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Okay this one is longer than any of the others. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Quick reminder of where we left of :

Susan talks Bobby into acting in the movie. Jessie now leads her naked brother to her dressing room via the studio.

Chapter 5: The movie

The Stars:

Marie Gordon: Jessica West

Phil Gordon: Steve Horn

Lisa Gordon: Pamela Justice

Josh Hudson: Bobby West

Jill Hudson: Victoria Milton

Susan Price: Amanda Wilton

Paul Kirk: Mark Web

Clare Kirk: Linda Love

Marie Gordon was lying face down on her bed she was dressed in a short skirt and sweater a book rested on her pillow as she slowly turned the pages. With her ankles crossed and knees bent, she didn’t realise that someone standing in her bedroom door would have a perfect view of her panty clad pussy.

The person enjoying the view at that moment was her father Phil, he was slightly shocked to realise the sight of his teenage daughter’s body was turning him on. He found himself wondering what it would be like to walk into his daughter’s bedroom and caress her pert bottom and panty clad pussy and to slowly ease the thin cotton down her legs. Shaking his head he quickly turned from his daughter’s room and headed down stairs.

He was dressed in a pair of faded shorts and T-shirt the shorts were pushed out at the front by his erection. Stepping out onto the sun deck he smiled, his wife Lisa was laying on a sun lounger, she was wearing a bikini that left little of her 36-25-36 body covered.

He stepped towards her, skimming his shorts down and stepping from them as he pulled his T-shirt off. Knelling down beside his wife he ran his hands down her back and across her firm buttocks, before pushing his fingers between her parted thighs.

Lisa moaned and turned to look at her husband, noting his erect cock and clothes scattered on the decking.

“I guess someone’s glad to see me”

She turned over and lifted her hips as Phil pulled at her bikini bottoms he threw them onto his shorts and smiled as she added her top.

“Where’s Marie?”

“In her room studying, she’s too engrossed to notice us”

“Mmm good, I’ve been lying here thinking about you”

They kissed and Lisa Moaned as she felt her husband’s cock press against her thigh.

Josh Hudson knocked on the front door of the Gordon house and waited for a reply, when there was no answer he tried the door, smiling when it opened. Stepping inside he called out,

“Marie, Uncle Phil, Aunt Lisa, hello! Hello! Anyone home?”

Closing the door he started towards the back of the house, when a noise from upstairs made him stop. Shrugging he climbed the stairs, calling hello as he went. He passed Lisa and Phil’s bedroom, glancing in to see if anyone was there.

Reaching the doorway of Marie’s room he stopped and gazed in lust at Marie lying on her bed, her skirt was rucked up giving him a clear view of her pant covered pussy and buttocks. The noise he’d heard had been her dropping a book onto the floor and as he stood and watched she dropped a second before picking up another and started leafing through it.

Without hesitation he stepped into the bedroom, kneeling by the bed he slipped his hand over Marie’s pert bottom and between her firm thighs.

“Hi baby”

“Hi Josh”

They kissed deeply, tongues entwining as Josh’s hand continued to explore Marie’s panty covered pussy.

“Where’s your folks?”

“Out back I think”


Marie didn’t put up any resistance as Josh pushed her jumper up to reveal her braless pert breasts. She helped him pull it off completely and then tossed it to the floor as he lowered his mouth to her nipples. She moaned in pleasure as his lips suckled at her breasts, slipping from one engorged nipple to the other, leaving a trail of kisses between them.

They pulled apart long enough for Josh to help pull Marie’s skirt and panties down. He stood by the bed and started to quickly strip his clothes off. As he straightened from pulling his jeans and underwear off he glanced out the window and stopped.

“What’s wrong,” asked Marie

“Nothing, fuck you’ve gotta see this”

Marie stood and looked out her bedroom window.

In the back garden Phil was lifting his head from between his wife’s dripping pussy his face glistened with pussy cream. He moved up her body and they kissed, Lisa tasting herself on his mouth and licking his face clean. Lifting himself up he moved his cock towards his wife’s cuntal opening, he moaned in pleasure as her fingers closed around his hardness and guided him into her pussy.

