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: An attractive 30s something woman named Louise has been lured to a secluded empty office building with a lucrative offer of her assistance in her area of expertise. Earlier she had attended a 15 yr class reunion of an all girls college, one she had attended long ago, and as a lark had worn her college girls school uniform! She was lured here for two reasons, one to be brutally and horribly raped by this perverted sexual predator, and two after being raped numerous times would then be sold into the world of sex trade slavery!
The Rapist's Prize!.

Have you ever wondered about the news reports, of attractive mostly young women gone missing? Ones that have never been found, and have left nothing no clue as to their disappearance or fate! Did they all run away, did they meet foul play? Many of these missing women and what has happened to them of course end up being answered and explainable, but there are always a few that have no explanation, that leave no trace, and this is story of one!....
With an evil,lustful chuckle, I dragged Louise down into the damp dark basement of this old office building, fully enjoying her struggles and gagged, but well muffled terrified attempts to scream!.
I'd had my eye on her for quite some time, and had always admired her attractive shapely figure. She was a real looker, one that had incredibly large tits, a fantastic body, and was a real beauty with an inviting smile and long dark brown hair.
I'd always wanted to have her helplessly under my power, half naked bound gagged and totally at my mercy. Then enjoy myself by harshly using and abusing her most succulent female charms in the most perverted sexual way!.

It had been easy enough to seize her, as I'd persuaded a dishonest acquaintance to set her up with a fictitious call from a competitive agency, one that needed help with her particular expertise on this night. She had been given an address in a vacant office building in the Newcastle Upon Tyne business district. It was ideally located for what I had in mind for her, and had been empty for some time? I had made special arrangements with the unscrupulous leasing agent, some cash under the table with the assurance that no record of our conversation or the transaction would be recorded. This was in the event if anyone ever inquired about what had happened in this old office building that night no one would ever know,.. it is amazing what a little cash money in the right hands can do.

I had another lecherous mate a big black bull one that had no conscious or qualms about being involved in such a sinister plot. As he also loved to see white woman like, Louise helplessly brutalized and forcefully raped! This man was like me, a most fiendish perverted sexual deviant of the lowest moral character one could ever imagine, and was almost beside himself with anticipation when told about my devious plan for her abduction and rape, so much so that he quickly agreed to help!

I had also enlisted his expertise in capturing the entire event on video along with close up digital pictures! This was so after she was gone I could enjoy watching the rape and abuse of Louise in vivid color and detail over and over again, of this woman I had so lusted after. Just the thought of a video with her as the victim, had made my big insatiable dick very hard!

It had not dawned on Louise that night when the “Blue Line Taxi” dropped her off,... that no other autos were parked in the lot? This big black ominous looking doorman, the same lecherous mate of mine that agreed to help made no attempt to disguise his obvious interest in her, and was almost drooling after seeing Louise, dressed as a young private college, school girl! It was all he could do to keep from snatching her, like some sort of deranged sexual predator, as he escorted her into the building. Then locking the door behind them, and to the stairs, explaining the elevator was not working and a big sign taped above the buttons confirmed it was indeed out of service? But this was a lie, the office she had inquired about, he had told her, was on the third floor.

She had thought it a bit strange and a little frightening that he had locked the door, but had given little thought to it at the time, only later would she realize the terrible mistake she had made! As she started up the long stairwell she felt strangely uncomfortable as the upper floors seemed darker than usual? But, a cold chilling feeling cheeped up her body, as she could feel his eyes watching her, not realizing what a sinfully inviting picture she presented, and to such a lusting sexual pervert, especially by the way she had dressed!
Most rapists have little control over how their victims dress, but Louise had done him, and me the perfect favor as she still with an incredible body had as a lark worn her old college girls uniform to the reunion, and had not bothered to change for what she thought would only be a short helpful meeting that night!.. The outfit was a carryover from many of the parochial schools she had attended as a school girl. But Louise could still fit into, and wear the outfit as an older full figured woman and when doing so easily looked much younger! The uniform consisted of a starched white blouse with a stiff collar that buttoned up the front, and as a more mature woman these clothes now fit very tight around her more ample, full figured bottom and breasts!

The skirt was a dark blue pleated thing that normally stopped above the knee, but again she had grown a bit taller from her school days, and this had left much more, of not only her beautiful legs! But even more of her shapely upper thighs easily exposed! The uniform was topped off with knee length white socks, and elegant smartly polished black high heels, ones that make a woman's legs even more shapely, and incredibly attractive!

This, along with her full round exposed bottom was what the pervert at the base of the stairs was watching as she climbed the steps. To hear the click of her heels on the marble stairs was so erotic, as each buttock surrounded by the dark blue very short and very tight skirt would first rise, then spread out slightly, and then fall so sinfully, and was repeated again and again! He could easily see her bare upper thighs and would catch a glimpse of ass cheeks and her white knickers as she climbed the stairs! This had quickly made the sexual pervert watching already hard, even harder yet!
Once on the third floor Louise was surprised how dark the hall was, as she went from one office door to another looking for the number?. Already alerted, I had been watching her with the door slightly open from a distance as she came towards me, and had closed it quietly as she came close. She was finally relived as I heard her sigh from finding the correct door....
From the moment I saw what she was wearing I just knew I had to have her, and what I had dreamed and now planned on doing to this attractive woman, one I had lusted after for some time, was about to come true. My fat dick normally 8” when flaccid was so hard now had extended to a full 10”and actually hurt from the throbbing anticipation and excitement of the moment! I was dressed in nothing but gray sweats and had my skin tight black gloves, and a “Full Face Stretched Ski Mask” one that left only my eyes looking quite sinister and only my mouth visible. Louise had knocked on the door first, then tried to opened it?

