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A story of a family that endorses sexual freedom. Nothing wild or far out
This story is intended for adults only. It depicts sex between girls not yet of age. If this offends your sensibilities, I’m sorry, as that was not my intent. The author does not condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in the story, some of which may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. Indeed, the author utterly condoms any form of actual abuse, physical, sexual or psychological or emotional, to any person of any age. Names are from the authors imagination, and any resemblance to actual events, or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental,

The author holds exclusive rights to this work.

Hi I’m Kara, I’m 18 years and four months old, and I live with my Mom and Dad. As 18-year-olds go, I’m happy enough, I’m cute, I mean, If I don’t say it, who will? I weigh about 92 pounds, and I’m a senior at Sacred Heart Academy. I play soccer, eat and study, in that order. We live some ten miles from town, so I usually ride the school bus to school. I like it out here in the country, lots of trees. No, we don’t live on a farm, that would mean getting up at 4 a.m. to milk the cows and muck out the stalls--Not for me Thank you.

We may as well get this over with now. I am cursed! Why? Because I have a brother, Sam, and what makes it a curse, is that he is older, wiser, stronger and even more of an ass than I am. Truth be told, I do love him, particularly when he’s at swim practice, baseball practice or basketball practice. No really, we just like to out-do each other in put-downs.

I walk out to the kitchen, where Mom is still putting the dishes in the washer “Morning Mom.” I tell her. She looks at me. “You have that funny look, I hope you’re not smoking pot again.” “No, Sam was teaching me how to kiss.” “You know Mom, that guy is a true expert, if he wasn’t so ugly, I could go for him!” “Well, how long did this class last?” she asks. “Oh, maybe half hour, forty-five minutes, I don’t know.” She give me a hug. “you’re growing up Kiddo.” She smiles. “Did he make your panties wet?” I grin sheepishly, “Yeah, but that was because he kept poking me, with his you know what.”

Actually, I’m an outdoor person, I like to hunt and shoot, or just go traipsing around the in the woods behind our house, lots of deer back there, if you’re quiet. Lot’s of ticks too. It’s quiet out here, just the squirrels, the birds and those noisy frogs over at the pond. A great place to unwind, get over a temper tantrum or feelin sorry for yourself, whatever. We’re not hermits, We do have some neighbors near us. OK, it’s maybe a half mile down the road on both sides. But fortunately for me, I am not really a people person, you know? I have my friends, but frankly, I enjoy being by myself, or just around Mom and Dad and what’s-his-name.

Brian and Catlin, are my parents, my Dad and Mom, are the best parents I could possibly have. And really, my most dependable friends. I sort of have a boyfriend, but it not very serious, I’m sorta not allowed to have a boyfriend. We’re at that stage where he wants to get into my pants, you know? “No way guy!“ Sometimes Clive can be a real jerk.

My Mom is a stay at home girl, and I think we bonded last year, or maybe eight years ago, I forget. She is the cleverest person I know. She has this wicked smile, like she knows that I masturbate--but golly, don’t all kids do that? And how does she know any anyway? It’s not like I do it every night--maybe every other night. Mom and me are tight, we have no secrets!

Dad’s a hand surgeon at Coventry County Hospital, and he’s cool, I think he’s one friend I can always trust, depend on, you know what I mean? Daddy is, well, I think it’s that he’s not judgmental, always has my back. He trust me, treats me like I’m 19 years old, like an adult. Although He won’t let me have a car of my own, even though I can probably drive and parallel park better than he can! Because Dad is a specialist, he has more free time than most MD’s, so we get to spend much more time together. Dad has a medical office here at our house, but I think now that’s just for emergencies, more that anything, as he seldom uses it.

My life, my sport is soccer, I love soccer. It’s a sport where no one is passed over because they aren’t cute or popular! We even have a heavy-set girl, Janet, who can kick that ball 60 fucking yards! Excuse my language, but you should see her do it. I play forward--that means we’re the one’s that get to make most of the goals, and it give’s me a chance to be really mean, and I get away with it! It’s fun to just to fly, run as fast as you possibly can, till your chest hurts, you know? I really need an outlet for all that energy, sometimes, otherwise I’d just scream--sometimes I do anyway. It confuses the other team, and scares the bejabbers out of the rival player, who’s supposed to be guarding me.

