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Mom’s property 2

This is another installment to understand the events you should read Cumming at the poker game and Moms property. Your comments please.

Joann sat Sunday waiting for her husband to get up, he had gotten in late and she was letting him sleep. That and the fact she needed to talk to Juan about this property thing. Her son Jim had stayed in bed too so she was totally alone in the kitchen. She called Juan’s number, he answered on the second ring. “Hi babes how are you?”
“Well there are certain parts of me that are sore, but they feel really great but we need to talk.” There was silence for a few tense seconds before he responded. “Can we talk this afternoon say about 4?”
“I’ll try to get away, where do you want to meet me?”
“Let’s meet at the donut shop on archer at 4.”
“Unless I have a problem I’ll be their.”

At 3:45 she told her husband she was going out to get dessert for dinner and would be back in half an hour. She pulled in to the donut shop and saw Juan standing by the front door. She drove up and he got in. Once in the car he fondled her tit and gave her pussy a gentle rub. “Ok momma what’s the problem or did you just need to see my cock?” She gave him a sexy smile, “look honey Jim explained what you want and I think its sweet but.” Juan cut her off “now look Joann, I want you to be my property, I plan on stretching your pussy and ass to accommodate my and Chris cocks. I thought Jim explained. She gulped “look honey I.” again she was cut off. “Joann I have the video of you Chris and I Saturday night, I don’t think you really want your husband or anyone else for that matter to see it do you?” Her response was instant, “god no that is for you and Chris only.”
“Good then we understand each other, don’t we?”
“I think so.”

“Ok I’ll explain, next week I’m taking you for a pussy tattoo. Right above your clit it will say Property of Juan. When your husband goes out of town both Chris and I will sleep with you in your bedroom. You will get doubled quite often and be sucking a lot of cock. There are going to be a few parties over the next few week, if you husband is out of town you will be their with me and the two other moms got it.” She nodded her acceptance “do I know the other moms?” Juan laughed “you sure do Ginger and Gail.” Her head was swimming with this info, “they have tattoos?”
“In the beginning they were hesitant like you but after a few weeks of steady fucking they got comfortable with it. Just so you know Ginger tits are as big as your, she belongs to your sons. Bill owns Gail her tits are bigger then both of you.” She laughed “well thanks for sharing that info.”
“No problem just an FYI we think Ginger is knocked up, were all waiting to find out.” All she could do was sit there with her mouth open. “If she is Jim says he wants her to have it.” All Joann could do was sit there with her mouth open. “Joann please drop me off at Chris’s house, you do know where he lives, right?” After stopping to buy donuts she dropped Juan off and headed home.

Her husband was home Monday, but spent most of the day on the phone. Monday night at dinner he announced he had to go to Montreal for the rest of the month. He’d be gone almost three weeks. After dinner he was in the den watching TV. Joann walked by and casually told him she was going to check on Jim to see if his homework was finished and take a quick show. He just waved ok.

She knocked on Jim’s door and walked in, he was sitting watching the Saturday night party. “Well I guess I have no options concerning Juan do I?” He shut the computer off and turned to her, “I would say no, he really wants you.” She sighed, “I’m very uncomfortable with the tattoo thing, the sex is incredible but.” Jim cut her off, “well if its any consolation when I got Ginger tattooed she was uncomfortable with it for a few weeks but after three solid weeks of getting fucked every day she got accustomed to it.” “She actually very comfortable about having it now she told me being someone property and having sex daily is worth it.”
“Is Ginger’s last name Blue”?
“Yes mom its Bills mom”. She paused “what about Gail?”
“She’s Juan’s mom.” Joann realized she knew both of these women and pretty well. “What’s the deal with a party Juan mentioned?”
“Quite simple actually we find a mom we want to fuck recruit the son and within a few weeks she has a tattoo.” “The bonus is we get to fuck all of you as long as we get permission from your owners.”

Joann heard her husband calling; she opened the door and yelled “I’ll be down ion a few minutes.” Jim gave her a big smile “after your shower stop back in I could use a blow job before I go to sleep.”
“Ok give me a few minutes I’ll be back.”

Twenty minutes later she walked into the den she sat in a chair next to her husband. Her tongue and throat were covered with her son’s cum. She curled up in the chair.

Wednesday morning her husband left for Montreal, Juan called he told her to pick him up at school at 11:30. Today was the day she was getting her tat. As Juan sat in the front seat he smiled at her and gave her direction to the tattoo parlor. They made small talk until she parked in front of the place. “Juan baby is there any way I don’t have to get this?” He looked at her; he had a look of exasperation. “Sure we can skip the whole thing, drop me off at my house so I can get your video on the internet before school ends.”
“I was just kidding I can’t wait to be your property.”

