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Fable bodied, prick teasing, married celebrity sexpot cheats on her husband with a scumbag black Rapper and puts their careers and finances in peril. A Mexican billionaire steps in and offeres the couple a $3.0 million for her to put out to his six well trained donkeys at a three day sex orgy show in Tiajuana. Her very sexy mother urges her to take the whores fee and agrees to join her entertain the donkeys.



Hot-X’s mother-in-law, Michelle, had driven over to their condo late last night to help them cope with the public relations nightmare that had occurred during their guest appearance on yesterday’s TMZ celebrity talk show. To their shock and chagrin, during the show its mean spirited, diabolical host had surprised Cappuccino by demanding that she respond to the charges that a virtually unknown, ugly black Rapper, aka Funk-U, had made less that an hour ago, that she had cheated on her husband with him. Before she could get her wits about her, the antagonistic host had displayed on the show’s huge TV screens, several extremely graphic, damningly explicit photos that Funk-U had just released to the press. The pictures showed the two of them in a shadowy hallway, and then in a very cramped bathroom, engaging in wild, raunchy, filthy sex acts that were totally inappropriate for a married woman to be performing with anyone who wasn’t her husband. Unfortunately, when she did try to deny the charges, her scantily dressed attempts to explain it all away made her seem to be guilty as charged.

After Michelle had arrived last night the three of them had stayed up so late trying to come up with a plausible defense against Funk-U’s ribald accusations, and the confirming photos, that Michelle had elected to spend the night in their guest room.

Also viewing last night’s TMZ show had been Mexican billionaire, Don Francisco Ramos, one of the ten richest men in the world. As he had watched the spicy spectacle unfold, The Don had become completely enamored with Cappuccino’s voluptuous body and wickedly sensuous face. Those two fabulous, prick-teasing assets were made even more appealing, in The Don’s mind, by the wild, naughty sex acts she had been accused of performing with that wondrous, over-sexed body of hers, as well as her suck absolutely anything mouth.

As soon as the TMZ show had ended, the super-rich Ramos and his cousin had quickly done an exhaustive internet search on the oft-photographed Cappuccino, which resulted in Don Francisco deciding that he had to have her bring that spectacular body to Tijuana next weekend to star in a three day sex orgy extravaganza that he was throwing for his, well trained to fuck human females, Mexican donkeys.

Accordingly, early this morning The Don had his cousin contact his company’s pussy soliciting San Diego lawyer, Miguel Perez, and direct him to immediately search for, and find, Hot-X’s LA agent, Maury Shine, then go and meet with said agent, today, and make his client an offer he couldn’t refuse, for Cappuccino to be the only female participant in next weekend’s six donkey sex orgy.

Perez had successfully found agent Shine’s address, went to his office, gave him a $50,000 bribe as an incentive bonus to make sure that the slimy, money grubbing Jew would help Perez talk Hot-X into letting his wife participate in the, over-the-top, beastly sex extravaganza. He made sure that Shine didn’t disclose that donkeys would be what Cappuccino would be fucking, electing to hold off on providing that piece of shocking information until he was able to meet with the couple, face to face.

Then, to the astonishment of the well bribed, now very cooperative little rat of a Hollywood theatrical agent, Perez had announced that his client was offering to pay her $3.0 million for her sexual services at the demented orgy. When the sleazy Jew had digested that astounding news, Perez had him call Hot-X and advise him of the offer, then invite he and his wife to come to Shine’s office and go over the details of his client’s proposition.

When Hot-X had shared the news of the offer with his wife and her mother, the wise, financially astute, extremely practical mother-in-law had convinced him that he and Cappuccino should go and meet with the billionaire’s lawyer and hear out the specific terms of the offer, and find out exactly what kind of, undoubtedly demeaning, sex acts she would be required to perform to earn that enormous amount of money.

This course of action having been agreed upon, the very excited Cappuccino had purposefully dressed herself up to flagrantly flaunt her voluptuous wares. When they were ready to leave for Shine’s office, X had invited his fable-bodied, ex-porn star mother-in-law to go with them to provide the Mex lawyer with a second fantastic body to ogle and be tempted by, while she listened to the terms of the deal and then give them her wise counsel and advice. More than willing to be supportive in any and every way necessary, Michelle had readily agreed to go and do all she could to help them out, including letting the Mexican lawyer fuck her curvaceous body, if that was needed to help close the deal.


When ready to leave, they decided that Michelle would drive them to Shine’s office and then, after the meeting was over, she would go directly home to her husband while they grabbed a taxi back to their condo. As he rode in the back seat of Michelle’s Jaguar, X was quite relieved that he had allowed his mother-in-law to talk him into letting Cappuccino get screwed for the $3.0 million the ultra-rich Mexican was offering her, no matter what kind of, so far undefined, sex acts she would be forced to perform for him. With that major decision having been made, X was now looking forward to signing the agreement then relaxing until it was time for him to go and enjoy watching his sensationally stacked, prick teasing wife get royally screwed over by, what he assumed would be, a bunch of rich, gang-banger Mexicans, in Tijuana next weekend.

Meanwhile, in the front seat of Michelle’s luxury sedan, the two stunning, superbly curved, provocatively dressed, very adaptable sexpots were also very happy with the decision, and were now just anxious to find out what type of sexual debauchery the mega-rich Mexican planned to put Cappuccino through to earn the $3.0 million. The practical minded mother and daughter both very well knew that, even if the couple wasn’t in financial trouble as a result of Cappuccino’s unrestrained, rampant promiscuity, the Mexican’s offer was way too much money for the daughter to turn down, period. They were of like mind that Cappuccino had to take the money being offered, and then submit herself to the hard fucking that would undoubtedly follow.

When Michelle pulled up in front of the agent’s office building there were no parking spaces available, so she told them to get out and go on in and she would find a parking spot and then join them in the agent’s office. X scrambled out of the back seat and opened the passenger door just as Michelle reached over and ran her left hand under her daughter’s short skirt and, palm up, onto her silken crotch, then gave the puffy lipped pussy a warm squeeze, as she said, “Go up and strut your stuff, honey, and make that Mexican lawyer’s eyes pop out. And remember, darling, today’s operative word is “YES”, so lets do whatever we have do to close this deal.” “I will, mother, and you get your body up there, quick, and start tempting the Mex lawyer and making him horny for some of your action. A piece of your ass might help close the deal more favorably,” she giggled. Then, with a big smile, she gave her mother a torrid, passionate, drooling, very incestuous, French kiss, obviously not for the first time.

Cappuccino got out of the car and the couple went inside then took the elevator up to Shine’s reception room. The secretary buzzed the agent and told him that they were here, then waived for them to go right on in.

Seconds later the Mexican billionaire’s attorney, and Hot-X’s disheveled little toad agent watched the famous couple come through the doorway, Hot-X first; followed by the most spectacular woman’s body Perez had ever seen, in person, in his whole life. Perez shook hands with X and then walked around the perfumed stack of outlandish curves the Rapper had brought with him, looking his white wife’s magnificent body over, from head to toe, before exclaiming, “God damn, man, your wife looks even better in person than she did in the very hot, revealing, steamy, risqué photographs I have been looking at since early this morning.”

X acknowledged the compliment then said to his luscious bride of ten years, “Well baby, since Mr. Perez is here to proposition us for the use of your body, why don’t you go ahead and show it off to him, up close and personal.”