In the bedroom Marie watched in wonder as her dad slowly started to fuck his cock into her mom’s pussy. Trying not to make any noise she pulled open her window, as the sounds of her parents lovemaking drifted up to her room she felt her pussy respond, juices flowing and running down her thighs. Leaning forward she rested her arms on her windowsill and thrust her arse backwards.

“Fuck me Josh, fuck me now”

Standing behind her Josh bent slightly, guiding his cock to her dripping snatch, as his cockhead pressed between her labia he grabbed her hips and drove his cock firmly into Marie’s pussy. Marie pushed back moaning in pleasure as she felt Josh’s cock push deep into her womb, filling her with hard cock meat.

“Fuck yes fuck me Josh fuck me hard”

Holding Marie’s hips Josh drove his cock deep into Marie’s pussy. Leaning forward he realised he could watch Lisa and Phil making love below them. The sounds of Phil and Lisa’s lovemaking drifted up to the teenagers as they tried to match their movements to the couple below. Marie reached down and rubbed her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body as Josh’s cock ploughed deep and hard into her pussy.

She watched as her parents stiffened and their cries of orgasmic pleasure carried on the still air as they orgasmed.

“Fuck me fuck me hard Josh make me cum make me cum”

Sweat glistened on their bodies as Josh pounded his cock into Marie’s dripping pussy, he could feel his orgasm approaching as he watched Lisa and Phil shake to their mutual release.

“O god I’m cumming fuck yes yes yeeeesssssssssssss,” screamed Marie

Marie did little to hide her pleasure as she orgasmed, screaming her release aloud.

The feel of Marie’s orgasming pussy pushed Josh over the edge and he groaned as he pumped his sperm deep into Marie’s body.

There cries of pleasure mixed with those coming from the garden as both couple orgasmed.

As their orgasms passed Marie and Josh pulled apart and collapsed onto the bed, they kissed holding each other tightly. Marie moved down the bed to kneel beside Josh, lowering her head she closed her mouth around his cum covered cock. The signs of softening stopped and she felt it begin to harden in her mouth as she licked their cum from it.

Meanwhile down in the garden Phil had stood up, he pulled Lisa to her feet and they kissed.

“I recon the bed will be more comfortable than that thing”

“I agree, come on lover”

Lisa took her husband’s hand and pulled him into the house, they stopped at the top of the stairs.

“Better make sure Marie’s not going to interrupt us,” said Phil

“You wait here I’ll go look”

“I think I’d better, we don’t want Marie seeing this”

As she spoke Lisa reached down and squeezed her husband’s cock, a cock that was beginning to show signs of fresh arousal.

Phil watched his wife walk down the landing, gazing with lust at her firm buttocks and womanly hips. He was surprised when she stopped at their daughter’s open bedroom door and just stood there. He wondered what Lisa had seen when his saw his wife’s hand slip between her thighs.

Walking towards his wife he looked into Marie’s bedroom and felt his cock swell to full erection. He glanced at Lisa and she smiled at him, holding a pussy cream coated finger to her lips in a shhhh-ing action. He looked back into the room feeling his body glow with lust and desire.

His daughter was kneeling naked on her bed, the position offered him and his wife a perfect view of their daughter’s just fucked, sperm coated pussy as she gave head to her cousin.

“Did you know they were seeing each other,” Phil whispered to his wife.

“Not really, but god don’t they look hot. Tell me lover do you wish it was you laying on that bed”


“Do you want to fuck her?” asked Lisa

Phil looked from his kneeling daughter to his wife and realised he couldn’t lie to her.

“O god yes baby, I know it’s perverted, but fuck yes” answered Phil as Lisa gently stroked his erection.

Lisa was surprised at her husband’s answer, but she had to admit the sight of her teenage daughter’s cum filled pussy had aroused her. Part of her wanted to run into the room and suck the sperm and pussy cream from Marie’s glistening cunt.

She also found that the thought of her husband fucking their daughter was highly arousing. It was at that moment that Marie raised her head and saw her naked, aroused parents standing in the doorway. She released Josh’s cock from her mouth and Lisa moaned with desire as she looked at her nephew’s glistening hard cock.

