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Seducing Carrie was one of the easiest things I've ever done. I just approached her right after the first time we met and told her I was going to take her to bed and fuck her until she had the best orgasm of her life. She had protested weakly about not being on birth control when I entered her without a condom, but I had simply pushed her legs apart and taken her anyway.
Carrie was maybe thirty-five, with high cheek bones and round hips and an amazing ass. I knew I wanted to fuck her the first time I lay eyes on her and I got my wish pretty quickly. That was where the trouble started.
I kept my promise and fucked her cunt until she cried out and writhed in pleasure. When I started to speed up my thrusts she looked fearfully up at me and said “Are you gonna pull out? I might get pregnant.”
“Why would I give a fuck if you do?” I said, and I pushed her head back down as I started to come. Her pussy was still fairly wet, but it started to chafe against the base of dick as I thrust into her over and over again. She let out a pathetic whimper right as I began to blow my load into her, and when I looked down at her face her expression of fear and pain made me thrust even harder.
After I was finished my cum started to drip out of her pussy. I made her wipe it up with her fingers and swallow, then I sent her home. I hadn't meant to be so harsh with her, but her submissive helplessness spoke to a primal urge I couldn't ignore.
I approached her outside her work the next week. She jumped when she saw me and hurried around the corner to talk to me, her eyes cast submissively at the ground.
“I need your help.” She said in a whisper. Her eyes were already starting to water. “I'm pregnant. I've been to the doctor and everything. I'm married! This can't be happening.” She was starting to sob now, so I put my arm around her shoulders and walked her towards my car. I put her in the passenger seat and started to drive away. “Where are we going?” She asked in he same desperate tone.
“Somewhere we can talk. How about my place?” She nodded. So trusting. When we got to my house I gave her a drink of water and told her to sit down. She was wearing a short black business skirt, the lines of her panties showing through as she sat down. “I actually think this is great news. You can leave our husband, problem solved there. And I'll take care of you, I've always wanted a pregnant women.” Her startled and confused expression turned me on at once.
“What? You mean you've always wanted a child?.. I can't leave-”
“I think your lips would look fantastic around the base of my dick.” She stopped short at that and then said
“Is sex all you can think about at a time like this?”
I slapped her in the face, hard enough to knock her over sideways on the couch.
“All I ever think about concerning you is sex, Carrie. You're pretty, but you're just about useless as anything but a coffee fetcher and sex slave. Do you understand?” She did nothing for a moment, then nodded slowly. “Good. Now get in the bed room and take your shirt off.” She began to cry again as she rose from the couch walked into the bedroom like a shamed child. I loaded myself a bong rip, took it, and then followed her in.
She was staring at the bed slowly lifting her shirt up over her shoulders. I was delighted by her willingness to do what I told her too, but I could barely control the sudden urge to dominate her even more. I waited until she unclasped her braw and let her pendulous breast fall lose and bounce easily back and forth. Then I walked up behind her and shoved her into the wall, hard. She cried out and fell onto to the bed where she lay with her hand on her face. A large red mark below her eye was already turning purple. A small line of blood rose up under her upper lip. Her eyes teared up and she looked at me, apparently for explanation.
“You'll get undressed faster next time I tell you to, right?” She nodded again, tears beginning to run dow her face again. “Let's start slow. Turn around and face the headboard.” She immediately rolled onto her hands and knees facing away from me. The wooden headboard had a ledge on it, right about level with her face.
Again I was getting caught up in hurting this girl, but I couldn't help it. I had such control over and she hadn't even tried to tell me no once. Still I was a little surprised to find how much I enjoyed what I did next.
I undid her skirt and let it fall down to her knees, revealing tiny pink underwear, partially cover her large heart-shaped ass. She started to cry a little harder now, and I told her to take off her panties. She obeyed at once, working her panties off her hips and into a pile beside her with her skirt. I tossed both across the room and she began to stare at them with desperation. I took my belt off and undid my pants. Carrie desperately tried to control her breath as she turned her face back toward the headboard.
She squealed in pain and shock as my leather belt, slammed into her cunt. Her hips raised slightly from the blow, and her pussy lips began to swell a once. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it forward.
“Bite the shelf.” I said. She didn't obey at once this time. She tried to hold her head back and whimpered
Her hair was in two long braids which I now used to yank her head back and slap her in the side of the face again. Then I shoved her forward until her mouth was on the wood again. This time she opened her mouth and bit down on the wood. I gently pushed her legs apart, and shoved my dick up into her wet, waiting pussy. I kept my hand on the back of her head, and kept pressing forward with my cock, she cried out and tried to twist away as the wood head board jammed into her mouth. I started fucking her harder than I'd ever fucked a girl. Her whimpering shouts went in time to my thrust and drove me on.
I eventually came, filling her cervix up with so much cum it spilled out again. I let her sit back from the head board, her face bruised, her mouth full of blood. She swallowed and looked at me through her tears.
“Are you done with me for now?” She asked almost hopefully. Ironically, the question just made me want to fuck her again. Rape her again really, its not like any of this had been her idea.
