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The opening of an timeless love story.
This is a story with a little sex, not a read and wank story. Please enjoy anyway! OD

Here I sit. Still. Naked. Alone in the darkness. Only where my feet and buttocks and my back touch the stone do I feel any sensations at all. The cement is cold. The wall is rough. The air is ancient and damp. There is a stench that emanates from the small hole somewhere across the darkness where I am required to relieve myself when the urge overcomes me. The rest of the time I keep my arms wrapped tightly around my knees and I clutch them to my chest and I lay my head on them. In this stone cell, this is only way to feel any comfort at all. I have become so accustomed to sitting like this that I can sleep easily in this position. I learned early on that when I stretch out it's too cold and damp in my solitary confinement to get any rest.

Fear not, I do not suffer in my incarceration. The isolation and darkness are no concern to me. Being alone in this cave in the bedrock, this windowless cell deep underground, far from human contact doesn't concern me. Far from it. Being isolated keeps me safe from people like you. It won’t do to have you stumbling on my human form while I am away from it. Being isolated far from other people is the only way I can get any real rest. I am not like you. I am different. I am a Wanderer. You don't know anything about me. Until now, you had no idea I existed. Until right now you didn't know my kind existed. And that is how we like it. Your ignorance allows us to wander.

When I sit here, safe and isolated, I allow my thoughts to travel. Sometimes back to the beginning, when I was a small child and too small to know anything about anything. Back to when I discovered my ability to wander about, free from my tiny body. Of course I didn't know I was different at the time. To me it was as normal as breathing. My mother would lay me down in my tiny crib and I would go to sleep like any normal infant. But when I woke, instead of crying out, I simply left my body behind and went and snuggled against my mother’s welcome bosom. As I grew older, I found that if I wanted to be somewhere, I could go to that place, leaving my body behind. If I wanted something, I would just think about my desire and I would appear next to it. I could grab it and bring it with me back to my body. I never thought I was the only person who could do this. Years later I found out I wasn't.

My ability as a toddler initially caused a lot of arguments between my mother and father. Each accused the other of leaving me in a crib full of toys or a room full of treats and sweets. They didn't realize that I was doing it until they started putting me to bed as a team. They would leave the room and I would wander over to the toy box and pick out a few toys and wander back. When they came back in the room, they were shocked to see me playing with toys that were moments before on the other side of the room. They began devising tests of my talents, hiding things further and further away, but they couldn't find a place far enough away. Even putting the toys in boxes and shipping them across country didn't help. I could find them and bring them back. Finally they decided that they would try to stop me from wandering. It would have been easier for them to stop me from breathing. That wouldn't have worked either, as I found out later.

Other than being able to have what I wanted when I wanted it, wandering for me wasn't that big of a deal. It never occurred to me to hurt someone or take something that wasn't mine. As I grew older and my world became larger and I grew out of my egocentric existence, I discovered that I could do other things.

When I was ten years old, my mother's father passed away suddenly. She was crying when I came home from school and without realizing it, I wandered over to her and curled up in her lap. It was an act of compassion and fear. I wanted her to stop hurting and I didn't know why. It scared me. As her tears fell, I could feel her pain as my own and with a simple thought I could understand why she was so sad. She missed her father so much. So I focused on being with him. My wandering entity traveled out of time and space. I went to my grandfather to bring him back. I didn't know that he was separated from his body when I found him. While I am in my wandering state, only the objects of my desire are clearly defined. Everything else appears as if in a foggy haze.

"Grandpa, mama misses you. She wants to say goodbye. She is so sad."

"Shep, she can't see me anymore. I've passed on. I don't understand why you are here and I don't understand how you got here. But you aren't supposed to be here. You need to go before you are discovered." He had real concern in his tone. I remained unafraid. There was something different about him, like he was with me and he was somewhere else. It was my first time meeting someone else in a divided state.

"Don't worry Avo. I will bring you to mama. I will show you the way." I called him Avo, which is the Portuguese word for Grandfather. Instinctively I knew speaking to him in his native language would calm his unease. "Don't worry. You aren't supposed to be here either." How I knew this I do not know. But I could sense his separation from his earthly self and I focused on finding his other part.

In an instant we were back at his body. It looked so empty and sad without my grandfather living in it. I wondered for a moment if that's what I looked like when I wandered.

"Do you know how to go back together, or do you want me to help?"

"Sheppard, I cannot go back to my life. My body is used up. I have died. I must go to where my ancestors have gone. I must join with them. I can hear them calling from the place you will someday come after a long and full life."

"That's not true grandfather. If you want to come back, just say you wish it so." He laid his hand on my head and smiled.

"If you had the power, I would wish it so. But you are not real. This is some trickery for the newly passed-over to endure. I know I cannot return."

My grandfather was wrong. I thought about my grandfather back in his earthly body and I could see inside and see the damage to his heart and his arteries and his veins. It was nothing at all for me to imagine him strong and vibrant again and so it was. The empty body my grandfather had left behind was rejoined to his living soul. Now it would last him for a long time. He coughed and he gasped and sat bolt upright, clutching at his chest and arms. He looked around but he could not see me. In his living body I was still invisible to him. I hadn't learned how to make my wandering form visible at will yet.

In the next instant we were both at my mother's side. She screamed and lurched backwards at the sudden appearance of her father.

"Don't be afraid, meu amor," he calmed her, calling her 'my love' in Portuguese. "I am really here. I don't know how and I don't know why. But I am here." He reached out and allowed the warm flesh of his hand to brush the strands of hair from my mother's cheek. Feeling his touch she grabbed his hand and pressed her face against it.

"This cannot be. You are alive. You are here and warm. How can this be so?"

"I do not know. I only know Shep brought me here."

My mother looked at me. "You did this?"

I nodded.


I shrugged my shoulders. "You were sad. Your heart said you wanted Grandfather. I found him and brought him here." For a moment I was afraid I had done something wrong. I didn't have to read her mind to know that she was thrilled I could bring her the gift of her living father. She clutched me to her chest in earnest and squeezed. She reached out and grabbed her father and pulled him close too. It was the first time I was ever in the presence of indescribable joy. It was overwhelming for my ten year old senses. But I knew I wanted that feeling again.