When Marie saw her parents standing in the doorway she expected all hell to break loose, but then as she saw her father’s erection and the lust in their faces she smiled, realising a telling off wouldn’t be forthcoming.

Josh looked up when Marie released his cock, he saw his aunt and uncle standing in the doorway and felt his heart jump in fear and as he tried to move off the bed his erection started to die. It was then that he truly looked at his aunt and uncle, taking in his uncles throbbing erection and his aunts body, flushed with arousal, and the lust that filled their eyes.

Climbing off the bed he bent forward and kissed Marie, at the same time squeezing her breasts. Releasing Marie he walked towards his aunt, his cock once more fully erect, reaching her he ran his fingers over her full breasts and hard nipples. She responded by stepping closer to him, he kissed her and she responded, their tongues meeting in a dance of pleasure as their bodies pressed together.

Phil had watched Josh walk up to his wife and as they kissed he moved towards his daughter who still knelt on the bed. He stood beside her, running his hands over her naked back and buttocks, feeling her soft young skin. Desire and lust were burning in him standing behind her he moved his cock to her dripping snatch.

“Daddy, please we shouldn’t..”

Phil ignored her words and pressed his cockhead to the opening of her cunt.

“Daddy, please we can’t”

“Yes we can honey,” said Phil as with one sharp lung he buried his cock in his daughter’s pussy.

A small part of Marie cried out in shock as her father filled her pussy with his throbbing manhood, but the rest of her cried out in pleasure as her father’s cock sank deep into her womb.

Marie watched as her mom lay on the bed while Josh filled her cunt with his hard cock. She looked deep into her mom’s eyes and saw the love and passion that filled them, she couldn’t fight the feelings that coursed through her body and so she lowered her face and her mouth met her mom’s.

It was a strange feeling kissing another woman, especially when that other woman was her mother, what made it feel stranger was the fact that their heads were pointing in different directions. They broke this kiss and Marie moved her body slightly over her mom’s and lowered her mouth to her mom’s full breasts. She groaned in pleasure as she felt her mom’s mouth close over her own breasts.

Phil revelled in the feel of his daughter’s hot tight pussy, he ran his hands over her glistening body, reaching round he rubbed her clit, feeling her body shake in pleasure at his touch. Leaning forward he kissed and gently nibbled at her neck and shoulders, at the same time continuing to ream his cock deep into her womb. He straightened up, pounding his cock into her and rubbing the juices that flowed from her pussy over her clit. Suddenly he felt her body stiffen and she raised her head and screamed as he felt her cunt grip his cock tightly as she orgasmed.

Phil continued to fuck his cock into his daughter’s orgasming body, reaching round he coated a finger in the juices that flowed from around his deep ploughing cock. Spreading Marie’s arse cheeks he coated her anus with the girl-cum, repeating the operation several times until her puckered anus glistened with cum.

Then as he felt his orgasm approaching he pressed a finger against the tight rosebud opening and pushed it into his daughter’s arse. He stiffened burying his cock in Marie’s cunt and his finger deep into her bowels as he flooded her womb with his cum.

The triple stimulation of her mother’s mouth suckling at her breasts and her father’s finger and cock pushed Marie into her second orgasm and she screamed allowed her pleasure.

Moments after Marie’s cries of pleasure had faded Josh and Lisa’s filled the room as the both orgasmed together, Josh pumping his sperm deep into Lisa’s convulsing pussy.

Later all four of them lay together on the bed, warm sunlight played across their sweat coated tired bodies. No one spoke they just held each other their minds wondering about what would come next.

Much later Josh glanced at the clock on the bedside table,

“O shit, I’ve gotta go”

Standing up he quickly pulled his clothes on, once dressed he looked at the family laying on Marie’s bed.

“What happens now?”

Phil looked at his nephew,

“What do you mean?”

“Well I’ve just had an amazing afternoon, I’m not going to stop seeing Marie, so don’t ask me to, but what’s going to happen about Aunt Lisa and you”

Lisa lifted her head and looked at Josh,

“Well I hope I get the chance to do this again, how about you Marie?”

