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My Little Virgins Part 2

Things worked out wonderfully for Don and Dani through her first year of college. She stopped for breakfast and sex every morning, then, depending on her schedule of activity, she’d see him in the evenings.

Don was always in a great mood and watched for her arrivals, like a puppy waiting for the school bus. On weekends, he loved every minute of his time with all three girls. At times when Dani had extra things to do with her friends, or errands to run for her mom, Don would watch Micki and Cassie swim or take them to fun places. He loved them dearly and would protect them from all harm until he drew his last breath.

He did, however, notice that Micki, now 17, was continuing to develop a fine body, which was built larger than the petite Dani. Her curly blonde hair and dimpled cheeks accented her ‘baby doll’ face, which sat atop a long, smooth neck. Below her square shoulders, her chest held a high set of 32C tits. Her waist tapered to barely over twenty inches, then back out to 30 inch hips. Her legs were flawlessly beautiful, with small straight feet.

Often, Don caught himself rubbing his hard-on while staring at Micki, “Damn,” he thought, “If she’s as horny and hot as Dani, I’d love to be the one to educate her, too.”
Usually, unless Dani was around to take care of him, Don would wind up inside the house, watching through the windows and jacking off into a washcloth or Kleenex.
One day, he decided to discuss it with Dani, “You do realize that your little sister is as big as you, now… right?”

Dani nodded, her head bobbing up and down on his hard cock. She released it just long enough to say, “Yeah, you need to start fucking her, too.” She returned to her task and drained Don’s balls. As she sat up, still pumping with her hand, she looked at him, smiling, “She’s so easy to control. All you have to do is tell her what to do. You already know she’s the follower, not the leader. She won’t start anything, like I did.” She grinned, knowing she’s the one who initiated the sexual relationship with her granddad. She bent down and licked the last drops of semen from the flagging dick and continued, “I’ll help you, if you want me to. We’ll have her sucking and fucking this weekend. I’d like to learn to eat pussy and have her eat mine, too. Think we could that?”

Don reminded Dani that Micki was, "the serious one of the bunch. She could get both of us in trouble, but you’re Goddamn right, I’d love to pump her little cunt full, her mouth, too. I think her ass being bigger than yours; she can probably take it there easier, too. Tell you what, if you can get Cassie out of here for a while on Saturday, I’ll get started on her… what do you think?”

Saturday came. It was a chilly October day and Dani invited Cassie to spend the whole day and night with her at a hotel, near a museum and aquarium. She promised Micki a similar ‘one on one’ time in the near future. Don supplied the necessary credit cards and sped them on their way.

“Well,” he wrapped his arms around Micki and hugged her tight, “It looks like it’s gonna be just you and me, little lady. What interesting things are we going to do today?” he kissed her on top of the head and said, “I sure do love my Micki. You want anything special to eat today, darlin’?” All the time he was thinking… ‘How about my cock?’
“We’ll think of something good, but Dani hurried me out of the house before I got to shower. I’m going to clean up, first, then we’ll make plans, okay?”

“Sure thing, ma’am. We’ll figure out something you’ve never done before. I can’t wait…”

As soon as he heard the shower door slide closed, Don peeked in and saw Micki’s tight ass was turned toward the frosted glass. Her robe was on the commode, along with a clean pair of panties… her dirty ones on the floor. He slipped in and removed both pair of underwear, leaving only the robe for her to wear.

Then he undressed and put on a robe of his own. His cock was beginning to rise to the occasion, thinking about the naked girl in the shower.
The water stopped. Don knew his persuasion had to be gentle; he needed to get Micki interested, without making her scared.

When the bathroom door opened, Micki stepped into the hallway, looking at the floor toward her bedroom. Don knew she was looking for panties, thinking she may have dropped them earlier.

“Good, you’re through. Come on in here, we need to talk about some things.”

“Wait just a minute, I’ll get some clothes on.”

“No… we need to talk now. Come here. You can get dressed later.”

She had been holding her robe closed, but tied the belt as she rounded the end of the couch where Don was sitting, “I’ll just sit here, by you, okay?”

“Okay? Sure, sweetheart, I love it when my beautiful women sit by me. Here,” he patted the cushion next to him, “right here where I can put my arm around you. You never can tell, I might even be talked into kissing that pretty little forehead, once you take the towel off it.”

Micki giggled, hugged Don and kissed him on the cheek. She pulled the towel off her hair, shook it out and told him, “There… now you can kiss my forehead.”

His hand pushed a few strands of hair back, sliding it over her ear. The forty five year-old man’s eyes stared into the teenager’s blue ones, “Your granddad loves you, Micki. I love you and your sisters more than anything else in the world.
“There’re things each of you need to know about life. A lot of it can come with very bad consequences if you’re not prepared. Dani and I have had many talks about you and Cassie, and we feel it’s up to us to teach you about some important things you’ll be facing soon.”

Don took her in his arms and held her close.

“You’re not sick, are you, Granddad? I don’t want to lose you like I did Dad and Mom.”