They entered the tattoo parlor and a large bearded man cam out, “hi Juan is this yours?”
“She sure is I want her marked to prove it.”
“Are we doing the usual deal?”
“Yes she will give you a blow job first, an ass fucking when you’re done.” Joann looked at Juan in amazement. “Joann lets go in the back.” Once in the back Juan unbuttoned her blouse he unhooked her bra, as he moved her bra away her tits plopped out. The man who name was Gus leered at her, “nice rack baby.”
“Thanks I’m glad you like them.” By that time Juan had slipped her sweat pants off so she was standing topless in a red thong. Juan sat in a chair Joann was pushed to her knees, Gus took his cock out and she wrapped her lips around it. Gus had other ideas and started to face fuck her, his cock went down her throat. She was coughing and drooling her eyes were watering but she kept her mouth open as he throat fucked her for several minutes. The suddenly he held her head tight and unloaded a large load of cum directly down her throat. She gagged but managed to swallow every drop. He took his cock out of her mouth, “thanks babe now loose the thong get up on the table spread your legs and we’ll get started.”

About forty five minutes she had two Chinese symbols tattooed on her pubic bone, they were half the size of a business card. He looked at her “do you like it?” He handed her a mirror she saw the symbols and realized on top of them very faintly was JUAN. “What are they?” Gus smiled “They are the symbols for property of; Juan’s name is in top.”
“You may be a little tender for a couple of days but by Saturday you won’t even know it’s their.” She got off the table and realized Gus was lubing his cock. Gus turned her around and bent her over the table. She felt his fingers probing in ass. One, then two fingers, he was gentle but then she felt the head of his cock, he sunk his cock in deep. Joann rocked back and forth his cock felt really good she really wanted him to cum so she worked her ass to help him enjoy himself and cum. It took five or six minutes but she was finally rewarded with a load deep in her bowls.

Dressed and in the car she looked at Juan, “I guess I’d better get accustomed to pooing white right?”
“Well you do have a great ass frankly were going to double you this afternoon so yeah get use to it.” She wiggled her tits for him.
It was four in the afternoon when her cell rang it was Jim, “hi mom did you get your tat?”
“I sure did it doesn’t hurt even a little bit, Juan and Chris will be here in about a half hour so if you come in and here me moaning don’t worry.”
“Ok I was curious I’m with Ginger and Bill we thought we’d come home and just hang out for a while.” Joann thought about it, she knew Ginger slightly so, “sure what the hell bring her.” “Honey try not to get here until 6 this way I’ve a good time.” Jim laughed “mom Ginger is oozing already, were going to deposit another load or two in her then we’ll come over.” Joann said by just as Juan buzzed in.

Juan and Chris knocked on the door ten minutes later, “wow you guys made great time.” Juan smiled at her just thinking about my pussy was making me horny as hell, we ran the last three blocks”. Ten minutes later they were in bed Juan’s cock was buried deep in her pussy while Chris was balls deep in her ass. They had put on the clit stimulator so she was orgasming almost constantly, she felt them go deep, she dug her nails in Juan’s shoulders as all three of the came together. Her pussy poured out juice as cum filled her. This was the most fantastic orgasm she ever had. They were still lying in bed when she heard the door and Jim yelling. Chris got up headed for the door butt naked and was gone. Juan got up looked at Joann, “put your panties on, if you want a robe that’s fine but let’s get going.”

Joann walked in the kitchen there was Ginger sitting in a robe and panties. Both women glanced at each other then they both got big smiles on their faces. Ginger spoke, “I understand you’ve got a new tat girl.”
“Yes I do, I think it’s very much like yours only I have a different name.” They both giggled, “I’m oozing cum are you?”
“God yes, just two minutes ago I had two cocks shooting big loads of cum in me.” “Good think cum isn’t fattening right?” They both laughed. Jim spoke “let’s go to the garage, roll a joint and discuss Mrs. Waters.”

They all sat at the card table while Jim laid out a plan. It was simple Cathy Waters was a hot blonde, her stepson Lou was fourteen, he had been befriended buy the guys. Ginger sat looking at Jim “are you telling me the kids you had me blow the other night was Lou?” He nodded “it’s our way of getting him to bring her to our group.” Joann looked at Juan “why do you want more women?”
“That’s a good question, we want to have enough women so we can alternate fucking each others property without interruptions like husbands being home.” The answer made sense to Joann but she had already taken four hits from a pot stick she was mellowing out. Jim spoke to Chris, “I’m going to call Lou and see if I can get him to bring her over here Saturday night, everybody good with that?” The plan was set in motion.
Saturday at 6pm Ginger, Gail and Joann were in Joann’s bedroom adjusting their outfits. Joann looked at Ginger, “ok now where suppose to get a couple of drinks in her then send her out to the card game right?” Gail chimed in “yes but the drink will have ecstasy in it, my guess is just enough for her to take a few hits of pot.” Ginger looked at the other two, “ladies this girl is 29 years old, the guys keep saying she for breeding, you don’t think they would do it, do you?” Joann giggled, “as long as I keep getting fucked like I’ve been I don’t give a shit!”