Tell you a secret, We all, well, most of us take a shower, after a game. Our school shower is one of those goofy ones that the spray heads are on a big center post, in the center of the shower room, and we all just gather around in a circle. Well, there we are, naked, bumping into each other, and of course there’s lots of giggling, fun and dirty jokes, but know what? I kinda get excited, seeing my team mates naked. I mean, sexually, I feel like masturbating while I watch them naked. God, I hope I’m not a lesbo.

Clive, he’s my boyfriend, we have sorta a rocky relationship. He like’s me, I hate him! But he’s cute--real cute. So I have, on occasions, let him feel my breasts, under my sweater but not under my bra, thank you! Do you think he’s happy with that? No way, he just keeps whining, “Aw come on Kara, take it off, Please?“ Which totally turns me off. I was a fool to ever let him grope me the first time! And now about everyone at school knows how far I let boys go. Give me a break!

Now I know you’re wondering, No, I’ve never been fucked! Gee, I’m only eight teen, for god’s sake! Dad hates it when I use the F word, tells me to find another word or just pantomime, but you can’t pantomime on the phone! That’s way too much effort for the F word, even if I knew how. And I usually only use it on the phone! God, it’s, it’s just a word, isn’t it? I’m not up tight, actually I’m probably better adjusted than lots of my friends.

You know I think part of the reason I don’t have hang-ups, like sex, drinking, smoking, drugs swearing, stealing and men, is because in our family we see each other naked pretty often, especially in the hot months, it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable to just go bare minimum, you know, just a cut-off T, no bra, or even a shirt, feels great in the summertime. I think it gives you a lot of self esteem, like you are really somebody. I don’t flaunt it, in fact very few of my friends know I’m a half-ass nudist, but Heck, I enjoy it!

We have a heated pool, so you don’t have a heart attack when you dive in, like you would in cold water! Since we’re in sorta a secluded location, as long as we don’t have company, we just go bare ass. Only excitement I have in the pool, is when Sam and I wrestle for the ball, or something, and all that body contact give Sam a hard on! We all swim pretty much every day. It’s a great way to stay in shape! We even have a guy that comes around once a week, takes care of the pool, does a great job. He does it in the morning, while I’m snoozing in my comfortable bed.

The four of us have a neat relationship, Somehow, it seems that since we see each other naked so often, we have few secrets--we know each other better! I suppose we’re more like a really special family, cause in our house we don’t have a lot of rules, other than to be clean and don‘t pick on Kara. My Mom, she is, well, I’d have to say that she is one happy person, and gets off with our family, she has so much fun!

I guess that’s mighty important to her. She has a killer body, sort of a MILF--“Mom I’d Like to Fuck!” Sam is always telling her all the guys say that’s what she is, MILF. I like that, I think it’s cute. She just grins and smacks him on the arm. I think she really considers it a compliment! She swims laps every day, More than I do. Don’t know how, but she can outlast me! Sorta scary, isn‘t it? Her breasts are on the small side, sorta of like mine, I’m just a 34-B. B for Barely.

This evening Dad’s in a great mood, so I screw up the courage him, asked if he thought my breasts are too small? Anyway, Dad thought and thought, then asks me, “What do you think, kiddo?” Then he asks, “How old are you any way?” “Well duh, Dad, what for did I ask?” He laughs, and tells me, “I recommend you let me massage your breasts for about 20 or 30 minutes, twice a day.” Thanks a lot Dad! Mom tries to hide that laughing sound coming from her direction. I only ask personal question like that when Sam’s not here, otherwise he gets all excited.

“OK, Sweetheart” says my Dad, “I’m not exactly an expert on teen-age breasts, but let’s see.“ “Stand up Hon, and take off your T-shirt, will you?” He keeps a straight face as he asks, “Are any of your friends--boys complaining?” “Any girls complain?” I give him a stern look, but he continues as though he’s enjoying this!

