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Following your positive responses to the previous chapters of my story, Mistress Lin informs me that I have been very remiss in not producing a regular update to you her devoted followers. For those of you who have not read the previous instalments, my name is Amy, or Slut Amy as mistress refers to me. I am 18 years of age, female, white, 5’9 in height, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes; my legs are a bit longer than I like and my 34DD titties are out of proportion to my size 10 body. I am in my first year at university where I am studying to be a teacher. I met Lin in a wine bar and in two short hours she had seduced me, taken my virginity and made me her slut.
I am now residing in Lin’s house having my own room, although most nights either Lin, Josie or both are sharing my bed.

Lin set out 6 rules that I have to obey if I wish to continue serving her:

I must at all times refer to her as mistress
I must follow her every instruction without question
I must only engage in acts of a sexual nature when permitted to do so by Mistress Lin
I must complete my university course without dropping marks
I must leave my bedroom door unlocked at all times
I must obtain part time employment

The first five present me with no problem, however I fear the sixth may be challenging.

Two weeks after moving in I am in bed with Josie; Lin is away on an extended business trip, Josie sure knows how to use her fingers, lips and tongue to take me to magical places.

“Get up sleepy” she sighs, “you got your interview today”.

I’ve no idea how Lin managed it, but I have an interview with a large manufacturing company for a part time role in their PR department.

I struggle out of bed and into the shower, my pussy and clit sore for the battering they received during the night, where does Josie get her stamina from?

By the time I am back into the bedroom the bed is made and a new black Hugo Boss suit and white silk blouse is laid out. Before I met Lin I would never have been able to own clothes like this.

Putting on my Aubade underwear, another luxury I owe to Lin I look at myself in the mirror, Mmm not bad for an 18 year old student. I don the skirt, a perfect fit that shows a good length of thigh, I will need to be real careful if I have to bend down; the jacket is a three quarter cut and is longer than the skirt, wow. The white silk blouse and 4 inch heels make me look stunning. Josie enters the room and whistles.

“Wow babe fuck the interview let me take you back to bed”.

We laugh as she messes with my hair, getting it absolutely perfect.

I look at my watch for the tenth time, nerves are setting in; what if they ask me questions to which I don’t know the answer? A gentle neck massage and kiss from Josie calms me down. She insists on driving me to the interview, in Lin’s Mercedes SLK.

“Well if you are going to arrive in style make it good bitch”. Josie’s philosophy

The car is waved through the security barrier and when I get out of the low passenger seat I give two passing guys a fantastic view of my long legs and tiny panties.

The receptionist is really friendly, unlike most I have encountered in my short life.

At exactly 2pm her desk phone rings and pointing to a door with the name plate Ms Victoria Greaves she tells me to go in and good luck.

Ms Greaves is waiting just inside the door; she welcomes me with a warm smile and a handshake, I guess that she is in her early 40’s, a bit taller than me, but her heels probably help, and red hair, that just has to be dyed. The brown print Deetz summer dress, yes girl’s notice quality clothes, well, this slut does, absolutely suits her and the long twin row of pearls show her long neck to perfection.

She invites me to sit in a chair that is positioned about 4 feet from her desk, in a position that gives her a great view of my firm titties and long legs.

She asks me the standard questions, why do I want to work for the company, what qualities can I bring, experience, describe myself etc. All the questions Josie has been taking me through for the past week. I answer the questions carefully occasionally crossing and uncrossing my legs, that’s when I notice she is becoming flushed; oh my God, I’m turning her on.

She stands and moves to my side of her desk sitting on the edge, her legs slightly spread, oh fuck, she’s not wearing panties.

“So Amy what would you do to get this job; I’ve interviewed people with better qualifications”

“I would do anything Ms Greaves; let me show you how amenable I can be”.

“Go on then Amy, impress me”.

I leave the chair and stand in front of Ms Greaves; I take the hem of her dress and lift it to her thighs revealing her shaved pussy. I gently spread her legs before kneeling and running my tongue alone the inside of her thighs, moving ever close to my intended target. She opens her legs wider allowing my tongue to torment her clit before exploring her pussy. My hours of training at the hands, and pussies, of Lin and Josie pays off and within minutes Ms Greaves is panting and moaning as an orgasm rips through her body.

I meekly return to my seat as Ms Greaves tries to compose herself, I give her my best seductive smile.

“One final test young lady, Bend over my desk”.

