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Must Have

By Blueheatt

…We lay beside us now as he plays with my hair and body. I get so aroused and feel so good I have to kiss him all over. This of course leads us on to feeling our bodies and just enjoying us over and over.

….It was well worth holding on to us. We can make each other instantly hot and now we don’t have to put up with other peoples interfering with our togetherness.

…As we both type on this, we have to stop at times. I love it when he fondles me as I type. His hands are electric on my tits and pussy. I open my legs for him to get to the clit he likes. I feel his hands that make me breathe hard and get so aroused. I glance over and see the big erection he gets from feeling my body. I am woman and I like our togetherness so naturally. I stop typing as I can’t continue. I feel so good and slightly dizzy. I close my eyes and let him pick me up and carry me to our bed. He gently places me on it. He slowly kisses me as he takes all my clothes off. I watch him undress for me to watch, as he already know I get aroused watching him slowly strip for me. I see his big erection no, just for me. My heart is pounding as my body twists in anticipation for what is going to happen. I feel him start rubbing my body with his warm hands. I love the trembles I get. I lay there letting us just enjoy ourselves.

….I love to start fondling her as she tries to type. I read the story as she types it. It gets me hard every time. I try to hold back and let her type, but I can only do it so long. When you watch a beautiful woman pleasure herself by writing the story she loves most, It makes me hot. She knows I’m watching her and wonders how long we can go this time before we must stop and have the freedom to have the hot sex we always wanted.

….The part that bugged some people the most was that Mark was younger than me. It seemed to bring up anger but also secret envy. (“He’s a little young for you Ava, isn’t he?”), or (“She’s a little old for you, ain’t she dude?”), Mark and I were whispered to.

… Many jealous people just couldn’t stand it.

…We found friends who like us though. Many of Marks guy friends were envious of him and treated me like a queen or something. I admit it, I loved their attention. Watching them sneak looks at my body, knowing they were thinking how they would love to have sex with me, was a hot turn on to me. I teased them…just a little… by how I dressed. Plenty of cleavage showing, short shorts, putting lotion on my legs as they watched. I gained the name, ’The Wank Lady’, Mark overheard some say. The thought of them wanking while thinking about me, was an ego booster.

….One of the hot things Mark and I liked to do was go on our back patio in the evenings. I would put on my bikini, and mark his swimming trunks. We sat by the pool with not much light on us. We would sit together in our dual lounge chair and start making out. We had our regular peepers thru the blinds people watching us from their second story windows.

…We had become friends with a young couple directly behind us. They didn’t peep, they raised their blinds and both watched us, and even waved at us. They told us we made them hot watching us, and sometimes they would make out standing in their big bedroom window. It was a hot mutual turn on for all of us. Our shows got bolder and bolder over time.

…Mark and I moved just inside our sliding glass door, with just enough light to see us, and gave the ‘Millers’ a real show. We had pushed our couch in front of the sliding glass door, which was open. We started making out with our hands going all over us. Only the Miller’s could see us at that angle. We saw them stand up on their bed and give us their ‘make out’ show.

…We got naked, they got naked.

…If any neighbors could see either of us, we never heard a complaint. ‘What you do inside your house, is your business. If you are offended by looking in your neighbors window, that’s your problem,’ the law here says.

…Those naked shows we gave for the Millers made Mark and I both very horny. Mark loved to chase me around the house naked. I giggled and played the ’victim’ as he stalked me and pretended to be a strange intruder after my body. I was exciting to be chased and finally be caught and molested right on the rug. I would ‘play struggle’ and tell him to not lick my pussy. He would hold me down and do it anyway. Sometimes I would chase him as a female rapist. I would then hold him down and lick his erection as he giggled and ‘lightly’ protested.

….These are just some of the horny fun things we do. We had trained ourselves to what each other liked, and we always love to please each other. I love to have the inside of my legs kissed and licked. Mark would do this and I would get so hot, I would pull him up to say ‘fuck me now’ and our super sex would shake the bed.

…He never had to wank at all. I did it for him. He loved that and let me wank him any time, or any place we wanted to. That led to some risky wanks. In daring places was a turn on for both of us. We call it ‘sneak a wank’ and ‘sneak a finger’ for me.

…In my mom’s bathroom was a hot score for us. We would distract her and then quick go her bathroom and do a ‘wank and finger’ real quick. She never caught us, unless she just kept quiet about it.

…We always went out with me not wearing panties, and him no boxers, to make a quick one easy. In the car at night just made us horny. We loved to drive around and look for hot spots to have sex or a wank and finger fest. We discovered that cemeteries were perfect. No one ever goes there at night. Looking at the grass stains on my skirts always made me horny when I did the laundry.