Almost drooling, Perez watched the miraculously formed, sinfully delicious female body undulate towards him, looking like it had just stepped out of a dirty magazine cover, as he ogled her swaying curves and the whore-purple, very short skirted, cleavage displaying, mini dress that her 5’2”, 130 pound, 39DDD-24-40 body was packaged in. She stopped in front of the very impressed lawyer and struck a few suggestive poses, letting him fully enjoy the very close up view of her absolutely killer body. During the stimulating prick-teasing show, Perez noticed the same thing he had seen in the many photos of her that he’d been looking at; besides having an incredible set of curves, the erotically sensuous look on her face would give a stone statute a hard on. Her pouty mouthed, I’m doable, expression looked like she was begging for someone to stuff a stiff prick in her mouth. If you looked up the word “fuck” in the dictionary, her full length, minimally clothed picture should be the wordless definition you found. He thought to himself, “Jesus, what a fabulous fuck she’s going to be, those lucky damned donkeys were in for one hell of a good time.”

When he was through visually inspecting the dazzling merchandise, the blonde sex goddess stepped up and gave him a full lipped kiss right on the mouth, slipping him some wicked wet tongue while she rubbed her lush body against his, giving him a full feel of the spectacular assets he was there to rent for next weekend’s three day orgy of sex.

While he was getting the torrid tongue job, and the full body massage that was resulting from her dry humping him, he smiled to himself that he’d been exactly right about this gorgeous, over-sexed slut, the $3.0 million was just too much money for her to turn down, so all that was left for him to do was skillfully introduce the news to them that she would be getting deep fucked, in every way possible, by a bunch of ugly, horny Mexican donkeys in Tijuana next weekend.

He looked over at her watching husband and, from the pleased smile on his face, Perez could tell that the Rapper wasn’t going to take much persuading at all to agree to let his wife get donkey fucked. Hell, X was already in the process of handing his lush bodied marital partner over to him on a silver platter. As a result, Perez’s confident mind was already drifting to the, soon to occur, moment when he turned X’s curvaceous wife over to the disgusting little Jew agent, so he could watch the sleazy little asshole get sexual revenge on X’s hot assed wife for always treating him like the repulsive little piece of shit he really was. Perez could hardly wait to see her magnificent body getting mounted, used, abused, ravished and demeaned by the ugly little bastard, as Shine crudely collected on Perez’s, personally self-serving, final bribe of the day.

Primed for that dirty sex show, it was time for him to disengage himself from Cappuccino and then tell the couple the beastly terms of his client’s sex proposition. Reluctantly, he pried Cappuccino’s hot, squirming body away from his, then led her over to the sitting area, where he said, “Honey, you sit your sweet ass down here on the couch, right across from Maury, and keep your motor running, and X, you sit beside her and lets get started talking about the specific details of the proposition my client is making you.”

Smiling wickedly, Perez started the meeting by saying, “Before we go into the negotiations, X, let me give you my personal observation about the situation you find yourself in. Based on what I have seen and heard so far, I must urge you to take my client’s offer because your sizzling hot, voluptuous wife looks and acts like she is guilty of everything she’s being accused of, and much more. I warn you that the day that sex tape is leaked out you are toast, my friend so, unless you get rid of the Funk-U sex tape problem, no one is ever going to believe that she hasn’t cuckolded you, many times over.


At that moment, Shine’s secretary buzzed him on the intercom and announced that there was someone else here to attend the meeting. Jumping in, X quickly explained to Perez that it was Cappuccino’s mother, Michelle, who was out in the reception room, and that they had invited her to attend the meeting and hear the details of the offer his client was making, so she could give he and her daughter her advice and counsel about what they should do.

Surprised, to say the least, the lawyer finally just shrugged his shoulders, so Maury called out, “Send her in.” Moments latter all four of them watched a two inch taller version of Cappuccino erotically undulate into the room. The gorgeous, awesomely stacked mother was wearing a pair of, beyond skin tight, white pants that looked like they had been spray painted onto her plush lower body, plus a very low-cut red top that confidently displayed the full cleavage of her huge, jutting, jiggling rack. Her sensual, ass swinging strut was accentuated by the 4 inch high, backless, white platform wedges she was wearing. She was hot with a capital H and looked like the ultimate MILF/Cougar.

Maury immediately leapt to his feet, open mouthed, his eyes glued to the full blown body of the astounding female creature that was swaying towards them, while Perez looked her up and down and uttered a very impressed, “Damn!”

Maury immediately went up to the bodaciously built mother who, in her high heeled wedges, was 4 inches taller, and 10 pounds heavier than he was. He draped a skinny arm around her lush hips and, while staring at her spectacular cleavage, blurted out, “Where in the hell have they been keeping you all these years? My God, woman, you are an absolute knockout.”

Michelle, different from her daughter, did not act at all repulsed by the ugly little Jew laying his clammy hands on her body. During the two years she had made porn movies, she had often been filmed giving it up to ugly bosses who used her body in every nasty way the Directors could dream up. In the movie plots these make believe bosses were usually joined by males playing the role of a relative or a business partner, or both, guys who were just as ugly looking as the nauseating looking bosses were. Early in her career the movie company had found that the uglier and big dicked the guys were who fucked her, the higher her porn movies got rated and the more they sold, so it was a formula that they had stuck with, religiously. As a result, she had spent untold hours on her knees looking up at the ugly faces of the creepy little bastards who had their cocks stuffed in her mouth, getting one of her hot, drooling, skillful, deep-throated blow jobs, before all the other male cast members were told to jump in and gang bang her to a multi-pricked, cum splattering finale. Each time one of the repulsive little cruds had stuck his over-sized cock in her, any where the director told them too, she had wondered how the porn company management had been able to find so many ugly men with really big cocks for her to orally service and then get plowed by. She did have to admit that all those big cocks and ugly sex partners had honed her into being a fabulously skilled, completely uninhibited, man pleasing slut. She had gone on to use these hard earned skills to successfully become a trophy wife, a position in life that fortunately required the same female characteristics.

While she was letting Shine cop some feels, Perez had sidled up to her and declared, “You couldn’t possibly be Cappuccino’s mother, you look more like you’re her sister.” He looked her over some more then observed, “Shit, it is very obvious where your daughter got all those spectacular curves of hers. That is one hell of a body and face you’ve got on you, baby. Hell you look like you should be joining your daughter in the Tijuana, not just giving her your advice.”

A few more impressed looks also told him that, from the hot way the mother acted, and the erotic expression she had on her face, as well as the whorish way she was dressed, her daughter had not just inherited her magnificent body shape from her buxom mother, he was now absolutely sure that Cappuccino’s sex addicted brain had also came from this, former porn queen, as well. Together they looked like two gorgeous, swinging twin Cunts going someplace to get screwed.

Maury was now standing directly behind the sensationally stacked mother, with his hand up between her legs feeling up her tightly encased crotch, as she heard the lawyer say, quizzically, “You look familiar to me, somehow. It seems to me that I have seen you somewhere before?” X quickly explained to the curious Mexican, “Michelle used to be in the movies and you may be remembering her from the underground B-movie cult classic, Psycho Maniak. She posed for the publicity photo they used to advertise the movie. She was wearing a skin tight orange jumpsuit, and they shot the photo from directly behind her. “Oh, sweet Jesus,” Perez exhaled, “You are absolutely right, X.” While Shine continued to manually prime her crotch, Perez took another tour around the mother’s super lush body, then said, “Damn, honey, that was the most unbelievable ass cheeks picture I have ever seen and I had that photo of your spectacular ass up on my bedroom wall for years. He pushed Shine out of the way and put a hand on each superb ass cheek and then said, in amazement, “And here that very same ass is, stuffed into a pair of incredibly tight white pants, standing right here in front of me. It’s fuckin’ Unbelievable!”

