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The tentacle demon receives an unwanted visitor.

Claire pulled away from the Institute gate, on her way home. It was already getting dark. After several long weeks of work, she had finally finished all of the analysis of Lauren's remains. The data she collected was very interesting and very puzzling. She was turning it all over in her head, trying to develop a theory of how it all fit together and what she could do to- was that car following her? You don't normally see a lot of traffic out here in the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path of the main roads. Claire decided to head into town rather than straight home. Her tail stayed with her through a variety of turns. Clearly it was following her, though given its complete lack of subtlety the driver obviously wasn't a professional. She decided it wasn't worth calling the base for military backup. She would handle them herself, whoever it was.

She pulled into a shopping center and parked at a fast food restaurant. The other car parked at the family restaurant next door. Claire opened her glove box and grabbed her flashlight and handgun, transferred them into her purse, then left her car and went inside the restaurant. She headed straight out the other door on the far side of the building, and walked a large circle around the parking lot to approach her follower from the other side. The driver was still inside, keeping watch on Claire's car though binoculars. Claire knocked on the window with the gun and ordered, "Get out of car." The driver jumped, startled, then seeing the gun she opened the door and got out with her hands up. "Why were you following me?" Claire demanded as she turned the flashlight on to get a good look at her stalker. It was an Asian woman, young and very attractive.

"Don't shoot! I- I'm sorry, I didn't know how else to get in contact with someone from the Institute," the woman stammered.

"Who are you?" Claire asked.

"Dr. Nikki Sabimura, I'm a psychiatrist that works with the military. I'm the one that handles all the cases caused by the monsters that they send to you, among other things," she said, nervously fishing her military ID badge out of her pocket for Claire to inspect.

Claire lowered her gun and relaxed a little. "Alright, it's nice to meet you Nikki, but what are you doing here? You obviously have a high clearance level but it shouldn't be enough for you to know anything about the Institute."

"It's not, actually, you're right. It took a lot of doing and calling in several favors to track down its location. I came to ask your help."

"Go on, then, but this had better be good or you're in quite a bit of trouble," Claire warned.

"Okay, it's like this," said Nikki. "A big part of my job, other than your creatures, is counseling military women that have been sexually violated by other military members, oftentimes their CO. It happens a lot more often than most people expect. Of course I was trained in school to deal with rape cases, but they always make me feel like I can't completely connect with the victims, I can't fully sympathize. And then I had a session with a college student named Monica Stern. She's doing much better now, by the way, but the more I talked with her the more I wanted to experience firsthand what she had gone through. I'd always suspected all those horrible beasts I hear about are brought somewhere for study, possibly even kept alive. So I began hunting for this place, so I could find the tentacle monster and be attacked by it."

"If you wanted to play rape, why not just find a guy who's into S&M?" Claire said incredulously.

"I don't have a boyfriend right now to ask, and looking for some strange guy off the internet to do something like that is too creepy. Besides, once Monica told me what happened to her, rape with a guy seemed, well, tame," Nikki said.

Finding a guy to pretend rape her was creepier than overreaching her security level to get pretend raped by a tentacle monster, all so she could relate better to genuine rape victims of normal human men? Claire sighed. This was way more than she wanted to report to Nikki's superiors about. Easier just to go along with it and be rid of her. Gruthsorik was approaching the point when he would need to fuck somebody again anyway. "Alright then. If he agrees to this I'll let you do it, but we have to keep you under the radar. Do you have a hotel room? Tell me where you are staying."

- - -

Two days later Claire pulled past the guard shack as she did every morning. Today, however, after she parked he car she popped her trunk open and helped Nikki climb out. "How exciting, just like a real abduction," Nikki said. Claire resisted rolling her eyes. She led her into the building and through the halls to Gruthsorik's cell, all camera feeds shunted to the hidden partition with a newly expanded version of her original macro. She had done some checking up on the eager young counselor. She was Japanese-American, which seemed terrifically appropriate for what she was about to do. Just like Claire, Nikki had been recruited pretty much straight out of school only a few years ago, when the previous military-monster trauma shrink retired.

Claire unlocked the cell's inner door and let Nikki inside. She was wearing a military uniform she had gotten from somewhere, or at least some costume shop's approximation of one, with a duffle bag slung over her shoulder. Gruthsorik, at Nikki's request, was also doing his best imitation of an officer, someone that would be in a position of authority over her. "Sabimura, good, you're here," Gruthsorik said, playing his part. Instead of his usual unassuming human face, his features were commanding and intimidating. He actually did manage to look ruggedly handsome, Claire thought as she slipped from the room.

"Yes sir, reporting as ordered, sir," Nikki responded with a snappy salute, dropping her bag to the floor.

"At ease, soldier," Gruthsorik said as he walked up to an uncomfortably close distance and began to examine her. "You know, despite what the uniform code says, I think you'd look much better with this down," he said as he removed the clips from her black hair and let it fall down to her shoulders.

"Yes sir," she replied dutifully.

"And you could stand to open this a little," he said while unbuttoning her shirt, revealing her ample cleavage.

"Yes... sir," Nikki said, more nervously.