…Mark had a best friend Trav, who was a big fan of our life style. He was cool and Mark loved to see him get horny around me. I liked Trav., a lot. He was always polite and treated me real nice. A woman has feelings and if anything ever happen to Mark, I would sure go after Trav.

….Life was good for Mark and I but it was going to get a whole lot better. Mark and I had no secrets between us, but every one has personal thoughts they keep to themselves. One glorious night in bed, Mark ask me If I liked Trav, I said I sure do, he’s is very cool. He then as me ’how well’ I liked Trav.

….I felt it coming as I had overheard them talking once when they didn’t know I was listening. Mark and Trav had grown up together and went thru the ’experimental’ age together. I learned they had wanked together and even wanked each other. They became ’jack off buddies’ and had fantasized together about having sex with someone like me. Now Trav was very envious of Mark position to have sex with me anytime he wanted to.

…Mark kept ’hinting’ about how cool mark was and that he envied Mark so much. I had also heard the word, ‘3some’, when I overheard them talk that day. I got a nice tingle in my pussy when I overheard that. I let Mark proceed with his hinting and I could tell he didn’t know how to approach me with what he really wanted to say. I helped him. I said: “You know Mark what might be fun sometime?…to wank you and Trav both.” His face lit up and he kissed me passionately… He said: “…that would be so hot, would you do that sometime?” I said: “How about tomorrow night?” He said: “You’re the coolest woman ever, Ava!”

…It must have been ’reward me’ night for him. He was so turned on he was an animal all over me. Which, of course I liked. He knew I liked to wank him and have him shoot his cum in my mouth. He quick turned around and rolled us on our sides. He let me wank him in my favorite position as he licked my clit furiously. I took my delight in my mouth and indulged in my sex passion. I just loved feeling his hot cum shoot at the back of my mouth. He moaned so hot when he did and I love the satisfaction of giving him such enjoyment…at the same time he had my clit so sensitive, I would have a shaking climax, as only he knew hot to do it. He must have been excited as he shot a big load in and filled my mouth to overflowing instantly. ‘Oh my god’, I thought, his best one yet as I savored his hot cum. Now I had Trav to look forward to. A wanking blow job was in the works for us. It was exciting to think about…..


…”Trav!, she’ll do it she said!” as I talked to Trav on the phone. “Let her wank you and I bet she’ll do more. Just do whatever she wants you to do and it’ll be the best ever!” I think Trav must have fainted as it got quiet on the phone. “Oh Dude, really????” he finally said.

….This was something we had only dreamed of as kids. An older hot woman. Now it was happening to me and Trav. “Ava is the coolest ever!” he said. “Tomorrow night be here at 9pm she said. Your gonna go crazy Trav!”

…. I told Ava that it was all set and he was mega excited. Man this was going to be hot to watch her blow Trav’s mind. I pictured that 3some Trav and I dreamed about getting closer someday. I headed over to Trav’s house to talk.

…Mark was fulfilling all my needs and now a extra thrown in? I was very extra turned on, looking forward to this. I tried to keep my ego under control...but I just felt to high to stop it. I just had to reach down in my panties and stroke my tingling clit. Trav was expecting just a wank from me….well I had ideas flowing through my head with new desires that most women would never have. I let my fingers excite me to a quick and jolting orgasm. I sat at the computer letting my fingers pleasure me and just enjoyed it.

…I started a new chapter in our story:

….”Micro Gangbang” I titled it, after the fantasy I had just had. I was going to make this happen with those two.


….It appears that Ava is having a high peak in her life after a rough start with her sex life. Will she get that little gangbang she just fantasized about? Two young guys fucking her together? This now beautiful hot a sexy girl is having her day. From a skinny, not so pretty little girl who boys teased and called names, to this? She now had nice full tits, a hot body and a models face, with sexy hair. Let’s read about her now as the night with ‘Trav’ is about to start.

I was going to stretch this night out and enjoy it.

I was loving this, watching Trav with a big hardon sitting on the couch waiting for Ava.

This is so hot my balls are already full and waiting. To have her wank me was almost to much. I might cum before she even gets started. Fuck it, I’ll just cum twice or three times for her. Anything she wants, is ok with me.

…. As I came down stairs, I felt like a goddess with two handsome prince’s waiting for me… I had my sheerest long night gown on with nothing on underneath. The looks on there faces was awesome. Their eyes scanning me up and down with that sexy lusty look like I’d never on them seen before. “Go ahead up stairs and get naked, I’ll be up in a minute.” I said. It sounded like a queens command. They never took their eyes off me, as they went all the way up the stairs.

…I grabbed a quick glass of wine and up I went. I loved feeling this turned on, and the wet pussy that came with it. I looked at the big bed. There they were under a sheet. Two sexy guy with two big tents raised up. I got a wonderful hot flash in my pussy. I took my time taking off my long nightgown. I let them see me naked and watched Trav gulp with delight.

