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twins bad night out
This story involves young teenagers; if it offends please do not carry on reading.
Chapter 1
“Kate let’s take the shortcut it would be faster.” I told my twin sister as we turned into an alleyway and carried on our journey to join the school ball.

Although the alleyway was dimly lit, we were in a rush and I felt that it would be faster. The alleyway was long and passed through an abandon warehouse and few old shop houses. We walked halfway when a huge boy appeared in front of us blocking our path. When we turned back, two guys came up and blocked our rear, leaving us struck in the middle. Our three intruders looked to be 18 years old Mexicans.

“Well well what do we have here? Are you lost?” The guy in front of us smiled and said as he was playing with a switchblade.

Kate was getting nervous and moved behind me as we both were scared. I replied staggeringly: “please just let us pass as we are in a rush to get to a function.”

The leader smiled and said: “Well you are trespassing the Dragon’s territory and you will have to be punished. Your girlfriend here is quite pretty, we could work something out. Now come here girl!”
I was stunned and moved in between him and Kate as I could feel Kate trembling behind me. I tried to protest and claim innocence and pleaded with him to give way but was met with laughter from them. Before I could open my mouth to reason with them again, the leader step forward and punched me in the face. I fell backwards as the two goons at the back grabbed Kate and she screamed.

I got up and tried to defend myself but the leader pressed his switchblade on my face and told me to stay down and told Kate to shut up. He then spoke: “Well we can do it the easy way or the hard way. Your choice! If either of you try to

resist or run, me and my guys will beat you up. If you behave you might be rewarded later.”
I had no choice but to agree. He punched me once more before motioning for Kate to move towards him. The two guys released her as they moved towards me and held my shoulders. I watched as he took Kate in his arms and started sniffing her hair and feeling her sexy body through her clothes. Kate started sobbing. He then forced Kate into a kiss before saying: “Let’s go boys; we are going to have some fun with his girlfriend.”
With that, my two minders marched me while the leader wraps his arms around a sobbing Kate and we walked towards the abandon warehouse along the alley. We were taken into a well light room which contained a table few chairs, sofas, and two mattresses. Beer bottles and cans were all over the floor. My two minders forced me into a chair and had my hands tied behind my back before binding my ankles. I watched haplessly as the leader was massaging Kate’s teen breast through her dress and was moving his hands up her tights on the sofa across us.

He then said: “Stop crying slut. You are one hot slut and you are going to please us as your boyfriend watch. If you don’t behave your boyfriend will be beaten and cut up. Now let’s start with some introductions; I am Ryan and the two guys are Aaron and Samuel.”

Kate started pleading to be let off but Ryan just slapped her hard and she cried. I screamed for him to stop and was punched. So I resigned and introduced ourselves. “I am Kelvin and she is Kate. We are siblings and on the way to a school function. Please just let us go.”

“Wow siblings this is going to fun boys. Now stop crying whore before I hit you harder. You will not speak unless you’re told too, understand kelvin?” Ryan said as they all laughed and Kate struggle to stop crying. The two guys moved and sat on the sofa with Kate standing between them and me. “Now slut perform a strip tease for us and make it good.” Ryan commanded while Samuel turned on some music.

I sat silently as Kate started dancing to the music and untying the knot holding her dress.

Let me tell you a little about me and Kate. We are both 15 year old twins with me being older by 7 minutes. Growing up, we were close as our parents always said we shared some kind of bond which other siblings don’t. Our parents aren’t very strict and allow us freedom but just obey the laws. Both Kate and I go to different school with her going to an all-girls school while I am in a coed school. This evening, we were supposed to go for Kate’s school fall party with me being her ‘date’ and chaperon.

Kate wore her new halter neck dress which fell just above her knees. She specifically took time to choose the dress which showcases her slender body and lovely legs. Her blonde curls rested neatly on her breast. She is 5;6, lovely pair of blue eyes like our mother, slim, with a nice round ass and lovely long legs. She has a pair of lovely b-cup breast. Many of my friends who visit me would always ask questions about her and stare at her.

I continued watching as she took her dress off and was dancing with her lacy tube bra and matching lacy panties. She then started unhooking her bra exposing her breast. I felt myself getting hard as I saw her nice breasts with lovely dark nipples. He guys cheered and got up. They surrounding Kate and started dancing with her. Hands were moving round her body with all three boys squeezing her breast and rubbing her clit through her panties. It was then Samuel noticed that I had a hard on, came towards me and took my pants off revealing my hard dick. “Look dude, the brother is horny!”

