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A story of a high school boy and his younger cousin visiting from out of town
A Month on the Town – Part One

A story of a high school boy and his younger cousin visiting from out of town. While this story is based on the actual fact that my cousin did visit for a month when I was in high school, and we did a lot of making out, most of the story is based on my fantasies about this time in my life.

Please give me feedback. Should I continue the story or not?

Mark was your typical Texas 17 year old band geek. Most of his friends played in the band with him. Most of his spare time was spent practicing music on his clarinet. Most of his family was involved in other activities. So, most of his teen life, he was pretty much a loner.

Mark had a girlfriend for a while, but they broke up at the end of the school year when he had just finished his sophomore year. He wanted to find a summer job, but there weren’t that many since he waited until school was out to start looking. He finally found a job at the local DQ, but it was only about ten hours a week…not enough to keep him away from the house when the rest of the family was there.

He got home from his second day of work to find hear some news…his favorite great aunt was flying in from Arizona tomorrow, and was going to spend a month with them. He always liked it when she visited. She seemed to “get” him better than most. She would take him shopping, go out to eat with him, talk about school, and discuss personal things that no one else in the family seemed to care about. He asked if he could pick up his aunt from the airport, and his father said sure. Oh, and there was another piece to the news…she was bringing her granddaughter with her, and she would need someone to “show her around town”.

Mark had never met this second cousin of his. She was 15 or so, and all he’d ever heard about her was that she seemed to be the perfect child in every way. If the family was expecting him to keep her company, they had another think coming. He would do everything in his power to keep away from them while she was in town. He didn’t know if he could take his parents comparing her to him all month long.

He went to bed that night not knowing how to feel. He was glad his aunt was coming…he so looked forward to her visits. But, he was angry that he was being asked to be a babysitter for his cousin for the month. He knew what he was going to do. He would be mean to her. He’d seen recent pictures of her, and she was pretty cute. The teenies he knew from school that were cute also acted like they knew it. They were always flirting with him, then never wanting to go out if he asked them. He’d treat her the way they treated him. He would ignore her. He would never take her where she wanted to go. He’d take her to boring movies and make her go with him to visit music stores. He’d undress her with his eyes and make her mad when she caught him. He’d imagine her with no clothes on…he’d imagine her pulling his pants down…NO…WAIT…where did that thought come from? He must have been falling asleep and started dreaming.

He never imagined thinking of a cousin in that way. What was wrong with him? Suddenly, he noticed his cock was rock hard, standing straight up. It had found its way out the leg of his drawers, and he noticed some pre-cum on the tip. He must have really been dreaming, because he didn’t remember thinking about anything past her pulling his pants down. As he tried to remember more, his cock began to twitch. He took it in his hand and started slowly stroking it. In his mind, she had pulled his pants down to reveal his ample manhood. He was very proud of his 8” cock. He’d seen others in the showers at the gym, and not many were as large as his. As he thought of her looking at his cock, he began to stroke himself a bit faster. He imagined her 15 year old eyes getting larger as she watched his cock grow.

She then reached out and touched the tip with her finger, wiping the pre-cum off, then bringing her finger to her mouth, putting her tongue out, and licking it off. At that, she smiled, then pulled her face closer to his cock. Seeing her get closer, he pushed forward, touching her lips with the tip. She opened her mouth, circling his head with her lips, and then sucked it in. As she began letting him fuck her face, he could hear her moans in his imagination. His cock was getting harder, and he began stroking himself faster. He imagined reaching down and putting his hands on the back of her head, grabbing some hair and pulling on it as he forced her mouth back and forth over his cock. Feeling his balls slap against her chin with each stroke, he began fucking her faster and deeper.

Suddenly, he felt his balls tighten up. He squeezed his cock as hard as he could, and pointed it toward his chest. With five or six spasms, he began shooting load after load on himself. The first shot was so hard it hit his mouth. Each shot after that landed on his chest, then his stomach, as his cock finally began to soften. He’d never tasted his own cum before, but stuck his tongue out and licked it off his lips. He made a mental note that he would have to try that again sometime. He could not believe he came that hard just thinking about a cousin he’s never met, and that he’s already angry with for taking away his summer…even though he really didn’t have any summer plans anyway.

