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Life of a High School Guy
I was still living in the high; the aftermath of my first blowjob had me on cloud nine. I felt like I was drifting off, just floating in heaven, and I wanted to stay there forever. Little did I know there was more than the heaven I was given...

I heard the shower turn on which knocked me out of my tranquil state with a jump. I then remembered where I was, and why the shower was turned on and who was in it. Damn, it was Jessica. I couldn't believe she just gave me an amazing blowjob! The entire thing was on replay in my mind, and I sure as hell burned it into my mind for future reference.

I got up and stretched, yawning a little. I pulled up my pants and zipped them up; awkward if someone caught me with my pants down. Bored, I looked around, then saw my bottle of water, untouched. I was sure as hell parched, so I opened the bottle and took a swig. Then, for some reason, the words of my best friend Derek came back to me, and when I thought of it Jessica confessed to me in a way, and... damn, I am never gonna go three seconds without thinking about the blowjob!

Be more selfish, be a little forceful, get what I want. Well, shit, the girl of my dreams showering? There's no way in HELL that I am gonna pass up the opportunity to see her lathering soap on her sexy naked body under the stream of water from the shower. Shit, I was already getting hard thinking about it. So I creeped up the stairs one by one, silently walking on my toes, until I reached the top. From there I took a right toward the sound of the shower, and sure enough the bathroom door was slightly open, steam billowing out from the crack in the door. I snuck up to the door and slowly, ever so slowly, pulled it open without a sound. I peeped in one eye and saw a small bathroom with one sink, a toilet, and the shower right behind with a curtain. Jessica was singing one of her favorite songs, and to my disappointment I thought I could at least see something, but all I could see was her silhouette in the shower. The steam billowed over the curtain and the spray of water was hitting her full chest which dripped down to where her pussy was. I could see the water gather in a stream and trail off her pussy, dripping like a river into the shower floor. She seemed to be lathering her hair at the moment, but little did I know another time of my life was about to happen regardless of having a glass door on the shower or not.

When she finally rinsed out her hair, she stopped singing and took a deep breath. She seemed to look around, possibly at the door, but it did not seem ajar to her because she sighed a small sigh of relief. She then turned sideways, giving me a perfect view of her erect nipples just a few feet away from my peering eye. She pulled on her left nipple with her hand, a soft moan escaping her lips. She began to circle her areola while moving on to her right nipple, pulling it and giving it a little twist. She leaned back against the wall of the shower, which wasn't very wide. Thank the lighting and the angle she was leaning at, because I got a pretty good view of where her right had was going. It ran over her round breast, down her flat stomach slowly to her pussy. She began circling what seemed to be her clit, moaning more intensely and grinding up against the wall. She then stuck her middle finger in and began to slowly move it in and out. By now I had my dick in my hand and was whacking one off, timing my hand's motions with her hands. She began to masturbate faster and faster, and i jerked off harder as well until she screamed a short scream before covering her mouth, shuddering and collapsing against the shower floor. I moaned and got close to climax, but my moan blew my cover and she gasped and looked right at the doorway. She flung the shower curtain open, and I got a perfect view of her tits facing slightly downward, her erect nipples dripping with water while her wet hair clung to parts of her tits and shoulders. I also saw her swollen pussy, her lips puffed up, and a little haze in her eyes.

"Aaron! What are you doing!"

"Shit!" I exclaimed as I backed away from the door in shame. I simply stood outside while she dried herself off and came out of the bathroom.

"Aaron... you peeping tom! I had no idea you were that naughty!"

"Uh... I'm sorry... Jesus this is so embarrassing. I didn't mean to... er, I wasn't thinking... uh, I-"

"Aaron, really its okay. I mean I've already seen your dick AND I kinda sucked it, so... I just have one question for you."

She still sounded a little mad and I was sure as hell scared to death I was about to lose the girl of my dreams as anything... I mean I stooped to a really low level here, and I had no idea what her reaction was!

"Uh... yeah, what is it?" I half expected her to ask about why I peeped, but later I realized that she already knew! What an idiot I was!

"Did you like what you saw?"

"Uh... what?"