For the next six years I dabbled with my ability from time to time, but for the most part I limited my wandering to short adventures like places I was reading about in school. While the rest of my classmates remained firmly anchored in their chairs, I went to China, Antarctica, Italy, the Amazon, wherever I wanted. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that I discovered I could wander into time itself. We were studying medieval times and I was intrigued chivalry and jousting. I wanted to see knights battle for myself. Suddenly I was in the Norman French countryside watching two noblemen tilt at one another from the backs of massive horses. It wasn't nearly as romantic as I thought it would be. It smelled foul and so did the people of the day. It was not my favorite place to wander and I found myself back in my seat shaking my head. I did remember the time travel though. That was interesting.

The second thing I discovered that year was girls. Not all girls, just one. I wasn't really a typical teenager. I hadn't really thought about girls at all. I was too preoccupied with the things I found interesting. Girls weren't interesting at all yet.

Ellie Windstrom was the exception. Ellie was a wisp of a young woman, tall and lithe and only at the cusp of womanhood. She had hints of curves that would blossom into her womanly features. Her hair was ash blonde, nearly white, and hung straight to her over her shoulders and nearly to her waist. It caught the light and shimmered as she walked. She wore one-piece, knee length dresses and light sandals. It was just a coincidence that we shared a birthday. As much as my heart desired to be next to her, I never wandered into her mind. I never read her thoughts. I never peaked at her in private. I just adored her from a distance and every so often I could catch her sneaking a peek my way, but I would quickly turn away. Ellie was the only girl I thought of when I thought of girls, which wasn't that often.

But at sixteen years old, I began to notice she was a late bloomer like I was. I had such a strong desire to enter her mind and find out if she liked me in the same way I like her, but my fear of a finding out she didn't kept me out. I thought it was better to hold onto hope that someday it might be, than to find out there was no chance. Ellie Windstrom remains the only person I ever showed that restraint for.

At sixteen I had other hobbies that kept me busy. My greatest indulgence was the ocean. I had discovered swimming and surfing at fourteen. I loved the feeling of being in the surf, riding the power of the ocean, taming the faces of big waves. Since school was so easy for me, I never felt compelled to pay attention in class. While in school I could wander off and surf for thirty or forty minutes while my classmates remained glued to their seats, forced into old fashioned daydreams to escape the droning lectures. While they endured the tedium, I spent most school days surfing at various beaches in my side of the world. The remaining great surf spots were in darkness while I was in class. As a result of my ability to wander, I became a pretty good surfer. I thought I was much better than I really was and that's when I discovered something else.

I had wandered to Oahu's North Shore early one Saturday afternoon. It was early in Hawaii and I arrived when the swell, powered by a massive storm in the north Pacific, began to stack up on the beach. Huge curls were crashing in long rows. The surf kept building. I couldn't help myself. Ignoring the dangers I followed a couple of locals out into the fifteen footers and started ripping. Since it was a Saturday, I pulled my corporeal body along and it was really me powering through the North Shore pipeline. I rode wave after wave as the swell continued to build. The fifteen footers were long gone and now only a few of us were riding the twenty-five footers that had taken over. This was a full pipeline curl and I was intent on riding in the barrel, riding in the eye of the wave as it curled around me. What a stupid thing for a dumb kid to do.

I was tired, the light was fading, the surf was becoming dangerous and the really good surfers had gone in. They had warned me to come in but I couldn't. This was too much fun. But I promised I'd be careful and I'd only ride one more. I waited until a monster began to show and I put all my strength into getting me and my board into the right position to drop in. As my board nosed down the face, I rose to my feet and felt the monster rising from the deep behind me. I knew it was going to be a killer ride.

On the beach the locals and the tourists stood shoulder to shoulder and watched as this skinny mainlander kid rode across the face of the biggest curl of the day. I was in the pipe. I took the time to admire my surroundings, the blue green wall of water on my right that I was touching with my right hand. The deafening roar of the white frothy surf on my left as the wave crashed over my head. The board kept trying to turn left, away from the wave. I kept my balance on the knife edge, cutting the face of the wave at angle. I smiled. I decided to show off a bit and cut higher up the face to gain a little speed. I was going to shoot out the end of the curl before the wave came apart and buried me in the washing machine. I switched to goofy foot, for me, right foot forward, trying to showboat. In a blink of an eye, my board abandoned me. The monster wave ate me and pushed me down into its gullet, right to the bottom. Before I had time to get my bearings and kick up, the next wave pounded me. I was trapped in the bottom of the most dangerous surf of the year and that's when I discovered I didn't need to be in the air to be able to breathe. I just thought about air and my lungs filled up. Interesting. Handy. Cool. I smiled. I could have just transported to the beach, but instead I thought about my board and it came. I climbed onto my board and let its buoyancy slowly push me toward the surface through the froth. I was under a long time before I took matters into my own hands and broke the surface. I paddled in and grabbed my board under my arm and walked up the beach. The people that were certain I was dead in the surf stood amazed. No one said a word. I walked up the beach, stepped between two houses and then I was gone.

The bodily functions of my corporeal body pulled me back into the present. I direct the flow to the corner where the sewage hole is. I will eat later. Not here of course. Someplace warm. Someplace outdoors. Maybe a cantina on the beach in Cuba. I am free to choose anywhere I desired. After relieving my bladder, I decide to wander in my own history again.

I choose to wander back to my eighteenth birthday. When I wander through time, I have to make a decision. I could either watch myself have the greatest birthday of my life or I could join with my earlier or later self and relive the whole experience. I have rejoined myself at other periods of my life. When I do this, I tend to change the outcome and that changes the memories, which I find annoying. This time I opt to observe.

