A young mother has a prblem with her two younger girls
This story contains sexual activities by underage persons. If you don't like these type of stories please pass this one by.

Trying to Resolve My Dilemma

Copyright© 2013 Tanya Writer

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. This story does contain underage characters having sex. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home. If you are not old enough to read this please go somewhere else.

Trying to Resolve My Dilemma

Chapter 1

My daughters presented me with a problem. I didn't know how to deal with it at first. But before I tell you about it, maybe I should start at the beginning.

My name is Emily, but my family always called me Em. I'm 26, with two kids. I started having sex when I was young, which is why today I have a 12 year old and a ten year old. But I wasn't promiscuous, I've only been with one guy and he's the father of both of my children.

When I was younger, we lived in the country near Cardston, Alberta in Canada. We lived outside the city, my brother Mike and I. I spent a lot of time with him since Mike is a great guy. Our mom had told me of times, that when I was a baby and he was only three years old that he'd hold me in his lap. Mom would give me to him and he'd feed me. Mom says he even wanted to help change my diapers. He always took care of me and I looked up to him. He was always patient with me and caring and was never too busy to stop and help me. Living on the farm, we'd learned to be dependent on each other and so work together.

Since we lived out in the country we would ride the school bus into the schools and would often stay there most of the day. My brother would play hockey in the winter and baseball in the spring. I played field hockey in the fall and soccer in spring, so we had full days at school. They had a late bus that would bring us home in the evenings. During the weekdays we spent a lot of time at school and in the town with the people we went to school with. But evenings and weekends it was just the family on the farm.

I was eleven and in 6th grade and I was having problems with my history, one evening I walked into Mike's room. I had my history book and the questions on a paper in hand. I didn't bother to knock because Mike always welcomed me and would help me with my homework any time.

Mike had a room up in what was the attic. When I walked in on him, he was laying on his back, in his bed, naked. He had his dick, in his hand it was all big and hard. He was moving his hand up and down, he had his eyes closed and all of a sudden white stuff came out of the end of it in four mighty pulses. They arched up and came down on his bare chest and belly. I'd never seen that before.

All I could say was “Wow! That went up high.”

He looked over at me and said, “Get out of here, Em!” I didn't move since this was too interesting. I could see that he had his TV on and there was something playing on it. It was a man and woman, they were naked and they were doing sex stuff.

He quickly wiped the white stuff off himself using a little towel he had with him. He covered his now deflated penis up as he sheepishly asked, “What are you doing here? What do you want?”

“I wanted help with my history. What were you doing? How did you make that stuff come out? Is that like the stuff that bulls do with the cows?” As I said that I was advancing into his room.

“That is very personal, Em!” He grabbed his pajama bottoms and put them on. I could see his dick was all small and soft now. It was nowhere near as big as it was a few seconds ago. He went over and turned off the TV.

“You shouldn't be coming in here like that.” he continued. “What did you want?”

“I wanted you to help me with my history,” I repeated.

“OK,” he said. “But only if you don't tell mom and dad that you saw me doing that or that you saw the tape. And in the future you need to knock before coming into my room.”

“OK,” I agreed. “But that was sex that you were doing?”

“Did you want help with history or not?” he asked in an annoyed tone. “I'm not going to talk to you about the other stuff, it's personal and besides you are too young.”

“I am not too young!” I declared. “Mom already signed the permission slip for me to have the sex education class. We have it in a few weeks. So what were you doing?”

“Yeah, so you’re gonna have the class, so then you will know all about it. Now you want help with the history or not?”


A month and a half later I had the class and I knew that he was masturbating. So I saw how boys do it. The book says that girls can do that too. The book didn't say how to do it, so I didn't know. I went to my brother to ask him about it.

I went up to his room and knocked on his door. “Mike I wanted to ask you something, it's kinda personal.”

“What did you want to ask?” said Mike.

I said, “You remember when I came in your room, and you were masturbating?”

“Yeah so now you know what it's called,” Mike said. “Now why do you want to talk about that?”

“Well, I don't want to talk about what you did, but I wanted to know how girls do it. I read the book from school, you know which one, it said girls do that too, but it didn't say how girls do it.”

“You should talk to mom about that!” Mike exclaimed, turning a little red in the face.

“C'mon Mike,” I cried, “you know mom is so religious and makes us go to church, she won't talk about that. That's why she sent us to the class so she doesn't have to do it. Please I want to know! I mean it looked like you were having fun when you did it.”

He said, “Really Em, I am not good at how girls do it. Mostly they just rub.”

“But where?” I pleaded.

“You know where your clitoris is don't you?”

“Yeah, I know where it is, but how do you rub it?”

“Gees! Em, you just do it!”

“But Mike I don't know how. Can't you help me?” I insisted.

“This is isn’t like helping you with your homework or something. Do I have to do it for you or something?”

“Oh Mike would you?” I said eagerly.

Mike was aghast. “You mean you want me to do that?”

“Yeah please, if you do it for me then I'll know how to do it the next time. Please Mike please?” I pleaded again.

“I do a lot for you and this is kinda pushing it. But you can't tell anyone ever! Go over and lock my door just in case.” I went over and made sure the door was locked.

“OK you have to take your panties off,” he said. I had a dress on, so I shucked my white cotton undies off is a second. He continued to instruct me, “Lay down and open your legs,” and I did so, giving him full access to my naked, hairless little pussy. Nonplussed, Mike continued, “What I'm gonna do is just rub on you. This is your clitoris and you rub up and down on it.” Suiting action to the word, he placed his finger on my love button. It gave me the strangest sensation, sensations that I was getting to love.

“Do it more for me please,” I moaned.

He spit on his hand, rubbed on my clit and down around my pussy opening. He was all over the place doing nice things to me. With his finger, it didn't take long before I couldn't follow where his fingers were or what they were doing, I could only feel the excitement he was causing in me. Then it happened! I had the “orgasm” that the book told about, and couldn't figure out how to get myself. It took me a couple of minutes to recover. I'd had my first orgasm and Mike was nice enough to give it to me. I looked over at my big brother and I could see that he was hard, since there was a shaft behind the fly in his pants. I wasn't sure what made me offer to do him.

“Mike that was great!” I sighed. “Now you have a boner and would you like me to do that for you, like I saw you do that time?”

He eagerly agreed and took off his pants. I put my hands around a hardened penis for the first time in my young life. It was both hard and soft at the same time. I loved the way the skin slid up and down the shaft, first covering and then uncovering the purple head. Small beads of liquid were being squeezed out of the miniature hole at the top, slowly coating the head and making the skin move more easily. Mike showed me how to hold it, and move it. I could move it and it would bend but yet it was hard and straight. It was just so strange. I was stroking him up and down. It didn't take very long before he was doing his impression of a fountain. Ropes of his sperm arched up again to fall back on his chest. That was interesting to watch. Because of the class I knew what that stuff was. He cleaned up himself and my hand, then, curiosity satisfied, I went back down to my room.

For the next couple of weeks, I had been masturbating like Mike did for me, but it wasn't the same, I didn't get off like when I was I with him. He must have been thinking the same thing. One night, mom and dad had gone to bed already he came down to my room.