As he looked her over and touched her body some more, he told her, “That scene in the movie where the Psycho Maniak sneaks up and grabs you from behind then, during the wild struggle, throws you to the ground several times, before finally overpowering you, followed by his crudely unzipping and pulling down your jumpsuit, then viciously raping the hell out of you, is one of the great horror movie, turn-on scenes of all time. Everyone in the theatre audience, males and females alike, were pulling for the Maniak and he didn’t disappoint them. Your erotically arousing ravishment by that crazed, half-wit brute was beyond spectacular.” He took her hand and kissed it saying, “You don’t know how glad I am to actually meet you in the flesh and, damn, you are some kind of wondrous package of prime female flesh to meet.”

Seeing an opportunity to further advertise her sexy goods, X quickly injected, “After Psycho Maniak, Michelle went into the porn movie business and stared in many super raunchy films, a couple of which are classics. Hell, it may even be some of those X-rated films that you remember seeing her in, too, because she churned out about one of them a day during the two years she worked in the business. Hell, she was the most beautiful woman in porn in those days and won some prestigious industry performance awards, including best cock sucker of the year, best gonzo DP scene, as well as one for the best gang bang movie of the year. It nearly put the company she worked for, Degenerate Films, Inc., out of business when she quit. Hell its owner still has lunch with her every month, gets a piece, and tries to get her to return to the business.”

Having now met both of the spectacular women in person, and being fully armed with all this new, hot, revealing information about the fabulously constructed mother, Perez’s mind began racing at maximum speed as he assessed this unexpected twist in the situation. Here he had the ultra hot bodied Cappuccino waiting to be told what kind of sex acts they wanted her to perform to earn the $3.0 million and, from her lustful demeanor, she appeared to be all set to agree to do whatever they wanted her to do. Plus, unexpectedly, she had now been joined by her equally well built, gorgeous, extremely sexy, former gang bang porn star mother who, from the no-nonsense look of practicality on her sensuous face, was obviously here to make sure that, no matter what was required of Cappuccino, her daughter accepted the terms of the proposition and then let herself get totally fucked next weekend.

This unforeseen addition of the super hot mother to the plot opened up Pandora’s Box for him. What made all this so incredible was the fact that, soon after the first donkey had successfully fucked a human female three years ago, The Don had been dreaming of having his donkeys make out with a gorgeous, superbly stacked, completely uninhibited, Anglo mother-daughter combo. But, up till now, they had never been able to find a pair of Anglos who had the kind of superb bodies necessary for the deep donkey fucking job, and were also both beautiful and totally wanton enough to provide the optimum level of nasty gratification possible that The Don was anticipating. Now, suddenly, this unbelievable mother/daughter duo was here in this sleazy Jew’s office, perfect for the job in every way, and very ripe to be had. All he had to do was talk the mother into joining her daughter in the sex orgy, then talk both of them into agreeing to get screwed by The Don’s donkeys. If he was successful in this endeavor he would be able to present Don Francisco with the ultimate in Anglo, mother/daughter curvaceous female flesh for him and his donkeys to enjoy fucking, and for Don Francisco to also get to enjoy watching them incestuously devour each other, before, during and after the donkey fucking. This would be the incestuous fuckfest coup to end all donkey fuckfest coups.

All in all, the slick Harvard lawyer knew that he had been presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity that he absolutely had to successfully take full advantage of for his client. He smiled as he thought of his own personal motto, Anglo Pussys For All, VIVA MEXICO!


Very confident that the gorgeous, super sexy mother was here to put out, if necessary, to help her daughter get the $3.0 million gig, Perez was absolutely certain that he could persuade her to join her daughter in the Tijuana donkey gang-bang. If he was successful he would be providing The Don with the dynamite Anglo mother/daughter duo that he had been searching for to totally debauch. Emboldened, he said to Maury, “Before we get started, I want to talk to Michelle alone for a few minutes, so do you have a spare office with a lock on the door that I can use?” “Yes,” the agent responded, “I it’s very small and has a lot of crap in it, but you are welcome to go and try it out.” “Don’t worry, whatever condition it’s in will be fine for my purposes,” Perez assured him. “Good,” Shine responded, with a knowing wink, “Go out and see the receptionist and she will show you where it’s at.”

Perez took Michelle firmly by the arm and guided her out into the reception area where the girl led them down the hall towards a spare room. As they walked, the surprised Michelle thought to herself that she had been invited here by her son-in-law, specifically to put out to this Mex lawyer, if the opportunity came up, so she had arrived hot and fully prepared to have sex, but she had no idea that he would want some of her so early in the proceedings. Excited by the prospect of performing with some fresh male meat, she felt no guilt about letting the Mexican fuck her because she and her husband had a mutual understanding that they could each get some on the side, just as long as it wasn’t with anyone they both knew.

The receptionist stopped and opened the door to a very small room. Perez thanked her then quickly shoved his prey into the closet sized quarters, and locked the door behind them The room was full of so much junk that there was barely enough room for the two of them to stand. The Mexican quickly turned and grabbed her by the back of her neck with one hand, and used it to force her face and body hard up against a wall. He looked down at her perfect ass and then used his other hand to smack each spectacular check, very hard, several times, before he pressed his lips up against her ear and growled, “Damn, you hot wench, you’ve still got the best ass I have ever seen and I want a piece of it so bad that I can taste it.”

He grasped her by the shoulders and spun her around, then shoved her back up against the wall, kicked her feet apart, then ran his hand down between her lush thighs and began stroking and squeezing her crotch and pubic mound through the skin tight white pants, as he asked, “I am assuming that you know everything about what has happened during the past 18 hours.” “Yes I do,” she gasped, as his strong, stroking fingers were already sending sexual shock waves through her extremely sensitive, tingling clit that had already been primed by Shine’s probing hand.

“Then you must realize that it is our intention to take full advantage of Cappuccino and her husband’s current difficulties, and use them as leverage to exploit the hell out of your luscious, very naughty daughter’s fabulous body, and use it to gratify our basest sexual fantasies,” he stated. “Of course I do,” she replied. “When I found out about the obscene amount of money you are offering to pay for the use of my daughter’s body, I expected nothing less.”

“And you have no problem with that,” he asked? “No I don’t,” she admitted, frankly. “My daughter’s sexual impetuosity has gotten them into the personal and financial trouble they are in, and I see this deal with your client as being their best and probably only way out of the mess she’s created. As a result, I just want to make sure that she does the sensible thing and takes the money they need so badly, then lets your client take full advantage of her vulnerable position and make her do whatever he wants her to do to earn all that money.”

Very pleased to hear this practical minded, statuesque, former porn queen speak such perfect common sense, Perez reached over and popped her huge tits out of her low cut blouse and began licking their nipples, as he asked, “I take it then that, if you were in the same position she’s in today, you would do the deal. Is that a fair assumption for me to make?” Panting in response to what he was doing to her now heaving tits, she replied, “Absolutely! I would jump at an opportunity like this that would allow me to solve all my problems in one fell swoop. Besides, let’s face it, you have offered so much money that I, personally, couldn’t turn it down, under any circumstances, no matter what despicable things you made me do to earn it. Money rules, which is why most of we women so readily fuck for it. And with the enormous amount your client is offering, money rules, absolutely.”

