Mom explores new territory with Tim...
This is part three of my series: Mommy's New Tits. Make sure to go back and read parts 1 and 2 to get the context!

I awoke Friday morning, husband still snoring next to me, and immediately remembered the events of the day before. I ran through each carnal event in my mind, seeing my son naked for the first time in a sexual light, tasting him, stripping for him, letting him take me...but instead of being excited, I had a feeling that had eluded me thus far: guilt. I had broken laws and taboos, and even more, taken advantage of my little boy. Sure, he seemed to enjoy every second, but I didn't know what effect this would have on him in the future.

And then, what if someone every found out? My thoughts whirled around me...I would lose him, my husband, my house, go to jail...

I shook my head to clear it, and decided that the most important thing was my son's well-being. We would have to talk about him, I would have to help him understand why what we did was wrong, and why we might never be able to do any of it again ( I caught a lump in my throat as I thought this).

As I walked to TIm's room to wake him up, I felt a wave of sadness wash over me. Yes, I was probably making the right decision, but what we had yesterday was so thrilling! I had felt so alive, so naughty and objectified, and it was the greatest thrill of my life. Nonetheless, I readied myself with a deep breath, lightly tapped on his door and opened it. He was still there, asleep in bed, no shirt on. I stood there, admiring his handsome features and chiseled teen chest. Then I sighed, ready to wake him up. That's when I noticed the lump under his sheets. The big lump, right over his crotch. I licked my lips, and felt that insatiable slut stir inside me. One more look couldn't hurt, could it?
I looked at his blissfully sleeping face, then slowly pulled his sheet back. He was sleeping in his boxers, the front tenting up slightly, his big teen cock semi hard, his 'morning wood'. I watched him sleep, chewing my lip, trying not to think about what I really wanted at that point...gazing at his cock again...I tugged at his boxers and it slid out of the slit in front. His beautiful cock just bobbed there, and before I knew what I was doing I leaned in and took him into my mouth. I sucked half of his semi-hard cock in my mouth, my lips wrapped tight around him. He still didn't stir from his sleep, just let out a slight sigh. His cock was definitely awake, however, as he started to get harder in my mouth. As his cock inflated more, he filled my mouth. I started moving him in and out, stroking him with my mouth.

I know that this was basically the opposite of the reason that I came into his room, but I couldn't stop myself. He was so very sexy, and the feeling I got from pleasing my son was better than anything I had ever experienced before. So instead of breaking things off with him, I laid on his bed, sucking his cock again. As I toyed with him, fully hard now, I ran my tongue up and down his thick shaft. Then I felt his hands in my hair, pushing my head down. I smiled, thinking he must be awake now. I glanced up at him, however, and saw his eyes were still closed. He must have been reacting automatically. I yielded to the pressure of his hands and let him push me down until he hit the back of my throat. Finding resistance, he unconsciously bucked his hip three times, slamming roughly into my throat, making me gag. Once he was fully in my throat, he ground my face into his crotch, moaning and moving his cock around in my throat. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up then slammed it back down several times. My eyes started to water as he was actually fucking my face, moving my head and his hips to fuck me faster. I couldn't breathe, and I pushed against his thighs, trying to pull off, but his strong hands kept his cock firmly in my throat. I looked up at him again, thinking he was surely awake now, but his eyes were still closed tight. He must have been dreaming!

He slammed my face down over and over, fucking my throat faster as I gagged and struggled to breathe. I started turning purple and was afraid I would pass out, so I gathered my strength and pushed away from him, breaking his hold. I sat up and gasped. The lack of sensation on his stiff rod finally made him open his eyes, and we stared at one another. My eyes watering and face covered with drool, I took a deep breath and plunged down again, voluntarily fucking my throat with his cock, just as fast as he had been earlier.

