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Mom Story

By Blueheatt

….I had a great mom. She was a single mom for a long time now. She had boyfriends come over and I got to listen carefully with my ear on the wall, as they fucked in her bedroom. She moaned quietly and I got an instant hardon listening. I of course, as teen boys do, I wished it was me fucking her. I quietly went back to bed and always had a good wank thinking of fucking some girl I wished I had, but slowly I thought of the taboo thing… having sex my own mom.

….I compared notes with some of my buddy’s and they too, had wanted to fuck their moms, but then it passed as we grew up more and girls took over our desires. My desires did too…but not all together. My buddy’s who had seen my mom told me how lucky I was to have a hot mom like that.

I still had a hidden desire to have sex with her….and then late one night I heard my mom making noises like she was having a bad dream. I got up and went and looked in her room. It was dimly lit as she had the covers off, and was feeling her own tits and rubbing her pussy.

I had never seen my mom completely naked. She was awesomely hot looking. Perfect big tits, hot legs and a dark bush. I froze….taking in a view of the woman I had wanted to fuck so bad for so long. I had on my pajama bottoms and my cock stuck out like rock hard. I thought about jerking off, peeking around the doorway and watching her as did it.

She was mumbling as she must have been having a sex dream. My hidden horny desires for her went sky high.

I wanted to get closer. I wanted a vivid picture in my mind as I planned my wank. I was breathing hard and got brave. I carefully laid down beside her, watching her closed eyes and beautiful face smile as she felt herself up. It was quite a show for me. She then suddenly flopped her arm out and felt me. She stopped, then her hand started slowly feeling my tummy. She started pulling me to her and held me tight. She turned and now both of her hands were feeling me up.

She must have thought I was the guy in her sex dream. She felt me all over and took one of my hands and put it on her tits. She moaned a sexy moan I had never heard before, right in my ear.

I just let it keep going as I was getting so fucking hot. The more I felt, the more she moaned.

I went for it and started slowly kissing her tits. She pulled me in tight, then guided my lips to her nipples. I gently sucked her firm nipples. They were so heavenly.

I slowly put my hand closer and closer to her pussy. I was waiting for her to move my hand away any second….instead she put her hand on top of mine and gently moved my hand around right on her pussy. It was so warm and damp as she parted her legs some. She kept a quiet moan going. Next she moved one of my fingers in her slit. She moved it inside. She was wet in there and my dick was throbbing, it was so hard. She held my finger and moved it all around in her pussy. Her pubic hair was getting all slick now.

… I had to lick her pussy, I couldn’t resist it. I thought...don’t wake up now and stop all this. I slowly moved down and put my face between her legs. She opened her legs wide. She moaned and let me lick everything.

I had to go wank bad now and slipped out of her bed. Her eyes never opened as she just let her own finger continue She was smiling and moaning softly.
Mom’s thoughts…..

He went for the ’mom’s dreaming’ ploy I made up. I was so frustrated for so long, I had to do something. I had been slowly sexually attracted to my son for a very long time now. On the outside I was straight arrow and never did a thing out of place…but I couldn’t control these stray thoughts that would come in my mind. I would see him without his shirt on and look the other way. I would hum and try to think of something else. The thoughts were slowly winning as I tried to block them out…but they started effecting my wetness and my heart rate. I got little hot flashes at times when I folded his underwear doing laundry. The problem was I like all these feelings, and slowly gave in to indulging in them. I felt his boxers and rubbed the material where his dick would be hidden from my sight. I would catch myself rubbing up against the washing machine as it pulsed against my vagina.

It would sent me into daring to think about him on top of me and having….I had to stop and go lay down in my bed and let my fingers pleasure me with a ’faceless’ teen having hot sex with me. I was tired of denying myself the pure hot sex joy of a great orgasm just because it was my own son….