The kiss on the forehead held for several seconds, followed by more kisses to her cheek and neck, “No, my darling Micki, I’m not sick. There’s no easy way to get to it, I have to ask you, what do you know about sex?”

“Huh? What do I know about sex? Wh-h-h-y do you want to know that?”

“One of the biggest mistakes girls your age make is having sex with a boy, who she thinks loves her. I’m a boy, sugar. I know what teenage boys want, and it’s not love. They want to get into a girl’s panties, then brag to their friends about it. It always makes an innocent young lady look like a… excuse me for saying it… a whore. Dani and I want to teach you how not to let that happen.”

“Uh… we learned all about sex in health class, Granddad.”

“Did you learn the proper way to put a condom on a penis? Did you learn about foreplay, and how much better sex is afterward? Did you learn about self masturbation? What about the dangers of un-sterilized dildos? Enhancements? Lubricants? Did health class teach you any of that?”

“Uh… I’ve never even heard of most of that. But what does Dani know about any of that?”

He hugged her again and began to explain, “Usually, mothers teach their daughters most of the things they need to know. Dads teach their sons. A little over a year ago, Dani came to me with lots of questions and her desire to learn. Her mom has never taught her anything, so it was up to me.
“Your mom can’t talk to you from Heaven, neither can Wayne.
“I have been teaching Dani, and together, we’ll teach you… Cassie, too, as soon as we think she's ready."

He kissed her forehead again and said, “Dani took Cassie today, so we could begin teaching you about real sex.”

Micki started to get up, saying she didn’t know if she wanted to know any more right now.


She returned to her seat, trembling.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, darling. But I think once you start to learn, you won’t leave your Granddad disappointed. You wouldn’t disappoint me… would you?”

She smiled as she shook her head ‘no’, even though there was hesitation and a hint of fear in her eyes.

“You know what this is?” He picked up a foil package from the end table.

“A condom?”

“If you had to ask, that means you’re not sure. Yes, Micki, it’s a condom. It serves two purposes.”

“Preventing VD and pregnancy?”

“Exactly. Good girl.” Don made a mental note that it was the first time he’d referred to Micki as a ‘girl’. His plan was to make her feel older and more responsible by using ‘woman’, ‘lady’ and such.
“Have you ever seen a penis?”

“Not really… only in a couple of movies I wasn’t supposed to watch. My friend, Sabrina, sneaks some of her daddy’s DVDs and watches them.”

Don stood, the ‘tent’ in his robe was even with Micki’s pouty lips. He untied the belt and let the plaid material fall to the floor, leaving his seven inches pointing directly at those blue eyes. Micki’s mouth dropped open, leaving Don to think, ‘Ol’ Fat Boy will be making that one of his ‘homes’, soon, too’.

“There it is, Micki. This is the cock that you will be seeing, constantly, until Dani brings Cassie home tomorrow. First, you’ll learn how to make sure a condom is worn properly. If it’s too tight, it can bust. If it’s too loose, it can slip off. Either way, it could leave you pregnant or give you disease. Now, Tear the package open and I’ll show you how to do it.”

Her eyes never left the stiff dick while she opened the foil pack. Don showed her the proper way to make sure it was a good fit.

“As long as you have your hands on it, grip it and move your hand up and down the whole shaft. Be firm, but not too tight,” ….. plan A was working out just fine.

“Some people call a condom a ‘fucking rubber’. You can call it whatever you like. The reservoir on the end is to catch the semen, sperm, cum. Call it what you want, ‘cum’ is the most used term. Ohhhh baby, you’re doing sooo good. I’d love for you to keep jacking me off, but I have other plans for my cum. As wonderful as it feels, you can stop now.”

Micki was fascinated by the feel of the hard muscle and how Don responded to her ministrations. She didn’t want to stop, she wanted to see the end results. But she never questioned an adult’s instructions. She looked up at him and asked, “Will you let me do it all the way some time, I want to see it squirt. They never showed that in those movies.”

“Yes, young lady, but you’ll be seeing it squirt in a little while, anyway.”
He asked her to remove the rubber and wipe his dick clean with her damp towel. She examined the piss hole, the large veins and his light purple, bulbous head as she rubbed the hard pecker clean of its lubricant.
He helped her to her feet and thanked her with a hug and kiss. He stared into her eyes as he slid his hands to her belt. She never objected as he untied the knot and slid the robe off her shoulders.

“I feel kind of funny, Granddad. I’m not sure this is right.”

“If you tell me to stop, sweetheart, I will. Right now, I just want to hold you and show that I really do love you.” He could feel her breasts against his hairy chest, his throbbing cock pressed into her abdomen.
“This is what it will feel like, to you, if some young guy gets you naked. Just remember, when the times comes to let him fuck you, be damn sure he wears protection. And he needs to treat you like the lady you are. If he doesn't, Granddad will break his fucking neck.
“When Carol was born, I had a vasectomy. It’s a small operation that makes me sterile. I can’t get any woman pregnant. I don’t have any diseases to transfer, either. Dani is the only woman I have fucked in the last five years… and we really fuck a lot.
“Here’s what I want you to learn next… come sit on my lap.”