Now fully awake, his back arched and he said "SHIT, MOM, dear god! I'm-I'm gonna...FUCK!" and with that, his cock pulsed and he sent a long rope of cum straight down my throat to my tummy. I pulled his head into my mouth, sucking hard and squeezing him tight with my lips. He continued to cum pulsing into my mouth. I moaned as I tasted his spunk again, his glorious, salty, manly flavor filling my mouth. His body trembled as he unloaded, his balls pulled up tight. I swallowed his load, keeping up with the fresh stuff he was pumping out. When his shots finally ceased I squeezed his cock and stroked it, then licked the last drop that emerged from his hole.

He lay there, mouth open and silent. I smiled at him and said "Good morning baby" as i moved up to lay next to him. He looked over at me and said "Now THAT is a good alarm clock!" We just stared at each other for a few seconds then started giggling like a couple of idiots.

Our laughter subsided and i turned on my side, scooting my butt next to him. He turned towards me and put his arm around me, spooning me. I cooed happily, the taste of his sperm still in my mouth and his warm body next to me. As he started kissing my neck I asked "so when did you wake up exactly?"

"Hmmm" he murmured in my ear, "I'm not sure, exactly. At first, I thought I was dreaming, then I was kinda half awake, just knowing something felt really good."

"Well, you got pretty rough with my face in your dream Tim."

He froze. "I'm sorry Mom, I didn't realize what I was doing!"

"Don't apologize baby, I liked it. Really liked it" I sighed "Oh Tim, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean Mom, what's wrong?"

"That's not what I came in here to do, Tim. I came in here to talk to you about yesterday, about how it was wrong, and we shouldn't do it anymore. But then I saw you, and I...I just lost control." I turned to face him, my mascara a mess all over my face. "This is incest and it's wrong Tim! but...I don't think I can say no to you. I just don't want to mess you up for life!" I started crying a little bit.

He pulled me close and kissed my face "It's ok Mom, really. I know that we aren't supposed to do this stuff, but, if you said no, I just-I don't know what I would do! And I don't know how this could mess me up, I mean, every guy wants to have sex. But I am lucky enough to have an incredibly, and I mean incredibly, sexy woman to learn with, in a safe environment too. And we love each other, right?"

I sniffed and nodded. "You're right."

"Good." He said "so you will keep being my sexy cumslut mommy?"

I nodded and smiled, "As long as you keep being my sexy young stud son!" I laughed and he kissed my cheek.

"Ok stud, now it's time to get up and get ready for school. I'll go get cleaned up, you do the same."

He groaned as I got out of his bed and walked to the door. "No complaints mister, get going. We have to pick up Lewis and Scott on the way." Before I left his room I paused and said "Oh, and thanks!" I blew him a kiss and walked out, giving him a peek at my ass under my short teddy. I skipped down the hall to my bathroom, elated. What we were doing might be wrong by most people's standards (and laws), but for us, it was great.

I dressed quickly, as we were running late. I dressed on the conservative side (for me that is) in a black one piece leotard with stockings and short shorts over the top. I loved this look because the high cut leotard exposed my hip bones while fitting snugly against my chest and crotch. I strapped on my high heels and went downstairs where Tim was already waiting by the door. His jaw dropped as he saw me. I walked by him coolly and said "Keep it in your pants lover, we are late!"

We got in the car and started driving to his friend Lewis's house about a mile away. As we turned down his street, I reached over to his lap and ran my hand up his leg until I felt his limp cock. "Are you going to think about mommy at school today?" I asked stroking him.

"Uhhh, uhuh" He grunted. I felt him getting hard as we pulled up outside Lewis's house.

"Good" I said, still stroking him. "Because I'm going to have a BIG surprise for you when you get home."

"Uh, what's that?"

"I can't tell you, it's a surprise!" I giggled. Lewis emerged from his house and started walking to the car. I still stroked Tim, getting him fully hard. "Let's just say it's something new for both of us."

As Lewis approached the car, I let go of Tim's cock, and he let out a disappointed sigh. Lewis got in and just said "Sup." We drove away in awkward silence.