Marie smiled at Josh as she sat up lifting her head its resting place on her mom’s breasts.

“Mmm, yes please”

“So you see Josh, it certainly isn’t over”

Josh kissed Marie deeply before then kissing his Aunt Lisa.

“Guess I’ll see you, maybe tomorrow?”

After Josh had left Marie climbed from the bed and headed to the bathroom, she’d just stepped into the shower when the cubicle door opened and Lisa stepped in.

“You don’t mind if I join you do you?”

“No mom”

Lisa stepped up to her daughter and they embraced under the hot water, at a quiet word from her mom, Marie stood still as the older woman washed her hair and body. The feel of her mom’s soapy hands as they moved over her naked body sent shivers of arousal coursing though Marie’s wet body. She moaned in pleasure as soapy fingers slipped into her pussy and closed her eyes, leaning back against the wall.

She jumped in surprise as the fingers were replaced by a probing tongue that flicked across her clitoris, teasing it from its fleshy home before pressing into her pussy. Marie was soon panting with pleasure as Lisa’s expert tongue seemed to find all the right places to touch. She held her mom’s mouth tight against her cunt as she orgasmed flooding Lisa’s mouth with her cum.

Lisa sucked and lapped at her daughter’s orgasming pussy, drinking the girl-cum that flooded into her mouth. She continued to lap at Marie’s pussy as her daughter’s orgasm peaked and faded. Finally she stood and they kissed deeply, Marie tasting herself on her mom’s mouth.

“My turn to wash you now”

Lisa smiled, closing her eyes and relaxing as her daughter washed her hair and body, she murmured words of encouragement as Marie kissed and licked at her breasts. She sighed in pleasure at the feel of her daughter’s tongue as for the first time it explored her swollen labia and clitoris.

Marie savoured the taste of her mom’s pussy, for some reason it seemed right to her that the first pussy she tasted should be her mom’s. She tried to copy what her mom had done to her, trying to return the pleasure that she had been given. She felt Lisa’s hands on her head, guiding her mouth and tongue, quiet words telling her what felt good and moans telling her when she touched the right spot.

Lisa felt her orgasm approaching fast, what her daughter lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm, she threw back her head moaning loudly as she orgasmed, her juices pouring into the receptacle of Marie’s willing mouth. As her orgasm passed she pulled Marie to her feet and they kissed passionately.

Arriving home Josh headed to his room, he quickly undressed and naked walked down to the bathroom. Standing in the shower he thought about the afternoon’s events, he couldn’t believe he’d fucked his Aunt or that Marie had fucked her dad. The events almost seemed unreal, but highly arousing by the time he stepped from the shower his cock was hard, throbbing in time with his heartbeat.

Jill Hudson had arrived home shortly after her son, pushing the door open she called his name. When there was no reply she turned to the woman who had followed her into the house.

“Josh must not be home yet”

Susan Price smiled at her,


Stepping closer to Jill they kissed, their bodies pressing together.

“Have you thought anymore about me moving in?”

“Continually, I’m just not sure what Josh would do, how he would react. O god I’ve mist you,” Jill said as Susan slid a hand into her bra, cupping one of Jill’s breasts.

“You need to talk to him we can’t go on as we are”

“I know”

As their passion increased the two women pulled at each other’s clothes, scattering them on the stairs and landing as they headed towards Jill’s bedroom. They made it as far as the bedroom door before they fell to the floor, limbs entwining in need and desire. Jill lay back and moaned as Susan’s mouth closed on her engorged clitoris. Throwing back her head she cried in pleasure as she felt her orgasm approaching.

It was at that moment, as Susan’s talented tongue and fingers pushed her towards sexual release that the bathroom door opened and Josh stepped out. Josh stopped in amazement at the sight of his naked mom lying on the landing floor, with a woman’s head between her thighs.

Jill didn’t know what to do, Susan hadn’t realised they had company and continued to feast on Jill’s wet pussy. She looked at her son standing above her, seeing for the first time a sexual being rather than her son. She lifted a hand towards him and he came to her, she held his hand squeezing it as her orgasm crashed upon her.