I strip my T off and Daddy looks at my breasts. Naturally Mom comes over to join in--everybody’s invited, of course. My Mom can be depended to stick up for me, after all, I am her favorite! Naturally, Mom says the required “Darling, You have really nice, sexy breasts.” Dad sits down, and has me stand in front of him, up close of course.

“Sweetheart, I’m a doctor, and as your family physical, I can assure you, that for a girl your age, your state of development, and your breasts are perfectly normal.” “Remember, It’s a lot like height, some kids grow faster, and in the same way, some girls start breast development at different ages, but that is all normal, OK?” “OK Dad, thanks for sermon, but I think my breast sorta started developing, then sorta ran out of gas!“ “Maybe I just need reassuring, from Daddy, you know?“ “I know Kara, went thru that myself!” We laugh and hugged and then I put my T back on. In case I didn’t tell you, we’re from a long line of Huggers! “Don’t you guys forget, tomorrow is Saturday, you have to take me to soccer practice in the morning.”

Most of the girls I know go in their bedroom and lock the door when they masturbate. Don’t have the foggiest idea why that’s necessary! At least you can pry pry that information out of girls, they admit it. At least most of us girls admit it, but just try and get a guy to admit he masturbates eight days a week, and he‘ll back away from you, like you’re a vampire or something. Like it’s a mortal sin, or a felony for God’s sake! Once, I asked one of the nun’s at school if masturbation was a mortal sin, but the good nun just told me to see her after class! No thank you, heard that lecture already.

I don’t know, at our house, yeah, we go into our bedroom to masturbate, I guess, least I do, but we never bother to shut the door, like Dad says, doing it is just normal sexual behavior. “What about Sam“, I ask, “He does it every morning in the shower?“ At that, of course Sam sneers, “How do you know, Twerp, been watching me?“ “Now kiddies” Dad intones, “That’s OK if it makes him happy, isn’t it?” “Do it myself, once in a great while.” Mom bursts out laughing.

When I first discovered sex, I think I was about seven years old, and seeing Dad with an erection sort of scared the crap outa me, Anyway, I thought Daddy had some horrible disease. Mom and Dad took me in on the bed with them, and Mommy and I played with his hard penis, to tell the truth, I think I prefer his penis hard and stiff, instead of soft and floppy. I sometimes go in their bedroom early in the morning, cause I know Dad will be laying there sound asleep, with a beautiful erection. Dad has a nice penis, he’s cut. But when it’s hard, it sort of curves up, like it’s trying to point at his nose. It’s huge, believe me! Least compared to Sam. Maybe his big erection scared my breasts, so they stopped growing? About every morning, I stick my head in Sam’s room, just to check. He’s cut, just like Dad is, And yeah, he’s usually laying there asleep, all sprawled out, his dick sticking straight up!

Dad explained that when a guy wakes up with a full bladder, it presses on his prostate blah blah blah. Personally I think he’s having a really sexy dream! But he denies that. “It’s just normal, Kara Darling” Which is his favorite expression. I’m really sort of pleased When he calls me darling. I guess maybe because Dad’s a doctor, I get so much advice, like “Wash yourself in the shower, don’t just stand there!, and “Don’t talk with your mouth full Hon.“ You know, it’s sort of a family joke, but most girls my age have nipples, except maybe Julie Hecathorn, who is still . Her breasts are still little cones, with itty-bitty nipples, like a ten-year old!

My Mom has pink nipples instead of real dark nipples--she’s says that because Daddy loves them so much. My nipples nipples are lots bigger than hers, but only cause my nipples are big and puffy. Mom says Aunt Jean had puffy nipples, and I probably inherited that trait from her. But then we’ve always referred to her as Crazy old Aunt Jean! God, I hope people never call me Crazy old Aunt Kara! Truly, I think I have nice breasts, shaped sorta like if you slice an apple in half, that would be my breast, you know? Well, maybe a sorta small apple.