I remember waking up and taking a shower and admiring how much I had grown since I was sixteen. I had sprouted up to 6'2 and though I was still not huge, I had put muscles on my entire frame and it felt good to be young and alive. After four years of daily excursions, I looked like a surfer and a swimmer. I checked myself out in the mirror. I had a triangular patch of pubic hair on my groin and a smattering of blonde chest hairs. The hair on my head was pretty well bleached golden from my frequent surfing. I had a great all over tan except where my wet suit trunks kept me white. My cock wasn't huge when flaccid, but my frequent teenage erections were almost eight inches and not thick or thin. I had seen other young men my age naked all over the world and I wasn't the biggest by any means. But I thought my cock was well made and I was eager to use it for its other intended purpose. Just looking at my image in the mirror stopped the blood flow in my penile veins and caused it to engorge. As a feat of manhood, I hung my damp bath towel over my erection and walked proudly from the bathroom.

I got dressed and headed to school. As I walked in the same side door I always used, a familiar face caught my eye.

"Happy Birthday Shep," said the prettiest girl I knew.

"Happy Birthday Ellie," I replied with feeling.

"What are we going to do for our birthday?" she asked.

"We? I didn't realize WE had plans to celebrate together," I replied. "Did I forget something?"

"Sheppard Delgado! How often do we turn eighteen? We have to do SOMETHING together. We HAVE to. It’s a special occasion for both of us!"

"Sure Ellie, whatever you want." I had always longed for some kind of sign from her that she might be interested in me. Some sign that she might feel that consuming love in her heart for me that I felt in my own for her. For an instant I was tempted to look into her mind and her soul, but I was still reluctant. I couldn't bear to know if she was just being nice or if she had deeper feelings for me.

"How about PARIS!" she giggled.

"Sure, sounds nice. How about an out of the way café not too far from the Eiffel Tower? Or do you want to have lunch on the tower itself?"

"Ooo, on the tower would be great. See all of Paris spread out before us."

"You realize when we get there it's going to be dark, right? Paris is seven hours ahead of us. It will be dinner time. Is that OK?"

"Sure, whatever Shep. It's just a fantasy after all." She would find out how wrong she was, but I wasn't going to spoil her surprise.

"Meet me in the senior parking lot 4th period. We can go to lunch. OK?"

"Sounds like we finally have our first date," she replied. She leaned in quickly and gave me a quick peck on the cheek which stopped my heart from beating. What did she mean by "finally"? I was so stunned by the kiss and the feelings it caused, I failed to wander at all for my first three class periods. When the bell rang, ending third period, I walked quickly down the hallway that led to the senior parking lot. Ellie had beaten me there.

"Are you ready to go to Paris for lunch?" she joked.

"Sure," I replied. "But before we go, I need you to trust me."

"Of course I trust you Shep. We've been friends forever."

"Ellie, some things might happen at lunch today that might seem strange. I don't want you to be scared; I want you to just go with it. If anything happens that seems like too much to you, I want you to say 'ruby slippers' and I will bring you right back to school. Okay?"

"Okay," she replied slowly. "Now you are being weird."

"If you only knew...." I took her hand and pulled her close to me so I could reach around her waist. I didn't really need to do it, but I thought it might be cool to add for effect.

"Behold!" I said, waving my hand dramatically at the carpet of lights far below us. "Paris, City of Lights." Ellie blinked and staggered slightly. I kept my hand around her waist to steady her.

"What kind of trick is this? Hypnosis?" she asked.

"No, not quite. This is Paris and you are standing on the Eiffel Tower. We can have dinner at the restaurant behind us, or we can go down to the streets to this lovely little café not too far from here."

"Seriously Shep, how are you doing this? It all looks so REAL."

"It does, doesn't it? Let's enjoy it while it lasts." We strolled around the observation deck high above the city. I held Ellie's hand and I didn't see much of the sights. I was too busy drinking her in. The sky was threatening rain and it took me a second or two to convince the heavens that a starry night was more romantic. A couple more seconds and Paris was free from all of the pollution that keeps the brilliance of the stars from really shining. The tourists on the platform hardly noticed the changes, though some were thinking that the farthest reaches of Paris were now my sharply defined.

"I'm hungry," I lied. "Let's eat before this all fades away. What are you hungry for?"

"I don't know, Shep. Why don't you tell me what I am hungry for?" she replied, looking at me strangely. I took it as an invitation to read her thoughts and when I did, it felt like an electric shock ran through me. Her thoughts were carnal and animalistic. She was hungry for me in a way I was unfamiliar with.
"If that's what you really want. Maybe we should go someplace private. Close your eyes." When she did, I moved us to a small hotel in the center of Paris. Well-appointed rooms, comfortable beds and discreetly out of the way.

"Open your eyes." I waited for her reaction. Her reaction was to kiss me in a way I had never even imagined. Again the electricity ran through me, making me tingle everywhere. I pulled her close. So close that I could feel the swell of her breasts, the flatness of her stomach, the swelling of her mound as it pressed against my groin.

Things were happening so fast, so I slowed them down. I slipped into her mind and found her hunger for me was driving her as crazy as my hunger for her. I broke contact.

"Ellie Windstrom, I have to confess. I have loved you forever." I looked into her eyes and hoped she would understand what I was saying. What I was asking.

"Sheppard Delgado, I have to confess. I have loved you forever. I have loved you from the moment we met as children. I have wanted you to notice me and to like me and to love me since we met. And since this isn't real, I don't mind telling you, I want to get you naked and ravish you. You are so fucking HOT!" She giggled as she confessed, mocked, and excited me, all at once.

"I think we should both get into our birthday suits and celebrate properly," she said as she wriggled out of her dress. She slipped her hand behind her back and her bra came loose and she slipped it down her arms and to the floor. The slipped her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slid them down her thighs to step out of them. She must have removed her shoes at some point, but I missed it entirely. There she stood, long and athletic. Her mons pubis was covered with a triangle of hair much like my own. At the junction of her legs with her hips, there was a gap where I could see daylight. Her delicate labia were barely visible through her pubic thatch, but there were firm and engorged, betraying her sexual excitement. Her breasts weren't huge, more like saucers than bowls. Her nipples were small circles of dark crimson and jutted out, begging to be suckled. They fit her perfectly. She was as gorgeous as I imagined. I pulled my shirt off over my head and slipped out of my board shorts, naked underneath. My cock was standing at half-mast, eager to join the party, but reluctant to crash.