“Em, I wanted to ask you, did you like what we did up in my room?”

“Yeah I liked it!” I said eagerly.

He sheepishly asked, “Would, you like to do that again?”

“OK! That sounds great!” I agreed.

“Let's go up to my room,” he said as he disappeared up the stairs.

I got naked with him and watched him take off all his clothes. It gave me a little thrill. I laid there with my legs open and he put his hand in the vee of my hairless crotch. It was OK when he did me first, but he had to keep wetting his fingers with his spit or it would hurt a bit when he rubbed me. It wasn't so bad when I masturbated him, but it wasn't as interesting after seeing him cum a couple of times. I was able to cum but it wasn't as exciting, as I hoped. But nevertheless it was better than doing it by myself. He enjoyed it. He said that having me do it was better than doing it himself.

He came to me a week later and suggested that we try it again. I was willing, but it was the same thing, He had to keep wetting his fingers. I was so dry when he did that with me. He loved it when I did that for him. But for me is wasn't very good. I could still cum but it took a while. It was strange. I loved Mike but I just didn't get that excited by him. But he did kiss me on the cheek when we were done.

He was very much interested in continuing to do the sex with me. I told him that it wasn't so good for me because I was always dry and I just couldn't get into it. I would have to close my eyes when he did. It wasn't because I didn't love Mike, and it wasn't because we were brother and sister. I don't know it was something, I just couldn't put my finger in it.

Mike suggested something he knew about. We could do oral sex. I was willing to try, but again he would have to teach me. The first time he did it, it was so much better! He laid down and put his face between my legs and began to lick my bare pussy.

He would do things with his tongue to lick my vagina, and he would suck on my clit. His tongue was all over my lips and he even went inside with his tongue. He was all around there it felt better than with his fingers. He would open my lips and lick inside me. He said I was kinda tight in there, but he still got his tongue in there. It felt better than just his fingers, and it was wet, which is what I needed. I liked his licking me, it was good and he gave me an orgasm, much better than when he did it with his fingers.

He reached up and began to touch my chest, but I didn't have any boobs yet. And yet I was sure I was feeling more and more horny lately. It was nice that he wanted to touch me on them even thought I didn't have anything there.

He pulled me up next to him and he kissed me. But this was different than any other time he kissed me: he kissed me fully on the lips. I was kinda surprised, and I pulled back. But it wasn't that I didn't like it, it was just that he surprised me. He pulled my head back and kissed me again, so I kissed him back. Then he pressed his tongue against my lips. He was pushing his way into my mouth and I couldn't do anything but let him. He was exploring me my mouth with his tongue. After a little bit he broke it off and told me that I should do the same thing with my tongue in his mouth, so I tried it.

He took my hand put it on his dick and was having me stroke him. I would have done that until he made his sperm come out, but he wanted me to suck him since he said that he licked me, so I should suck him.

He moved up in the bed and I moved down. He told me that I should take the end in my mouth. I was suppose to suck it and lick while it was in my mouth. I did that, then he grabbed the back of my head. He held it in place while he pushed hips up into me, forcing his dick into my mouth then he would pull back and do it again. After about 5 minutes he pushed me down farther, before I could pull back or anything he was shooting his sperm into my mouth. I was surprised and some of it went back so far in my mouth that I didn't have any choice but to swallow it. I was able to catch the rest of it in my mouth. It was slimy, salty, and warm, it was kinda like salty snot. I wasn't thrilled with it, but Mike liked it. He told me that it was wonderful.

I liked what he did with his mouth. He liked what I did with mine, but I didn't like it very much especially the end. But he came to me and wanted to do it again. I was agreeable to it. We waited until Friday night after mom and dad where asleep and I went up to his room again.

We got undressed and got into his bed. I asked him if he would kiss me before we did anything more. He took my head in his hands and looked me in the eye and told me that he loved me, and we would be happy to do anything I wanted him to do.

He was kissing me all over my ears and across my face and on my neck. It raised gooseflesh on me. He caressed me very nicely, he even touched and played with areolas.

He moved down my chest and kissed the areolas too. We were both kinda surprised that they got smaller and kinda crinkly and it made my little nipples stand up. He would lick them for me. It was nice.

He moved down and was soon kissing me on my pussy. He licked up and down on my lips. It felt good with his warm wet and a bit rough tongue on me. Again like last time he used his fingers to spread my lips, and went inside with his tongue. He was all over in there and it felt so good it was like making me melt on that spot. He gave me a good orgasm. I liked being licked like that.

Mike asked if I liked it after he made me have an orgasm. Oh yes! I told him. He asked if I would make him cum to with his mouth, (he said that cumming was the same thing as having an orgasm). I told him that I would but I didn't like the part where he could cum in my mouth. He said that he would tell me before he came and I could take it out of my mouth.

I sucked him again I got better at sucking him while I was licking. He didn't need to move my head. Instead I used my hand like I had when I was rubbing him off. Mike liked that I wasn't laconic about it. He was telling me how much he loved it. He wanted me to suck a little more or stroke him faster. But he was getting close and told me. I pulled it out of my mouth but I didn't get far enough from it quick enough, and his cock exploded, and I got a face full of his cum. Some even got in my eye, and it stung.

I liked what we did, well he liked me sucking him and I liked him licking me. We both liked kissing. We carried this one every weekend and during the week when we thought we could get away with it.

Mike treated me even a little nicer than he already did. My parents saw that and they thought that Mike was becoming such a nice young young man always considerate of others.

It was a little before my 12th birthday, I was getting my boobs now and had started to get some hair on my pussy. We still were licking and sucking each other, but the more I sucked him the less I liked it. I just didn't like the cum in my mouth and he was making more pre-cum and that was ending up in my mouth too.

He had just eaten my pussy and I had my cum. Now he wanted me to suck him off. I told him that I was tired of his nasty tasting stuff getting in my mouth, I didn't want to suck his cock again.

“Em it isn't fair!” he pouted. “I've been good to you, I eat you first every time and I don't ask you to do anything for me until you have cum.”

“Yeah, but Mike you like eating my pussy,” I said. “But I don't like sucking your cock so I only do it because you ate me.”

“Really you don't like sucking me? I wouldn't make you suck me if you didn't like it. But it is fair, I got you off, that you do that for me too.”

“Yeah but I don't like it. I love you Mike I do want to do for you, but I don't like your cum in my mouth or on my face,” I said.

Mike looked slyly at me and whispered, “You know Em, there is something that we can do and you won't have to suck me.”


“I can fuck you!” he said.

“Mike, I heard that it hurts!” I exclaimed.

Mike said quickly, “It only hurts the first time and not always for every girl.”

“Does it feel good to fuck?” I wondered.

“I'm sure you will love it!” Mike said, nodding. “Then I won't be in your mouth.”

“OK but you will still eat me?”

“Yeah if you want. After you cum then I can fuck you, that OK?”

“How do we start?”

“I will lick you some until you're wet since you liked it better than when I used my finger,” he explained.