“O fuck I’m cumming cumming cuuuummmmmiiiiiiinnnnggg”

Josh knelt beside his mom and stroked her face and neck as she orgasmed. He couldn’t resist the urge to lean forward and kiss her, his tongue entering her mouth to be met by her own. He moaned into her mouth as he felt her hand caress his throbbing manhood.

It wasn’t until Susan lifted her face from between Jill’s thighs that she realised they had company. She stared in amazement at the sight of mother and son kissing passionately as they touched and caressed each other’s bodies.

Jill broke the kiss and looked longingly at her son’s erection it had been such a long time since she’d been with a man, ten years or so, not since her husband had died.

“The bed would be more comfortable,” said Susan as she looked from mother and son.

“You don’t mind if Josh joins us do you Susan”

“If you’re both OK with it then its fine with me”

“Good cause Josh is going to fuck me with his gorgeous cock, and then if you’re willing he’s going to fuck you”

The three of them quickly stood and headed into Jill’s bedroom and over to the king-size bed. Climbing onto it Jill lay down as Josh climbed between her parted thighs, lifting her legs he pressed them back against her breasts as Susan’s hand wrapped around his hard cock and guided it to the entrance of Jill’s pussy.

Josh groaned in pleasure as his cock pushed into the hot embrace of his mom’s cunt. He kissed Susan as her lips closed on his, her tongue pressing into his mouth. Breaking the kiss he watched her move up the bed before lowering her waiting pussy onto Jill’s mouth. Josh couldn’t believe what was happening, he was fucking his mom, his own mom, and it felt even more amazing than when he’d fucked his Aunt Lisa.

Jill was in heaven, she couldn’t believe how good her son’s cock felt as it ploughed deep into her womb. Her moans of pleasure were muffled as she feasted upon Susan’s shaved pussy. Knowing that what she was doing was taboo only added to her pleasure and she could feel her orgasm fast approaching. As her tongue worked upon Susan’s clit and pussy, she lifted her hips driving her son’s cock as deep as she could into her womb.

She cried and jerked in pleasure as she felt the head of her son’s cock batter against her cervix and then on the next thrust push through it. The intense sensations pushed her over the edge and she orgasmed, her screams of release muffled by Susan’s pussy, a pussy that seconds later was flooding her mouth and face in girl-cum. Jill’s body rocked to a second orgasm as she felt Josh drive his cock deep into her body and moments later flood her inner depths with his burning cum.

Pulling apart Susan was pleased to see that Josh’s erection hadn’t been affected by his orgasm, she lowered her head to it, sucking the sperm and cum from it. Releasing his cock she knelt on all fours over Jill’s relaxing body and lowered her mouth to the sperm filled pussy that waited below her. Lifting her arse she thrust it back and then moaned in pleasure as she felt Josh’s cock sink into her depths.

The room filled to the sounds of wet slurping and the slap of flesh on flesh as the three of them made love. Susan cried in pleasure as Jill’s tongue brushed over her clit and cock filled pussy, at the same time her own mouth was glued to Jill’s cunt, sucking and licking the sperm from it. Jill and Susan orgasmed together as they licked each other’s cunts, and seconds later Susan orgasmed again as Josh pumped his seed deep into her womb.

As Josh pulled his softening cock from Susan’s pussy they all collapsed onto the bed, a mass of entangled, sweaty limbs.

Later as they lay together Jill looked at her son,


“You’re welcome”

“Would you mind if Susan moved in with us?”

“No I guess not, at least as long as we can do this again”

Susan laughed, “And again and again”

“Sounds perfect to me,” said Jill kissing her son and lover.

“I love you baby”

“I love you too mom”

“So what did you do today?”

“You mean besides fucking my mom and her lover?”

“Yes besides that”

“O you know same old same old”

“No I don’t so tell me,” said Jill hugging her son.

“You really want to know?”