“So I must conclude then that you, yourself are willing do anything you can to make sure that your daughter collects the $3.0 million from us. Is that fair to say,” he asked, pointedly, while he tweaked her rock hard nipples? “Of course I am,” she confessed, her body squirming with uncontrollable heat as she reached down and ran her hand over the swollen cock in his pants, very much wanting to get it inside of her, anywhere.

Now, knowing for sure that securing the $3.0 million for her daughter had this gorgeous Cunt trapped and completely under his control, the skilled pussy soliciting lawyer stated, “Well that leaves you completely open to being exploited yourself, doesn’t it?” “Yes, I guess it does,” she admitted. Perez went on, “And, since you have worked in the porn movie business before, I’m sure that you are very familiar with being totally exploited.” I certainly am,” she responded, well remembering how the many porn movie directors had taken full advantage of the absolute power they had over her, and had made her do every nasty thing imaginable from the book of porn, in spite of the fact that she was the owner of Degenerate Film’s, live in girlfriend during her last year in the business.

“So, if I insisted on expanding our orgy proposition to include you, as well as your daughter, I assume that you would have no problem agreeing to join her and share in performing the very demanding sex acts we have planned for next weekend?” “If that’s what it’s going to take to enable she and her husband to walk away with the $3.0 million then, yes, of course I would agree,” she stated firmly, gasping for breath as she squeezed his throbbing member through his pants leg. “And you would be willing to do it as a freebee,” he asked, as the ruthless exploitation of her began. “Yes I would,” she agreed, wanting to go down on the big cock she was rubbing.

Smiling in triumph, he stuck four fingers in her ruby lipped mouth and pressed down on her tongue, forcing her to her knees. Removing them, he informed her, “Seeing how practical and accommodating you are, I am going to expand our proposition to include you joining your daughter in Tijuana next weekend. Now, from the size of that wedding ring on your finger, you are not only married, your husband must be wealthy. So are you going to have any trouble getting him to agree to let you be absent next weekend?” “No, he’ll be fine with it,” she responded. “Will you be telling him why you will be gone for that long,” Perez questioned. “No, we have an understanding that each of us can be gone any time we want, without explanation,” she replied. “He knows that, when I return, I will entertain him by telling him everything I did,” she replied.

“Fantastic. Now I want you to signify your acceptance of this change in the terms of the deal by giving me a blowjob and swallowing down the load of come you cause. By doing that you will also be agreeing to do everything you can to make sure that your daughter and her husband accept my client’s proposal, no matter what it requires, nor how dirty and demanding the sex might turn out to be for both of you. Do you understand?” Dizzy with heat from the one-sided sex negotiation that now had her trapped in The Don’s sexual web, the very well stoked Michelle responded with a breathless, “Yes.”

Extremely pleased with how easily this had all gone down, Perez let her anxiously reach up and unzip his pants, pull out his rock hard boner and, taking the shaft in both hands, begin licking its pre-cum oozing head, making the sloppy, juicy sounds of pure, lustful, oral sex. As she greedily polished the glistening knob of his dark brown tool, and stabbing it in her open mouth the pussy hound lawyer said, “I used to sit in front of that picture of your ass and jack-off, and now I have you here giving me the real thing, so lets get started by me giving you a good face fucking.” Having said that, he grabbed her head in his hands and shoved his prick into her wide open mouth, then forced it down her throat. When it was in at full depth he started face fucking her, slowly and deeply, stretching her mouth wide open, as her lips were being repeatedly crushed against his partly exposed pubic mound. He held her head tight as his cock fully plundered her mouth and throat and finally said to her, “Damn you really are a sex talented MILF/Cougar, porn star slut and you obviously haven’t lost a step since you quit the dirty movie business. You are one hot, cocksucking slut.” Too himself he said “Shit, Don Francisco’s donkey’s were going to get to gorge themselves on the finest two pieces of Anglo ass they will ever have, and both of these Cunts are going to look absolutely fantastic as they willingly get ravished in every conceivable way known to man and beast.”

Finally he looked down at the sensuous face full of cock, and said, “Alright here, comes a load of semen,” and he pulled his meaty prick back until only the head of it was still in her mouth, and began emptying his balls into her waiting oral sex receptacle. He smiled with gratification as he watched the beautiful Cunt glub-glub his hot, thick, white cream as she sent it down into her belly.


After she had drunk all of Perez’s ball juice down to the last drop, Perez pulled his still rigid pecker out of her mouth, zipped up then helped her to her feet. Groggy from the sexual heat from the oral sex she’d just provided Perez with, as well as feeling all of the cum she’d swallowed now sloshing around in her belly, licking her lips, Michelle let the sexually relieved lawyer take her by the arm and guide her, light headed, back to Shine’s office. Once inside, he led her over to the seating area couches, where he directed the men and women to sit down across from each other, Maury sitting next to Michelle and facing Cappuccino’s short, tight skirt and plunging 39DDD neckline, and X next to Cappuccino facing Michelle’s ultra tight white pants and much exposed cleavage.

As soon as they were settled in place and ready to start the meeting up again, Perez listened as the anxious Hot-X get right to the point, “Maury tells me that your very rich Mexican client wants to book my wife to perform three days of sex for him next weekend in Tijuana, and that he is offering to pay $3.0 million for that privilege. Is that true?” “Yes, it is very true, Senor,” Perez confirmed.

X went on, pointedly, “Now I know that even a rich, sex crazed Mexican seeking a beautiful Anglo female to fuck, wouldn’t pay that kind of money just to have straight sex with her, no matter how many times she had to let him screw her.” X leaned back and said, “So tell us what kind dirty little sex tricks your client has in mind for my wife to perform, in order to earn that kind of money.”

“You are absolutely correct, my friend, next weekend’s decadent sexual debauchery will involve much, much more than just your delicious wife performing voluminous acts of dirty, straight sex,” Perez confirmed. “But, in order for you to fully comprehend why my client is making such a generous offer, you need to understand its genesis. So I ask you to please indulge me a few minutes of your time while I give you the history behind this proposition for the unrestricted sexual use of your wife’s voluptuous body and slutty mind. I assure you that it will make everything completely clear to all of you.”

X nodded his okay to the request just as Maury scooted over right next to Michelle, then took her left hand and placed it on his bulging crotch. Still being very much intoxicated from the head job she’d just given Perez, and having all of the thick cum she’d swallowed sloshing around in her belly, she immediately started stroking the Jew’s swollen package through his pants. Maury, while staring down at her smooth working hand, heard Perez say, “As you have already been told, my patron is one of the ten richest men in the world, a fortuitous circumstance that enables him to pursue things in life that others would never even dream of attempting. Don Francisco grew up in Tijuana hearing all of the folk tales about Mexican donkeys having sex with human females in local brothels, and quickly became completely obsessed with the wonderfully depraved concept of extracurricular sex. His youthful enthusiasm was eventually tempered by finding out, in his early teens, that these stories were mostly myths, and the reality was that this beastly sex with human females had been mostly confined to Mexican whores sucking off donkeys in shabby, run down Tijuana Bars. But, counterbalancing that dull reality were other, much more intriguing fables dealing with rich, beautiful Gringo women coming to Tijuana to let their bodies be impaled by the huge cocks of Mexican donkeys, then being completely dominated by the large, ugly animals who quickly drove them to unbelievable climaxes, ones so violent that they rendered the ravished Anglo trophy sluts totally helpless and mindlessly begging for more, like common, street walking tramps. These much more pleasurable, deeply gratifying, beastly fantasies became stuck in the young Don’s impressionable mind, forever.”

