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Not really accidental this time, and it's not cheating when your wife is involved.
Thanks for all the positive comments from part I and II. Please remember these are true stories as they happened and the only thing not exact is what was said by people. In those instances I wrote as close as I remembered. Hopefully you like this part and i truly hope that I have another part to write about whenever it happens.

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It's been a long while since I hooked up with Kat, but as you will read, it hasn't been as long for my wife...

I normally finish work shortly before my son finishes school so i usually head right from work to pick him up, usually taking about 40 minutes to drive from work to the school then home. One day last week though my son had stayed home sick, so i decided to leave work half hour early and surprise my wife. Little did I know I'd be the surprisd one..
I walked in the side door of my house, kicked off my wofk boots and headd upstairs to change. About 5 steps from my bedroom door I hear "oh god yes, don't stop! Right there! God I'm gonna cum soon!"
I slowed my steps and carefully peeked into the room and saw my wife leaning back on our platform bed, with Kat kneeling on the edge of the bed completely naked with her tongue buried in my wife's pussy. I smiled and watched for a bit as my wife got closer and closer to climax and then stepped into the room. My wife saw me and smiled, but between my wife's moaning and the fact that she had legs around her head, Kat never heard me.
I walked further into the room and took off my clothes. I was almost hard already and a few quick strokes later I brought myself to full mast. My wife smiled even wider and nodded her head towards Kat's ass. I quickly took the hin and knelt down behind Kat. I saw that she had 2 fingers flying over her own clit and her pussy was practically dripping wet. This gave me the opportunity to line my rock hard cock up and thrust it fully into Kat's tight cunt. As I did my wife grabbed Kat's head with both hands and started screaming as she flooded Kat's mouth with cum. Kat jumped as I entered her but with me holding her hips and my wife holding her head all she could do was take it.
I pounded into her harder and harder as my wife came the longest hardest cum I have seen her do since the last time we shared Kat's body. I could feel Kat's fingers flying across the nub of her clit as my cock impaled her over and over. Kat must have been very near climax as she only held on through my thrusting for about 1 minute before I felt her pussy tighten up and lock around my cock. She started to scream into my wife Jessica's pussy as I continued pushing into her vibrating slit stret hing out her orgasm longer and longer. Eventually though she colapsed on the bed and begged me to stop while pushingg her hands against my hips. I stopped fucking her and pulled out as she said "I cant't take it anymore... I'm sorry but it's too much.."
We got dressed with me struggling to fit my hard cock into my pants as Kat continued to appologize. "I promise to make it up to you, as soon as I can." She said
"You can make it up to me on the way to the school" I said "I'll drive your car and you can blow me while I do. There's no way in Hell I'm letting you eat my wife out and get me this hard and not finish me off..."
Kat looked at my wife and my wife just smirked and said "you got yourself into it..."
So we climbed into the car and I adjusted myself leaning back a bit giving Kat easier access to my crotch. As we started driving Kat leaned over the seats and pulled my cock out of my pants. She started off with her hand, sliding it up and down my shaft, quickly getting me hard again. She then leaned over into my lap and took my cock into her mouth as she ran her tongue around the head while continuing to slide her fist up and down my pole. This blowjob was mediocre at best and did nothing to get me off but I let her try all the way to the parking lot of the school. When we parked she tucked me away and apologized again for leaving me unfinished. I told her she still owed me as we got out of the car.
Either we had left alot earlier than we thought or I drove alot quicker than normal but we ended up having about 10-15 minutes before the bell rang for the kids to get out of class.