“OK, let me see, I fucked Marie your niece, o and then I fucked Aunt Lisa and watched Uncle Phil fuck Marie”

“You’re joking”


“You mean my straight laced brother fucked his own daughter”


“That I’ve gotta see”

“Let’s invite them over,” suggested Susan.

“Yeah mom, as you’ve discovered incest maybe Uncle Phil would like to fuck you”

“Maybe he would”

Jill lay still and thought about her brother and his family for a while.

“Well tomorrows Saturday, why don’t we invite them all round for a BBQ”

Later that evening after they had all showered Jill rang her brother,

“Phil, hi it’s Jill”

“Hey Jill how are you doing”

“I’m fine, no in fact I’m great, I was ringing to see if you, Lisa and Marie would like to come over for a pool party tomorrow. I thought we could have a few drinks and a BBQ and just do stuff”

“That sounds great, let me check with Lisa. Yeah we’ll all be there, what time?”

“Come early, we’ll make a day of it. O one other thing, swim suits are optional. See you”

Josh spent the night in his mom’s bed, sleeping between Jill and Susan, he found it very difficult to behave himself, but his mom and Susan had decided they should abstain until the following day.

The following day dawned bright and sunny, the weather forecast was for a clear hot day. Josh, his mom and Susan showered separately, Josh having to fight the urge to relieve his morning erection.

It was around 10 o’clock when Phil, Lisa and Marie arrived, Jill answered the door dressed in a robe that hung open giving a clear view of her naked body, she found she was aroused by the thought of her brother and his family seeing her naked.

“Hi Phil, Lisa, Marie, come on in. Are you all OK?”

Phil started in surprise at his sister’s naked body, it had been a few years since he’d seen her undressed, in fact not since they were kids. He was pleasantly surprised at the sight of her womanly figure and felt his cock twitch in appreciation.

“Yes we’re all fine, I see you were not kidding about the swim suits”

Jill led her brother’s family towards the back of the house.

“Of course I wasn’t kidding, I think it’s so liberating, don’t you? And after all you won’t see anything you haven’t seen before”

Entering the kitchen Jill smiled towards Susan who stood naked by the door.

“Everyone, this is Susan, Susan this is my brother Phil, Lisa his wife and Marie their daughter”

As she spoke Jill removed her robe dropping it over a chair.

“Hello,” answered Sue as she walked towards Phil and his family.

She ignored Phil’s offered hand, instead stepping close to him she brushed her lips over his. Turning she pressed her lips to Lisa’s, her tongue brushing across the other woman’s closed lips, before turning to Marie. She was surprised when rather than keeping her lips closed Marie parted them and thrust her tongue against hers.

“Hi everyone,” Josh said as he stepped into the kitchen.

Lisa felt her face redden as she looked at her nephew, his cock was semi-hard and as she looked she saw it jerk and swell to a fully erect state.

Josh couldn’t help smiling as his aunt watched his cock harden and swell, with a grin he stepped up to his mom, slipping a hand around her, he cupped and squeezed a breast while pressing his erection against her arse.

“Josh, I thought …”

Jill’s words were cut off, as she turned to face her son he lowered his mouth to hers, his tongue slipping between her lips.

Josh lifted his mom and carried her to the table, sitting her down he reached down and moved his cock to his mom’s waiting pussy. He groaned in pleasure as his cock pushed deep into his mom’s fuck-canal.

“Josh we weren’t meant to…, o fuck that feels so good. Fuck mommy, fuck me”

Josh pulled his mom’s crotch tight against his cock, filling her with his hard on, he felt her legs wrap around him as she lay back on the table.

Marie watched Josh start to fuck his mom, her mouth watered at the thought of sucking the cum from her aunts pussy. She jumped slightly as she felt hands pulling at her T-shirt, turning from the fucking couple she looked into Susan’s eyes as the older woman pulled at her clothes. In no time she was naked, she opened her arms as Susan stepped into her embrace, their lips met in a passion filled kiss, their bodies pressed together.

Dimly she heard the rustle of clothing as her parents undressed, then strong hands pulled her from Susan and lifted her onto the table beside her aunt. She groaned in pleasure as her father stepped between her parted legs and pushed his cock into her cuntal opening. Turning her head her lips met Jill’s and they kissed deeply, tongues entwining as their pussies were pounded by hard, throbbing fuck meat.