Mike was already rock hard, he went down on me again. He was doing a good job eating me and I was close to cumming again. Mike could tell by the way I was breathing and the face I made. He said I begin to pant before I cum and I scrunch up my face just as I cum. He was eating me and I was almost there, and suddenly he stopped and moved up my body. He kept a finger diddling me but he now had his dick outside my pussy. His finger stroking my clit was enough to send me over the edge and I was cumming. I was off in a state of bliss for a bit. All of a sudden I noticed he was in me! I never felt him go into me, I was in the middle of my cum. He was pumping away in me! I felt full, it wasn't unpleasant, and I was glad I didn't feel him tear my hymen. He felt like he was going a kilometer a minute. Then he shoved himself up inside me as far as he could and I could feel him cum pulsing warmly into my little formerly virgin pussy.. Then it was over! I was just felt that I was beginning a climb to another cum. But he was done.

For sure he had just taken my virginity. I asked him and he said that he had never done this before, so he took mine and I got his. This however was not the last time that we did that. We would spend the weekend nights up in his room fucking. I had him eat me first because I would cum better that way. The fucking was for him so he could cum. But it was also in a way for me as he would be in me when he came, and I wouldn't be getting his stuff in my mouth.


When I was twelve and a half my boobs grew in and I got hair between my legs. It wasn't long after that when I got my periods. Mike's dick got a bit longer and a little fatter. We continued to fuck even after I started getting my periods. We would just time it so I was not in my fertile period when we did it.

We had the few days after my period ended, and we would also do it a few days before my period would start. It was great in theory, when I was mostly on a 28 day cycle, but sometimes my body would throw me a curve and I would be on a 35 day cycle and I would never know when that might come up. Even worse I would sometimes have a 21 day cycle.

I was 13 and I think my body must have been on a 35 day cycle for that month. Mike and I did it because we figured that we were in the safe period. But not this month. He must have hit me on the day I sent my egg out. His little buggers were on their way up me looking for it. And they found it! Big time! I wasn't having my period. At first at the 28 days I was like “Oh shit, it must have been one of my long cycles!” At 35 days I still didn't get my period. I thought oh no I am getting a longer cycle. It wasn't until I was at about 60 days from when my last period that I know something must be up. Not only was I late but I was getting sick in the mornings.

I told Mike, I thought that I was pregnant. Here was I was only 13 and the dad to be was my 16 year old brother. At first he wondered what do we do? But being the kind of take charge kind of guy, he said, the first time we did do was get a home pregnancy test kit. I took it and it was positive. Now I was in real trouble. Mike was in for it too, if they found out he was the dad.

I had to go to my parents and tell them that I think I was pregnant. Mom hit the roof. There was a lot of shouting and she asked my who that dad was. Mike said they would ask that, and we had an answer; “I don't know.” I told mom and dad that I had been having sex with several guys after school and I didn't know which one might have done the job. Mike told them that he knew that I was being a party girl and letting a lot of guys have me. He caught flak for not sticking up for his sister and letting her get used that way.

The question was what to do about it. My mom being the religious person that she was, no way was I going to have an abortion. I would have to be subject to ridicule as a teen mom. But then I would have to give up the baby.

Mike and I talked about whether I should be having the baby, and whether I should give it up. I didn't really want to but I knew that it would be hard to keep it. Mike wasn't too keen on someone else raising his baby. So he promised to help me and he would support me. He even said he would support me when I went to our parents and told them I wanted to keep the baby.

It was a tough sell, but Mike supported me through it all, he was able to get our dad on my side. In the end mom thought that the stigma for the rest of my life, I would be a teen mother would be my punishment for, “playing the whore.” She would have to rise above it, as it was her daughter's failing not hers.

There were some major league changes in my life: like no more sports after school and I had to come home on the early bus. I would also have to take extra classes about being a mother, and how to raise a child and how to manage a household.

One thing about being pregnant, I got so horny after my first trimester was over, I was seeking Mike out when ever I could. We had to figure out ways to fuck without putting pressure on my belly. But I still preferred that he eat me to get me off.

It wasn't long after I turned 14 that I had my little girl. Because my dad had been such a help to me especially with mom, I named her Donna after my dad, Donald. Mike was good with his little niece, he would change nappies for her as well as feed her. Even mom commented how what a great uncle he was taking care of the baby just like he use to with his little sister.

With the birth of Donna it did slow down our fucking some, but it didn't stop it. We just now did it now down in my room since Donna had her crib there in with me. One thing I did like when Mike came down to me: I would breast feed Donna, that in itself would get me horny but then I would have Mike eating me at the same time. I got off that way very well. With Donna's little tummy filled and a fresh nappy, she was good for a few hours sleep while mommy satisfied daddy's needs.

It was almost a year later I was still breast feeding Donna and fucking Mike that it happened again. They said in class that women in the third world would breast feed a long time, because it was birth control. You wouldn't ovulate while you breast feed. Dummy me here I was now 15 and pregnant AGAIN.

Mike went with me to tell my parents the same story again but this was a little harder to sell since I wasn't around the after school activities any more. I said it was a boy from church. Mom was livid about that. At first she wanted to know which boy so she would fix his wagon but good. Mike talked to her and told her that it wouldn't change my situation about how I got into trouble. If she did what she wanted to do she would just be making trouble for someone else and causing problems in the church. So she decided she didn't want to know which boy. She was done with that church and their liberal ways. Boy that was close, I don't know who I would pin it in since I had only been having sex with Mike. Any other boy would deny it, and I couldn't show any time that we had together to do that.

Before anything more happened Mike was going to get out while the going was good. He was off to college, up in Calgary.

Mom said we were now going to be going to a new church that upheld the “morals of God.” There to be no more public school for me, I was going to be going to be sent to an all girls religious school. It was for wayward girls, so they could set me back on the straight and narrow. I would be living there. At least that way there were no more boys that could get to me. (But also mom didn't have to face the shame of having a daughter that was going to have two children out of wedlock.)


All the girls in the school were either young mothers or mothers to be. I was surprised that there that many other girls in my situation. We were all give our own mentor, a woman that we could go to any time. Mine was Irina, she spoke with an accent, She said her family was from Ukraine. She was only 19, and was herself a graduate of the school as she had a child of her own out of wedlock. On the outside she was hard core religious, holding to all the rules, but when alone she was a softy and as nice as you could ever want to know.

While I was in school, Donna was in their day care. One thing about the school and being there, I got so horny starting in my second trimester. Mike was up in Calgary going to the university there, so he couldn't scratch that itch for me. I would have to do it myself. I hadn't done that since I was eleven.

Being pregnant my breasts were swollen. With Donna now more than a year old, she was not so interested in feeding from me. She was starting food and wouldn't take the breast so much, but I was so full that I began to hurt. Irina could see that I had a problem. She offered to help me. She would give me massages. At first they were only on my back but they moved on to other parts of me. One place I needed was help with my breasts. Irina got a breast pump and she would help me pump my breasts. Some of the milk I would feed Donna, but most of it I ended up donating to others.

While we did that, Irina would tell me how lovely my breasts were and how I was an attractive “young lady.” She began to massage my breasts as well as helping me to pump them. It made my breasts feel better. It was her idea that instead of pumping them she would drain me by nursing on me. That was great, it drained me and at the same time was sexual, at least for me.

