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This is Chapter Six in the series A quick lay with Jan and sue turns out much better than expicted.we are now at the camp ground and theres a lot of sexual new found pleasures for the girls it gets very interesting with sue and I haveing sex in the sand dunes.
The Neighbors

Chapter Six

A quick lay with Jan and sue .

Falling asleep in each others arms was truly wonderful .

Jan had awoken early about six am She just finished her shower after sue .
They were both headed to the back bedroom when April met them coming out .

April left the door opened I over heard them talking about them being horny .
Good morning Shh he is still asleep in there did you wear him out last night Yes .
The sex was great I loved every minute of it we could tell by the way you moaned .

Please can we have our sexy time with him now our pussies are hot wet and horny .
Yes sure go right ahead be my guest if you can wake him you can make love to him .
My pussy is still tender from last night it really hurt the first time after that wow .

We certainly would think so after hearing you both last night we could not join in .
I can not believe he came in me dam what a feeling now my womb is filled .
Why did he do that for ? It is my own fault I forgot to put a rubber on his cock .

He is a heavy sleeper don't you worry he will be up when we get done OK if you say so . I have to shower now is the douche hanging up ? yes it is I changed the tip for you . Just a quick fuck and that is all we all have time for this morning it is still very early . Were all going to go to the beach today we can work on our tans together.

That’s awesome we like that idea we like to know about him .
That is up to him lets let him decide what he wants to do today he is on his own .
The girls walked into the room I partially opened one eye peeking out to see them .

They were naked ready ,willing are you ready for this yeah dam I am so horny .
It will be so much fun yeah look at me I am dripping wet yes you are I can see that.

Sue slowly begins licking the mushroom top while Jan licking, sucking my nuts .
Good morning ladies I say with a smile well look who is awake good morning .
Well now it looks like were eager to get started this morning yes we are.

Were very horny this morning do you think you have any strength left for us ?.
Maybe I do well alright then she wants her cherry popped and I just want a lick .
It didn't take much time for me soon I arose to the occasion he is hard now yippee .

I want that hard cock in my horny pussy right now I want to feel it deep inside me .
I will do all the work you just lay back and relax and you straddle his face.
What about me Hugh? I wanted a quick fuck too yes I know but I can't rush this .

You know I'm afraid it's thick he may split my pussy open well just be careful .
I am a Virgin remember yes I know already well I am as ready I will ever be .
Jan you worry to much I was raped remember yes I do I find it very sad it happened .

Common just do it already once it is past your cherry you will feel so awesome .
Lets do it before you chicken out alright just remember what April said oh what ever . I look down to see Jan must have masturbated this morning her pussy was wet .

She straddled me taking my hard shaft in her hand placing it between her swollen folds. I felt myself begin to enter into her it felt so good she was tight .
she started pushing slowly down on me taking her time not to hurt her self.
I watched as my cock slid slowly between those moist lips of hers .

She now began to moan out loud as my hard cock penetrated deeply .
She knew soon she would no longer be a virgin then suddenly she stopped.
She must of hit her hymen she then pushing down real hard taking her virginity .

Sue is straddled my face it was now her turn I began to lick her tender pussy .
Letting out a soft moan as my tongue tip slips between her hot pink folds looking
for her opening .Both girls started making out real passionately and moaning out .

I slipped my tongue into her slowly she was dripping wet man was she hot .
I used my mouth to suck her folds I began rolling the nub in my mouth teasing her .
She paused for a moment kissing Jan she began to moaning out loud .
Yes baby lick my pussy Oh Gawd it feels Oh fuck yeah your gonna make me cum .

I know that flicking my tongue slowly on her slit was driving her wild with desire .
Once in a while I would dart my tongue in her deep love tunnel and swirl it around .
She began to moan and scream out loud yeah that’s the spot you got it Do it yes .

Please she begged me keep licking my hot pussy “ Do It Baby “!!ah yes “Do it .
Yes that’s it fuck me with your tongue Oh Yes it feels so dam good baby .