"Oh come on, did you love my little show?"

"Show? What do you mean 'show'?"

"Come on Aaron, I usually lock the door when I shower. Did you seriously think I FORGOT to close the door? I left it open on purpose! I hoped you would come up and watch me, and I saw the door slightly more open than I had left it, so I put on a show for you."

"You... you what?!"

"Oh come on, Aaron. You really catch on slow."

I spun around in disbelief, and got a serious piece of eye candy. She was standing in front of the door, steam still billowing out of the bathroom around her while she held her towel spread out like angelic wings, displaying her sexy body in all glory for me to see. We were so close that I could see the goosebumps on her skin from the change in temperature, and her perfect globes set on her chest as well as her tight, swollen shaved pussy and those long, smooth legs.

"Uh... Jess... Jessica, you... you're-"

"You're really funny aren't you? Well, do you want me or not? Because I can just go get dressed up and-"

I cut her off with a kiss, rushing to her and holding her in my arms. She dropped her towel and clung to me as we made out intensely. Here was the girl of my dreams, naked before me and giving me a really REALLY hard problem to deal with - if you know what I mean. I had to take the chance and rush her with what little courage I had, but luckily she went with it well. I felt her tongue trying to pass my lips, and I opened up slightly to allow her tongue to venture in my mouth. My tongue met hers and we wrestled for a while, and then I moved my hands down her back to her sweet, plump, juicy ass. I gave it a slight squeeze; it was firm like a sofa yet soft like a pillow. She broke the kiss and squealed, jumping up to wrap her legs around me as I picked her up and carried her to her nearby room.

In her room in the low-light setting, I set her down on the large bed gently. The bed was extremely soft, and the pillow was even softer, if that were even possible. It felt like the down of the puffiest birds in the world had stuffed the damn pillows, and that balloons and fluffy sheep stuffed the mattress. I set her down for her to bask in the light, and I took in all of her features; her pussy slightly open, her mouth smiling at me and her eyes shining, slightly glazed over; her large, round tits sitting on her chest, and her arms and legs slightly spread like an angel floating to heaven. I shoved down my pants and boxers and took off my shirt as she followed my movements with her eyes. She then beckoned for me to come, her arms stretched as if reaching for me. It was the most erotic thing I had seen in my life; her large, voluptuous tits pressed slightly together as her smooth arms stretched to me as if I was her entire life, and her legs spreading apart as well as her pussy lips slightly opening to reveal darkness among the pink lips.

I HAD to get a taste of that wonderful smooth pussy and its juices. I leaned forward, putting my face near her pussy, and I could feel its warmth onto my face. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked up and down the hole like it was a giant lollipop, and then I moved up to the little hood with her clit and began to circle it with my tongue. She moaned and grabbed my hair, writhing on the bedsheets. I continued to circle until I felt wetness on my chin, and looked to see her glistening honey dripping from her hole. I lapped them up; they tasted slightly tangy but also sweet, a flavor I already really loved. I smiled and continued licking her clit, my ministrations causing her to moan and shift around more and more, her pussy warming up and feeling hotter and hotter. I took my right hand and inserted my middle finger in her pussy, and it gripped my finger like a vice, her juices soaking it like I was sticking it in a cup of lukewarm water. Her pussy rippled along the length of my finger, and I added my index finger, spreading my fingers open and closed like a scissors motion. She squealed, moaned, screamed even, as I continued assaulting her pussy, until finally she shuddered and opened her mouth in a silent scream. Her pussy began to leak profusely, and then some juices squirted out and soaked my face and hand. She moaned and came down from her high, relaxing on the bed and smiling dreamily. I moved my face up her body, kissing her stomach and swirling my tongue in her belly button. I kissed up higher and even licked circles until I hit the bottom of her tits; I moved right and swirled my tongue up to her nipple and circled it. It was as hard as a ball bearing, and I took it in my mouth and sucked gently, and then a little harder as my left hand creeped up her body to her other nipple and tweaked it. She moaned softly, arching her back and pushing her tits into my face and hand. I let go of her left nipple and moved to her right, switching hands and sucking on her right nipple while tweaking the other. My right hand moved in circles, my index finger circling her areola like painting gently with a brush. Her nipples seemed really sensitive as she would moan louder and arch her back more, her hands clinging to me and her legs wrapping around my back. I moved upward, trailing with my tongue, until I found her lips and we stayed there, kissing gently. Eventually it became an all-out makeout session as her tongue found its way into my mouth and we were making out again, her tasting her own juices from her pussy.