We picked up Scott and got to school without any incident. "Bye bye boys, have a good day!" I called out as they left the car. Tim's eyes lingered on me for a few seconds. I winked and blew him a kiss, then stared at his cute little butt as he walked away. I sighed and headed home. I had work to do.

I got home and thought about my task for the day. I knew Tim wanted to fuck my ass, and I wanted him to, too. When he tried to the night before it was thrilling but scary too. I didn't know if I could fit that in there!

His finger and my finger had felt good, but I needed a way to get ready for his big tool. So, I went to the kitchen, gathered a few phallic foods, and took them to the bathroom. There, I stripped down, and took out some lotion. I bent over the counter and started fingering, still wet from my car flirting with Tim. I rubbed some of my pussy juices over my sensitive asshole, and started getting really excited. I pictured Tim behind me, point his big tool at my tightest hole and pushing in. As I did so, I slid a finger in past my sphincter. I loved the friction of it sliding in and out, and started moaning.

It was time for something more. I grabbed a medium sized cucumber that I had taken from the kitchen ,because it was closest in size to Tim. I squirting some lotion on it on it to lube it up, then brought it up behind me. I pressed it against my hole and tried to relax. I pressed harder, grimacing, but made no headway. My ass was too tight to get it in without really hurting me. I sighed, and moved to my next choice. I had grabbed a carrot too, thinking it would be easier to get it because it was more tapered. I lotioned it up and pressed it in. The tip went in easily, being thinner than my finger. I put a little in, then pulled it out to work it around. Then I pressed in deeper, going past my sphincter and spreading my hole. It was going better, but the rough skin of the carrot felt weird. I didn't like it. I pulled it out and then noticed that it had gone deep enough to get, well, gross. I sighed in frustration. I didn't know what I was doing, and I needed help. I thought about looking on the internet for tips, but then I remembered the "Adult Novelties Store" out on the freeway. I smiled thinking that it would be more fun to get some advice in person.

I cleaned up from my failed food expedition and got ready to go. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "I look hot, but not 'going to the sex shop' hot". I decided that I should go all out for this one, and got changed into my naughtiest outfit. I started with my pink neon g string from the other day, then over that, I put on a black, loose ruffled skirt that I bought in the Juniors' department. I was so short, that I had to stay perfectly still for it to completely cover my ass cheeks. Of course, I would be walking around, so I guess my ass would have to peek out a little bit! On top, I wore a lace tank top that was cut to show off my midriff. I was cut so low in the chest that it was barely covering my nipples. Underneath that, I wore a sheer push up bra, and my nipples were visible underneath the combo of lace and shear fabrics. I wore my lace up the calf stiletto heels, which seemed to make my skirt even shorter. I did my makeup heavier than normally, and stepped back to look in the mirror again. This outfit simply shouted "grab me and fuck me, I'm a whore!" and I loved it. But I put on a trench coat to walk to the car, because I was too chicken to let the neighbors see me like that.

I drove out of the city a bit, to where the porn shop was. On the way, I thought about the stares I would get from the pervs, and what kinky thing I was going to do with TIm that night, and I reached under my skirt and played with myself. At stoplights, a few guys gaped at my huge tits, but that was pretty normal.

I pulled up to the shop, and there were a few cars in the lot, no windows on the store of course. I shrugged off my trench coat, adjusted my tits, and walk up to the door.

As I strutted in, my skirt bounced up and down on my ass. I glanced around and saw that it was only men in the store, about half a dozen. They were all staring, open mouthed, but not one was looking at my face. They were all staring either at my ass, my thighs, or my chest. I smiled; exactly the effect I wanted. I saw the racks of porn dvd's, some lingerie, and toys on the walls. Not sure what I wanted, I walked up to the counter, my ass cheeks exposed on every step. As I walked past a fat guy with a mustache, he looked at my ass and muttered "jesus".

I approached the counter and looked at the clerk, a guy in his early twenties and a dirt lip. He said "Ummmm, can I help you, uh, ma'am?"

