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Two young girls exploring for the first time
When I was twelve years old, my body started changing; I got my period and felt so alone.

My mom is so old school that she didn’t talk about it, we went to the store and she bought me some big super absorbent sanitary napkins. And I was told to change them when they got soaked. So I went to my dad to ask him about my period. He was actually very helpful with all the details and told me about sex and all its glory. I had to admit it scared me and decided then and there that I would remain a virgin until after high school.

But in the meantime, I wanted to learn all that I could about sex, so a couple of girl friends of mine were knowledgeable in this area. We would talk for hours about things. My friend Geena, is a really tall skinny girl with big boobs. She said she only wore a 32C. I was like, “ONLY?” I was so mad. I was still wearing my training bra from two years ago.

I asked Geena if I could see them since I have none of my own. She did so like it was an everyday thing and there was nothing to it. We locked her bedroom door and she pulled her t-shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra.

Out come these huge perfectly round and firm breasts with huge brownish pink areolas and a large eraser sized hard nipples. They were the first real boobs I have ever seen. I just wanted to caress them, hug and kiss them.

She saw how big my eyes were, and me not breathing, she just smiled and grabbed both of my hands and put them on her beautiful breasts. I was frozen in time. Then she walked towards me while my hands are on her boobs. With me still lightly squeezing her yummy boobs, and twirling around her big nipples. God, I love her boobs, I want some like hers someday.

Geena bent down to cup my face with her long fingers and planted a long kiss on my lips. Then she pulled away from me and looked into my eyes, then she drew herself close to me again, this time when we kissed, our lips parted and our tongues met, I got scared and started to pull back, but she tighten her grip on me, pulled my tongue into her mouth and started lightly sucking my tongue. I was in seventh heaven, it was amazing, and my first real kiss as well.

Then she pulled away from me but kept my hand in hers and led me to her bed. We kissed for what seemed like forever. She started kissing me all over. Such light loving kisses on my neck to my shoulders and then she moved down towards my non-existing boobs. I got embarrassed and brought her back up to my lips.
Then it was my turn, I kissed her whole face softly and started to kiss and nibble her neck, the way she did to me. But I kept going onto her yummy boobs. I kissed and licked her on and around her perfect boobs, I loved kissing, sucking and caressing her firm boobs in my mouth. I finely got to her big nipples, they were so hard and big, it was like sucking on a small round lollipop. The more I sucked on it, the harder it got. It grew to the size of my thumb nail. And so started my lifetime love affair for boobs with big nipples for life!

I was so hooked on them, that I hadn’t realized how much time had passed. Geena finally threw me off of her, rolled me onto my back and pulled my blouse up and started kissing my stomach and licking around my belly button, making me giggle, I start to put my hands down to stop her, she grabs my hands and puts them above my head then with one hand she starts to pull my shorts and panties down to my ankles.
She lowers her body to my juicy hot and wet opening between my legs. I was embarrassed I didn’t want her to go there, I felt like I had just pee’d on myself and the smell was different than it has been in the past. I tried to stop her, but she insisted on going down there.

So I gave up on trying to stop her. She then used her free hand to spread my legs apart even more. As she does this, I can feel her tongue licking and kissing and her hot breath making me even wetter than before. I felt like I lost all control of my bodily functions, like I was pee’ing myself. But she told me not to hold back and let it all come out.

When I let it all go, I never wanted this feeling to ever go away. It felt like nothing I have ever experience before. She made me so happy and excited I was hoping this feeling would never end. Whatever it was that she was doing was so great of a feeling. I was wondering if she wanted me to do it her. But when I tried to precipitate she’d block me, and kept doing what she was doing.

It wasn’t until a month later that I found out what this awesome feeling was called, or the many different names it had. Geena made me feel so good. I wanted to do it for her, but again she told me no. But she said she was doing it for me because she really likes the way it smells and taste, as she went down and slurped up a huge amount of my sweet juices, then she came up to my face and open her mouth to kiss me, I grabbed ahold of her tongue and sucked on it. That’s when I tasted my own sweet juices and I really liked the flavor.

So I finally decided I just could not resist her anymore, and wanted her so bad. Again she denied me, saying that she gets pleasure in doing it to me, also she was not a big fan of getting it done to her. I asked her if I could love her boobs and she was ok with that. Her big round eraser nipples were so inviting and tasty I just could not get enough of them. Her nipples were so yummy; I wanted them more and more and to fall asleep with them in my mouth. So that I could wake up with them all nice and hard ready for me to suckle.

It wasn’t until we were resting in her bed all tired out, that she told me why she didn’t like to receive pleasure. Her dad and brother had both been forcing her to lie down; one holding her down while the other would go down on her, but very roughly and would bite down on her sensitive parts, she hated it every night it would happen, even when she was on her period. Sad to think, but it turned me on that she was willing to please me!


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you use finely when you mean finally

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precipitate -> reciprocate

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precipitate -> reciprocate

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