While he was listening to Perez tell the story and enjoying watching his wife’s mother stroking his agent’s swelling crotch, X leaned forward and pulled his mother-in-law’s huge breasts out of her bra and then out of the top of her blouse. He leaned forward and licked and sucked each jutting tit tip into his mouth, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from Michelle’s open, panting mouth, before he leaned back and looked over the panoramic view of all of the tit flesh she now had out on full display. Smiling contentedly, he listened as Perez went on, “When he became the head of the family’s empire five years ago, those latent, youthful donkey sex obsessions were reignited as he quickly became captivated with the idea that the exciting old donkey sex fables should be made to become a reality, and that donkeys should be fucking human females every day and night in Tijuana.

In addition to fulfilling his sexual fantasies, being an astute business man The Don well knew that rampant donkey sex in Tijuana bars would significantly increase tourism which, in turn, would make the local brothels, motels and eating establishments much more profitable and, as a natural byproduct of such a dramatic economic upturn, would also provide whore jobs for Mexico’s abundance of beautiful, statuesque, always available to provide sex for money, Latinas. Beyond a doubt, these factors would all combine to create a dynamic boom in the local economy but, for this vision to become a reality, The Don very well knew that he would have to be the one to make it all happen.”

Stimulated by this worthy goal, he hired some professional animal trainers to teach a small, select herd of exceptionally big-dicked Mexican burros how to properly fuck human females, and enjoy the hell out of doing it. With plenty of time available to them, and with an unlimited amount of money to spend, as well as having a wealth of Tijuana whores and very willing Southern California college girls for the donkeys to practice on, the skilled staff he’d hired was very successful in their efforts and, much earlier than expected, delivered to him six fully trained donkeys, all of whom were ready, willing, able and anxious to fuck the hell out of any woman he chose to put under them.”

“In order to optimize the donkey’s performance, and to also allow them perfect conditions to continue honing their fucking skills, The Don constructed a special air conditioned barn in which to house the animals. The facility includes a show stage and the hoisting paraphernalia that is used to pull the donkeys up into the correct reared position required for them to be able to drive their entire cocks into a woman’s sexual receptacles. There is also a small seating area around the show stage where selected guests of Don Francisco can sit and watch the donkeys do their thing to the women who have been provided to them to fuck. Very pleasing to The Don, these enthusiastic audiences have all wildly cheered the ribald debauchery, as they watched the beasts ravish the willing women, and turn them into helpless, sex drunk sluts.”

As the Mexican lawyer droned on, the dollar enthralled Cappuccino was day dreaming about how flattered she was to have a rich Mexican offer her $3.0 million to have sex with and for him; and how relieved she was going to be when the Funk-U sex tape problem had been eliminated; and how good she felt now that her mother had encouraged her to be sensible and take the enormous amount of money she was being offered to get fucked, and then do whatever nasty things the rich Mexican wanted her to perform.

Besides, she concluded, getting orgied really wasn’t that big a deal for her, anyway. Based on what little information was available, she had come to the plausible conclusion that the super rich Mexican wanted to engage a beautiful, famous American celebrity to be the hostess of a party for his important friends, at which event she would let a bunch of rich Mexicans watch each other take turns making her do dirty things for them while they tried to fuck her brains out. Being a natural born exhibitionist, and an extremely experienced live sex toy, as well as having had all that wickedly dirty sex at Caligula’s, and then performing the extremely raunchy sex with Funk-U and his gross group of callously abusive black Rappers, she really had no problem at all with the idea of letting the Mexicans do whatever they wanted, with and to her. In fact, the whole situation had her so hot that she just wished that the Mex attorney would finish talking so that she could accept the offer and then suck him off if he wanted her too. While she was engrossed in this stimulating sexual trance, she had missed most of what Perez had said.

Meanwhile Perez continued on, “After several months of watching the donkeys mount and fuck the women he’d imported for them to screw out of their minds, The Don determined that the donkey’s unique women fucking skills should also be put to use serving another, much higher calling of his -- making whores out of beautiful Anglo women as payback for 300 years of arrogant, belittling Yankee abuse of Mexico and its citizenry.”

This desire for meaningful revenge for the history of the insulting abuse of Mexican’s had been ingrained in him from childhood by his powerful father who had spent his whole life resenting the fact that the Gringos to the north looked down on Mexicans as being shiftless, second class citizens who Yankee businessmen callously lured across the border to provide America with cheap labor as undocumented wetbacks. Well taught by his vindictive father, The Don had grown up deeply resenting this ruthless exploitation of his fellow countrymen and, resultantly, he has always had a burning desire to seek meaningful vengeance for this heartless mistreatment of Mexico by the, overbearing Americanos.”

“Driven by this revenge based patriotic zeal, The Don gained his first significant degree of payback by dedicating himself to personally fucking, all three ways, every beautiful, rich Gringo trophy wife he came across. He was wildly successful in this effort, which was pleasurable and satisfying to him, but these many crass, plundering conquests failed to provide him with the truly gratifying depths of depravity that he felt were necessary to properly achieve his inherited thirst for total vengeance against all Gringos. As a result he was left satiated but unfulfilled.”

“But, after the first few months of watching his donkeys in action fucking human females, the way to get the demeaning vengeance he was looking for became steadily clearer in his mind. Seeing how deeply and thoroughly the animals were able to fuck and dominate the women, The Don determined that the horny burros were the perfect patriotic tools of revenge against the hated Yankees, because these ugly, sexually skilled beasts were actually capable of physically achieving the motto of all Mexicans - “FUCK THE GRINGOS (and especially their white trophy bitches).”

While still only half listening to the attorney’s enthusiastic explanation Cappuccino, for the first time, looked over and saw the dreadful sight of her husband’s slimy little Jew agent ogling her ripe, teasing, very exposed flesh in a way that he had never done before, while simultaneously getting his cock stroked through his pants by her hot, lustful, tits out, mother.

Then, to her horror, she watched the disgusting little Hebrew remove her mother’s shaft stroking hand from his stimulated crotch, unzip his fly, then grab her same hand and spit into its palm, then shove it down into the open fly. She could see the outline of her mother’s fingers wrapping themselves around the shaft of his obviously substantial prick and then start slowly jacking on the stiff prick. Two minutes later she grimaced as she saw the Jewish pig grab her mother’s wrist and use it to push her hand further down into his pants, until her fingers were holding his scrotum. Then the putrid little slug leaned back, grinning like a hyena, and watched her watch her mother play with his heavy balls.

Though she was more sex drunk than ever, squirming with heat, Michelle was able to work on the nasty Hebrew’s cock shaft and balls, while still catching most of the Mexican lawyer’s lucid and lurid explanation of his client’s dreams, and apparent obsession with using donkeys to demean Anglo women for the glorification of Mexico. But, in her turned on condition she still hadn’t been able to figure out exactly where the Mex attorney was going with this titillating donkey related tale he was telling, nor had she been able to determine why he was telling it to them. But she did have to admit that it was very stimulating and compelling listening.

Looking down at her hand moving around inside the agent’s pants, Michelle shrugged her shoulders and thought that, since she had already committed herself to participating with her daughter in next weekend’s sex orgy, she might as well stop trying to figure out how they were going to be fucked because they were soon to find that out, anyway. Besides, she was much more interested in hearing all about The Don’s perverted mind. As far as she could tell from Perez’s deions, Don Francisco sounded like a very fascinating, if somewhat diabolically twisted man, who has a serious sexual fixation. One thing was completely clear, though, the billionaire seemed to be hell bent on making next weekend’s sexual activities very rough and wild for she and her well prepared to be orgied, daughter.