I loved the way that she handled my boobs and drinking my milk was so strange but I loved it. But it got me very horny and was getting VERY damp in my panties. Irina just reached down and was rubbing me through my clothes. If I wasn't horny enough she was sending my motor my into overdrive. I know she could feel my wetness.

While I was going dry in my boob, my pussy wasn't anything close to being dry, she looked up at me and said, “Do you want me to take care of you?”

All I could do was nod. She reached down for the waistband on my pants, and began to to tug them down. I lifted my hips to help her. When she was pulling my panties down they stuck to my pussy, I was so wet. I laid back and spread my legs for her. At first it seemed a bit strange, for two reasons, Mike was the only I had ever had sex with, and not only was this not Mike but it was another girl. But the strangeness went away quickly. It seemed like old times again, only better.

I loved Mike, but this woman knew her way around a pussy. She knew just the right places to touch and stroke. She had me going like I had never had before. She could do things for me that Mike never could. We became lovers that night. She taught how to the same things back to her.

The one thing about doing with her, not only was it great sex, but I felt a real connection with her. While Mike was great, I never felt comfortable with the other boys at school and I just didn't feel that I clicked with them. But I clicked with Irina big time! I also began to see things about myself that I didn't realize before. I began to see myself as a lesbian. I felt more comfortable about myself that way.

With the school structured the way it was I did well, I learned my lessons and passed my classes with good grades. My second daughter was born, I named her Krista, it was close to my mother's name of Christine. Mom was happy about that, it brought us a little closer since my having two children and not married was a great shame for her.

Being sixteen and now a parent for the second time, I had a little experience to offer some of the younger girls. I became something of a junior mentor. I was given Jody, she was a young girl who had gotten in over her head with boys just barely 13. She had been seduced and abandoned when it was discovered that she was pregnant. She ended up at our school.

I had my classes and taking care of newborn Krista, Jody would shadow me as I did that. But she also got to watch me interact with my now 2 year old daughter. Even Donna took an interest in her little sister. Not that she could do much with her little sister but she was curious about her. Jody became like a little sister to me. She came to me with questions and for help with school problems as well as dealing with her pregnancy. Her mentor, Nancy, wasn't as cool as mine.

I still had my mentor Irina but I saw her less as a mentor and more as a lover, and a person leading me into a lesbian life. We now had an active lesbian sex life together. But she also had an older woman lover outside of the school.

I still saw Mike. He came down to the hospital when Krista was born. He would call to check on the girls. He sent birthday cards to Donna for her birthday. I put them away for her, for when she was older. He wanted to be active in his daughters' lives, even if they only knew him as their uncle.

Jody had her baby just before she turned 14. She had a boy. I would help her with him. But also I had an attraction to her. It didn't take long for my mentor position to move from just teaching her about babies and school subjects to mentioning her in life. That also included sex. I took her as a lover in addition to Irina.

You have a bunch of pregnant woman and girls all together without boys or men, and they will turn to each other for sexual release. Jody and I gravitated to each other. Being her lover also confirmed in me my desires for other girls. I was now a committed lesbian.


Not only did I finish my high school there but I was able to take some college courses in accounting. I moved up to Calgary to be near Mike. We had remained close and he was willing to help with the girls. He was there with monetary support and also emotional support. He also was a willing babysitter for the girls. They loved their uncle.

I got a job as a bookkeeper, and I did all right financially and while there were problems with money, raising two young girls, Mike was always there, to help us. He was a babysitter when I wanted to go out with my girlfriends.

He accepted my lesbianism without problems. I know dad and especially mom would flip out if they knew that I had sex with girls. It was enough for them that I got pregnant twice as a young teen. Mike was always there for the girls' birthdays and Christmas, they looked forward to a special present from “Uncle Mike.” Mike was known to just drop by any day or any time of day

Now that I had my own place and could live my own life. I could do as I liked. It wasn't a big place, only two bedrooms, but the girls could share.

While we weren't nudists around the house it wasn't uncommon for me to walk around in the house in little to no clothes, especially in summer, the girls did likewise. They had seen me naked often, and I watched them as they grew and saw their naked little bodies as they moved toward becoming young ladies.

As the girls got older they would also see me with other women, and that I had sleepover dates sometimes with these women. They would also see us kiss. One of them was a young girl that would sometimes babysit them.

Shortly after Donna turned 11 she got the same sex education that I got. It was then that she put things together and realized that I was a lesbian. One night she came to me and was very direct about she wanted to know.

Krista had an earlier bedtime than Donna. When her little sister was in bed Donna asked me one night, “Mom can I ask you something?”

I nodded, “Sure honey what did you want?”

“I don't know how to say this very well,” Donna stammered. “But do you like girls? I mean like, like girls and boys like each other?”

“Yes, I do Donna, I'm a lesbian. You know what that means?” I asked.

She said, “Yeah they told us about that in sex-ed class. Why are you lesbian?”

“I feel more comfortable with girls than I am with boys.”

“But you had sex with boys,” Donna said. “I mean you had to to have me and Krista.”

“Yes, I did but was sometime ago. I discovered before your sister was born that I liked girls better. I was pregnant with her when I had my first time with a girl, and I loved it.”

“Better than with a boy?” she wanted to know.

“Yes, better a than boy. Better than the boy I was with. That guy was, and still is, a great guy and I love him. But I feel better with girls, I am more myself with another girl.”

“You still love the guy?” Donna asked. “Why didn't you marry him?”

“That is kinda of a complicated thing, and to tell you, I am glad that I never tried to go down that road.”

“Was that guy my dad?” my daughter asked.

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Who is he?” she wanted to know.

“Right now, honey you're not in a position to know that. But don't worry, he's a nice guy and maybe someday you will know him. But you didn't want to ask me about that did you?”

“No,” she admitted. “I just didn't know why you are with a girl. What you do with one instead of a boy.”

“There isn't much that a guy can do with a girl that another girl can't do with her. It is mostly that she doesn't have a penis to put into me, being the only difference. Otherwise there can be no difference. But even that is almost the same for me with a girl. Come with me, I will show you something.” I took her to my room and pulled out my strap-on and my collection of dildos.

“You see these I can use them instead of a boy's penis. I can even put this on and I can use it like I had a penis and I do this to have intercourse just as a boy would. But using these can be better than a boy. Let me show this.”

I took out one of my vibrators and switched in on, and handed it to her.

Donna giggled, “I moves, it's all shaky like.”

“That is right it is called a vibrator. When it vibrates against the right parts of my body it is better than any boy I could be,” I assured her.

“How do you do it?” she asked.

“Donna, do you masturbate?” I asked her. Her response was to turn a couple shades of red. I took that as a yes. “It is OK if you do that. It's normal for people to do that. I do it too, I use this little toy of mine to bring me to the orgasm that I am looking for when I masturbate. Have you had an orgasm?”

“I'm not sure,” She replied looking a bit disappointed.

I was sure she hadn't. “Baby if you had one you would know.”

“Do you have them?”

I grinned. “Yes, all the time and they are great.”

“You do that with Janice don't you? Do have them with them when you are with her?”

“Yes I do and so does she,” I said. “We give them to each other.”