"There, that's better," Gruthsorik said as he leaned in to kiss her. Nikki let him for several seconds, then pulled back.

"Sir, you're making me uncomfortable. I don't- I mean, we shouldn't be doing this," she protested.

"Nonsense," he replied. "Be a good girl for me and I'll look after you. You have a promising career ahead of you in our unit, you wouldn't want to jeopardize that, would you?" He started to force himself on her again.

She screamed, "No!" and slapped him. Pretending to suddenly realize she'd just struck an officer, she blurted, "I-I'm sorry sir, that won't happen again, please don't report me, I'll do anything!"

"Oh, anything, is it now. Impudent girl, I gave you a chance," Gruthsorik snarled. "Enough of this." Tentacles lashed out as he began to transform out of his human shape. Nikki screamed as the tentacles captured her in the usual manner and stripped her bare. She pleaded for him to stop, to let her go, and screamed again as the tentacle entered her shaved pussy. She struggled hard at first, but it seemed the deeper it went inside her, the more she had to remind herself she was supposed to be fighting back. Screams turned to moans, and as her rectum was breached by a tentacle, it pushed her over the edge into orgasm. When the tentacle came for her mouth, it found it wide open with continuous sounds of pleasure coming out, and had no trouble at all diving inside. Not much longer after that Nikki's body shook with another orgasm, followed by Gruthsorik's and the outpouring of sticky cum (rendered infertile again by the weeks without sex) that it released all over and into her.

- - -

As Nikki lay on the floor in the standard post-tentacle-coitus daze, Claire and Gruthsorik conversed in whispers through the cell wall. "It was exactly what you thought might happen," Gruthsorik said. "She enjoyed herself a little too much, and deep down she was eager. What you said before, is that really what we're going to do with her?" Claire nodded slowly.

- - -

After a good rest, Nikki got up and used the shower to clean off. The cell was still stocked with towels from Lauren's stay there. Nikki headed towards her duffle bag, but saw it had been moved to the cell's entryway, with Claire blocking the closed door. "Hey, why'd you move my bag, my change of clothes is in there," she said.

"I told you before," Claire said sternly, "you've committed a serious offence. You don't have clearance to even know about this place. Now that you've seen it, I'm not permitted to let you leave. You're mine now." Claire threw her lab coat off with a flourish, revealing the large black strap-on dildo she was wearing. A long sleeved black fishnet shirt, with nothing underneath, and thigh high shiny black leather five inch stiletto boots completed the look. "Mine, and his."

"N-no, you can't, you never said..." Nikki stammered as she backed away.

"Sorry," Claire shrugged, "my hands are tied. Well, actually, no. Gruthsorik!" The demon responded in a flash, tentacles grabbed Nikki's wrists, pulled them over her head and then down, forcing her onto the floor on her back, arms spread eagle out to her sides. "Your hands are tied," Claire finished.

"Wait! Stop!" Nikki yelled as Claire mounted her and rammed the dildo home into her pussy. Claire pounded her artificial cock into the girl beneath her, watching as tears already began streaming down her face. "Pleeeeease, noooooooo!" she whined.

"Shut the fuck up, whore!" Claire shouted and slapped her hard across the face. Nikki whimpered, grunting as the big black tool rocked back and forth inside her. Claire fucked the helpless girl as fast and hard as she could, until eventually she couldn't keep it up anymore and began to slow down. "Alright, enough of that, time for something else." She unbuckled the harness from her body, leaving the dildo inside Nikki's pussy, and moved up until she was straddling her face. Nikki howled in protest as Claire dropped her dripping wet pussy onto her face, smothering her. Nikki squirmed the best she could, trying to fight, but Gruthsorik sent tentacles to hold her legs down as well. Claire raised herself up and commanded, "Lick me!"

"What? I- I can't do-" Claire cut her off with a face full of her pussy, smothering her again.

Claire stayed down long enough for Nikki's lungs to be screaming for air. Before she pulled up, she repeated the command. "You want to breathe, slut? Then lick me!" Nikki sobbed, but stuck her tongue out and took some slow tentative licks across Claire's pussy. "That's right, good girl," Claire encouraged. Claire started moaning as Nikki reluctantly started eating her in earnest. Finally Claire panted, "Yes, you're going to make me cum! Suck it! Suck my pussy! I'm cumming!" She bucked her hips on Nikki's face as the orgasm rolled through her, while the tentacles that had reached under the fishnet to fondle her breasts allowed Gruthsorik to share.

"Time for the other one," said Claire as she adjusted her position on Nikki's face. Nikki squealed as Claire's asshole came down on her open mouth. She began moving her tongue across it though, and Claire moaned in appreciation. "Yessss, lick my ass, slave. Just like that, oooooooo!" She beckoned to Gruthsorik with her hand, and when he offered another tentacle she pulled it down to her clit. Within minutes, her moans turned to screams as she came again.

Claire leaned back to catch her breath, and heard Nikki beg from between her legs, "Please, please let me go. I swear I'll never tell anyone about any of this. Please!"