That said, in spite of the fact that he was obviously a very sexually demented man with a deep-seeded patriotic hang-up, since she was a woman who had always found rich men to be extremely attractive, no matter how ugly they really were, she was very much looking forward to meeting The Don in Tijuana next weekend, warped horny idiosyncrasies, and all. Plus, the more she heard from Perez’s dissertation, the more she was beginning to see where watching a woman have sex with a donkey could be an excitingly perverse sexual event, especially if the donkeys really were as well hung as Perez kept saying they were. Her pussy having been stirred by these depraved sexual thoughts, she pulled her hand out of the sleazy agent’s fly, held it up for him to spit into again, then spat in it herself, before pushing it back in the little Jew’s open fly, where she returned to performing her hand job and giving the ugly slug the very satisfying, saliva and pre-cum juiced up hand job.

As her warm, wet hand expertly manipulated the ugly Jew’s throbbing sex organ and big bag of balls, Michelle returned to listening closely to Perez’s story, “The Don moved quickly on this idea and established a master plan whereby he would offer America’s most beautiful married white women enough money to cause them to agree to make whores out of themselves by taking his money and then letting The Don’s donkeys fuck them into the abject depths of whoredom. By their entering into this sexual bargain from hell, and then taking the money and letting the donkeys fuck them, the married Trophy Anglo Cunts had finally begun providing him with the perfect degree of vengeance he’d been seeking, thereby giving he and his homeland the totally gratifying kind of demeaning payback that the Gringo husbands and their arrogant homeland so richly deserved.”

“During the last two years this program has been in effect, the donkeys have fucked many women, both in the dingy old brothel he owns on the edge of Tijuana, and up on the hacienda’s donkey show stage. Staying ever faithful to his cause, most of the women who had gotten fucked have been white Anglos, all of whom have gotten thoroughly vengeance-screwed by the donkeys in front of a proud, unfurled Mexican flag, and in the presence of an appreciative, lustful audience of cheering Mexican witnesses.” He has been so gratified by this success at luring beautiful American women into becoming high paid prostitutes, that he now wishes that he had enough donkeys to fuck them all. In that regard, to broaden his vengeful efforts, he now has six more donkeys finishing up their training, which will be used to stock additional Tijuana red light district brothels that he is buying up, as well as well as supplementing the hacienda’s existing herd of very big-dicked donkeys.”


Perez paused briefly and looked over his small audience, quickly realizing that the main thrust of his story had, at best, been only partly comprehended by the two prime subjects of this donkey fucking proposition. Shine, already having been told all about the planned donkey fucking party, had been spending all his time getting Cappuccino’s hot, cum-drunk mother to jack him off, while waiting to get the shot at her daughter that he’d been guaranteed as the final step in the bribery scheme. On the other hand, X had been contentedly dreaming about collecting the $3.0 million and then getting to watch his prick-teasing, promiscuous, cheating bride get totally fucked over next weekend. For Michelle’s part, since she had already committed to participating with her daughter in the coming orgy, no matter whom they had to make out with, she had let herself be coaxed into massaging the nasty little agents cock and balls, while she listened, as best she could, to his explanation of the background of the terms of the proposition. Meanwhile, the dreaming and dreamy prize target of the day, Cappuccino, still looked as ready as ever to say yes to anything and everything, in order to be able to collect the $3.0 million. “Hell,” he said to himself, “This game is already virtually over, so I might as well cut right to the chase and tell these two voluptuous Cunts exactly what lies in store for them in Tijuana, and not spare them a thing. Shit, all women were put on this earth to get fucked, anyway, and that was especially true for these two magnificent sluts and, man do they ever have some kind of fine, fine stuff to gratify man or beast with.”

While watching the outline of her ex-porn star mother’s hand pleasuring the despicable little agent’s sexual equipment, Cappuccino was suddenly snapped to attention by the loud sound of Perez clapping his hands together in order to get their undivided attention. She then heard him say, “X, this coming weekend is the third anniversary of the first time one of The Don’s donkeys successfully screwed a human female and, to honor that amazing and historic accomplishment, Don Francisco has decided to throw a special anniversary party for his donkeys next weekend, at which carnal feast he wants to present the animals with the most beautiful, voluptuous and totally wanton Anglo woman in the world, so they can celebrate the occasion by getting their kicks fucking the spectacular Anglo prize for three days straight, in every way possible. And, X, you’ll be glad to know that the woman he has chosen to service this momentous, big-dicked donkey gang bang, is none other that your truly fable-bodied wife, Cappuccino.”

With that sobering news suddenly ringing in everyone’s respective ears, Perez noted a wicked smile of sweet revenge and financial relief come over X’s cuckolded face; a look of horny, hopeful pure greed and lust spread across Shine’s leering, demented countenance; while the shocked Cappuccino’s eyes grew very wide as she, for the first time, comprehended exactly what she would be required to do to earn the $3.0 million.

Just before the Mex lawyer had disclosed this final dirty detail of his client’s proposition, the every sneaky Shine had slipped a hand behind Michelle’s neck and was in the process of slowly pulling her face down towards his open fly, with the full intention of replacing the hand she had on his stiff penis, with her open mouth and tongue. With Perez’s cum in her stomach acting like an aphrodisiac, she was in the process of cooperatively helping him accomplish his nasty intentions. With the head of his pecker sticking up out of the open fly, and with her lips hovering just a couple of inches above the head of his rigid, odorous meatpole, she was in the process of parting her lips to go down on it, just as she heard Perez’s pronouncement of she and Cappuccino’s donkey donged fate. Hardly believing what she had just heard, the stunning news caused Michelle to sit bolt upright as everything immediately crystallized for her. She now fully realized that she and Cappuccino weren’t going to be watching donkeys fuck whores next weekend, they were going to be the whores the donkeys were going to be fucking. Quickly piecing everything together, that meant that she and Cappuccino were going to be putting out to a half a dozen Mexican donkeys for three days, partly to please the donkeys, partly to please the watching Don Francisco and his guests, and partly to provide Mexico with a fully gratifying dose of wickedly depraved sexual revenge against all Gringos for 300 years of their arrogance towards Mexico.

Meanwhile, the devilish Shine, having just missed out on getting Michelle to suck his cock, seized the opportunity to grab her bare tits in his hands and then start sucking on them while she and her shocked daughter both listened closely to Perez get to the heart of the matter by advising X, “In this type of performance my boss’s gratification will come from seeing your wife’s magnificent body get penetrated, and then totally plowed and plundered by each of the donkey’s massive dongs, all three ways, and many times over. And let me assure you that the animals are extremely good at doing just that. They are unbelievably well hung and will have been pre-primed with large doses of very high potency animal Viagra, so that they will be able to put your wife’s pussy, anal channel and mouth through the damndest fucking they have ever had, bar none. Your wife will get donkey cockmeat shoved into her so deep that she will be moaning in heat during the entire weekend. And, last but not least, the donkeys cum shots are truly beyond belief, and every inch of your Trophy Cunt will end up being splattered and coated with the donkey’s thick, creamy spunk, day and night. She will experience the bukkake party to end all bukkake parties, as they hose her down with their heavy duty, seemingly endless cumshots.”