Donna sighed, “I wish I would have one.”

“Do you need help getting one?”

“You can do that? I mean will you, mom?” she said excitedly. Then her face fell and she said, “But you aren't suppose to be doing that with young girls especially daughters are you?”

“I would do anything for you girls, you know that. But are you worried because I am older or your mom, or both?”

“Both I guess, but you would want to do that with someone my age, especially since I am your daughter?”

“Well dear, you know that Janice isn't much older than you and I do enjoy being with her. I don't have problems with a girl's age, and it is fine with me if she is younger. But I think that you are more worried about doing something with your mom that's right?”

“Yes,” she said blushing a bit.

“Well Donna you might have noticed that I don't follow the rules of society very much. I mean I am lesbian and, I was 13 when I got pregnant with you, so you see that I have never been one to worry about following the rules. So I don't have a problem teaching you, if you want. But if we do this it might change us, and you will have to be sure that you are willing to do it,” I said as I started to put my joy toys away.

“It is getting late,” I said with a pointed look at the clock. “I suggest that you run off to bed and you can think about. When you make a decision about it, we can talk about it. OK?”

Three days later Donna came back to me, and said, “Mom can you teach me how to get an orgasm? Will you do for me like you do with Janice?”

I whispered to her, “OK baby after your sister has gone to bed.”

She came to me after Krista had gone to bed. “Mom you will teach me, now?”

“Yes, baby” I said. “Were you wanting just to learn about masturbation and how to have an orgasm, or you are wanting to know what Janice and I do together?”

“Can you show me both?” She said with a hopeful smile.

I took her to my room and I undressed her, she was cute and I could see that she was growing and the crop tops she had been wearing were going to have to be replaced by a real bra, albeit a training bra. Her little booblets had begun to grow and weren't much more than a plump areola with some swollen tissue behind it. But I knew that is the way it started for me and I could expect her to begin to grow as I did. None of this was a surprise to me as I had seen her naked so many times, just as she had seen me naked, too. But this was different in that now it was more erotic, as I was going to make love to my baby.

We got into the bed and began to kiss while I caressed her body feeling her up. I toyed with her little nipples while it was rising up seeking the attention of my fingers. Attention I was glad to give them. I began to kiss and lick them, Donna was making little noises in the back of her throat. I knew that she was loving this, and so was I.

It made me think back to when I was her age and Mike was playing with me. Now it was almost like I had taken his place and I was sort of making love to myself. In doing that, I began to do to her the things that I wanted him to do to me.

I reached down and stroked her hairless pussy lips. She was getting wet. I slightly slipped my finger into her pussy and I could feel her little cherry. I let it be. But I went up and began to rub her not so little clit. This girl was excited. That I didn't let be, I attacked it with a vengeance; which brought about more vocalizations from her as well as movements of her hips.

I needed to taste her little nectar. I moved down to her and began to lick her with a flattened tongue, back and forth and up and down over her clit. Then I switched and pointed my tongue and went it trying to get up her hood and get at it directly. I was able to get at her that way. It was then she popped and with her voice getting louder and her head twisting back and forth while pushing her hips up to my mouth she had her orgasm, the one she was seeking. I felt very happy, I gave my baby her first cum.

I gave her a couple of minute to recover and moved up beside her and when she was more coherent I kissed her. She she was able to respond she licked her lips. “What is that taste?” she asked, “Is it me?”

“Yes, baby, it is you, and you taste pretty sweet.”

“Do you like that taste?”

“Yes I do very much.”

“Do you get it very much?”

“Yes every time that Janice stays over.”

“That is why you have her babysitting us, so she stays the night?”

“Yes, she is here to babysit you two, but of course sometimes I'm not out. It's just a reason to have her over here. We tell her parents that I am out late and she will spend the night here instead of going home late. That way she can spend the night with me. Now you know our little secret.” I said confidentially.

Donna asked, “You do this with her?”

“Yes, we do, and we both love it.”

“You have been doing this all the time, she has been sitting us?” she wanted to know.

“Yes she has been sitting you for the last year, and we have been making love often since she started sitting for me. She was 13, then and it wouldn't be long before you are that age. You would be too old to need a sitter. It is a shame I wouldn't have a reason to have her over to make love with her.”

“But you have me.”

“You want to do this too?”

“Oh, mom I love it!”

“This was good enough for today. Are you wanting to learn more later?“

“Oh yes!” she said with great enthusiasm.

“OK baby you head off to bed and I will teach you how to do that to me later. You will do that for me?”

“Oh yeah!”

I took my daughter as a lover, and taught her to lick my pussy, she took to it like a duck to water. She seemed to be a natural. I was happy that I could have her and still have my little 14 year old babysitter lover. Donna even joined us once and we had a nice threesome.


Things can change when you least expected it. The weather forecast had called for thundershowers, but none had occurred during the day. It was in the evening that it arrived. It seemed to be some distance away. You could see flashes of the lightening and hear the distant claps of thunder. But they didn't all seem anywhere close.

It was after Krista had gone to bed that things began to pick up. I could hear much more wind outside. There was added lightning as the flashes seemed to be more numerous. But the thunder didn't sound any closer. The lights were still on all over the neighborhood, and that damn street light was still shining in my bedroom window.

Donna and I were having our special time together, and we were naked in my room. She was lying on her back with her legs spread and my face between them. Suddenly the room lit up with the flash of the lightening and a split second later there was a loud crack followed an instant later with a tremendous boom, that shook the whole house. It sounded like a bomb had just gone off in our house.

I picked my face up from between Donna's legs. About 10 seconds later my bedroom door was flung open and in ran Krista. She ran over to the bed and jumped on it beside me.

“Mommy I was sleeping and the storm woke me, I am scared!” Krista cried.

Donna and I were so surprised that we hadn't reacted. Donna's pussy was swollen and red from her excitement, and covered with my saliva.

It took Krista a couple of seconds to take in, and start to figure out what had been going on.

“What are you and Donna doin'? How come you're naked? Were you kissing her pussy?”

I never lied to my kids. “Yes, Donna and I were doing something special.”

“What special?” Krista asked.

“I was loving her.”

“You do that to love her?”

“It is a special kind of love.”

“Mom don't you love me too?”

“Of course I do but this is a kinda special thing. It is more for older people.”

Krista exclaimed, “Donna's not so old, she's only 11 and I'm not so young I am 9 and that is not much different.”

“This is a special kind of love that we can't talk about to anyone outside the family,” I said.

Krista looked at me and said, “I don't tell any one we don't wear clothes sometimes in the house, and I never told about Janice babysitting us when you are home and she spends the night in your room.”

I said, “I'm glad that you don't tell about those things, those are private things, and you shouldn't tell about them, it is our family's business and no one's else.”

“I can keep more secrets,” my young daughter said smiling.

“Well, Krista, mommy was loving Donna in a special way, we were having sex. Do you know what that is?”

“Yeah some of the girls at school talk about it. But don't you have to have a boy to do that?”

“That is one way of doing that, but two girls can do that too.”

“Can you do that with me too?” she wanted to know.

“If you really want that” I said, “then you need to take off your pajamas.”

