to her back totally satisfied. Thoroughly exhausted the three of us lay in complete silence in awe of our experience. It came in waves all through the night as pockets of sleep were interrupted by kissing, sucking blowing, and thrusting. Orgasm after orgasm filled the room until finally Susan’s stomach growled. I then realized that it was light outside. As I looked across the room I could see the sheets spread across the floor lightly covering skirts, shirts, bras and underwear. The couch cushions weren’t even close to the couch anymore and the pillowcases had long since left the pillows. As I tried to find the clock that had been knocked off of the night stand I could feel the bed wet with the juices of sex. Finally I found the clock underneath a pair of panties and saw the time. It was 1:06 PM. A game that had begun about 9:00 the night before had led to 16 hours of uninterrupted pleasure. I lost track of how many orgasms I had, but the cum on the bed, couch, floor, two sets of breasts and two very wet pussies was enough for me to know I had reached a new sexual high and it was going to be hard for Susan to top that. As we sat on the edge of the bed and began to sort through the clothes, there was a knock at the door and we heard a woman’s voice say “Housekeeping”. Susan began to speak up to tell them not to enter, but Rosa quickly shushed her with a smile. She quickly slipped down to the floor and scooted between my legs briskly placing me cock in her mouth as the door opened. There stood a six foot tall model-like figure with legs going on for miles. She too had one of those cute little maid outfits that had been altered to perfectly hug every curve of an astonishing body. Her breasts looked as if they were trying to escape through the incredibly low cut top and her black hair and dark brown eyes glistened in the sunlight coming through the door. It was like a page out of playboy. She froze, stunned at the sight of three naked bodies and my cock being sucked right in front of her. I think Susan and I had the same stunned look on our faces as the day before. Rosa slowly slid my cock out of her mouth and held it up in her hand like it was on display and said, “I would like for you to meet my friend Tina”. Tina stood there like a sculpture in a fine museum staring right at my cock which amazingly enough was growing hard again, then she stepped into the room, closed the door and smiled. Lunch would have to wait and so would dinner, but that is another story.


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2007-09-05 16:40:06
Story sounds like it was written by a homosexual.


2007-09-03 23:23:17
i wish i had a wife like that


2006-04-21 16:28:33
I'd like to do that with my wife, but with a male room service waiter, both of us fucking her all night long.


2005-10-10 00:41:01
Learn to write and then come back 1/10

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