My dick was harder than ever, holding its own and not even swaying as I moved about. I released the kiss and she gently caressed my dick with her hand, sliding it up and down the shaft. She looked up at me with her warm brown eyes, trust evident, and gave a nod. I pushed forward as her hand moved up the last inches, leaving my cock as it barely penetrated her outer pussy lips. I slipped inside of her with just the head, then slowly pulled out until I was barely penetrating her pussy lips, and then pushed in until only the head was buried inside her, and repeated this. I could see my dick actually pushing her pussy lips apart and watching it disappear inside her; this was a total turn on for both me and her as we watched intently. I began to slowly push deeper and deeper until I got another half-inch in and hit a barrier. She looked at me, nodded, and braced for pain. I pulled out almost all the way once more, and then plunged deep. She screamed and clung to me, arms and legs, and then whimpered a little. I was kissing her neck, waiting for her to calm down and to be relieved of the pain. I could feel warmth trickle down my shaft and knew that her blood from her hymen was leaving her pussy. After some time, she was breathing normally and sighed with content. She slowly bucked her hips, pushing my dick in and out of her slowly. I wanted to make this last; it was, after all, my first time as well as hers. Inexperienced as we were at the time, it was still mind-blowing and the sensitivity of it all was a great experience. Her pussy was warm and wet as it pulsed around my cock, constricting the head and my most sensitive parts perfectly as if God had created her pussy just for my cock. Her pussy walls rippled down my shaft with each thrust and breath she took, and it felt amazing. I began to fuck her harder and faster, shoving my cock as deep as all seven inches would go. She began to mewl under me, and whispered words in my ear.

"Yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes, yes, YES!" She bucked her hips under me, her thrusts meeting mine, and her tits bounced under my chest and her erect nipples brushed against my chest. I held myself up higher, staring at her round tits bouncing and her nipples swaying back and forth while her eyes were closed and she was moaning. I looked down to our connection and saw her smooth pussy completely engulf my cock with each thrust, her lips spread as far as they would go and clamping tight on the base of my shaft. Her hands no longer holding me close to her roamed across her tits until they found her nipples, tweaking them and pulling on them as they bounced up and down with each thrust. My dick grew as hard as possible, hammering her pussy now like a piston.

"YES. Aaron, FUCK ME HARD! Yes, yes, YES! Just like that! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Sex feels so good!~" she literally sang and yelled at the same time, which was a major turn-on for me. I hammered her harder and felt the cum boiling in my balls.

"Oh my god, you cock is so fucking HUGE! It's growing bigger and bigger! What the fuck is happening to my pussy... Oh my god ohmigodohmigodohmigodOHMYGOD! I'M CUMMING!!!" she yelled as her pussy clamped down hard on my dick making it impossible for me to move. I thrust as deep as I could, feeling her pussy juices soak my shaft and trickle down my balls. The pressure and pulsing on my dick was too much for me to hold off, and the cum built up in my shaft until it burst out the tip into her womb. The next spurts of liquid fire set of screams and moans for both of us, my heaven becoming a white explosion of billowing clouds. My cum splashed up her cunt and pooled inside as my dick continued pulsing for what felt like forever.

"Oh my god, I feel it! I can feel your cum deep in my pussy! Oh my GOD that is so hot!" she murmured as my dick began to soften inside of her pussy. I pulled out with a pop, and a pool of cum sank down her gaping pussy, leaking like a waterfall and mixing with the virgin blood on the sheets.

"Jesus, it looks like you cummed up buckets inside of me! But oh my GOD did that feel good!"

"Yeah, it fuckin felt great! Jesus Christ Jessica, I love you so much."

"I love you too, Aaron." She smiled at me, and we kissed again before lying there in her bed.

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