We stood there naked before each other. We each took a step closer and then again and again. I cupped her face in my hands and tilted her head back and kissed her deeply. She responded by circling her hands around my head and pulling our mouths even tighter. Our bodies touched and the electricity intensified. I could feel her mons press against mine as my cock slipped into the gap between her thighs parting her labia. Realizing the source of my pleasure, and I couldn't stop myself from growing to my full height and girth. My cock rose between Ellie's legs until her unsullied pussy stopped its upward progress. She moved slightly and the sensation on my shaft was delightful.

Our tongues did the dance I knew our bodies would soon be echoing. Almost without realizing, I inserted myself into her mind. Whatever she desired, I gave her. I could feel her love and her passion rising. My own passion was feverish. When the moment was perfect, I guided her to the bed and lay her down softly. I climbed on top of her and her legs parted to allow me position myself. I continued to kiss her and we shared our thoughts. She didn't consciously understand we were sharing both our souls and our bodies. She did understand that this was no fantasy of her losing her virginity. She didn't understand it. She didn't care. She just wanted it to go on and on. This was better than any fantasy she'd ever had. She was floating in rapture.

My cock pressed against the exquisite opening over her tender cunt. I felt her hand move between us and guide my cock to the entrance proper, my cockhead parting her labia. Her hips adjusted to the correct angle for full penetration as she raised her legs to circle me. I could feel her calves and heels on the backs of my thighs. I pushed in until I could feel her maidenhead blocking my advance. I closed my eyes and the two of us joined. We each could feel everything the other could feel. I could feel her discomfort as my own. She could feel everything I could feel. All the animal desire to just pound my shaft into her like a spike, all of the excitement of the first taking, and my concern for her comfort, all intermixed with the raw desire. She felt it and wanted it as much as I did.

Without speaking, we each worked to overcome the resistance of her hymen. She pulled me in, I pressed in slowly. As her hymen began to yield, I pulled the pain from her head and put it into my own. It made me stop pressing in. Free of the pain, Ellie made a sudden shift of her hips and spurring with her heels she forced a thrust on her own. We were nearly joined. I pulled out and thrust again and we were entirely joined.

I pulled my lips from hers and looked deeply into her eyes. Without speaking we communicated a deep and enduring love. All of my fears evaporated when I saw she had felt them too. We intertwined physically and spiritually. We were connected to each other from that moment forward in a way that marriage could only mock.

My thrusts into her were met with thrusts back from her. My cock was sliding in and out with the rhythm of the ages. I knew what to do to allow her to enjoy the first sex of her life without regret. She knew what to do to make my virgin experience remarkable. I took my weight on my elbows and tweaked her nipples, making her pussy buzz in response.

This wasn't going to take long. We each had our own passion and shared the added passion of the other. We barely could contain ourselves. In just a few minutes we were both ready to explode. Birth control wasn't discussed because she realized that she would either get pregnant or not based on whether she wanted to or not. In the entire universe, we knew we would always feel unassailable when with each other.

I quickened the pace and our pleasure intensified. She was breathing in guttural gasps, almost grunts. I realized I was holding my breath, using my underwater breathing trick to maintain my oxygen level. Just as I was about to let it go, I felt her fingers press on the flesh at the base of my cock and that was all it took. Wave after wave of semen flooded the deepest reaches of her pussy. Her cunt responded by releasing its own orgasms of pulsing energy. Her pussy gripped my cock, milking it for every last drop of fluids.

My breathing was heavy and I lay sweaty and exhausted across my birthday mate. Ellie hugged me closer and closer, trying to join us as one body.

"That was real, wasn't it?" she asked from under me. "I mean, this isn't a fantasy at all, is it?"

"No, meu amor. It is not a fantasy. It is real. Is that okay for you?" I was concerned I had imagined her desire.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I had only imagined losing my virginity to you, but it was never this good in my fantasy. Never." She seemed so earnest I had to laugh.

"It's not funny," she said poking me in the ribs and rolling me off of her.

"Yes it is. You have to know I was so in love with you forever. I always fantasized making love to you too. You are right. This is much better."

She rolled me onto my back and straddled my stomach.

"How soon can we do it again?" she asked, reaching behind her to grab my slick, semi-hard cock.

"Right now if you want," I stated. Her hand on my cock had brought it back to life.

"I want." She slid her ass backwards over my hardening cock, rising up to allow the head to slip up into her freshly slickened cunt. My cock slid in easily. I let her take control of the pace and timing. I concentrated on massage her firm breasts and thighs. She leaned back and put her hands on my thighs near my knees, thrusting up and down at an angle that brought contact to her g-spot at the end of every stroke. Her orgasm built slowly as she rocked her hips up and down on my shaft. When I pinched her lovely nipples her pussy had a microgasm. We made love for a long time, but it was still too soon that she was coming in wave after wave. I let her enjoy this one alone, content to be the provider and not a passenger.
After a few minutes of orgasms, she slowed her pace and opened her eyes. The look she gave me was the same a tiger gives its prey right before it is devoured. She slipped off of my cock and knelt between my legs. With a single gulp she had devoured my entire shaft into her mouth and throat. Her hair spread out along my waist and legs. I could feel the heat of her throat as my cockhead scraped the inside of her mouth. She squeezed my balls and that was enough encouragement for me. I powered my orgasm into the back of her throat and she didn't spill a drop. She milked my cock for more until I was well and truly spent.

She snuggled up into crook of my arm and laid her head on my chest, fingers tracing lazy circles on my stomach.

"Happy birthday Shep. I love you."

"Happy birthday Ellie. I love you."

"I'm hungry Shep. You promised me lunch."

"Yes I did. Let's take a shower and get dressed." We took a nice hot shower together. We laughed and we tickled and we helped each other clean our private parts. This nearly led to a third round, but the grumbling of our stomachs shouted down the passion in our loins. We got dressed and I told her to close her eyes as I drew her close to me.

"I don't want this to end," she confessed.

"It won't," I promised.