We entered the empty gym where all the parents are supposed to wait for their kids. I pushed the door closed behind me and pushed Kat up against ghe wall as I started kissing her neck and groping her large tits. She tried feebly to stop me but quickly got into it and started kissing me back as she fondled my cock through my pants. I whispered in her ear "you can make it up now.." as I pushed her head down forcing her to kneel in front of me. She was visibly nervous but didn't say no as she undid my zipper and pulled my cock out of my pants again. She quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and pulled me deep into the back of her throat lubing up my cock. She wrapped her fist around my shaft and started jacking me off as her tongue swirled around the head of my dick. I grabbed her hair and thrusted in and out of her mouth relentlessly until I felt myself getting close to cumming. I said "I'm gonna cum and you are going to take in on your face and glasses." Kat tried to shake her head no as she would have no way of cleaning herself but I continued pumping in and out of her mouth. Just as I started cumming I pulled out of her mouth and aimed at her glasses. She lifted her head trying to catch it in her mouth and managed to catch my first 2 jizz shots on her tongue but the 3rd and 4th hit her on her forhead down to her cheek and from her glasses up into the front of her hair. I grunted out a little more cum as I pulled her mouth back onto my cock to clean me up. As she was sliding her tongue aroilund cleaning me up I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and looked over to see 2 women, tha had arrived to pick up their kids, standing just inside the gym doors.
I pulled my cock out of Kat's mouth and she started wiping my cum off of her face. I smiled at the 2 mothers, 1 of which was an older woman in her late 50s which I knew was a nanny of twins, and the other was a smaller blonde woman, about 5'2", with b-cup tits and a nice tight body who I knew was a mother of a young girl in my son's class.
I tucked my cock away while smiling at the 2 women, when Kat noticed themstanding there. She immediately grew bright red from embarrassment, jumped up and pushed past the women and ran out of the school.
I walked over to the 2 women and leaned in close to the older one and whispered "you didn't see anything here did you?" as I squeezed into the soft spot of her right shoulder. "No. No I didn't see anything I swear" she whispered back and I said "good to hear".
I let go of her shoulder and she immediately left the gym. I leaned in close to the younger blonde and asked "did you like what you saw?" as i rubbed the front of her jeans. She smiled and said "oh god yes."
I smiled and said "good".
I pushed the gym doors open just as the bell rang. I watched as Kat's kids left their class and as they knew me from being good friends with my son they walked out of the school with me to find Kat. When we got out front we saw Kat talking to her husband. I walked the kids over and Kat quickly introduced me as "Jessica's husband". We shook hands and I found out that when he couldn't get ahold of Kat (because she was too busy eating out my wife..) he decided to pick up the kids in case she couldn't. When he asked where my son was I said "I just found out when I got here that he stayed home sick.. Best part is I had my lift drop me off here to meet my wife and son, only to find they are both at home.. Now I get to walk." Tom laughed and said "well Kat seems to visit your wife almost every day so she knows where you live. If she's ok with it, I can take the kids home and she can drive you home." We both looked at Kat and she quietly said "I guess that's ok.." I shook the hand of the man who's wife I was fucking once more and followed kat to her car. As soon as we were on the road i reached over and slid my hand up Kat's dress. As I got closer to her cunt she closed her legs stopping me. I leaned in and kissed her neck and said "let me thank you properly.." she said "I have to see those ladies every day.. How am I supposed to do that?"
"Don't worry, I spoke with them and they won't say anything.. Now open your legs." I pushed my hand up her and she tried to clamp down harder but could only manage so much while driving. As soon as my fingers touched her wet slit though, her legs popped open like magic. I zlid first 1 then a 2nd finger inside her as I attacked her clit with my thumb. She started vibating in her seat but managed to hold out for almost 7 minutes until we reached my driveway. As soon as she threw it in park though, she lay her seat right back and spread her legs wide. I fingered in and out of her hard with my right hand as i rubbed her clit with my quickly with my left. She lasted only 30 se onds more before bucking up and down in her seat and screeaming out. I smiled as I watched her hands pinching her nipples and her head thown back, eyes rolling up in her head. Kat has, by far, the best orgasm face I have ever seen. As she is coming down from her orgasm high I notice my wife standing at the driver's window watching. I hit the window button and rolled it down and Jessica leaned in, stuck 2 cold fingers up inside Kat's cunt and giggled when she jumped. My wife fingered out 2-3 times then pulled her fingers out and licked them clean. Jessica looked at me and said "cmon in and make me cum that hard too. My mother is only watching the kids for another hour." I kissed Kat hard and got out of the car and followed my wife inside as Kat went home to her completely oblivious husband.

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