He lay there thinking about what he’d just gone through, running pictures through his mind of her, of her and him, of her with clothes on, of her without clothes on, of them together…as he finally fell asleep with his cock beginning to harden again.

The next morning Mark woke up, showered, ate breakfast, and dressed his best…for his aunt, not his cousin, of course. He sat around the house most of the morning, anxious for time to leave. Finally, around eleven o’clock, his dad reminded him the plane was scheduled to land at one, so he decided to leave now and get to the airport early. On the drive there, he stopped a bought some gum (was that for his aunt, or was it for _her_?) After a forty-five minute drive to the airport, then a 15 drive looking for a parking place, and another ten minute walk to the terminal, he was finally there. However, it was still another hour before the plane was scheduled to land. He walked around for about ten minutes. Boring. He found a bookstore and bought a snack and a newspaper, reading the front page and the comics. Still boring. He did some people watching. Most of them were older, a few MILF’s, and some really cute kids close to his age, but, still boring. He checked the time on his phone…still another half hour to go.

He decided to visit the bathroom to kill a little more time. He stepped into a stall, closed the door behind him, and sat on the toilet. As he sat there playing a game on his phone, he noticed some odd noises he didn’t usually hear in a public restroom. Glancing around, he noticed two shadows under the stall wall, coming from the same stall. Curious, he wondered if there was a way to see in the next stall without calling attention to himself. He then noticed a small hole in the stall wall where a screw had held a toilet tissue dispenser that was no longer there. He leaned forward and peeked through the hole. What he saw caused his cock to start growing again. There, in the next stall, was a woman on the toilet, and a man standing in front of her. She had his cock in her mouth, with one hand cupping his balls and the other feeling her own tits. Just like in his near-dream state last night, this man was humping her face, holding her hair, and forcing her to take his cock all the way to the back of her throat with each thrust. Without realizing it, he had grabbed his own cock and started stroking as he watched the show his neighbors were putting on. He heard her begin to moan as her partner began to grunt with each stroke.

Faster, deeper, deeper, faster he went. Finally, he pushed is cock in for its full eight inches and held it there as he pulled her face to him. Mark could tell the guy was cumming by the way he was grunting and rocking his hips. When he was done, the man pulled his cock out of her mouth, and she spent the next couple of minutes licking it clean. When she was done, she stood up and straightened her flight attendant uniform, then his captain’s jacket, and they left. Mark then noticed his own hand was covered with cum. Damn! Now he’s going to be late meeting the plane! He quickly pulled his pants up, washed his hands, and went to the gate.

When he got there, the plane had already landed and docked to the moving tunnel, and passengers were unloading. Worried he might have missed them, he frantically started looking around. Wait! Did he hear his name? He spun around, and saw his aunt just coming out of the walkway, followed by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. Was this his cousin? If it was, those pictures he had seen did not do her justice!

He gave his aunt a big hug, then she turned to the girl and introduced her as Megan, his cousin. She also thanked him profusely for agreeing to keep her company during the month. He looked closely at Megan. She had a nice body, and she knew how to carry it. Petite build, short at about 4’10”, tits that were barely mounds under the blouse. Hips that were proportionate to her body type. She was pretty, she was cute, and she was definitely sexy. It wasn’t the way she was dressed. She dressed fairly conservatively with a button-down top and a pair of jeans. And it wasn’t the prettiness or the cuteness. One can be pretty or cute without looking sexy. That’s it…it’s the eyes. He’d never seen a fifteen year old look at him with eyes like that…eyes that gleamed with a look he couldn’t quite put his finger on. What *was* that look? What did it mean? Mark thought about it, and realized it was a look that told him they were going to have more fun than he ever, ever imagined.


2015-05-19 23:48:55
I agree with the majority.... more, please.

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2013-12-10 02:18:15
This story definitely needs at least one more chapter! I can't wait to read about Mark having his way with his cute cousin! Please continue! :)

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2013-10-31 06:47:00
17 is a bit old for someone who has completed their sophmore year. Should be 16.


2013-10-31 03:42:20
Please a part two needed

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2013-10-30 23:56:43
You need to continue this story. Just as the cousins meet, the story ends.

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