Claire let out her best sinister laugh. "Not a chance. I'm not finished with you yet." Claire turned around into a sixty nine position, and mashed her pussy into Nikki's face again while she clamped her lips onto her clit. She took hold of the dildo and started thrusting it into Nikki's pussy while her tongue went to work. Nikki let out an agonized moan of reluctant pleasure as she dutifully resumed licking Claire's hot, wet cunt. Claire kept at it until she felt Nikki's body tremble beneath her in unwilling orgasm. Then she got up, turned around to face Nikki again, and squatted over her. "Time for the big finish," she said, taunting the helpless woman.

"Please... no more..." Nikki sobbed, her face completely wet with her tears and Claire's pussy juices. Claire moaned quietly as she relaxed her bladder. Nikki screamed, "Noooooooooooo!" as the warm piss flowed over her tits. Claire lifted herself up a little and let the golden shower pour over Nikki's collarbone. Nikki turned her head to the side to avoid the stream and cried and wailed, barely noticing the sharp jab of the hypodermic needle in her arm, then her world faded to black...

- - -

Nikki awoke with a start, screaming, "No don't!" as she sat up in bed, her arms out in front of her for protection. The sheet fell from her bare breasts as she realized she was back in her hotel room. "What?" she said in confusion.

"Hello, sleepyhead," Claire said from a chair across the room.

"You? How... did I get here?" Her eyes went wide as it started coming back to her, and she shouted, "What the fuck! How could you do that to me?!"

"Oh, it wasn't easy. Not like it's easy for Gruthsorik. I've been letting him fuck me, willingly, eagerly, for so long I tend to forget that the women and girls he usually has his tentacles inside are scared shitless and trying to fight him off not knowing if their lives depend on it. Other than the obvious, that's the major difference between rape play and real rape, you know, knowing or not knowing what's going to be done to you next and what's going to happen to you after, if you're safe or not. I've watched him do it, and I admit I've thought, 'Gee, wouldn't it be interesting to try it myself.' But I'm just not cut out for that level of sadism, to put another person through that hell. I found that out. Watching it and actually being the one dishing out suffering onto a terrified human being are very, very different things. Gruthsorik thrives on it, but he readily admits to being a creature of evil, capable of cruelty without hesitation or shame."

"You pissed on me!" Nikki yelled angrily, on the verge of tears again. "And raped me with that strap on! And told me you were keeping me locked up as a sex slave forever."

"Yeah, I lied about that. Instead I stuck you in the arm with a tranquilizer, cleaned you up, and dragged your ass back here. But it had the desired effect. The fear, the panic, fighting back for real. The shattered trust in cases of acquaintance rape. The violation of forced sex isn't pleasant, but those things are the real trauma, aren't they, Doctor. Do you think you can relate to your patients now?" Claire said coldly. "You came to me. You asked for it. And you clearly weren't getting it from those tentacles."

Nikki looked crestfallen as she realized that Claire was absolutely right. She had set herself up for this, to an extent, by using that as justification for coming here. She remained defiant, though, "I hope you don't expect me to thank you for what you did to me."

Claire stood up and walked to the door. "No. What I expect is for you to learn to be careful what you wish for, and to keep your damn fool nose out of places it doesn't belong! Now go home, you stupid cunt." She left the hotel room, slamming the door behind her to punctuate her message. The whole thing had been a massive annoyance, but at least Gruthsorik had fun, and she learned something about herself too, along with the pointed reminder of just what kind of monster she was keeping in her cell. She headed home, looking forward to a night of searching out lesbian BDSM porn on the internet. After all, the girls in those videos know the agony they are getting into and are completely willing, some even eager. They use safe words and everything. That makes it totally different, right? Maybe watching enough of it would quell these urges she was having...

Continued in Chapter 12: Cat

- - -

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2013-11-09 16:51:31
Great story, and an awesome streak of cruelty added to Claire's character!
Keep it up, Perv!!!

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2013-11-04 08:12:42
I like to think that when it comes to abusing an unwilling victim, she does consider it a line she won't cross again. When I wrote the end to this chapter I found myself lampshading the glorification of rape inherent to the traditional tentacle genre. The real world equivalent is a horrible thing, and Claire sees this and feels guilty for what she did. Yet the physical aspect of it stuck with her, and she knows people do that sort of thing and more in a fully consensual manner. She's worried about blurring the lines between the two, she doesn't want to feel more guilty from watching submissives get used and abused, but her willpower isn't enough to keep away from it.

Glad everybody's still enjoying things. Chapter 12 is on the short side, even for me, but it picks up again after that.


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This series is addictive at best, and at the very least, excellently written. Chapter 11 is different, just like the previous chapters. That's one of the things I love about this series: you don't repeat the same plot line twice. This time, the focus is more on the psychological aspects of rape and the lengths certain people go to satisfy their professional curiosities; in this case, a psychiatrist wanting to relate to victims of monster rape by actually getting raped by a monster herself! Astonishing and right on the dot. I don't know how you do it. Otaku, you rock hard!

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nice twist at the end......maybe her new found love of lesbian bdsm could lead to her kidnapping women and raping them with Gruthsorik or eventually her desires to dominate women get the better of her and Claire finds herself wanting to become a demon like Gruthsorik.

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