Soon I was feeling both girls bodies beginning to tremble on top of me .
Their waves of pleasure was hitting them soon they would be ready to orgasm .
“Please” “ Don't Stop” Oh yeah baby oh yeah I'm gonna cum ,
"Oh Gawd!! Tony I'm Cumming! Oh God yes !!" ah It feels so good oh

Yes ah yeah oh fuck I'm Cumming! she kept grinding her pussy on my face.
It tasted so good that young pussy of an eighteen year old sweet wet pussy oh yeah .

I paid close attention to Jan on my shaft I did not want to explode inside her.
She was almost ready to orgasm I could feel her vaginal walls milking my shaft .
She was riding me wildly now humping me she was loving each and every minute .

She kept pumping my hard shaft soon she would be ready ready to orgasm .

This is the first time she has had a dick deep in side her hot wet dripping pussy .
She cried out as her orgasm shook her body then it hit ah fuck I am going to cum.
I'm Cumming Ooh! I'm going to cum too Jan let me pull out ah please aah .
I don't want to cum in you I screamed it is too bad baby she yelled out .

I need to feel your seed in me then she tightened up on my shaft yes baby Do it.
That's it yes yes explode in me oh fuck oh Gawd I'm cumming too!!! I scream out .
I'm cumming oh Gawd yes oh I was trapped with nothing to do but explode deep inside
her filling her womb.

I focused now on sues pussy she too screamed out I'm cumming oh yeah ah fuck .
I'm gonna cum again me too Sue oh Gawd ah Fuck Oh baby It feels so good .
yeah it does I'm cumming again “Do It” oh baby yeah ah baby It feels so good .

Oh yes oh Gawd oh fuck me I'm cumming again Oh I'm cumming again too!!! .
Their both screaming out in pleasure fuck were cumming again oh yeah .

This was awesome I had pussy Juice on my shaft on my face plus Jan filled
with cum .That last orgasm did it for us we were spent they rolled off me collapsing.
Beside me onto the bed we laid there exhausted trying to catch out breath .
What a way to wake up in the morning with to well satisfied woman .

April Walks into the room and starts yelling at her girlfriends trying to recover .
Alright you " Trailer trash sluts" !! “Common Now “! “Get Out of that Bed”!
your breakfast is ready oh thank you April your welcome then she turns and looked at me
“That Means You” also “You Stud You “ !

What the heck “Wow” she is a real a Bitch this morning I guess getting her laid
last night didn't not help .I tried my best I'm sorry ladies not your fault your a stud .
We all begin laughing out loud I heard that I am just so sore this morning .

He knows how to use it Yeah he does ” Wow”!! I felt it deep too wow hit my uterus .
I made him cum in my pussy this morning yeah well so did I me too yesterday .
Yes sue your pregnant and we could become pregnant yes you girls wanted it.

They all laugh why are we laughing I dunno this is serious we may end up like sue . Well you should have put a condom on him before he shot his load in your womb .
I know I for got well that what happened when you forget next time be careful .

Ladies please you can live with me if you are pregnant we will be one happy family .
What do you mean Tony all three of us? Yes And our children? Why of course .
What will people in town think ? I don not know and our parents well your all eighteen .
But if I and April do get pregnant my dad is liable to kill you o well.

I know we can blame the same guy as sue no that wont work he left school and town.
I have an idea what April well I was thinking this thought it is silly but.
Com on spit it out already If I do get pregnant maybe I could get my boyfriend back .
Yes he could blow his load and we will take it from there ewe that’s evil yeah but it may
just work.

Lets eat this wonderful breakfast and head to the beach girls sounds good to us .
We finished and the girls went to change into their swim wear .
They wanted to change in front of me it did not bother me one bit.
I know what they had but when you are in public that's different situation no nudity .

What are you smiling at Sir? May we please ask were serous woman you know .
I was thinking you are Just there of the most gorgeous young adult woman I have ever seen .
We see so you like our tits and tender pussies Hmm yes I really do. However
I appreciate the way you handle yourselves you’re each are wonderful in your own way.

Why Thank You tony we Love you too we have to thank you so much for what you do.
What were trying to say is mom had to work and you on your own took us camping .
Let's hit the beach girls go on ladies I will catch up later on I like to read a bit.