Back in my solitary cell I stopped reliving the past. That first time was so exquisite and so rare. I wrapped that memory up and put it away. I was getting hungry and chilled. It was time to get warm and get something to eat. I wandered out of my cell and started walking down a beach on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. There was a resort with a new chef I was dying to meet. From what I had been told, she was delicious and filling.
It was evening in Punta Cana when I arrived. Here my tattered clothing didn't look that out of place but I still took a moment to help myself to some loose white linen pants that I rolled halfway up my calf and a raw silk shirt in a creamy white with no collar. The surf here is dead. A coral reef a couple hundred yards off the beach keeps the rollers from knocking the tourists around. Since I am a surf junkie and the people who seek to use me or do me harm know that, it makes this beach relatively safe. Ahead I could hear the island music being played on steel drums with trumpets and guitars and a woman singing about love in a mixture of Spanish and Creole.

Before I reached the source of the music I left the beach and approached a large open sided restaurant attached to the resort I was trespassing on. No one challenged me as I approached the pretty young hostess in her island print skirt and white peasant blouse pulled off her shoulders. I have always found Dominican women to be gorgeous. All shapes and all sizes, all have beautiful and generous spirits. The hostess guided me to a seat near the beach, semi private and away from the families that piled in, sunburned and talking loudly. For her consideration and professionalism, I touched her hand and wandered into mind.

I have several talents, powers if you will. I can travel at will in corporeal or non-physical form. I can go anywhere in the universe if I can somehow get the image of where I am going in my mind. I can manipulate everything and everyone around me. I can move things, change memories, implant things, control emotions, and connect on such a visceral level it's as if we share the same body and soul. Even though I can heal with a touch, I seldom use this talent. To do so would be to assume the role of God and I am not going there.

Because my talents began to manifest before I could speak, I suppose I was born with them. I have travelled in time for my entire lifeline and I have not found any reason why I am special like this. I only know now that there are others like me and they seek me out at all time.

My Dominican hostess was Isadora Valente. She was 22 years old and had been working at this particular resort for seven years. From just a touch of her hand I knew all that and more. I also discovered a couple of nasty memories from her childhood involving her uncle and her older brother. She fled her family home to work at this resort because of them. I took those memories from her left behind an affirmation in their place. From that moment forward, if a man touched her, she would feel beautiful and desirable, not worthless and dirty. In return, when a man felt her touch he would feel virile and invigorated. She would no longer seek out abusive relationships and when the right Juan came along, she would know it. She became aware of our physical contact. Her eyes caught mine and her big smile became a little more coquette and her eyelids lowered, making her even more appealing. She turned slowly from my table, breaking the contact I had with her hand. She passed through the crowd like wisp of smoke on an evening breeze, touching male guests as she floated by. I could sense the male sensuality increase as Isadora made her way through the crowd.

My waitress approached with a bottle of water and a local rum cocktail. I looked about the room and could see most of the adults imbibing in the same cocktail. I accepted the bottle of water and refused the cocktail. Instead I asked for a double scotch on the rocks. As she turned to walk away, out of habit I closed my hand on her wrist intending to tell her thank you and found myself standing in her mind out of habit. Her name was Theresa and she was in distress. She was pregnant. The father was the son of a hotel guest who had gone back to his own country unaware he had sired a son. She knew that she would be fired for getting pregnant and her parents would push her out of their meager home in disgust.

I closed my eyes and cast myself into the room full of vacationing families. I kept searching the young couples and the small families until found one I needed. From Akron, I discovered a young couple was married only five years and were trying desperately to begin a family. The woman was the child of a mixed race couple and the man an heir to a small hardware chain fortune. He was completely impotent. It took only a few seconds for me to move the developing fetus from one womb to the other. I removed the memories of the pregnancy from my waitress and replaced them with a night of dancing and drinking where her one-night-stand was instead a gentleman and great kisser, nothing more. She left to pour my scotch.

For the Garnett’s of Akron, it took some coaxing in the new mother's womb to kick off her hormones and turn her body into a baby making factory. The mother and fetus were the same blood type and convincing her endocrine system not to reject the new growth inside her was simple. But the rest of her body hadn’t been in the pregnant mode, so hormones were missing. It wasn’t as easy to convince her internal systems to welcome the new passenger, but I literally had all the time in the world. I was just finishing up when my waitress returned. She placed the drink in front of me and stood facing me, as if waiting for further instructions. I raised my gaze to hers and I could sense she wanted to say something.

"Sir, I know this is strange, but when you asked for your drink you touched my arm, something happened. Would you mind touching my arm again? Just so I can see if what I felt was real or not."

It was rare for someone to even notice my presence, let alone request it. I think that Theresa might have some wandering talents herself that were either weak or dormant. I granted her request.

I laid my forearm across the corner of my table, allowing my wrist to extend past the edge, palm up, inviting her to touch me if she liked. She lowered the back of her hand into my palm tentatively and closed her eyes. I slipped into her mind and found a lusty desire there. Clearly she was a sexual creature. I tucked that handy bit of information away for later. Now I could see how the son of the tourists found her so easy to seduce. I put a thought into her head and she moved closer the table until her hip touched the side of the table and my upturned fingers were resting against the part of her skirt over her pubic mound. Her body was blocking the view for most of the other diners. It was dark at my table and our interchange was deep in shadow. With a simple suggestion I turned the attention of the rest of the people in the room to the people at their tables only. We now had complete privacy in a crowded beach restaurant.

My fingers stretched out slightly to make firm contact with the curve of her pussy through her clothes. With my increased pressure, I brought her a wave of pleasure and let it electrify her nervous system. I locked her gaze in mine and gave her a five second fantasy that felt like hours of pleasure but when she tried to remember it, it would only be recalled as a sexual daydream. She climaxed immediately and I could feel the heat of her orgasm radiating from her sex. I could smell her orgasmic excretions. Her breath caught in her throat and she bit her lip. Her legs shook. She held her breath and her hips bucked against my hand. Her eyes closed involuntarily. I removed my hand from hers and released her back to reality.