Meanwhile Lisa and Susan were beginning to get acquainted, even as Phil eased into his daughter’s hot, tight pussy, Lisa and Susan were slipping to the floor as their hands and mouths explored each other.

Jill was finding the whole experience highly erotic, she could feel her orgasm fast approaching as she reached across to caress her niece’s firm breasts. Laying back she pulled her son against her moaning as her orgasm came crashing upon her.

“O fuck I’m cumming baby, mommy’s cuming, fuck me Josh fuck me, fill me with your cum. O god, fuck yes yes yeeeessssssssss”

Jill came, screaming aloud her pleasure, as moments later she felt Josh’s sperm flood deep into her womb.

As their orgasms passed Jill was pleased to feel her son’s cock was still hard, locked in her pussy. She glanced at her brother Phil and saw the lust that filled his eyes, she licked her lips and kissing Josh pushed him away, feeling suddenly empty as his cock left her cum filled pussy.

Phil watched Josh step back, he saw his sister’s pussy leaking girl-cum and her son’s sperm. Without really thinking he pulled his cock from his daughter’s cunt and moved sideways to take Josh’s place. He groaned in pleasure as he pushed his erection into Jill’s cum filled cunt.

Marie groaned in frustration as her dad’s cock pulled from her pussy, she could feel her orgasm drifting away. The frustration quickly vanished as Josh stepped up to her and in one quick, hard thrust buried his eight inches of fuck meat balls deep in her womb.

On the floor Lisa and Susan were fingering and tonguing each other towards their own orgasms. Susan was surprised at the animalistic passion that filled Lisa, from what Jill had said she’d expected a quiet, shy woman, even after hearing from Josh of the day before’s events. Instead she found herself making love to a crazed woman. Susan pulled herself from Lisa’s body just long enough to grab a strap on dildo from where Jill had strategically placed it in a cupboard.

Lisa watched in lust as Susan strapped on the large fake cock, she reached out to touch it, amazed at its detail and size. Kneeling up she licked the fake phallus, before lowering her mouth over it. She lay back down when Susan gently pushed her, she looked at the phallus as Susan knelt between her spread thighs, it glistened with her saliva and she moaned in need as Susan lowered it to her cuntal opening.

Her moan turned into groan as the thick hard fake cock pushed into her cunt, seeming to fill and spread her wider than ever before. She cried out in pain and pleasure as Susan pushed the cock deeper into her body, feeling it spear deeper into her than any cock had ever been. It only seemed to take a few strokes before Lisa was cumming, bathing the phallus with her juices.

Susan however continued to drive the fake cock into Lisa’s pussy, driving her from one orgasm to another until Lisa was sure she would die. Just as she felt she couldn’t take any more Susan lunged forward and screamed her pleasure as she came, her cries mingling with Lisa’s.

On the table Josh was pumping his sperm deep into Marie’s orgasming body, while beside him his mom and uncle were moaning in pleasure as they came together.

All six of them relaxed, their bodies dripping with sweat and cum,

“I didn’t expect that to happen so quick,” said Jill looking around the kitchen.

“Sorry mom, I couldn’t wait”

Jill laughed and leaning forward kissed her son,

“That’s OK baby, just think of the time we would have wasted”

Lisa was looking at her daughter’s cum filled pussy and Susan’s fake cock, her eyes burned with new found lust.

Susan caught Lisa’s eye and smiled, she removed the cock slipping the second head from her juicy cunt. She paused to lick her cream from it before handing it to Lisa, Lisa stood and with Susan’s help strapped the dildo on. The second head wasn’t as thick or long as the one that had just fucked her, but there was a plastic cover that covered her mons and nodules pressed against her clit. Lisa fastened the strap before sliding the dildo in and out of Lisa’s pussy.

Standing, Lisa walked over to where her daughter lay relaxing from her orgasm, without saying a word she knelt between her daughter’s spread thighs and with one hard thrust buried half the phallus in her teenage pussy. The cry of pain only seemed to spur Lisa on and she pulled back and then thrust hard again burying the entire dildo in Marie’s tight snatch.