At 7:30 the door bell rang and Jim opened it, there was Lou and Cathy, “hi Jim this is my mom Cathy.”
Hello Mrs. Waters my mom and a few of her lady friends are in the den come on in.” Jim made the introductions then he and Lou headed for the garage. The women sat in the kitchen drinking wine and joking about sex. Cathy was surprised at how frank they were about sex and got comfortable very quickly. What she didn’t realize was the wine was laced with ecstasy, so she was quickly loosing her inhabitations. After about twenty minutes Lou and Jim came in the kitchen, as the kitchen door opened the smell of pot floated into the room. Joann looked at Jim “what card game are you guys playing?” Lou responded “first just draw poker, why?” The women all looked and Cathy giggled and Lou smiled at her thinking no doubt about the blow job she had given him the other night. Lou helped Jim with some chips and dip and the boys poured more wine. Lou made sure the second half of the pill was in her wine. Now Joann had a devilish look in her eye, “listen girls why don’t we go out their and feel them up, after all there always doing it to us.”

The three women stood up they were going to the garage Cathy looked at them, through slurred words she muttered “you guys are serious!” Gail and Ginger helped her up, “common girls friend theirs young hard cock out there.”

The boys stood up as they were getting ready to go somewhere, “where are you guys going”? Asked Joann. Juan smiled “were going in the den to watch TV.” They all turned and headed in; as Ginger turned she saw Cathy with Lou behind her, he started fondling her ass. She seemed to be enjoying it. Joann was next in with Juan’s hands all over her tits. Cathy looked and saw Bill standing next to her; he grabbed her by the waist and put his tongue down her throat. She responded eagerly to the attention. His hand went to her pussy and she felt the stimulation through the jeans she was wearing. A combination of the wine and drug and she was putty in his hands. He looked into her eyes, smiling he told her “your Jeans feel damp Cathy.” She looked into his eyes. Her pubic bone was thrusting her pussy against his hand at a rapid rate. Her breathing was becoming rapid as well. She helped him unbutton her jeans, no soon had his hand touched her clit then she grabbed him and had an orgasm. He smiled at her, “you feel great I want my cock in you now!” She was still breathing heavy “oh god yes I haven’t had a cock in three months.” Bill led her in the house, as they passed the den all the women were topless being fondled and Joann was on the couch fucking Juan.

Once he got her into the guest room she partially ripped off her cloths, he pushed her down, she took his cock completely down her throat and was sucking furiously. After a few minutes he picked her up and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs and smiled as he got between her legs and sank his hard cock deep. She was moaning, crying and thrashing under him like an animal. This went on for several minutes, she felt a wave rising from deep in her pussy, and she had one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. He stiffened and she felt cum flooding her, the sensation caused her to have yet another violent orgasm. No sooner had Bills cock flopped out then Jims hard cock went in she was having multiple orgasms, they were coming faster then she could comprehend, suddenly she felt another blast of warm cum flooding her insides.

Cathy was fucked continually for three hours; the guys had it all on video. By 11:30 every nut sack in the room was dry, the guys all left so Joann and Ginger got her up. “You ok honey”? Cathy still had cobwebs but was starting to come around. “Did what happened really happen”? Ginger laughed “it sure did girl friend”. Now she started crying “we’ve got to call the police I’ve just been raped!” Both women exchanged glances “darling before you go calling anyone from where we were sitting you asked them to fuck you”. “Then there is the fact that they are all minors they have the entire episode on video so I’d give things some thought.”

She had just gotten home, as she walked in Lou was sitting in the den watching TV. “Hi Cath,” she walked in and sat down. “Better change panties as you’re probably still gushing cum mom”. “Then you should come down so we can talk.” Ten minutes later she was in the den. Lou looked at her with a devilish smile, “Cathy first you have one great pussy and I got fourths”. Her mouth dropped open “secondly the guys Bill to be exact want you to be his property”. Now she got mad “what the hell are you talking about I was raped tonight.” Lou put up his hand and she quieted down, “from the video you can watch it doesn’t appear that way, secondly you let me fuck you thirdly were all minors”. He paused for a moment to let the facts soak in. “If dad saw this I’m sure your ass would be out of here tonight so you will become Bills property period”. She was sobbing uncontrollably, “Mom stop crying there is an up side”. She looked at him, “there is”?
Yes but for now I’d like a blow job with you naked, now strip and get to work”.

The following week Cathy and Bill entered the tattoo parlor.

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