Trav was expecting a wank, and I wanted more. I slowly pulled the sheet off of them. I crawled in between them, but feet first. I rolled Trav over towards me and put his erection all the way in my mouth and started sucking him off. He squirmed and I felt it… as his balls pulled up tight in my hand. I heard a strained moan and a blast of cum shot in my mouth. He bucked and shot blast after blast, flooding my mouth.

I felt Mark’s erection slip in my pussy from behind me. His warm hands excitedly felt my hard nipples. Trav kept moaning as I sucked his head just to feel him jump. Warm cum was running out of my mouth and my pussy was feeling so good with Mark in me. I let Trav recover as Mark and I started to really fuck hard. I love the feel of the vibration of my butt slapping against Mark’s tummy. I put Trav’s erection back in my mouth as he began to feel my clit as Mark’s erection went back and forth in me. I was in my little heaven. I had Trav to suck on with cum, and Mark fucking me hard. I began to really get into it and felt Trav’s butt cheeks and pulled them to me. I felt his balls all warm and working up a good second cum. Trav felt my tits also and I had never had two guys feel my tits at once. I felt Trav scooting himself closer to my clit. He held my hip and then I felt his warm tongue on my clit. I could take no more as sounds came out of me as I was having mega climax. I jerked Trav’s erection super fast as Mark began to make the sounds of him cuming in me. I came with Mark as we moaned loud with euphoria. I sucked hard as I jerked on Trav to get another cum….he moaned and shot it in my throat, again and again.

….Trav’s tongue was driving me crazy with pleasure as Mark quivered and pumped a huge load in me. My body twitched out of control as I shook and swallowed Trav’s load down. We all twitched and moaned as the cum just kept coming….It seemed like I was floating with two guys floating with me. I lay there in euphoria twitching.

….Soon I realized I was be kissed all over by two guys. Four hands were on me and I was rolled on my back. Someone was spreading my legs apart. My knees were being lifted and I felt an erection going in my pussy. Trav. He had to fuck me too. His erection felt so big and good in me I lay there feeling helpless as they felt everything on my body. I felt like a queen with the two prince’s making me feel like I was in heaven. Mark brought his erection up to my lips. I turned my head and let it slip in and out in my mouth. I got super stimulated again and now Trav began to fuck my pussy deep and hard. I squeezed my pussy hard on his erection with each stoke. Mark’s erection was getting bigger in my mouth as he jacked it faster. I had so many good feelings I thought I would pass out. My pussy felt so good with still more fucking in it.

…Trav’s hands were gentle and gave me tingles on my nipples as he rolled them between his fingers. He was going to make me climax again. I put one hand on Trav’s butt and the other on Marks jerking erection in my mouth. We all let it build up until I climaxed hard. My body froze with the jolt of the high climax. I felt Mark push his erection deep in my mouth and then I felt his warm cum. He moaned as It pumped in. Trav started to shake and he began to cum again deep in me.

I lost it in good feelings as I had just been double fucked by two wonderful guys…..

…The next day I sat at the computer looking at our story. I flashed back in my mind to all that had happened. I closed my eyes and reflected how thrilling is all was.

….Trav is a regular part of us now, he comes on weekends. Mark and I plan on what all we’ll do this weekend with Trav. My favorite is to be stacked between them, with Mark in me from the bottom and Trav in me from behind. Triple cums are awesome.

I pondered if I should say the one little thing I had left out of our story….then…

….I felt arms around me as Mark held me from behind. His hands glided down to my tingling nipples. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow. I loved the wetness as it began. I soon felt warm hands on my legs. Trav’s hands were reaching inside my panties and feeling my bush. I gasp as he went straight for my clit. Buttons unbuttoned, zippers un zipped and I was naked and being carried by two guys to the big bed. Mark and Trav quickly got naked as Mark lay on his back. They put me on top of him. I felt his erection being put in my pussy. I felt Trav lay down on my back, and his erection being put in my pussy also. My favorite, an ‘Ava sandwich’ they named it……

….I added this to the final part to our story and decided to just write what Mark said to me after we all had a mega cum all sandwiched together.

”Mom, you’re the best.”….

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2016-10-05 08:11:14
Keep hell with the haters-Wild Bill

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2014-06-25 03:21:56
fucked up the first line the rest can't be any good delete all stories and stop writing. you couldn't write a good story if your life depended on it.

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2013-10-31 00:18:21
As usual with a lot of your stories I got lost trying to figure out what is going on as each line seems to randomly jump around aimlessly. I'm also always confused why you always use "....." at the beginning and end of each line? Unless you really are leaving out large chunks of each sentence, in which case no wonder them seem random and are hard to follow.

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