“O fuck mom that hurts please stop”

“Mommy’s gonna fuck you baby, I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t take anymore and then I’m gonna fuck you some more”

“Mommy please hold on, hold on just a sec”

Lisa was shocked to find that the cry of pain and the look of fear on her daughter’s face was turning her on. She pulled the dildo out until only the head lay nestled in her daughter’s pussy and then rammed it forward again.

Josh was about to step forward and pull Lisa away when suddenly Marie’s cries of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Across the room Susan was teasing Phil’s cock to an erect state as they lay in a 69 position, Phil feasting on Susan’s dripping pussy.

Josh turned to look at his mom, who still sat on the table, between her parted thighs was a pool of cum. Kneeling down he lapped the cum from the table before moving his mouth to his mom’s pussy. He didn’t care that he was tasting not only his own sperm, but his uncle Phil’s as well.

“Mmm that feels nice baby, but mommy needs something more, do you think you could manage to fuck mommy again”

Josh stood up, his face coated in cum and smiled at his mom.

“You bet,” he said pointing down to his once more erect cock.

Josh lifted his mom from the table and carried her out to the patio, laying her down on a sun bed he crouched between her thighs before lowering himself down, his cock slipping into his mom’s well fucked cunt. He’d only just been enfolded in his mom’s arms when he became aware they weren’t alone. Raising his head he found himself looking at a woman dressed in a smart blue skirt and jacket, beside her was a man dressed in blazer and slacks.

“Err, mom we’ve got company”


Jill sat up as Josh climbed off her trying to hide his glistening erection.

“Sorry to err disturb you, we knocked but there was no reply, err”

Jill realised the man was staring at her naked body, his face flushed and his trousers tenting out at the front. The woman had her eyes glued to Josh’s erection, her face flushed and her eyes wide.

“Was there anything in particular you wanted?”

“We are calling around the neighbourhood, are you saved?”


“Are you saved, are you born again”

Jill wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cringe, she’d just been caught fucking her son, her brother and his family were busy fucking in the kitchen with her lover, and this person was worried about her soul. Although she realised looking at him that it wasn’t her soul he was interested in at the moment, but her body. Smiling she stood up and stretched, seeing his eyes move over her naked body.

“Why don’t we talk about that, my names Jill and that’s my son Josh”

The man’s eyes widened in shock, the woman’s in lust. The woman was evidently less straight laced as the man, because as Jill watched Josh stepped up to her and stoked her face and her hand brushed his cock. Jill stepped towards the man and smiled, you look rather hot, wouldn’t you like to sit down and rest, maybe take you’re jacket off.

“No no, I think perhaps we should be going”

“Your companion?”

“My wife”

“Sorry, your wife seems to want to get to know my son”

The stranger looked around and gapped in shock, Josh was kissing his wife, her skirt was rucked up around her waist and Josh had a hand buried inside her panties, her blouse gapped open shower her bra clad breasts.


Clare didn’t even glance round as Josh undressed her, kissing each piece of flesh as it was revealed.

“Looks to me like Clare is enjoying herself. Now, I’m sorry I don’t know your name, you can drag her out of here or do what I know you want. Which is fuck me with this”

As she spoke Jill stepped up to the man and squeezed his erection. As she kissed him she felt his shock and resolve crumble and suddenly he was kissing her back.

“Paul,” he said as she helped him undress


“My names Paul, is that really your son?”

He nodded towards Josh who was knelt between Clare’s spread thighs tonguing her pussy. Even as we watched her body shook to an orgasm, and Josh slid up her and buried his cock in her cunt.

“Yes, O and over there is my brother, sister-in-law, niece and lover,” Jill said as the others walked out the back door.

Pushing Paul down onto the lawn Jill straddled his waist and lowered herself onto his throbbing erection.

The rest of the day and night was spent in an orgy of fucking and sucking as partners changed and pleasure was shared.

Next chapter is the final chapter
Chapter 6 : Time together
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