She looked at me for some sign that her brief sojourn into ecstasy was real, but I kept my face placid and did not reveal my part in her orgasm. I didn’t consider this cheating because I was only giving pleasure, not sharing in it. It was a kindness, not a betrayal.

"I hear you have a wonderful young chef. If she is free, could you ask her to come to my table? I would love to meet her before I order. I have a special request for her."

My waitress nodded and backed away. She was uncertain as to what had just happened because the echo memories told it was real. In a few minutes my requested visitor appeared. All heads turned as this beautiful young woman dressed in tropical print chef pants, a loose fitting white chef coat that failed to hide her either her sex or her sexuality and short black toque approached my table. This was the chef I was here to see.

"Oh my God! Shep! What are you doing here?"

"I was in the neighborhood so I thought I would drop in for a bite. Know of any place a guy can get a good meal?" I replied as I rose to embrace the woman I would love forever and marry never. Ellie Windstrom was a rising star in the culinary world, all on her own dime and not at all from my ability to manipulate time and matter. We held each other tightly and I allowed myself to melt into her and her into me. We shared both body and spirit with that embrace. These moments of joining, where we are two souls intertwined and we aligned everything, even our heartbeat, were the moments I cherished most. It was love, passion, desire, want, fulfillment, intensity, and surrender all rolled into one. I wandered us both out of time and lingered in the moment for an eternity before putting reality back to right.

"I miss you so much," she whispered into my ear.

"I miss you too. It's dangerous for both of us for me to be here. A few hours is all I dare. Then I must go."

"I understand," she said as she lowered her head. "Someday you will come to me and never leave. Someday."

"Yes, someday," I said, knowing it not to be a lie.

With my abilities I know I indulge myself with Ellie. I could remove all traces of me from her, all memories, but I don't. She is the one habit I refuse to break. And if she were ever found by my enemies, they would stop at nothing to use her to try get to me. My talents, even among wanderers make me an unstoppable weapon. While greedy, powerful men would make use of my talents if they could, I will never allow that to happen. I have travelled into my own future many, many times. Each time trying to find a way for Ellie and I to be together sooner. In every future certain events must come to pass before Ellie and I can be together.

In order to protect Ellie and to protect me with her, I let part of me wander through the beach resort and fashion a network of people connected back to me. If another wanderer attempted to control someone in the resort, it would immediately transmit a message to me, giving me precious seconds to erase my tracks and escape back to my underground cell before things got out of hand. Those pursuing me had been close before, but I was getting better at detecting them. I also worried that they would grow more sophisticated and come at me in a way I could not detect. I had no fear of anything in the known universe. My fear was the unknown. Their earlier attempts to persuade me or capture me had gotten out of hand.

People die around me when things get out of hand.

"Let me make you something special. What do you have in mind?" said Elle, pulling me back into the present.

"I'd love to spend the night making love to you and feasting on what you have under that uniform."

"Keep talking like that and you will have to take me to bed or lose me forever."

"And a Croque Monsieur wouldn't be too difficult would it?"

She slapped my arm for insulting her culinary talent by ordering a grilled ham and cheese sandwich made famous by Julia Childs. She turned on her heel and stalked off to the kitchen. Back in her familiar element, she created a battery of dishes, each more succulent and flavorful than the last. My stomach groaned in protest as I did my best to enjoy every possible morsel. I raised my napkin and waved it in a gesture of surrender.

I enjoyed another scotch and was working on my third when Ellie came out of the kitchen for the evening. She had removed her jacket, displaying her gorgeous if smallish breasts in a tropical tank top. Her breasts defied gravity and needed no coaxing from a bra so her jutting nipples were on display through the thin material. The few male diners and most of the remaining female diners appreciated the view as much as I did. Ellie was gorgeous.

We left the restaurant on the ocean side and walked down the beach until the resort was out of sight. Off to our right we could see a few lights in the thick jungle undergrowth. This part of the beach was unkempt on purpose to discourage the guests from wandering around the cabanas set aside for the most talented personnel employed by the resort. We found the almost hidden path that led to Ellie's bungalow and followed it to her current home and went inside.

"This is very nice," I observed. "Quiet, secluded, not far from the water, it must be great."

"It's not the same without you Sheppard. I feel so guilty for living like this while you live on the run."

"It's not as bad as you think. I wish I could take you to all the places I have been and let you see all of the things I have seen. The universe is a filled with amazing things."

"How far have you been?" I waved my hand across the ceiling, indicating the sky far and far beyond.

"I can take you there if you like. They really are some beautiful sights."

"No thank you! I am an Earth Girl." She crossed her arms and put her foot down with authority.

I entered her mind and gave her memories took her to the Moon, then Mars, then the moons of Jupiter. I let her live my memories in the first person, as if they were her own.

"That's amazing. How did you do that?" she asked, breathless from her memory ride.

"It's not that hard. I just have to remember create an atmosphere around me and replenish the oxygen from time to time. Getting the gravity to match the first couple of times was a little strange, but when I think about it, a solution usually comes to me."

"Enough bragging. Since you won't be here for long, I need what only Sheppard Delgado can deliver." She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled my stomach, peeling off her tank top in one smooth motion over her head. Those firm breasts wiggled free, scarlet areolas at full erection. She released her long hair and let it cascade over her shoulders and onto my chest as she leaned in and kissed me with deep longing. Her pelvis was doing a slow grind on my wakening cock. I could feel it growing in my loose linen beach pants until it stood straight up from by body, pressing into the groove of her groin and ass. She started to dry ride my erection, never breaking our kiss. Just when I thought I could take no more, she raised her leg and her hip and scooted down my body, breaking our kiss. She pushed the bottom of my raw silk shirt up, exposing me lean chest. She kissed and nibbled my skin, biting my nipples in turn. She kissed her way down the center of my stomach and lowered the waistband of my pants, releasing my erection into the seaside air. She licked down on side of my shaft and around my balls and back up the other side of my cock. It was exquisite and delicate. When she got back to the tip of my cock, she opened her mouth and plunged the entire damp length deep into her throat in one shocking thrust. Her hair pooled on my stomach and down my thighs as she started driving her mouth up and down on my hard cock. She slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed them, just to let them know she was thinking about them. I could feel her nipples grazing my thighs on each deep suck. I was ready to cum, but I made myself wait, bringing my orgasm back from the brink.