As they each digested this additional, graphically deive information, from their own internal vantage points, Perez continued addressing X, saying, “Now please understand that there is no chance of your wife getting injured by performing sex with the big-bonered donkeys. The animals are perfectly trained and closely supervised by professionals, and have already successfully fucked the hell out of many women, the majority of them being Anglo beauties like your gorgeous Slut wife. The Don insists on strict safety because his goal is to send each Anglo Cunt back to their cuckolded husbands or boyfriends, forever knowing that they are paid Mexican donkey whores. That is the final step that makes the revenge ever so sweet and gratifying for him and for all of the Mexicans he is doing this for.”

Perez finally he concluded, “Now you know why we are offering such a huge fee for the sexual services of your celebrity wife’s fabulous body and very wanton mind.” He then walked around behind the couch and over to where Cappuccino’s head was sticking up, grabbed it in both hands and held it steady while he began rubbing the cock in his trousers against the back of her blonde head. After a minute or two of this head humping he said to her watching husband, “Well its nut cutting time, Senor. If the two of you agree to take the $3.0 million, your wife will be earning it by spending the upcoming weekend in total sexual debauchery, letting six donkeys ravish her in every manner possible, thereby providing Don Francisco and his guests with the wonderfully depraved, totally dominating sexual performance that they all want to see your wife be put through.”

Turning loose of her head, Perez returned to the end of the couches, where he looked directly down at Cappuccino and asked, “Well you gorgeous, round-heeled, cheating Slut, are you going to accept our $3.0 million offer and then whore yourself for The Don’s donkeys, or not?”

Still in a state of semi-shock, the full bodied, barely dressed Cappuccino looked over at her husband, and then at her mother, before exclaiming, “My God, mother, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the rich Mexican would be proposing that I let donkeys fuck me. It’s mind-boggling to even think about it.” Wide-eyed, she asked Michelle, “Jesus mother, what do you think I should do?”

Her mother, now realizing that she was facing the same donkey dong fate as her daughter, shoved Shine away from her breasts, put them back inside her bra, then calmly replied, “Well, first of all, for the last six weeks you have been getting screwed by a bunch of human donkeys and you had no problem fucking for them, at all, which is what got us here today. So, let’s face the facts, honey, you and X just can’t afford to turn this deal down, at all, no matter how gross you think the requirements are. So, all things considered, I still feel the same way as I did before we drove over here. You need to take the money then go to Tijuana next weekend, open your mouth, spread your legs and let yourself get fucked by The Don’s beasts, any way they want to do it to you.”

Cappuccino looked at her practical minded mother, and responded, “God, so you really do think that I should do it?” “Yes, of course I do. In fact, I have felt so strongly about it that I have already committed to Mr. Perez that I will go with you next weekend and help you do whatever is necessary to satisfy the donkeys, and The Don, so that you will be sure and earn the $3.0 million.”

They all watched as Cappuccino’s facial expression gradually change from shock into one of pure, raw sex, before she responded, “God, mother, hearing that you are going to do this with me makes me so hot that I feel like I am going to climax. Even though this circumstance would never have crossed my mind in a million years, on reflection, next weekend’s orgy party sounds so deliciously depraved and decadent, especially with you being my co-hostess, that any apprehension I might have had is all washed away and I want to do it and get the huge amount of money involved. You are right, mother, I couldn’t possibly turn this down, with or without your help. So let’s go to Tijuana next weekend and let the donkeys make paid whores out of both of us.”


Extremely excited that she had been able to close this huge problem solving deal, strictly because of her erotic beauty, her voluptuous body and her decadently wanton sexiness, the ever hot and vain Cappuccino more than ever wanted a man’s cock inside of her so she could use it to celebrate this major financial achievement. While in this state of sexual euphoria, she felt two hands grab her head and turn it 90 degrees to the left. There she saw, right under her nose, a fat, stiff, very dark skinned cock. She was so turned on, and so accustomed to Funk-U’s posse members feeding her their cocks this way that, concluding that it was Perez’s beefy prick being offered to her, she automatically opened her mouth and promptly got the thick male sex organ shoved between her teeth and then buried tonsil deep in her oral cavity. The thick foul tasting dong was soon callously sawing in and out of her wide open, saliva filled mouth, with the prick’s underside smoothly sliding back and forth across the top of her slippery wet tongue. With her face pressed hard against the man’s smelly, unzipped fly, and with the two hands on the back of her head holding it firmly in place to take the face fucking the tool was giving her, as the owner of the swollen cock feverishly humped her mouth, driving his 7 inches of rigid, nasty tasting male sausage past her tonsils and deep down her accommodating throat, she only had very limited peripheral vision.

Taking full advantage of this impromptu opportunity to celebrate with a man’s cock, she hungrily and noisily sucked on the large male appendage as she happily took the throat stuffing for three or four physically demanding minutes. Then, as she was greedily gorging herself on the tangy meatpole, out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Perez, her husband, and her mother watching her give head. She was so busy dealing with the thrusting dong’s aggressive, strenuous oral invasion, and choking on the fat male member each time it forced its way down her throat, that there was a long delay before she finally realized that the only person she hadn’t seen was Maury. As turned on as she was, it took a little time for her to finally connect the dots and realize that it was the vile little Jew agent’s cock that was in her mouth, deep throating and gagging her. Shocked by this revolting revelation, she grabbed the thrusting hips and forcefully pushed the open fly away from her face, the effort causing Maury to fall off the back of the couch he had been straddling, the fall jerking his rigid tool out of her mouth, thereby enabling her to scream a string of filthy racial slurs at him, as she tried to spit the vile taste of his rancid prick out of her mouth.

The watching Perez quickly stepped over to the back of the couch and put his hands on Cappuccino’s shoulders, saying, “Calm down, baby, Maury just got a little carried away and jumped the gun before I had a chance to tell you about the test you must pass before I can officially agree to commit to letting you earn the $3.0 million whore’s fee next weekend.”

Still gasping hard from having given a nasty, foul tasting, deep throated, half-a-blowjob to the despicable little Jewish runt, she spluttered, “Test? What test? God, if saying yes to letting six donkeys do me all three ways next weekend isn’t enough, what else could I possibly have to do to make sure that I get the $3.0 million?”

Shine’s unexpected, impetuous move to start collecting on the special bonus sex bribe Perez had promised him, by sticking his cock in Cappuccino’s mouth and giving it a good fucking, forced the skilled Mex lawyer to think fast and regain control of the situation so he could successfully finish playing out the trick on blonde hottie, so Maury could get back to collecting on the sex bribe. He moved around and sat on the couch, directly across from the angry beauty, then started stroking the insides of her lush thighs as he quickly told her about the phony, but plausible sounding, dilemma he was claiming to be in. Smoothly and soothingly, he lied, “Darling, because your completely uninhibited wantonness is so important to The Don, he has insisted that I make absolutely sure that you prove to me what a truly dirty girl you are willing to be, to get me to agree to let you earn the $3.0 million whores fee you’ll be paid for letting his donkeys fuck you.”

“Now, so far, all I have to go on are the public accusations that you have been committing very raunchy acts of sexual misconduct with Funk-U, plus a bunch of graphically explicit pictures that certainly seem to confirm that the Rapper’s accusations are true. I also have Maury’s filthy, detailed history of your many past wanton sexcapades, all of which were extremely titillating, but hardly qualify as proof that you are wanton enough to pleasure a bunch of very horny donkeys, for The Dons perverted enjoyment. Therefore, as promiscuous as you obviously are, I am still going to need demonstrative proof of how bad a girl you can really be for $3.0 million.”