“Why are you going to do that with her? You were suppose to be doing that with me!” said Donna with indignation.

“You were already having a turn, it is mine now!” Krista declared.

“Mom, you didn't finish with me! Besides why does she get a turn at all? She doesn't always need to get the same things that I get. I'm older I get to go first on things. Krista you too big a baby for this anyway!” Donna whined.

“Am not!” Krista cried. “Besides if you can do it, I can too! I can do anything that you can do, and you know it! I can even do it better than you.”

“You don't even know what we were doing!” Donna retorted.

“Yeah I do! You were doing lezzy sex!”

“Girls! Don't fight!” I said getting between them. “Krista, how do know about that?”

“Some of the girls at school were talking,” said my youngest. “Brooke has an older sister, she says her sister does that all the time with her friends when they have sleepovers. Brooke says she seen her sister do that with girls, and once she saw her sister having sex with a boy.”

“How old is Brooke's sister?” I asked.

“She's 13. Brooke says she has been doing those things for a while.”

“Well, Krista I'm busy with Donna at the moment. I have to finish with her first. You can watch what I do with her. Then we'll talk about a turn for you.” Donna pouted at that. “Don't worry Donna, things might turn out better for you than you think.”

Despite the storm going on outside I finished off Donna and gave her the orgasm she was seeking with Krista watching very wide-eyed.

Then I began to teach my other daughter. I was excited by her young body and to get the chance to make love to her. I hadn't ever thought of being with her this way, but it was still thrilling to do it. She wanted everything. She learned to kiss quickly and was not only having orgasms when I ate her, or even when Donna did it to her. (It was Krista's idea that the two sisters do it together.) But she had no problems going down on either one of us or both of us.

We saw less of Janice, as she got involved with boys. She did still come over and have sleepovers with Donna out in the living room. It was a time when they could have sex together and talk. For Donna it was a time of learning about the wider world around her from someone other than her mom. It was also Janice that told her stories about boys and girls together.

Mike was still an active part in our lives. He was always there for birthdays and holidays, as well as just dropping by for no reason from time to time.

First Krista then Donna had their birthdays in the late spring and the early summer. They were now 10 and 12 respectively. With access to the internet, Janice must have shown Donna porno videos of straight couples having sex. Donna knew that I got pregnant with her when I was young. Since she knew how babies came to be, she knew I was fucking at a young age not much older than her. Between the videos and knowing my age, Donna felt comfortable coming to me and telling me that she would like to have sex with a boy.

Oh boy! Did this ever create a dilemma for me. There were so many mixed emotions there. On the one hand I didn't want to see one of my babies get involved with sex, (not that she wasn't already with me), but I didn't want to see her get hurt either physically, or emotionally by some boy. Truthfully I didn't want so see her with boys at all. I also didn't want to lose a lover, a nice cute young one at that, one I loved very much.

But on the other hand I wanted what is best for her. Though I think that being lesbian would be a better thing for her, it would have to be her choice.

What to do? I thought if she wants it, it would be better sooner rather than later. She could have done with it and get it over with and she could go back to being mommy's little lover. Also if she did it now, since she hadn't gotten her period yet, the risk of getting pregnant would be much less.

But if she was going to do this, who would do it with her? I am sure that a lot of boys in her class at school would love to volunteer for the job. But what would any of them know about being a good lover? They would probably be just as clueless about it as she would be. I would want it to be a nice time for her since it would be something she would remember her whole life.

I needed some one who knew what he was doing. I wanted someone to treat her nice. Since she was so underage it had to be someone who wouldn't talk about it, or get in trouble for it. The boys her age wouldn't get in trouble for having sex with her. But oh try to find one who could keep his mouth shut about it. Good luck finding a 12 year old boy that wouldn't brag that he bagged a girl. So no matter how good he might be in bed, if he was, would he care about her enough to see that she had a good time? She had a right to expect an orgasm from him since he would get one from her. (Also she gets them from me when we have sex.) How to find a good little lover for her that wouldn't be spreading it around school that he had Donna. I didn't want her to have a reputation while only in the 7th grade.

When I talked to Donna about it, big ears Krista, was listening, and she wanted in on the deal. If Donna got to have sex with a guy then she wanted it also. There was no dissuading her from it. She wanted to try sex with a guy and that was that!

Now if it wasn't bad enough trying to find the right lover for Donna, now I had to find one that would be willing to take on Krista too.

I though about it very much. I was thinking this was an impossible task. There isn't any 12 year old boy that could satisfy both girls especially one who would be willing to take on Krista as a lover too.

I began thinking about adult men. They wouldn’t be telling any one, and they could be a good lover for them. But of all my women friends with boyfriends or husbands or any guy friends I knew, who could I tell that I wanted them to take the virginities of my little babies.

I was sure it was going to have to be an adult, he wouldn't be telling any one, and he could be giving enough to make sure that they had a good time. I was sure that if I picked the right one he would care enough about her not to be using her for his own ends. But how many guys would be agreeable to fucking a 12 year old, let alone a ten year old, too?

Finally I just picked the phone and made a call. “Hi, it's me. Can you get away and meet me in Elliston park at lunch time tomorrow?...OK, I'll see you at noon.... Over by the picnic tables.”

The next day I saw him at the appointed hour. “I'm glad you came, lets walk a bit while I explain it my problem to you. I didn't want to tell you this over the phone, because it is kind of sensitive.”

I laid out my dilemma. He was rather surprised to learn that Donna wanted sex with a guy. If that wasn't shock enough, the idea Krista wanted it too sure was.

He didn't have too many problems with Donna, but he wasn't so sure about Krista. I explained if she didn't get it too, there could be problems that it might leak though her that he and Donna had sex.

So it was a real problem but he agreed to the plan I had come up with and was willing to have sex with both of my girls, a 12 year old and her 10 year old sister. He thought that it might be a good idea to spend the weekend with us. He said that might be a good thing to take the girls on an outing during the day and spend the night with her, taking her virginity that night. Each girl would get her day, where she got to choose what she did during the day and at night he would spend it in her bed giving her what she wanted.

We agreed and he would come over Saturday morning, and we would be begin our eventful weekend. I explained it to the girls, they could hardly wait for the weekend to come. They looked forward it with great anticipation. Though they asked several times who it was that was that I had gotten to be their lover, I hadn't told them. Only that they would have to wait and see.


Saturday morning the girls were keyed up. They knew that their mystery lover was coming over at 10. Fifteen minutes to ten there was a knock on the door. The girls squealed that he was early. They ran to the door to meet the man that was going to be their lover. They flung open the door, only to exclaim with disappointment and worry, “Oh it's you Uncle Mike.”

“Why are you here?” Krista asked.

Donna chimed, “Are you going to staying long, Uncle Mike?”

Mike answered her, “I came over to see my sister and my favorite nieces. Why? Are you planning on going somewhere?”

“Umm we were expecting someone and then we were going, out. Not that we aren't glad to see you Uncle Mike.” Donna tried to make him welcome and push him out the door at the same time.

“Who were you expecting Donna, and where were you going?” he said quizzing her.

“He's a friend of mom. Mom said we could go to Calaway Park” said Donna. “He is supposed to be here soon, so I hope you don't mind Uncle Mike if we leave shortly.”