I forgot what I was talking about. Oh yeah, I think seeing Mom and Daddy naked a lot allows me to sorta be happy with myself--my body I mean. I see a lot naked people at School, girls anyway, in the locker room or in the showers. Big boobs, tiny boobs, but only one or two other girls with puffy nipples! I suppose my breasts are fine just the way they are, maybe a little on the light weight side. But for one thing, I hardly ever have to wear a bra, except to school. When I was a freshman, Sister Clara took me aside, and said “Kara, We ‘always wear bras’ at Sacred Heart.“ Well that’s ok, I think, as she drones on and on, as long as I can streak around the house naked. I wonder if nun’s masturbate? I wonder if the Father McClain ever fucks them? All of them?

I talked to my Mom one night, After Dad had already gone to bed. It was summertime, and we were both out in the hot tub, and as usual, we were bare ass. It’s on the sundeck, so we don’t have to worry about sunburn, and in the evening, it‘s super nice. Anyhow, I told Mom I wanted to talk to her about sex for a minute, you know, fucking. Mom asked me how I felt about it? Well Duh, Mom, it’s on my mind sort of all the time.” I told her it‘s like pubic hair, the more you get the sexier your thoughts become. Mom smiles, and looks at me, she asks, ”Kara, do you feel like you are ready to have sexual intercourse?” I thought about it a minute, and told her “At school, Mom, I think a lot about intercourse, and my thanks is usually wet panties. Mom laughs at that “I suppose it‘s a good thing then, that they make you wear undies at school, isn’t it?”

“Actually Mom” I told her, “I feel I’m mature enough, that I am ready to have sexual intercourse.“ “I sorta want to experience it, yet I don’t want to get that involved, you know what I mean?“ “I know perfectly well, Kara, I’ve been here done that.“ I laughed, and she joined in. Then she asks, “Do you have anyone special in mind Honey?” “Like maybe Clive?” “It seems you said he is interested in you.” “No“, I replied, “Clive is a total jerk-off, he’s only is interested in me if I‘m bare ass naked!” “That guy doesn’t know if a girl’s vagina is in front or back!” “Oh my” coos Mom. “Kara, you will have to watch your language, there’s an adult present, and you know how she blushes.”

“Mom, I want a man, someone experienced, not some bungling amateur.“ My virginity is a one shot deal, you know, and I would hate to waste it on some fool boy!” “All the eligible boys I know, are way too juvenile.” They are all too frigging immature, really, for me to even consider.” “I want a more experienced man, maybe like one who won a gold medal in fucking, at the Olympics!” Mom laughs, “Honey your Daddy is already taken, Sorry!”

“Honey, what in particular are you looking for in a boy, or man?” “Well, I want a man, one who knows his way around a girl’s body, like how to give me one orgasm after another, maybe ten times!“ “Just bang-bang-bang!” By now, Mom’s nipples are hard, and helpfully, I point that out to her. She punches me, and says, “I think we should get your Daddy out here to keep this conversation nice and clean!“ I hit her on the arm. Thinking about that. Then we hug. “You know Mom, that’s not a bad idea!”

Mom puts her hand on my arm, and tells me, “I think you’re right, Kara, you are growing up, and those things will only become a lot more important to you, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, so just enjoy it.“ It’s your life.“ “Tell you what, Honey, tomorrow let’s ask your Daddy if we can get you scheduled for a pelvic exam, and just may we should think about putting you on the pill.“ “ She gives me that wicked smile. “Regulate your periods!”

The next morning, Mom says, “Brian, Kara and I were talking last night, and we both feel that maybe it time we scheduled her for a pelvic, and get her started on birth control pills.“ Daddy looks at me and says, “How old are you now kiddo.“ “Dad, I’m fourteen, don’t you remember, I didn’t get a car for my birthday.” “Someday, Kara, you’ll be serious and it will scare the crap out of me!“ “Language, Daddy” I reminded him.

