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Tentacles plus a kitty costume equals a purrfectly good time.

Gruthsorik had just settled into his bunk for the night when he heard the Containment Room door open. He stood up, wondering what Claire was doing here so late. She brought the lights up and he got a good look at her. "Ohhh my, what's all this?" he asked.

Claire was dressed in an elaborate costume. A pair of furry clip-on cat ears, black with pink inside, were in her hair. Contact lenses gave her yellow irises with faux vertically slit pupils. Thin black lines representing whiskers were drawn across her cheeks. Caps on her canine teeth turned them into small fangs. A silver jingle bell hung from a black leather choker around her neck. Her top was a black leather lace-up halter top vest, the crisscrossed lacing down the front holding the two sides together tightly. Hers appeared to be a size or two too small though, the gap between the two sides was quite a few inches, leaving no cleavage to the imagination. On her hands she wore fingerless gloves, black with a pink paw print sewn into each palm. Pointed false nails provided her with claws. Her midriff was bare, save for the black leather hip belt from which a two-foot-long furry black cat tail hung in the rear. Tight black spandex low cut pants with a definite camel toe showing led down to black suede ankle boots with two inch heels.

Claire giggled and said, "I was at a costume party."

"Clearly," said Gruthsorik. "Is it Halloween already?"

Claire giggled again and walked unsteadily into the room, the bell tinkled with each step. "All the guys there wanted to take the poor stray kitty home, but kitty didn't want to go with them. Meow!" Her speech was just a little bit slurred.

"Why my dear Dr. Thompson, are you drunk?" Gruthsorik teased.

"Noooo. Well... maybe I shouldn't have been driving. I wonder if the gate guard noticed. Meow!" More giggling. She staggered to the cell door and got it open after a few tries. She dropped to the ground and crawled the length of the entryway on her hands and knees, pausing several times to remove her clothing. First she removed her top, making a big show of playing with the lacing as she undid it, even chewing on it a bit. Then she pulled her boots off and peeled her pants off, confirming that she wasn't wearing panties. She got through the inner door, meowed and giggled some more, then started across the floor on all fours towards Gruthsorik.

"Here, kitty, kitty," he beckoned. A single tentacle extended out and started to drag itself across the floor in the manner of string. Claire lowered herself to the floor, then stuck her ass back up, tail and all, and watched the tentacle intently. As the tentacle came back around in front of her, she wiggled her ass, and then pounced on the end, catching it in her hands. She bit it gently, then licked it several times and took it into her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute or two, then it pulled out of her mouth and moved away across the floor while Claire swatted for it with her hand until it was out of reach.

She watched the tentacle pull up into the air and move back towards her. She rolled onto her back, with her arms and legs curled up against her chest and her hands making loose fists bent forward at the wrists. As the tentacle drifted past her, Claire batted at it with her hands and meowed excitedly. When Gruthsorik was through teasing her with it, it moved down to caress her face, and she cheerfully nuzzled it with her nose and cheeks. Then it ventured down her neck to her breast and coiled around it. More tentacles moved in on her, one went to her other breast while two more gently grasped her legs and pulled them apart. Claire closed her eyes and purred loudly.

She opened her eyes and gasped as tentacles entered her ass and her pussycat pussy, then she let out a long, contented meow. The meows mixed with moaning as the tentacles fucked deep into her, with a loud meow as second tentacles pushed into both her holes. The bell on her collar jingled constantly as her body was rocked by the tentacles pounding into her. Her tail laid limp on the floor, then a tentacle wrapped around it several times and continued up around her stuffed crotch to her clit. A tentacle drifted down towards her mouth, Claire stuck out her tongue and licked it several times before opening her mouth wide to let it inside.

After several minutes of five tentacles pounding her body, her body arched as she screamed into the tentacle and came. Gruthsorik roared as he pumped her full of his milky demon cum and creamed her face and body. Claire resumed purring as the tentacles withdrew, then she got up on her knees and started to clean herself. With one hand at a time, the other on the floor between her knees, she rubbed a hand over her body or across her face from nose to ear, and then licked it off. She licked her arms as well. When she was finished, she got back on her hands and knees and leaned her head down to the floor. Her tongue darted quickly in and out of her mouth as she licked up the rest of the cum. Finally content, she crawled over to Gruthsorik, put her hands up on his thighs, and made a pleading meow. "What's that, pretty kitty?" he asked. "Oh, I get it." He sat down on the bunk and Claire instantly hopped up into his large lap and curled up. He started to pet her from her head down to her tail, and scratched her head behind her costume ears as well. She purred contently until she fell asleep.

Continued in Chapter 13: Senator

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2013-11-10 15:36:34
It's great, but TOO SHORT!!!!
Add some more to each chapter, and they'd be a lot better!!!


2013-11-05 17:09:47
Fun, sexy entry in this series.

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2013-11-04 13:45:21
They obviously have a thing for each other now. I'm curious how this relationship develops in the next chapters...

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2013-11-04 09:42:00
fk yea that was so hot. a gr8 story for the holiday. i loved it. i would love to play with that kitty lol. keep it up!

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