“Is it just you going Donna?” Mike asked.

“Oh no mom and Krista are coming too, so nobody will be home, sorry.”

“What will you be doing when you get home?” Mike continued to quiz his niece.

“What do you mean?”

“Well Donna I understand that you and your sister are seeking a man to make love to you.”

I was standing there, and the girls both were in such a state of shock that they were near enough to passing out, that I moved over towards them, just in case. I led them all over to sit down in the living room.

“Why do you think that, Uncle Mike?” Donna said when she could find where the cat hid her tongue.

Mike smiled and said, “Your mom told me, Donna.”

She turned and looked at me, she then turned very red. She began to sputter, “Umm mmm, I don't know what she told you, but I wouldn't be doing that, I'm only 12.”

“You maybe only 12 but I heard that you wanted to try it with a guy,” Mike teased. “I can understand your curiosity about being with a guy since you have been with only with girls so far for the past year.”

Krista spoke up saying, “We don't do those things, Uncle Mike!”

Mike looked at her. “Yes you do Krista, and you seem to like to have sex with whomever Donna is with. Which is why you wanted to have sex with a guy too.”

I was sitting there watching them twisting in the wind, Mike knew all their secrets, as they tried to deny them.

“Do you girls not know that your mom and I are close? She tells me what is going on here. Even if she didn't I'm here in your house enough times to know. But you can relax; first I won't be telling any one your secrets, second you don't have to try and pretend that you don't know things. I've known your mom is lesbian for a long time. I know that she has been with both of you,” Mike said as he rested his hand casually on my thigh.

“That's why she asked me to be the man that made love to you two. She knows that I love both of you. She knows that I can give you a special time for your first time. But if I do this with you, I hope you don't go around wanting to be with all the guys around.”

The girls were both so stunned. They couldn't speak for a minute. Donna found her voice first. “You're the guy mom got for us? But you're our uncle, that's incest.”

Mike smiled again and said kindly, “Yes, Donna I'm your uncle, and I'll make love to you if you want me. But remember if you are making love with your mother, that is incest too. So I would think that if you don't have problems being with her, then you wouldn't have a problem being with me, or do you?”

“Oh no Uncle Mike! I think it's alright. You will even do it with me?” Krista piped up.

“Yes, that's what you had said you wanted isn't it Krista?” said Mike.

He continued, “But it seems that there is supposed to be some kind of a trip your suppose to be going on? Was it Calaway Park you were planning to go to? If you want to go, you better get a move on or the lines will be so long.”

The girls were ready in a flash, and out the door we went. They both had fun at the park riding the rides. Donna rode the rides with Mike while Krista rode with me.

We went to dinner that night at Donna's choice of a restaurant. When we got home I sent Donna to the shower, and Mike followed her shortly after. We said good night to them, as they went to the girls' bedroom.


With them in there, Krista was going to spend the night with me. I would get to spend one last night with my virgin daughter, while her sister was losing hers. I enjoyed eating her little virgin pussy, since the next time I got it, it wouldn't be virgin any more. Krista and I had a good time. I didn't hear much from the next room. I thought that maybe I would hear Donna when Mike broke her cherry, but either she wasn't loud or they covered it well enough.

Next morning I got up and made all of us breakfast. Donna seemed to be a little stiff legged and perhaps in a little pain down there. I gave her some of a popular children's pain medication. But she seemed happy enough about what she wanted and got.

While Donna might look hurt, Mike on the other hand seemed pretty happy. Today was now going to be Krista's day, and she couldn't wait to start. She wanted to go to the Stampede. It was good for Donna at least she could sit and watch not walking like yesterday.

It is always great to go to the stampede, especially the chuck wagon races. The evening went the same way as yesterday, only Krista got to choose the restaurant this time. Showers were followed by bed, Mike walking hand in hand with Krista into the girls' bedroom to make her a woman at 10 years of age, a year younger that I was when he did that with me.

Donna joined me. She was still a bit sore for sex, so we just cuddled together. We got to talking.

“We haven't had the chance to talk alone before, so tell me how did it go yesterday?”

“OK I guess, I mean I don't know I didn't ever do it before, so I don't know.”

“Did you like the sex, was it as good as you thought it might be?”

“In that way it was like they said it would be in the books. It was interesting to see a real one. He showed me what to do with his dick. Oh maybe I shouldn't say that! Is it wrong to call it a dick?”

“It is OK to call it that” I assured her. “Did you like his dick?”

“Yeah it was nice, I was glad it wasn't so huge, but it sure was big enough. It hurt some when he went in me, but he was real nice about it. He was always asking me how it was, did I hurt and stuff like that. He got all the way in me. Thanks for giving me that lube, I did get an orgasm from the sex with him, and I could feel him cum in me. I liked it, it was nice but I got the same orgasms from you and Janice. I even sucked on his dick, and he came in my mouth. His stuff doesn't taste near as nice as your juices, mom,” she smiled up at me, then went on. “How did you get Uncle Mike to have sex with me and Krista anyway?”

“Well, I had told you a while ago that I wasn't one to follow the rules so well. That is how I can be lesbian, and make love with my cute little daughters.” I said as a gave her a little squeeze.

She looked at me with imploring eyes, “Yeah but that is you mom, how did you get Uncle Mike to do it?”

“Your uncle loves you both very much, he wants to see the best for you just as much as I do.”

“Yeah but he would do incest, and with underaged girls? How is that possible that he would do that?”

“There is a lot about your uncle you might not know. I picked him to do this for several reasons. Because he loves you. He is a good lover, don't you think so? But also I know that he has had some experience with an underaged girl before.”

Donna was still a little confused. “Uncle Mike has been with young girls before? When? I never saw him with any! His girlfriends are always near his age or some of them were even older.... Wait you don't mean that some of those that were moms with daughters, he was doing stuff with the daughters?”

“Well that I don't know about that, and I doubt that he was. What I was thinking of happened a long time ago,” I said.

“If it was a long time ago, then how do you know?” Donna asked.

“You forget that he's my brother and we grew up in the same house. I knew what went on there.”

“How could he have young girls there?” Donna was wide-eyed. “When grandma is still bent out of shape that you have me and Krista, and you weren't married and you were so young. How could she ever allow Uncle Mike have any young girls in the house? Grandma seems to know everything.”

“Your grandma didn't always know as much as she thinks she does,” I assured my daughter. “She wasn't as clued in about what went on, as much as she thought that she was, Nor was she as in control of things as she imagined. Which is why she is still bent about my having you when I was so young. She didn't know a thing about what I was doing to get pregnant.”

“But even if Uncle Mike did have young girls, why would you think that he would want to do incest?”

I said, “Well incest runs in families.”

More wide eyed surprise from Donna, “Are you saying he has done incest before?”

“You think that I am the only one in my family that does that?”

“If Uncle Mike did incest who would he have done it with?...” She looked up at me with yet another wide eyed expression. “Wait a minute, you said he did sex with young girls and he did incest. You had me when you were young.” With almost was whisper she asked, “Did he have incest sex with you, mom?”