I sighed and playfully cocked my head, flipping my hair "I hope so. I need some advice.."

"Ummm, ok, about what?"

"Well, someone wants to fuck me in my ass. And I want him to, but I'm not sure how to do this without...well, without it being too gross or painful."

The clerk was dumbfounded. A black guy next to the counter said "Who does, your husband?" Looking at my ring.

Embarrassed, I blush and said "no, my younger lover"

Shaking his head, the black guy said "Lucky muthafucker..."

I grinned, he had no idea how right he was. I turned back to the clerk and said "Can you help me?"

He snapped out of his daze and said "Uh, sure! Ok, so uh, anal stuff, right. So first, you're gonna need some lube"

"I used some lotion earlier, and it didn't help much"

"No no no, you need some REAL lube. We've got a bunch of types" he gestured to the counter. "We've got unflavored, strawberry, cherry, grape, even one that looks and tastes like jizz."

I bent over the counter to get a better look. Everyone in the store got a better look as my skirt rode up showing my ass cheeks and thong and my tits almost fell out of my top. I bit my lip and said "It looks AND tastes like cum? That's hot...but I don't think my s-, my lover would like that. Better give me the regular stuff." The clerk pulled out a tube of astroglide and gave it to me. "So, what else do I need?"

"Well, how big is this guy? Do you know?"

I giggled "He's pretty big."

"How big, exactly? Here, show me on the wall of dildos" He said, moving from behind the counter to a bunch of dildos arranged on the wall by size. He started by the little bean sized vibrators, and started walking towards the bigger ones. He stopped around the 5" ones. I shook my head and he took another step towards the 6" ones. I still didn't stop him, and he walked to the 7" ones. I shook my head again and he looked surprised. I walked past him, past the 8" ones, and stopped at the 9 inchers. "it's about like that. But thicker." I pointed to big black realistic dildo. A guy behind me whistled.

"He's that big?" The clerk asked, "And you've never done anal before? Damn, you're gonna need a butt plug."

"A Butt plug?" I said.

"Yeah. It's a tapered thing that gets thicker, then thinner, with a base, so it kinda locks in there. It helps loosen you up"

"I know what a butt plug is. But...I guess I didn't really realize what they are for. Could you, um, show me some?"

"Sure, right over here" He directed me towards a display of butt plugs. There were all types, some plastic, some rubber, some silicon. They were all sizes and shapes too, some long and tapered, others short and thick, even one shaped like a fist. "Wow" I said, "too many choices."

"Why don't you look at that one there?" The clerk, looking a little sweaty, pointed towards one on the bottom row.

"This one here?" I asked, bending over at the waist to grab a package off the shelf. As i bent over, my skirt rode up, showing my entire ass to the store, the ass that everyone was thinking about fucking at this moment. I grabbed the box and straightened up.

"Yeah," The clerk said, straightening up from leaning over to look at my ass. "Um, that one is a good size for uh, a first timer."

I looked at the toy. It was black, silicon, and about 6in long, more tapered then the rest. It was about 3in wide at the thick point, then it got narrow. it had a wide base with a long black tail on it. "What's this?" I gestured to the tail.

"Um, that's a tail. It's supposed to look like a horse tail. It's for, you know, fun. And um, he could whip you with it."

"Whip me?"

"Yeah, it could be used as a flog. If you're into that. Also, it does this." He reached over and hit a switch on the base, and it started to vibrate in my hands.

I stared at the vibrating-horse-tail-butt-plug and said "I think you made a sale."

"Excellent!" He grinned "What else do you need?"

"Well, I'm not sure, what about, um cleanliness?"

"Oh right. Well, try not to eat a lot before hand and you should be good. But some people like to do more and they irrigate."

"Irrigate? What's that?"

"Anal irrigation? It's a douche. For your butt." He grabbed a package. It had a picture of a thing with a long tip and an accordion base. "You squirt this up your butt, and it cleans you out. And some people really like it too."