I knew sue wanted it she was giving that fuck my horny pussy again eye look .
I waited a half hour no sue so I placed on my swim trunks then wet to lay on the beach
with the girls.

Their was this one family with their teen daughter they also had a son with them .
I thought to myself this was good to see this family out enjoying their vacation.
It was about time that I needed to relief myself I made an excuse to take a walk .
I made an excuse I seen that teen couple headed for the wood line carrying a blanket .

I know the area well there is dunes all over the place plenty of hiding spots .
This only meant one thing either they were going swimming some where else .
Maybe just maybe they could be going to have sex some where alone .
It cant be a brother and sister they looked like twins almost identical about eighteen .

Ladies I am going to take a walk alright see you when you return have fun .
I knew I had a pair of binoculars in my car I went and got them out to take with me.
Over the many years I became an avid bird watcher I like to view different species .
I wonder where he is going? dunno why don’t you follow him and find out no thanks .

Scene you two refuse I will I don't want the baby hurt four months along you know .
You go then little miss horny all the time we are going back to our sun tanning .
She got up and started to follow me I was not aware to me that she was doing this .
I walked around looking for them carrying my binoculars soon I spotted them.

I looked into my scopes there in the distance I seen them naked on the blanket .
I searched for the perfect height dune so I could look down upon them making love .
My scopes were good enough for me I could see up to one thousand yards ahead .
I wanted to look down with out being seen or heard sure enough I found my spot .

I started by taking a close look at her She was nice thin 34c breasts with auburn hair
a firm bottom. I knew sex but when dang I was so horny I took a chance .
I waited a while it wasn't to hot just right about seventy today they got up and left .
Well that spoiled it no wait they were just adjusting the blanket this is awesome .

The young girl moaned out loud as he slipped deeper inside of her hot pussy .
I heard him groan out loud then he began pumping her hard up and down .
My cock began to swell in my trunks then I spotted sue as she approached them .

I said silently to myself no sue no! I then froze knowing I could not wave no wave .
I think for sure they would notice me spying on them dam ! what to do now?
Sue sneaked up on the dune being as quiet as possible she seen it it wasn't me .
slowly she began to backed off I am glad she did not disturb them wow that was close.

I seen her lips move almost to say wow! that was close too close now where is he ? .
She watched only for a brief for a moment slipping her hand into her bikini bottom .
She then sported me on a higher dune looking down on the couple as they made love .

I am glad that she saw me , she quietly came over to where I was without being spotted .
Quietly she said hi baby I see your watching them also I saw you from over there .
He was deep inside her when I arrived their eyes were closed thankfully for me .

You want me to suck you cock for you oh yeah baby girl that sounds great .
She started to undo my swim trunks took my limp shaft in her hand stroking slowly .

She then began licking the tip just like before slowly taking it into her mouth .
Oh baby that feels so good I will get you back for this I promise you that ooh .
She finished me then I laid down on my back on dune this way no one can see us .

I am wet and horny now baby fuck me mow I am so ready for you please .
I slipped her bikini bottoms off she willingly spread her legs for me lifting her self.
I helped her on me then she slid right onto my had shaft she began humping me .

Hey look at this sue took the peeked to that made her even more horny .
She started humping me harder I sucked on her breasts licking her hard nipples .

I was enjoying my self as she was herself I knew she liked it watching them .
Quietly She began telling me details every moment what the couple was doing .
I'm seeing her lift her legs higher now their shaking she's having an orgasm .
He is now taking out a condom from his shorts pocket an putting it on .

We both head her scream from way over there maybe they thought they were alone.
” Happy Birthday “bro same here sis “OH Gawd” your pussy so tight ah fuck me yes.
Lifting her bottom up She slammed it hard downward upon me she was horny .

Then she began rocking her hips back and forth faster and harder she was going to cum .
I did not have to worry about anything she was pregnant already .

She did not seem to care just as long as she had her orgasm I also was going cum.
explode deep insider her it did not matter to her .about. I soon was going to explode

She knew I would Explode deep insider her it did not matter to her she loved it .
She was always wicked hot an horny like this and being pregnant meant no condom .
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