With a bit of a smile as I thought back to the day he took my cherry, I said, “Yes Mike and I made love together, he was my first lover. He took my cherry just like he took yours.”

“Mom,...” Donna asked with more than a bit of trepidation in her voice, “Is Uncle Mike my dad?”

“I have never lied to you, and I won't start now. Yes he is, and he's Krista's too. But I don't want you to tell her that. Mike and I wouldn't want her to know that for now. Before you ask, yes he knows that you and Krista are his daughters. You had once asked who your dad was. Now you know. How do you feel about that?”

Her face had a wide eyed expression that showed she could hardly believe what she had just heard. But she said, “Mom that means I gave my cherry to my dad. That kinda blows my mind. My uncle is my dad. That is a lot to know! I guess I know now what you meant about why you never married my dad and that it's complicated. But I agree he is a great guy. I can see why you love him, and why you couldn't marry him. It is amazing I have known my dad my whole life, I just didn't know that he was.”

I said, “Are you happy with the answers that you found?”

“I am glad that I had sex with a guy,” said Donna, “and I'm glad that I know who my dad is. I just didn't know that they would be with the same person. But I guess I'm OK with it. He was so nice to me and he wanted to make it good for me.”

“I told you that your dad was a special guy,” I said.

“You know mom, even though he is my dad and I enjoyed sex with him, do you think that Uncle Mike, or maybe I should say dad, would be upset if I didn't want to have sex with him any more?” She looked to me for answers, then added, “What do you think should I call him dad or Uncle Mike?”

“He's a great guy. And if that is your choice about not having more sex with him, I am sure he won't feel bad about it. As what to call him, for now I think that is best if you still call him Uncle Mike, if only for your sister's sake. Maybe later we will let him know that you know that he is your dad.”

“Mom can I still have sex with you?”

“Yes of course,” I said, sweeping her into my arms. “But why do want to be with me, your mom, and not your dad?”

Donna considered her answer carefully. “Sex with a guy was interesting, but you said before that there is little that a guy and girl can do that two girls can't do. I think I like being with girls better. Can we try some of those things you have, like that vibrator? But just not tonight, I am sore still.”


I heard the shower early in the morning. I was too tried and I didn't want to wake Donna as I got up. Mike, I knew, would need to start to get ready for work. I knew he would let himself out. I would catch up with him later. It wasn't long before it was time for me to get up and start to get ready for work too. I did it as quietly as possible. When I was out of the shower and making my breakfast, Krista came bouncing into the room.

You would have thought that Donna was an old woman with the way she walked stiff legged yesterday, but Krista was lightly bouncing like she was on cloud nine. I couldn't help but ask her, “Did you and Uncle Mike have sex last night?”

“Oh yes mom, three times, can you imagine, we did it three times!” she said brightly with a winning smile.

“Wow! That's great!” I cried, beaming at her. “I take it you liked it.”

“Oh mom it was super! I loved it, it was so good.”

I couldn't believe that she had intercourse and was still walking on air like this. “What did you and Uncle Mike do?”

“We kissed, he is as good a kisser as you mom, and he played with my boobs, even if I didn't have any. He said I was 'real cute this way.'” I guffawed at that. “He treated me like I had a 'great pair,' he even said that. Then he rubbed me and then he went down and kissed my pussy. He was kissing me it so good I had a cum a couple of times the last time he did that he was licking me and the next thing I knew he was kissing my lips and he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I could feel his peter in my pussy. I didn't even know when he put it in me. But he was pulling it out of me and pushing it back in me. It was so good, I got another cum from him being in me. Just as I was finishing I could feel him push in me real deep, then I could feel that I got real wet there. He was making noises. He told me later that he was cumming then, and what I felt was his sperm going into me. Mommy it was so cool! Just think that's the stuff to make babies he put into me.”

I gasped, “Thank heavens you won't be able to have any babies for a few years, so don't go getting ideas into your head about having babies, when you aren't much more than a baby yourself.”

She rolled her eyes at me like the teen she would be becoming and said, “I know mom! I see how hard it is for you being a young single mom. But still it's so cool to have his sperm in me. Mom do you think that Uncle Mike will do it more with me?”

“If you liked it so much maybe you can convince him to do that with you again. But remember that you can't tell anybody about this. Also I don't want you to be looking for other boys to do this with,” I cautioned her.

“But I can still do this with Uncle Mike, can't I?”

I nodded, “Yes, if he wants to too.”

Krista beamed again and started jumping up and down, “Oh mom! I hope he does, can you tell him and see if you can get him to do it again with me!”

I wanted more of her story, so I asked, “You said you did it three times. If he was in your pussy that time, what did you do the other two times?”

Krista said, “He did it my pussy twice, but the second time he had me suck on his peter. He put his sperm in my mouth, I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it wasn't bad at all, and I rather liked it. It was cool because I could feel it better than when he shot his stuff in my pussy. We kissed more and later he licked me again. He had to wait a bit to get hard again, but it wasn't so long. He said that I was so sexy that he got hard again a lot faster for the second time, and he said he doesn't ever get hard three times in one night, but he said I was so exciting that he did. Then he did it in my pussy again! Isn't it great!”

“Wow Krista sounds like you had a good time!” I said, catching her energy and remembering how it had been when Mike and I started making love all those years ago. “Perhaps you should write your uncle a thank you card for that.”

“Should I?” she said.

I called Mike later and we met after work at his place for a few minutes. He confirmed what Krista told me. He said that she was so sexy for her age. It made him wish that he and I had started younger. But I wasn't so sure about that. He said that he had a good time with Donna too, and tried to please her. He thought that he had. I told him that Krista had a wonderful time, and wanted more.

He asked me, “Are you OK with my doing more with Krista? I mean she is only 10, and she is our daughter.”

“I know that she would love it,” I said recalling her bright smile. “I can't see much difference since she is 10, and I was 11. She's your daughter and I'm your sister. Not too much difference, especially if you don't get her pregnant like you did to me. But at least that can't happen to her for a couple of years yet.”

“Well if Krista wants it, and you are OK with it. You are OK with it aren't you? Then I would like to be with Krista again, and more. I promise I won't get her pregnant. What about Donna, what does she want?” Mike asked.

“Donna, for now, wants to stick with girls. I think that would be a good thing for her, since she will be getting her period sometime before long. I don't want her to end up like me, only this time with her daddy's baby. Not that I don't love you Mike, and I'm glad we had the girls, but who knows what our lives might have been without them?”

Mike nodded slowly, “Yeah I know what you mean, sis. By having them you gave up a lot, And I'm sorry I got you into that mess.”

I reached out and took my brother's hand. “Look, don't be sorry, I wanted the sex as much as you. Besides by being pregnant, I discovered who I truly am, and I am happy living my life as a lesbian. Besides we got two great kids out of it. I just hope you don't go making Krista pregnant when her time comes.”

Mike laughed and threw up his hands in mock surrender, “OK! OK sister dear, I won't. I do know a bit more than I did back then.”

He kissed me goodbye as I left for home. I had resolved part of my dilemma. At least Donna won't be having sex with a guy. So I don't have to worry about her getting pregnant. But now what to do about Krista? I hope I didn't create a monster with her.

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