"Ok, I'll try it!" I said, grinning. We walked back to the register to ring me out and he asked "Anything else you need? Anal beads? Nipple Clamps? Lingerie? Dildos?"

"Mmm, tempting, but I don't know, maybe I will bring him back later, and he can choose for himself!" I grinned.

"Ok." He said. I paid for everything and he started putting it all in a bag. Before he put the butt plug in he held it out and said "You know, we have a dressing room here, if you wanna try this out now."

At first, the idea of putting something in my ass in a dirty porn shop dressing room sounded bad, but then I looked at the grin on the clerk's face, and the grinning men around me. I realized that they must have a camera or something in there, and in my twisted slutty mind, that meant it sounded great! "MMM, that sounds good!" I said. The clerk pointed me back to the ladies dressing room. I sashayed past the men, my ass peeking out, walking with my bag. I got in the room shut the door, and looked around. Sure enough, there was a big mirror that looked kind of funny that was definitely one-way. There was a blinking red light in the upper right corner that not-so-discreetly said that they were video taping the room. I smiled, set down my bag, and them pulled my tits out of my top, tweaking my nipples, just for show. Then i removed the lube and the plug from the bag. I bent over the bench, pointed my ass towards the mirror/camera and slid my thong down my long legs. I opened the lube and spread it on my fingers, feeling it. It was really slippery and I giggled. I squirted some on my asshole and rubbed it, moaning. It felt so, so good! I pressed a lubed up finger against my hole, and it slid in easily. I fingered my asshole, then put another finger in, then another. With three fingers in my ass, it was so much easier with the lube, and it felt great! My fingers put pressure on my g-spot, and I could tell I could cum from ass play.
I pulled my fingers out of my ass and grabbed my brand new butt plug out of its package. I looked at it, and sucked it a bit, just for the camera. Then, I spread the lube over it liberally. I took a deep breath and put the tip against my asshole. The first part slid in easily, but it got wider pretty fast. I worked it back and forth, then pressed it deeper. I was thick, opening me up, but the lube helped, sliding it in easily. It got wider and wider, making me grimace, then suddenly, my asshole closed tight on the base. my eyes opened wide as i realized it was in there. I grabbed the tail and tugged it: it was locked in there. I found the switch on the base, and it started vibrating, making me moan loudly. It felt like it was vibrating my g-spot directly. I left it in there and started rubbing my pussy, squeezing my clit between my fingers. I thought about Tim sliding his big long cock up my ass, and all of the pervs in the store store watching me play with my ass and pussy. Within minutes I came, screaming loudly, my legs shaking. As I came down, I switched off the vibration, but decided to leave the plug in place. I needed to be ready for Tim after all! I gathered my new things and left the dressing room, leaving my wet thong on the floor. I found that walking with the thick plug in my ass was awkward, and I waddled through the store. All the men where grinning, they definitely either were watching, or at least heard me cum. The long tail hung out of my skirt, and swayed while I walked.

"How'd it go?" Asked the clerk, like he didn't know. I wagged my tail in response and said "Great! My so-, my lover will be so happy!" Then I realized that my tits were still out, and I tucked them back into my top, giggling. "Thank you boys" I said as I walked awkwardly out of the store, got in my car, and drove home.

At home, I went about my housewife duties, vacuuming, doing the dishes, laundry, all with my new butt plug in. As I did all of this, I got more used to the large object inside me, making it easier to move. I was extremely horny the entire time, but avoided touching myself, in order to save myself for Tim later.