“Now, I don’t have a donkey here for you to perform with, but I do have something that is much more challenging than that - your husband’s ugly, sleazy, stomach turning little Jew agent, Maury. If you can be a wanton enough Cunt to let a guy as repulsive and obnoxious as Maury fuck you, every way he wants too, then I will accept the fact that you will have no problem sluttily helping The Don’s donkeys make a pure whore out of you. So what I want you to do is use Maury to demonstrate to me just how totally down and dirty you can get by making out with him and letting the slimy little bastard use your body to sexually gratify himself while you do everything you possibly can to help him give you a demeaning, total fucking. When you have successfully gratified Maury’s, no doubt warped sexual appetite, I will award you the $3.0 million gig.”

Then, telling her the only part of the bribe payoff ruse that was true, he fingered her hot clit and advised her, “By the way, while you were giving Maury head, I talked to your husband about this slut test, and he said that he just wants the $3.0 million and doesn’t really give a shit about what I make you do with and for Maury to qualify you to earn it, just as long as he gets to watch the donkeys put their meat to you in Tijuana.”

Perez then saw the woman with the solid gold body and over-sexed mind, actually swallow hard at the thought of having to have consensual sex with the troll-like, grossly ugly little Hebrew who she absolutely detested, both mentally and physically. He watched intently as she grappled with the extremely distasteful thought of putting out for the filthy Jewish pig, a disgusting sex act that she obviously considered to be far worse than letting a bunch of beastly, big-donged donkeys fuck her over, real good.

Still tasting the foul flavor of having had the despicable Jew’s pre-cum leaking pecker in her mouth, Cappuccino looked over at Michelle and said, “Damn, mother, you have been letting the little piece of shit run his hands all over you, so let me ask you, is it just my imagination that Maury is too ugly, gross and putrid to fuck, or am I right on?”

Before she could answer, Perez jumped up and pulled Michelle to her feet, then moved her over and sat her down right in front of her scantily clad daughter. Then he told her, in no uncertain terms, “Alright baby, it’s time for you to get busy and persuade your daughter to do the nasty for Maury.” Michelle reached put and put a hand behind Cappuccino’s neck and, while using the other hand to strum her daughter’s clit, she said, “No, you’re not imagining anything, honey. Shine is a totally disgusting pig. He is a nauseating sleazeball and, in spite of his repulsive looks and obnoxious behavior, I have let him handle my body in order to keep everything moving forward for you, and I am afraid that you have no choice but to do the same thing. Remember, today’s operative word is still “YES”, so I urge you to go ahead and prove to Perez just how badly you want the $3.0 million, by sexually servicing your husband’s nasty little slug of an agent’s depraved sexual demands.” She then leaned forward and tongue kissed her daughter’s full lipped mouth, earthily, before pulling her head back and saying, “Remember that we are now both in this together, so just say yes so that you can do everything necessary to secure the whore’s fee, and I join you in gratifying the ugly little asshole, any way he wants us too.”

Perez and X looked at Cappuccino and saw a look of greedy determination gradually come over her gorgeous, erotic face, as the $3.0 million whore’s fee finally won out over the physical revulsion she felt for the squalid little Hebrew. Then, accepting her fate of having to give the vile Jew a piece of her ass, and anything else he wanted, she swallowed hard and said, “Oh, what the hell, mother, I really have no other choice, so lets do the sleazy little kike.”

The relieved Perez applauded, “Wonderful,” then waved at Shine and said, “She’s all yours, asshole, and so is her mother, so make the best of your opportunity, and put on a really filthy sex show with the two of them for X and me to enjoy watching.”

Maury was still on his feet with his stiff cock sticking straight out of his open fly, so Perez got the two spectacular women to their feet and moved them over and put them on their knees, right in front of him, with their faces on the same level as the short, skinny Jew’s dark, rigid pecker. Then he sat back down on the couch next to X and they leaned back in their ringside seats and watched the leering little slug go into action.

“Alright you stupid Cunts, open up your mouths and start taking turns putting my cock in them, and sucking it real good.” Even though they were revolted by the stark reality of having to eat the nasty Jew’s meat, the two whorishly dressed trophy wives docily complied with the Jew’s order, parted their lips, then each took a turn filling her mouth with the runty Jew’s large, unwashed, rigid tube of flesh and then forcing it down their throat.

Shine’s cock had already been hard for such a long time that it wasn’t long before he needed to ejaculate. Three relatively short cocksucking rounds later, he jerked his cock out of Michelle’s mouth and shoved it in her daughter’s oral pussy. Perez and X watched closely as the entire tool disappeared completely out of sight as, with a callous, pleasing final thrust of the his hips, the grinning Jew drove every last inch of his prick home, mashing X’s wife’s face fully into his thick, bushy pubic mound, as he moaned, “God damn that feels even better than I thought it would you snooty, cheating, trophy slut.”

As Perez and X watched the live, hot, dirty sex show unfold right before their eyes, the Mexican said, “X baby, it’s going to be a blast watching your little slob agent molest the hell out of your wife and mother-in-law for the next few hours. Adding some mother/daughter incest to the debauchery is really going to get things super hot, and nasty.”

“By the way, have you ever had a piece of your mother-in-law’s fantastic looking ass?” “No I haven’t,” X admitted. “Well then you should get to stick your black cock in her today, and find out if she is as good a piece as her daughter is. So, as soon as they get through blowing your lowlife agent, we’ll get Michelle over here and let her service us and empty our cocks down her throat. After that we’ll have her split her time between us and Maury and let the bitch get thoroughly debauched. Does that plan work for you, my friend?”

X high-fived him and, with a broad leer, replied, “That’s a deal, old buddy, lets party.”

Just then they saw Maury’s cock erupt in the purple clad Cappuccino’s oral sex receptacle and they quickly heard the slobbering Jew holler, “Keep all my cum in your mouth, you whoring bitch,” as he continued shooting his wad between her parted lips. When the last spurt of cum had gone in, he pulled his pecker out and said, “Now kiss your mother and share my cum with her, then each of you swallow half of it.” Both women, now very hot in spite of Shine’s nauseating looks, dutifully complied with the little bastards order and spit his thick cream back and forth into each other’s mouths before finally swallowing their share of the foul tasting spunk, and feeling it flow down into their bellies, after which they continued to hungrily French kiss each others cummy mouths, with unrestrained enthusiasm.

Perez looked at X and observed, “Damn, buddy, it looks like we are in for one real hot night of dirty sex. Would you look at those two sluts go after each other. Damn, can you imagine how those two bitches are going to look eating each others pussies and tonguing their anuses? Hot damn, life is good!”


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2017-02-07 13:11:59
This is too fucking long and like 5 mins of read to donkey sex. Why not even write about them having tea and going to amusement park.fuck sake is the tmz and other ahit necessary?

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2014-02-12 16:11:25
Really liked it... and I ain't even that into donkey sex! ^_^

Of the jiwjiw11 serials, I really hope the Rape Bait and the Incestuous Relations ones get further. I've picked up their variants from SuperHeroineCentral, and I liked them as well. Keep up the good work! ^_^

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2013-11-02 20:58:33
Well unfortunately I have never heard of Asstr or Zoophilla. We seem to have a situation where two limited, insignificant minds had similar thoughts. Life's a bitch sometimes. I hope you find something else to fill your time.

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2013-11-02 11:07:24
This story has been plagirized from Asstr and neither wrote it or conceived have just adapted it bt introducing a mother and other oddities.
Get a life and write your own shit and stop stealing other peoples ideas and stories

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