I flipped her over onto her back in one swift move. I stood up at the end of the bed and pulled her legs until her ass was over the edge of the bed. I let my pants fall to the floor and kicked them away. I pulled hers off over her hips and then hooked my fingers in the side of her panties and removed them both with a cooperative lift of the hips from Elle. As I knelt down to return the oral favor, my cock slapped her cunt and I felt her twitch involuntarily. I buried my face in her sweet smelling pussy. It was nearly hairless except for a little groomed patch in a diamond shape right above her slit. I pressed my nose into that tight patch of hair and stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. She spread her legs wide in response, sliding her hips further off the edge of the bed and putting more pressure on my face. My tongue swirled and dived, darted and dug. I could sense her release coming.

I let my saliva and her juices slip from her cunt down the crack of her ass, lubricating the light brown rosebud guarding her ass. I moved my face lower, keeping my nose in contact with her clit and started lapping her from her ass to her cunt, making her wetter and more receptive. I slipped my tongue into her ass and could feel a small orgasm in response. I replaced my tongue with just the tip of my middle finger. I worked it around, not trying to get deeper, just trying to focus her attention on the pleasure of the ass play. I moved my mouth back to her cunt and pressed my thumb into her sex. In just a few minutes, the intensity of her clit and her cunt and her anal ring being simultaneously massaged was too much. Her orgasm would not be denied. Her hips bucked against my face and her head thrashed on the bed. I could feel her heels digging into my back, spurring me on and warning me off at the same time. I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy and lapped up the juices streaming there. Her cunt bucked against my face, trying to force my tongue deeper into her. I let her writhe and convulse until she was fully sated and then drew back. I placed my chin on her pelvis and waited for her to return to the present. When her eyes opened and she looked down at me with my head between her legs, she smiled.

"You are such a turn on. Now can we fuck?"

I stood up on my knees and put my cock against her wet cunt. I waited.

"Don't be a tease, Shep. Fuck me." She wiggled her ass, trying to slip my cock into her pussy. I increased pressure with my hips and my cock slid in a little. Her cunt, though moist, was still tight. I withdrew and pressed again. And again. Each time coating a little more of my cock with her pussy juices. Soon I was all the way in on each slow stroke. I could feel my cockhead pressing her spongy vulva. Ellie gripped the edge of the bed and rolled her legs back and spread them wide to give me maximum angle and ease of penetration. Her grip on the edge of the bed kept her from rocketing across the room and the elastic of the mattress allowed her to spring back at me. It was like a game of paddle ball, me bouncing her, her bouncing back, all on the length of my cock. This wasn't love making, this was fucking. Not animals in heat fucking, lovers in lust fucking. We were enjoying ourselves as much as two people could.

The eruption from my balls was sending messages of its impending arrival. I could feel the throbbing and clutching of Ellie's cunt as it milked my cock in its own state of arousal. A few more thrusts and all hell broke loose. I buried my shaft deep into the woman I loved and let the hot cum pour deep into her. She answered in kind, still bucking and thrashing. Each time my cock twitched, Ellie climaxed again.

I could sense her exhaustion and took pity on her. I slowly withdrew my cock and guided her up onto the bed and lay down beside her. She rolled on her side to face me and we kissed, intertwining our arms and legs. Her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock pressed against her stomach, and her hot damp cunt straddled my thigh. We fell asleep like this, two lovers naked in a tropical paradise. I was content and I was in love. I let me guard slip for just a little while, confident we were unlikely to be discovered.

Three thousand miles away, we were being observed. A wanderer with my ability to leave their body and travel without moving had been shadowing my girlfriend without stop since she has been discovered. She had been in the restaurant with us, in the cabana with us and had watched our passionate lovemaking with interest and jealousy. No one, she accurately assumed, would ever make love to HER like that.

I don't know why I couldn't sense her. I don't know why I didn't feel her disturbance as she left to tell her handlers where I was and what I was doing. I did feel the huge ripple in time and space as she and a dozen others suddenly appeared in the jungle around our cabana. My eyes didn't open and I didn't twitch a muscle, but in a long instant, I knew who they were and what their intentions were. With a thought I put markers on them so I could know where they were at all times.
I projected myself into all thirteen of my assailants and spoke, mind to mind. "If you do not leave this instant and never return, you will each die as will all of your families." Instead of fear, I sensed---- ridicule and disdain. I was a little shocked by this. My threat wasn't idle and they knew that. Still they came.

Ellie tensed next to me and I felt her terror. In a less time than it takes to form an idea, we were gone, leaving our assailants contemplating two human shaped shells I left behind. As we traveled I felt someone following. This was something I hadn't previously encountered. I had never considered that other wanderers could follow our path through time and space. I decided to see how good they were.

With thoughts faster than a computer can calculate, I took us on a series of jumps in and out of time, from place to place through the universe, into and out of dangers and hostile environments, and I could sense my pursuer falling way. A few thousand more moves and whoever they were would be gone for good. After ten minutes of leaving a trail of bread crumbs around the universe, I jumped on my own trail and started pursuing my pursuers. I had the advantage of knowing where they had to go next in order to follow the trail I had left just minutes before. If I could catch them before they found where I had rejoined my previous path, they might not put two and two together and know they were now being followed.

When I was within reach of their minds, I leapt forward and joined with them. There were five pursuers and my intervention into their inner beings caused them to lose their respective trains of thought and come crashing to a halt. I was angry and they responded in a panic. I scoured each mind for every useful ability and memory they contained and then left. What I left behind were empty shells. Not stupid, not injured, not dead, just empty. I had severed their wandering souls from their living bodies and then cast the unfettered souls into a volcanic abyss on planet so far from Earth that they would forever think they were in Hell. I wasn't kind enough to leave the souls together, where they might accidently find each other and take some solace. I put them far, far apart where they will remain alone. Devolving into a madness that will never be relieved until the universe itself was remade. I made sure the living bodies would be found wandering in the African desert by bandits and each would be used as a fuck toys by every horny diseased African for a thousand miles.