About an hour before it was time to go pick up the boys, I went to the bathroom to do the "cleansing". I stripped down, and took out the enema and the solution for it. I examined the bottle and found that it was water mixed with various herbs "to promote cleanliness and regularity". Shrugging, I filled it and got in the bath tub. I leaned over and grabbed my tail, tugging at the butt plug. It was still locked in there pretty tight, but I relaxed myself and gave it a good tug, and it slipped out as I moaned. My butthole felt reluctant to close, so I quickly lubed the tip of the enema and inserted it quickly. I leaned against the wall of the tub, pressing the accordion base, and I felt it start squirting the warm liquid up inside me. I tried to imagine it as Tim squirting his huge load deep up my ass and continued pumping the enema inside me. I started feeling extremely full as it emptied. Once I had all of the liquid inside me, I took out the enema, held the solution in for a few seconds, then it started to squirt out. "UHHHHHHHH" I moaned as it squirted out of my asshole. It was very satisfying to be so full then empty out. Once it was finished I felt very satisfied and clean. I re-lubed the butt plug, put it back in, and realized it was time to go pick up the boys.

I got dressed in the same outfit I had on that morning, but with one key difference. I took my little short shorts and cut a small hole in the rear. Once I pulled them on, I pulled my tail out of the hole. I gave myself a look in the mirror and wagged my tail. Tim was going to love this!

In the car driving to the school, I had to arrange myself so my tail didn't show. The closer I got, the more excited I became. I was so excited, it was like I was getting ready to lose my virginity for the first time. I got to the parking lot a few minutes early, and fidgeted in the car. Then I got a naughty idea and took out my phone. I pulled my tits out of my top, tweaked a nipple, and took a picture of myself. Giggling, I sent it in a text to my son saying "Mommy is here to pick you up!"

I waited for a few minutes, then I heard the bell. Tim and his friends came out shortly after. I noticed Tim was walking with his books in front of his crotch, probably trying to hide a boner from the picture i just sent him! As they approached the car, I got one more wild idea, reach in my shorts, found the switch on my butt plug, and turned the vibration on. The sound was clearly audible in the car.

The boys got in the car and grunted their hellos. I asked them how their days were, and got similar grunts. I started to drive away, and the buzzing of my vibrator filled the car. The boys look at each other, confused, then Scott said "um, what's that noise?"

"Oh I think it's the car" I said "It started making that sound earlier today."

"Well, I could take a look at it if you like" Scott said " I'm getting an A in shop class!" He said with pride.

"Oh, thank you Scott!" I said "But I'll probably just have Tim take a look under my hood when we get home, he's good at figuring out what work I need done." I smiled as they looked at one another. I caught Tim's eye and winked at him.

After dropping Lewis and Scott off at their homes, Tim turned to me and said "Alright what is that sound? Does it have anything to do with my surprise?"

"Of course it does baby!"

"Well, what is it?"

"You have to wait until we get home!"

"Give me a hint, Mom."

"Ok baby, what do you want that I haven't given you?"

He seemed to think about this awhile. Once I turned onto our street he said "I know! Uh...your ass?"

As i pulled into the driveway is said, "You might be right" Before he could respond, I got out of the car, walking to the door, my tail swinging behind me. I looked back behind me and saw him staring at me from the car, open mouth. As I unlocked the door Tim woke up and ran up to the house.

As he followed me inside I pulled down my shorts and pulled my top off, leaving me in my bra, my stockings, and my tail. I got down on all fours, my ass still vibrating. He stood in the doorway, just staring. I bounced my ass for him and said "come take it baby"

He closed the front door and walked up to me. He grabbed me by my tail and tugged at it, straining against my sphincter "So this was to get you ready for me?" He said, pulling hard enough to give it some pressure, but not quite pulling it free.

"UHHHhhh" I moaned as he tugged at the plug "Of course baby, I want to give all of myself to you..."

"well, I guess that means I can pull this out then!" He said, wrapping my tail around his fist, pulling hard until it popped out of my ass, making me cry out. I felt my asshole gaping open, but then it was suddenly filled again. With Tim's tongue.

I felt his tongue run around my sphincter, but then it pushed inside my ass, ass fucking me with his tongue. I moaned, not expecting this oral thrill. He rimmed my ass, then licked down to my pussy, finding me good and wet already. He continued switching between my asshole and my pussy. After a while of this, I said "do it baby, I'm ready, fuck mommy's ass!"