The son……

….Mom still had a killer body and was a very sexy lady to me. Still in her early 30’s, I couldn’t suppress the usual young teen fantasy’s about having sex with her. She somehow knew it and made me feel so comfortable with it. She started not closing her bedroom door. I could sneak looks as she undressed. She left the bathroom door open when she showered, and then the shower door. She was actually letting me see her naked. It was pleasure torture as I grew to want to fuck her more and more……

…She ask me one evening to come and lay beside her in her bed. She said quietly: “I see you looking at my legs, do you like them?” I got all embarrassed and she said: ”No, no, that’s normal for a guy to look at his mom’s body and imagine anything he wants. Don‘t be embarrassed around me, I kind of like it when you check out my body. What else do you like about my body.” I was to embarrassed to say anything, so she just continued. “Do you like my tits?…my little pink panties?….would you like to feel my body sometime?…I see you’ve got an erection. What was the thing about me that triggered it the most?”

…As she talked, my hardon just got harder. She said: “I had a dream the other night about you. You were between my legs. You were making my dream come true. That was the best dream of my life. I cant remember ever being that aroused, ever. You made me feel so good and excited. Let’s you and I make an agreement.

We both like hot sex. Now, let me tell you a little secret. You and I are both horny all the time. Here’s the secret….( we’ll just always keep to ourselves.)

…She whispered in my ear:

(“..I won’t say no to you from doing any sexual desired thing you want to do with me.’)

….She paused and I guess she wanted that to sink in my brain. She was right as my hardon was messing with any other thoughts. She just said I could do anything sexual I wanted with her My mind raced with all the things I would love to do with her. An endless list went through my brain in a split second. She continued:

(“The same goes for me. There are those times when we want to feel each other and a lot more. With this agreement, we can now feel free to do what our desires are. Do we have a deal?”)

…I froze with joy. I quickly whispered: (“That would be off the chart, it’s so cool, Yes, we have an agreement.”)

…I looked at her. She had a beautiful smile as I watched her chest go up and down breathing with excitement.

Mom thought…….

(…oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening just like I’ve wanted it too for a long time.)

…. “We’ll start tomorrow. We both need a little time to think and plan out all the new things we can do now.” I said.…

I finally got the courage to do it. Yes I had ’those’ thoughts like some mothers get about what my son’s sex life was like. I had the urge for a long time to teach him about sex, but just never had the courage to it. I had tried real hard not to look at him as he grew towards manhood, but I couldn’t stop the thoughts or the dreams I had.

…That night I tossed and turned thinking about us. I finally drifted to sleep…and started to dream. My dream was making it possible for him and I to have the sexual freedom to have my much desired sex with him. In the dream he was on top of me, kissing me and feeling my tits. It was giving me a thrill beyond anything I had felt before. I could somehow direct him to do any desire I wanted. I could just ‘wish’ he would feel my pussy and he would do it. I was having the ultimate dream. He was fulfilling every wish about him I ever had. I wanted to feel his lips on my nipples and he was doing it. I let him arouse me as I wished.

…I kinda knew it wasn’t real but somehow the feelings I was having were. It was building up and the thrills came with it. I had this excited breathing that just added to it. I could almost feel his warm breath between my legs and that really excited me. I felt his tongue go up and down my slit. When he licked my clit I orgasmed and jumped slightly it felt so good. I dreamed he put his………hardon….in…..

I woke up all hot and very wet…I had my finger in my pussy and rubbing it…..I drifted back to sleep, hoping the dream would continue…

…I wanted to fuck her right then bad, but she was right, I had a lot of thinking to do with our new total sex freedom. I gave her one more smile as I looked her beautiful body over. Damn, she gave me a sexy smile back as she looked me over one last time for the night.

…Just try and sleep after that. I had a hardon that just would go down. My mind went over and over all the things I wanted to do with her. I went over about how this would be ’top secret’ between us, and that thought was exciting.

No one would ever know, ….

but us…..


2015-02-28 17:35:00
you have to keep this story line going, I loved it.

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