Free from my pursuers, I put Ellie in my cell and left to deal with the reality of my assailants. With the information I had taken from them, I first went to their homes and wiped all evidence of their lives out of existence. Children, spouses, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, everything. Gone in seconds. No shadow or hint of them remained. This is the side of me that makes my self-imposed exile tolerable.

Next I returned to the scene of the initial attack, back in the Dominican Republic. From high above I seized control of the remaining eight attackers and repeated with them what I had done with the five pursuers. They ceased to be. From my thirteen attackers I was able to glean who was the power behind this and every other attack. I knew who it was, where they were, and what their purposes were.

And I knew that my attackers had been sent to die and to give me that information. It was a trap and it was obvious. The message was clear. My enemy wanted me to know that they could predict my reactions and had accounted for them. There was only one type of wanderer that could do that. Only a time traveler like me could see so much into the future and the past to see and predict with any accuracy what I would do next.

So I did what I was sure they didn't expect. I gave them exactly what they wanted.


I leapt across the miles and found myself in a cozy office appointed in muted browns with touches of yellow and peach. The air was fragrant with perfume. My enemy had her back to me, staring out into the night, wondering how the battle fared, since her mental connection with her thirteen assassins had been broken. She didn't have to turn to see me; she need only drop her eyes and see me in the reflection on the window she stood in front of her.

"Hello Sheppard. My name is...."

"Lillian. Lillian Lazarus," I interrupted.

"I see you have talents I did not realize. Am I to assume all of my thirteen best assassins are dead?" she asked without turning.

"Assassins? Don't you mean mindless minions? Of course they are dead. Just as you knew they would be."

"Far from mindless. I need to send word to their families through the appropriate channels." She looked in the reflection to see my reaction to the killings.

"I've saved you the trouble. They have no next of kin."

"Of course they do," she corrected. "And they have a right to know that their loved ones gave their lives for their country."

"Suit yourself. They have no next of kin and their next of kin has no next of kin either."

"What are you saying? Did you.....?" Her voice trailed off in the realization as to what I inferred. She stiffened and turned.

"Those thirteen each had a portion of your talent and they knew the risks in attempting to bring you in. But the families, why did you destroy the families? It was HUNDREDS of people! You are far and away the most talented 'wanderer' as you call yourself, why did you kill all those people?"

"Do you think now is the time for empty flattery," I asked while contemplating the demise of the woman in front of me. "Those people are all dead because I warned your assassins and they wouldn’t. I warned them what would happen to their families. When I ran, they followed. They threatened me and the woman I was with. I warned them and then I did what I threatened. Are you all that surprised?"

"Not surprised. Amazed. Merely stating the obvious. My thirteen Shadow Assassins have never been beaten, never tied, never tested. Yet you destroyed them all in less than fifteen minutes while protecting the woman you love and never even getting your hair mussed in the process. Never in the Seven Ages has the likes of you ever been." She turned for the first time and locked her eyes into mine.

I could sense her attempting to gain control of my mind and mix with my soul. Her attempts were clumsy and ineffective. To let her know I found her attempted intrusions to be an insult, I crossed the short gap between us with a thought and seized her pleasure zone. I stroked and teased and the waves of pleasure that her physical body responded with took her entirely by surprise.

"Wha...wha...what are doing.....t t t to me?" she asked through her first orgasm. "How can you be doing this at all?" Her knees buckled and she fell. She landed on her knees with her legs spread and her heels under her ass. Her shoulders slumped forward and her head lolled to the side, like a marionette dropped on the floor. Even though I wasn't controlling her muscles, she hadn't the strength or the will to move her arms. I walked across the room to a brown leather couch and took a seat. As she knelt limp and powerless, arms at her sides, I entered her virgin cunt with a thought.

"Ohhhhh!! OHHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! My God, what is happening to me? I never saw this at all........ I never knew this could happen...... I never knew I wanted this to happen...... I-I-I I am commmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg!" For the first time in her seven thousand years, Lillian Lazarus tasted earthly pleasure.

After several smaller aftershocks, Lillian found the strength to control her limbs again.

"Can I stand up please?" she asked, knowing full well that a being capable of giving her such pleasure could also give her ten-thousand-fold in pain. I nodded.

"May I ask you a question?"

Again I nodded.

"Why do I still exist?"

An interesting question. Not that it didn't convey a certain logic on her part, but I really hadn't considered that she still existed at all. I was merely toying with her until I decided how best to dispose of her in a punishment to last another Seven Ages.

I shrugged. "I guess because I am not finished with you yet. I am going to ask you a few questions first. It doesn't matter whether you tell me the truth or not. I will know the truth when I hear it."

"First, who am I? Second, why am I?"

She sat in the facing me, crossing her legs and contemplating her answer.

"You are that You are," she finally said, looking pleased with her answer.

"Are you trying to convince me that I am a god? Or THE God? I can assure you that I am not God or even a lesser god. I am just a young man making his way through existence as best I can." I laughed at her obvious misconception.

"I am Lillian Lazarus. I have lived Seven Ages waiting for your return. I am the Alpha. You are the Omega." As she spoke her eyes lost all of their white. Inky black spheres probed at me, attempting to find a way to enter my mind. I gave her a short mental slap on the forehead and her eyes returned to normal.

"You are off your freaking rocker, that's what you are. Seven Ages. Alpha and Omega. I don't know what you are smoking, but I'd take a bowl to go." I laughed at her in ridicule. "Neat trick with the eyes though."

"Sheppard Delgado, you are my other half. I am the Resurrection and you are the Judgment. Together we will bring an end to the Seventh Age of Mankind and herald the Eighth Age: The Age of Atonement." She was losing control of herself again.

"You are right, I AM Sheppard Delgado. I am a Wanderer, not the end of an Age. I will not be bothered again with the likes of you. Amusing as you are, you are threat to yourself and others. You must no longer be." With that decision made, I reached into her earthly body and tore her soul from its bonds.

That, I am afraid, was a big mistake.


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