I was embarrassed and turned away as Kate saw me getting hard watching her being abused. Ryan moved in and started removing her panties. I watched as she was now naked with just her heels and noticed that she was hairless around her cunt. Ryan then moving his hands round her cunt, and before she could say anything, pushed a finger in her pussy.

Ryan then asked: “Hmmm this whore is tight. So whore how many guys have you fucked so far?”
“Please stop I am a virgin. Please just let us go.” Kate pleaded again. The guys just laugh harder and Ryan and the guys started taking off their clothes. Soon, they were naked and showing off their dicks. I noticed that their arms have the Dragon’s tattoo and various other tattoos. Ryan was the largest at about 9” with Samuel and Aaron was about 8ish. I was the smallest at 7”. Samuel had taken Kate’s panties and put it on my dick as I watched.

“Suck my cock bitch and do not bite!” Ryan commanded as Kate got on her knees and took his huge member in her mouth. As she sucked, Samuel and Aaron took turns fingering her teen pussy and playing with her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples at times. It wasn’t long before Ryan cummed in Kate’s mouth and she struggled to swallow it. Ryan pulled out and then lifted Kate effortlessly taking her towards the mattress. He dumped her on it and pushed her legs up, spreading them as well.

Aaron came to turn my chair to face them as Ryan positioned his dick at her virgin pussy entrance. She begs for him not to put it in but Ryan rammed his hard dick into her teen cunt. Kate screamed as Ryan started thrusting inside her, tearing her hymen. Samuel then came up and took Ryan’s place in her mouth. I watched haplessly, but honestly, it was hot as Ryan and Samuel fucked Kate’s cunt and mouth respectively.
Both guys deposited their cum in her and pulled out. This time, Ryan rested as Aaron fucked took Samuel’s place in Kate’s mouth while Samuel started fucking Kate. “God this whore is tight Ryan!” Samuel commented.

My dick stayed hard the entire time as Aaron, Ryan and Samuel took turns fucking Kate. After Samuel was done with her pussy, he turned her used body and took her anal cherry. By now, Kate stopped screaming and was moaning as the guys took turns fucking her holes. At one point, there was so much cum in Kate that cum was dripping form her pussy and ass.

After Aaron fucked Kate’s ass, the guys stopped and rested leaving a used Kate on the mattress. “Ryan shall we see some incest action?” I was stunned at Aaron’s suggestion.

Ryan smiled and had my bonds cut and ordered me to Kate’s side. He then made her kneel and suck my dick. To my horror, they started taking pictures with their camera phones of Kate sucking me off. I cummed fast in her mouth before Ryan ordered me to fuck her. They cheered and continued their picture taking as I apologized to Kate before entering her with my dick.

She moaned as I fucked her with my tiny dick. I deposited another load of cum in her before pulling out. This got the guys hard again and Ryan passed me his phone and ordered me to continue recording it as they took turns with her again.

It was midnight when the guys were finished with Kate and Ryan got our numbers then told me: “Well asshole you both now belong to the Dragons and do not try to tell on us as we would post the video of you fucking your sister all over the internet and school. Now get lost and be ready when I call for you.”
As Ryan and the guys went to drink, I got dressed and helped Kate get dress without her undies which were taken by them. We walked home slowly and thankfully our parents won’t be home for the week as they had gone to visit our aunt who had taken a bad fall. I took Kate to the bathroom and help shower and clean her up. Her battered body showed bite marks and dried cum. “I am sorry Kate for not protecting you.” I said as I rinsed her body.

“It’s ok Kelvin, you had no choice. I still love you brother.” After showering her, she put on her pajamas and went to make us something to eat as I took my turn to shower. After eating our ‘dinner’, we went back to our rooms and slept. It was just a short while later when Kate snuggled into my bed and said: “Kelvin, can I sleep with you tonight? I am scared to sleep alone after what happened just now.”

I smiled and cuddled her soft body and we slept soundly.

Chapter 2 coming up......?

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2013-11-03 19:18:28
A positive start. As stated above below the names do need changing. More detail needs to be used when describing your scenes. Overall I do agree it is an amateur story but everyone starts somewhere and it wasn't bad. Keep it up and you will do just fine!

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-02 17:03:59
Three Mexican boys named Ryan, Samuel and Aaron? Come on, get real - use names like Pedro, Chico and Hector. You need to proofread your story to detect and correct the errors before posting.
Very amateurishly written. Maybe you ARE only 15.

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