“No. By my count you still have two more holes.” Her look of horror made me get hard again almost at once. She started to move off the bed and towards the door, shaking her head in terror. I walked over to her calmly and told her she was never to leave the bed without my permission. Then I grabbed her pigtails again, and smashed her face into the top of my dresser, being careful to leave her pretty nose unbroken. After that and a punch to her ribs she was about done with fighting. I shoved her over onto the bed, and took out some thin silver wire. She didn't resist when tied her wrists and forearms together behind her back, but she sobbed and twisted when I slipped them around her tits and pulled them as tight as I could.
“I'm a warrior, miss.” I said. “I could kill you and your unborn child and all your family no problem if you ever disobey me. Remember that.” When I rolled her over, she was still swallowing blood welling up from her gums. The right side of her face was now entirely black and purple. So was her cunt. I pitied this poor women.
I decided I was going to fuck her throat next. Tilting her head back, I ordered her to open her mouth. She was past disobedience now. I started slow and gentle, stopping when the head of my cock reached the back of her throat and her torso arched in a gag. I had to remind her to keep sucking twice, the second time I pulled sharply on the wires around her tits to remind her.
Pretty soon I was entering her throat over and over, her lips about a third of the way down my cock. She was sucking in panicked breaths through her nose every time the head of dick came out of her esophagus for a second. She really started to struggle when I stopped pulling my dick out, and instead plunged it all the way, jamming her head down on her neck as I shoved my cock into her open moth as hard as I could.
Her legs thrashed and she tried to pull her head away again and again, but keeping her in place with the wires around her tits was easy, I fucked the back of her throat for about 20 seconds straight, then let her breath. The next time I drove all my wait unto her face, pumping in the back of her throat for 45 seconds. The next time a fucked her for a solid minute before giving her a breath, and she past out. When I woke her up with a belt lash across her swollen tits, my dick was still in her mouth., covered in her saliva and tinted pink with blood.
I tilted her head back again and finished in her throat. By the time I was done flooding her throat with cum, her neck was starting to make popping sounds when I jammed her open jaw down on it. Feeling those pops and grinding noises on the head of m dick, I pushed even harder for the last few strokes.
I left her wired against the head board, whimpering, coughing up blood and cum and trying to swallow with her raw, violated throat.
I was only gone long enough to get lunch and have a beer. When I came back she looked at me with the same pleading expression she had before. I took more wire and looped it around one ankle and then the other, relishing her worried stare. Looping the wires on the center bedposts confused her until she realized what I was doing. I pulled the wires and tight and she screamed more deeply then she had yet. She was on her back, her head bent forward against the headboard. Her legs were now pulled all the way down so that they were almost parallel with her torso. She was no where near flexible enough to do this on her own, tendons stood out on the insides of her thighs. She was helpless as could be now. Every movement she made only pulled tighter her on her contorted thighs. The real panic set in when I placed the head of dick against her tiny grey ass hole.
“NO NO NO PLEASE!” She wailed. Her words just turned into a strangled scream as my cock tore the edge of her anus on its way in. Blood and spit were the only lube left on my dick and both were drying. The inside of her but felt so good I shoved more of myself in anyway. Her sobs were even more hysterical now, and I could feel the insides of her butt hole tearing more while I pushed farther and farther in. When my balls fell against her butt cheeks I slowly puled almost all the way out, letting the fresh layer of blood from carries butt hole work as rough lubrication.
I grabbed her pigtails yet again and made her look down at my dick jammed partway up her butt. Then I lifted her head off the bed, contorting her even more. I pulled out of her ass for a moment, and back handed her across the face several times. I picked up my belt and began lashing her cunt and ass hole and inner thighs. She whimpered more but said nothing.
I observed my work for a moment. Carries legs were wide open, pulled straight up past her shoulders, her hair attached to the bed-frame above her. Her face was still beautiful, but covered in almost as much blood and bruising as her groin. She wore an expression of misery and defeat. I pushed back into her ass hole again, and pulled on her tits to leverage myself into the tight fit.
The wires around her tits were now causing them to turn purple and her pink nipples were starting to slowly drip clear white fluid. Her breaths came only in choked gasps as I thrust into balls deep, over and over again. I started slow, but soon I was slamming myself into the battered women so hard and fast that the wires holding her ankles began to cut into her skin. I let the blood trickle down her legs and into her face and kept pounding her ass hole, despite the fact that her rectum was now practically raw.
I finished in several long hard strokes that filled her bowls with my jizz. As soon as I pulled out of her anus it started trickling cum, and then gushing. Carrie finally filled her lungs with air and sobbed for her violated body. While she was crying I blew the last of my load on her face. She looked up at m through the bruises and sperm with the same pleading look once again. I rubbed the come around in her hair with my dick and then made her suck it clean.
I told her she could use her panties to clean herself up. She left my house stumbling in a blood and cum covered pair of panties, the wet spots where jizz still oozed out of her were clearly visible. I kept her braw so that her traumatized nipples poked out through her shit. As she stumbled out the door, I said
“You're going to where those panties everyday until the next time I see you. Go it?” She looked at me helplessly and simply said
“Yes sir.”

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Horrible master. She is submissive already.

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