Don led the girl to his recliner. He sat, his pole straight up. He helped Micki get into position facing him, with her slit pushing up against the length of his dick, the head in perfect place to rub her clit. The rocking motion of the chair was doing the trick. Micki began feeling her loins tingle. Don’s mouth found her soft nipples and used his tongue and teeth to stiffen them. The more she got into the feeling, the wetter her young, untouched pussy got.

“Mmm, Ohh Granddad! Ohhhh, that feels sooo… sooo good. It… almost… feels like… I’m gonna peeeeee… Ahh, ahh, OHHH.. OHH NOOOOOO!!”
Her climax hit her, rolling her eyes back as she grasped both hands full of Don’s graying hair. She leaned back, causing his suction break with a pop. As soon as she realized what she’d done, she pulled his head back to her tit.

She fell forward onto the man’s chest and, unconsciously, locked her lips on his neck. After a few seconds, she asked, “What happened to me Granddad? What was that?”

Don slid two fingers into her wetness, pulled them out and licked them, “Goodness, that was quick. You’re what we call ‘a hot one’. You just had a wonderful orgasm, my dear. Didn’t they teach you about them in health class?” He got more of the warm liquid on his fingers and offered them to her, “You want a taste?”

She gave him a questioning look, but didn’t question him, directly. She, timidly, licked the lady cum, then licked again, “Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all. So I had an orgasm, does that mean this is cum?”

“Yes, but man cum has a different taste. I think you’ll like it, too, if you want to try.”

“Um… Okay. What do I do?”

“We’ll go to the bed and do what is called a sixty-nine. You’ll suck my cock and I’ll eat your sweet young cunt.”


“Cunt, pussy, coochie, fur burger… there’s lots of names for your vagina.”

He laid on his back and moved her onto his body, his mouth finding cunt hair, quickly. His hands guided her face to his raging hard-on. She knew what was expected…

Her hand started the same pumping motion she’d done while he wore the condom. When Don’s hand gave her head a slight push, she opened her mouth, like she had seen in Sabrina’s movies.
She tried moving her hand and taking it all in, but gagged when her throat felt invaded. Returning her hand to the shaft, she resumed jacking it, letting her mouth enclose the head, and down to her fingers.
Instinctively, she began sucking, driving Don into a frenzied act of eating her virgin pussy

With his chin working against her love button, his mouth sucking on her small labia, and his tongue alternating between her cunt hole and, occasionally, her asshole, Micki was approaching another climax. This time, she recognized what was coming… or cumming.

“Granddad, I’m gonna cum again! Be careful, I’ll cum on your face!”

Don managed to get enough words out to make her know it was alright.

“OHHH, YESSSS… HERE IT COMES… HERE IT COMES!...OH-OH-OH, GOD, GRANDDAD! OH… YES, YES, YES, YES… OH GOD… IT FEELS SOOOOOOOOO… GOOOOOOOD. Oh Yeah.. Oh Yeah.. Mmmm… oh, yessss… that was soooo awesome, Granddad.”

Don could tell her hand was still on his dick, but she was just holding it, “Finish sucking me, honey… it’s my turn now.”

Micki didn’t need more encouragement. Her head bobbed up and down, her hand worked between his balls and her mouth. Don’s face was covered in delicious pussy juice, as he continued to eat her. He wanted to make sure the girl stayed in a state of euphoria.

As he felt his sperm begin to start its race, he told Micki, “I’ll be cumming in a minute, baby. You can watch it or you can swallow it, whatever you want to do. Just keep your… uh… your hand… oh, yeah… keep your hand moving. Yeah, oh yeah… here it comes, Micki!

Micki raised her head as she felt the first spasm force its way up, through the large vein toward the tip of his cock. She watched as the first two spurts flew into the air and hit her face, once on the chin and the other on the cheek.
She placed her lips back over the head and sucked the rest into her mouth, swallowing a mouth full, and licking the smaller amounts off, as his production began to dwindle.

She laid her blonde head on his leg and marveled at the sex organ as it deflated, playing with it and wiping the last few drops away.

After they lay still for a few minutes, Micki spoke up, “Granddad?”

“Yes, my darling lady?”

“Does it get any better?”

“Yes, sweetheart, it gets better… and better.”

She lifted off his body and turned, lying down beside him, face to face, “Are you going to teach me more?... Please?”

“You’re sister and I will teach you all we know, but we have to be very careful. What we are doing is against the law.… it’s incest. Sex between two close relatives is against the law. I could go to jail for life, darlin’. That’s why nobody… NOBODY can find out what we’re doing. Not even your best friend, Sabrina. Not even your little sister, Cassie. If ANYBODY finds out, it could be very serious. I love you so much, so much. I never want to be away from you and your sisters, never.”

Micki hugged her granddad tight, smiled, and kissed him, soundly, on the lips, “I won’t say a word, Granddad, but I hope Cassie grows up quick. I want to see her suck your cock and get fucked. Speaking of which, when will you fuck my pussy? I’m ready to learn…

Watch for Part 3…

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