I heard him unzip his pants and drop them to the ground. I pulled out the lube and spread it over his cock, getting him nice and slippery for me. I poured some more lube on my asshole before I leaned over, pushing my ass in the air, waiting for him to enter me. I was still a little scared, not sure I could do it, but wanting it so badly.

Then he approached me, his cock in hand. I felt him place his big lubed up cock head against my ass. I relaxed as much as I could as I felt him push forward, this time his head pushed past my sphincter and started to enter me.

"UH!" I gasped in shock. He halted his progress as said "you ok, Mom?" I squeezed his cock head out of my ass by tightening it, then relaxed, letting him back in, and said "Oh yeah baby, just fine!" He pushed forward, spreading my ass more his cock entered me.

The butt plug and lube had helped me prepare for this, but his cock was so big that it still hurt entering me. He went slow, trying to give me time to adjust, but after a few inches, he started fucking me hard and deep. I put my head down, biting back the pain as he stretched my anus. Each stroke took him deeper inside me until all of a sudden I felt his balls slap my pussy. His full 9" thick cock was in my ass and I felt completely full. Tim grabbed the back of my head by my hair and pulled me back arching my back more and said "I am all in mommy, squeeze my cock with your asshole!" I complied, squeezing the base of his shaft with my ass muscles, squeezing hard. I heard Tim moan, then say "Oh god Mom, your ass is sooo tight."

Then he started sliding almost all the way out and back in, deep long strokes. As my ass accommodated him more and more, it felt better and better. As he picked up speed he bent over me and reached around my hips rubbing my cunt. "I see you are wet mom, you like me fucking your ass?"

"UHhh, yes baby, you feel so good inside mommy's ass!" I cried, making him fuck me faster. As he pushed his cock fully inside my ass, I trembled at how deep he was, deeper than anything in that region of my body before. He bottomed out in me again, balls against my pussy, and I gripped the base of his shaft with my ass again. "You like how mommy milks your dick with her asshole?" I moaned.

"Jesus, FUCK yeah!" He cried out "GOD your ass is so hot and tight!" He slapped my ass, then started fucking it hard and fast. I could tell he wanted to cum. He slammed his full length into me over and over, still rubbing my clit, saying "I want you to cum mommy, while I am in your ass!" He shifted his hips pointing downward, grinding his cock into my ass, rubbing my g spot. "SHIT, TIMMY, I am going to cum if you keep doing that!" He started fucking my ass furiously at full speed while rubbing my clit too. He spanked my ass, and it sent me over the edge. I gripped his cock as hard as I could with my ass and came, hard. My pussy squirted juices over his ball sack and I trembled as I cried out "YEEEEESSSSSSTIM, FUCK GOD YESSSSSS!"

I came while he impaled me with his cock, loving that I gave my ass virginity to him. He started thrusting harder and harder, then reached up and undid my bra saying "I'm going to fuck your ass, then cum all over your tits Mom!" He slammed into my ass a few more times, shouted "Fuck!" then pulled out and pushed me so I turned around. I faced him and pushed my tits together, giving him a surface to cum on. And cum he did! He stroked himself hard and his first jet hit me right in my cleavage, splashing up to my collar bone. The next hot stream sprayed across my nipples. He continued cumming all over me, hit all parts of my chest, straying up to my jaw bone as well. When he finally finished cumming I sucked the last drops from his cock head, tasting my ass a little. Then I lifted my tits to my mouth, sucking off his tasty cum. I watched him as I licked my tits clean, and he just looked happy and dumbfounded. I licked up the rest of his cum and said "It's official Tim, you have fucked every hole I have, and I am your fuck toy!"

He just grinned, thinking about all the things he would make me do in the future...

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More, more, more you need to have Dad go on a trip, and have son have her for a week. you could have him take her to adult book store for glory hole

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2014-04-20 22:32:15
Sweet dirty mom slut!! Be proud to be a nasty slut !!!! You should fuck his friends too!!

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