I use my models strut as I walk to her desk; I place my hands palm down in the centre and bend at the waist my legs wide apart, this is better than answering dumb questions. I feel Ms Greaves lift my skirt, her fingers shaking as she lowers my panties, her warm breath on my neck. When her hand strikes my left buttock I am unprepared and almost let out a scream which I mange to convert to a moan. I receive two more slaps before my shirt is lowered, I make a play of sitting down, pretending my bottom is sore, this is nothing compared to what Lin and Josie have done to me.

“Amy, I think you are exactly what I am looking for, we will be in touch to agree salary and a start date”.

We both stand I move to shake Ms Greaves hand, she takes my hand but instead of shaking it holds it to her firm breast. “Yes exactly what I am looking for”.

The receptionist mouths “well” as I walk out the door and my big smile tells her I was successful, she gives me a knowing wink as I walk to the entrance. Then I see the photographs, CEO Ms Lin Navarro, what a bitch. I am walking towards then main entrance when the car horn sounds; Josie had waited for me. She wants to know every detail of the interview; her eyes widen when I tell her I licked pussy and got my ass slapped, but is truly delighted when I tell her I got the job.

After getting the job everything feels an anti-climax, uni is fine but boring, however Lin is due back and I really want to give her something special; buying something is pointless and I have some ideas which I share with Josie who fully approves.

When Lin arrives home on Friday I am already in her bedroom; when she walks through the door she is totally surprised by my present, me.

Josie has handcuffed me to the ornate headboard of Lin’s bed; the only clothing I am wearing is a short red and black Luxxa basque that sits under my tittles and ends level with my navel, I have carefully shaven my pussy so it is hairless and Josie has rubbed some scented oils into it so that it glistens. I position my legs so that they are splayed out showing my pussy to perfection, the final addition was Josie’s idea; a black ball gag on a red leather strap. My favourite dildo, the double header Lin used to take away my virginity is strategically positioned at the foot of the bed.

I can safely say my present was well received and totally used; Lin is insatiable; she rides me till I can cum no more and then fucks Josie as the black girl licks and sucks on my sore clitty and pussy. It is an eternity before I am released and we all collapse exhausted on the bed.

Life in Lin’s house is never normal, but I do have uni and a part time job to keep me away from endless fucking; surprisingly the job is really interesting, I am learning lots about PR and meeting some top models. Ms Greaves, sorry Vikki, is a dream; she knows so much about the industry and is always willing to share her experiences. I’m pleased to say Lin added Vikki to the list of people I can fuck, although apart from some heavy petting we have not yet had the chance to get top really know each other.

Josie is in panic mode; Lin has arranged a house party and invited several important clients, it seems I am going to be waitressing with Josie – Mmm I can remember her maid outfit, this promises to be a wild party; but before that Cheryl my kid sister is coming to stay for the weekend. Talk about devious, I arrange for mom and dad to drop Cheryl off at the bed sit on Saturday morning, of course they insist on coming in, mom is impressed with how clean the place is; dad just gives me his knowing look. Waving as they drive away I tell Cheryl I have a big secret that she must keep. She slowly considers before nodding. I have already arranged to meet Lin and Josie at the zoo and introduce them to Cheryl as my friends. Josie and Cheryl instantly become friends; Josie recounts stories she was taught as a child about each of the animals, stories that have us all in fits of laughter. From the zoo we are sightseeing followed by a pizza and finally home totally drained.

To my surprise Lin offers to settle Cheryl down in my bed, Cheryl and I are sharing my double.

“I trained to be a 1st grade teacher, I can still tell good bedtime stories and settle kids down; and you look like you need a drink”.

Cheryl held Lin’s hand tightly as she kissed Josie and me goodnight and willingly went up to bed. Lin is back 10 minutes later; Cheryl fell asleep during the first story.

It’s not long before I am in bed snuggled up to Cheryl; I cuddle my sister and all into a deep sleep a sleep in which I have totally inappropriate dreams; I am kissing Cheryl in places I shouldn’t, my fingers are exploring parts of her body that should be untouched. Lin and Josie are in bed with us and Cheryl is going from pussy to pussy licking and sucking as we gently stroke her tiny cunny. My dream goes back to me slowly stroking Cheryl’s cunny with my fingers, it feels so real.

Then I hear Cheryl’s sleepy voice close by

“Don’t stop Amy that feels so nice”.

I am instantly awake – oh fuck.

I hope you like the story – all feedback positive or negative is most welcome

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