The next day was Sunday, and the clinic would not be busy, so after breakfast, Dad and I drove down to the hospital. “Nervous?” he asks me. “I‘m little scared, to tell the truth, I remember I had an exam when I was younger, cause I had started my periods, but I was a young girl then, and it didn’t matter.” “Now it’s sort different, you know what I mean?“ I guess he notices my hesitation, because he asks me, “Sweetheart, do you want me to do the exam, or would you rather one of the interns do?” Without hesitation, I give him a hug, “You do it, Daddy.”

“Shit!“ says Daddy suddenly, “we forgot to bring Sam along” I hit him on the arm--hard. It took us about a half hour to drive down to his office. We walk over to GYN, and look for an empty exam room. Dad asks Patty, one of the nurses, “Good Morning Pat, my daughter here want to get a pelvic, could you assist?” “Of course Brian, 3 is empty.” She smiles at me. “I’m just here to help out, Kara, and even hold your hand if you want me to.“ I know Patty pretty well, she’s a neat girl.

The two of us talk a bit. “I understand you’re going to get started on birth control.“ “Does that mean you have a special boy, already picked out, and you’re going to take that big jump right into his bed?“ I shook my head and laughed. “Golly I hope not, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that just yet.“ She asked if I wanted a gown, I shook my head no. “Why bother,” I laughed, “I may as well not be wearing it, right?“ and we laugh again, as she says, “You have a good point there, Kara. I undressed and hopped up on the high exam table. Patty took my blood pressure, and stuff like that.

A few minutes later, Dad came in. “Are you decent?” he calls out. “Just the way you like me Daddy!“ I answer. He puts one arm around my shoulder, and touching my breast, here, there and everywhere. As he feels for lumps, he asks, “Have you been doing your regular breast exams, Honey”? “No lumps or sore spots, no discharge from the nipples?” “Nope” I say proudly, “I’m a nice girl, Daddy.” Patty giggles.

He feels both my breasts very carefully, including my nipples, proclaims, “No problems here!” “Let’s lay back, Honey” he says, and I stretch out. He presses on my tummy, couple of places, and then listens to my heart. He always presses that stethoscope thingy on my skin so gently! He looks over at Pat, “She feels sorta dumpy Pat, what should we do with her?“ “I think she needs a circumcision Doctor!“ Pat replies with a straight face. Not to be out-done, I quip “How?” “As you can easily see, you already cut off my dick off, long time ago!“ That gets a laugh all around.

“Patty, why don’t you help Kara into the stirrups.” Since I had a pelvic exam once before, I know all about that. It wasn’t 60 seconds, before my legs were high in the air, and wide apart. “I’d lots rather be out there playing soccer,” I mumble. Daddy looks up from the chart. “Just remember, Hon, it could be lot worse.” “How? I say in my little voice, sorta afraid of a surprise. “Well, we could have a class of young interns, in here to observe your exam.” “Hey, I think I’d like that!” “Would they each have to wear a rubber…….glove?” I ask. Pat shakes her head. “You’re terrible, Kara.”


Next, Kara gets a practical education in sexuality.

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2014-09-19 03:22:14
Family sex

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2013-11-20 12:42:07
This is really good! Can't wait for the next chapter!


2013-10-29 17:41:13
This had so much potential, but didn't really lift off. Maybe in the next one.

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Example of how your story should be formatted

“Actually Mom” I told her, “I feel I’m mature enough, that I am ready to have sexual intercourse. I sorta want to experience it, yet I don’t want to get that involved, you know what I mean?“

“I know perfectly well, Kara, I’ve been there done that.“ I laughed, and she joined in.

Then she asks, “Do you have anyone special in mind Honey? Like maybe Clive? It seems you said he is interested in you.”

“No“, I replied, “Clive is a total jerk-off, he’s only is interested in me if I‘m bare ass naked! That guy doesn’t know if a girl’s vagina is in front or back!”

“Oh my” coos Mom. “Kara, you will have to watch your language, there’s an adult present, and you know how she blushes.”

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Actually, I thought this story was very well presented. I could almost see a young lady standing in front of a big flat screen like on a TV newscast, describing what we were seeing in the background. The humor was pleasantly placed thru out the narrative. Except for the format layout, and minor errors in spelling, I thought it was an excellent beginning to what could be a very interesting story.

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