The office was dark as I stood behind the door out of sight, my idea was to present a most terrifying and foreboding figure, one that would scare the living daylights out of her? Louise already apprehensive, and now with the thought of the vacant parking lot and the building entrance locked, along with this lecherous black man down stairs had her almost holding her breath, as she opened the door pushing it in not knowing quite what to expect?

My presence and appearance after her unsettling experience with the big black doorman was exactly the reaction I had hoped for, and could not have made her response and terrified reaction any better! I said in,.. the most convincing evil sinister voice I could muster, “Louise, dear. I have been waiting for you”! The look on her face was priceless, eyes wide with shocked horror an wonder,... as she jumped back almost tripping and screamed so loud all at the same time! In this empty building the sound echoed so loud it worried me at first someone might hear? But quickly put the thought aside as I knew she could scream all she wanted and no one could possibly hear, much less come to her aid!
At first she tried to run, but high heels on a slick marble floor made running almost impossible! Besides back towards the stairs from which she had come was no longer an option, as my perverted black mate now also with similar garb and wearing the frightening eye hole hood, quickly appeared at the top of the stairs blocking that route of escape!

I will give her credit as the only way left was up the stairs to the fourth floor that was darker yet, as we both closed in. She was on about the fifth marble step, when one of her heels caught then slipped causing her to fall, then sliding down bruising her knee and helplessly into our dastardly waiting arms! As she did so, this had also easily pulled and raised her short pleated skirt up above her waist leaving her bottom exposed in only this thin white undergarment, and the only thing covering her shapely bottom! The results had easily allowed us both to grab and subdue her. She was still screaming for help, but now knew that help was never to come? Then with resigned fright the first thing she said in a terrified voice, was please OMG! Please don't hurt me? Please........don't!

Louise had been taken totally by surprise as we seized her. I wrapped my free arm tightly around her waist,trapping her own arms, before clamping the cotton wool pad laced with chloroform tightly over her nose and mouth.
God, she felt so good! I was pressing myself into her trembling softness, enjoying this greatly and savoring the smell of the starched white blouse, and her excited female scent! I could feel her heart pounding with her pathetic attempts to free herself as she thrashed around and her muffled screams slowly subsided. These firm hands and the wool pad had made damned sure she would no longer raise any alarm. After only a minute, the chloroform took full effect, and she quickly sagged in my strong arms. I smiled evilly to myself under the hood, keeping the pad over her mouth a bit longer, just to make sure.

Satisfied she was out cold, with my big perverted mates help I then lifted Louise over my shoulder, and carried her down the hall to the elevator! Pushing the down button which worked perfectly, ..once in the elevator the trip to the basement took only minutes. I'd set everything up, an old metal four poster with a thin mattress and several firm pillows. The place was ready with the tricks of a rapists trade, coils of clothesline cord a sharp knife scissors, and several rolls of wide black duct tape. I had also brought numerous sex toys, harsh metal clamps the kind that really bite, big lead weights a large aggressive Hitachi vibrator as well as a lifelike large dildo on a stick, and last an electric horseshoe cattle prod one that if used properly could induce a naked helpless female to submit and endure the most humiliating nasty perverted sex acts one could imagine!

I practically threw her onto this single size metal four poster, one I had acquired at a local second hand store in Newcastle just for the occasion. I wanted to sexually abuse her in several different positions, and one would be spread eagle. After turning her over on her back I had slid one of these firm pillows under her shapely bottom and with my black deviants help spread first her arms then her legs as wide as possible and proceeded to tie them tight to each corner post! It didn't take me long as I was highly skilled at this, and effectively bound Louise's hands tightly over her head, and helplessly out to either side. This was followed by doing the same to her legs!

With Louise's bottom on the firm pillow and her arms and legs tied wide and taunt in this spread position, it had arched her pubic mound up, vulgarly exposing it! The result would allow a sexual pervert like me to sadistically abuse not only her big breasts, and nipples, but also her tender pussy folds! Then, I wound more tight loops of cord above and below her breasts, and had tied them also tightly to the bed! After this I had taken the scissors, and carefully cut her white blouse in several places,... and had easily ripped it open popping most of the buttons off! Now with the blouse loose and only her bra barely holding them jugs of hers, the tight ropes around her breasts had forced these magnificent fleshy mellon's up and out even more perversely. I even had a good feel of them as my cruel fingers twisted her nipples, then lingered, fully taking pleasure, and dreadful liberties with Louise's inert form, as my helpless victim!.. Enjoying the power I had over her is a great feeling!

After I'd tied her, and making sure she was immobile, I couldn't help, but kiss her on these tender lips, the taste of her so helpless, was incredibly intoxicating. .”My God”, was she ever sweet! I buried my tongue into her mouth, kissing her own tongue so deep. Even though Louise was still out, I kept squeezing and fondling her full firm breasts as I kissed with even more ideas of lust filled pleasure, and abuse!.
When I saw she was starting to come round, I knew it was time for the gag, but not just any gag would do? For me it had to be even more sinfully perverted, and with her tightly bound and her upper thighs helplessly exposed. I had worked her dark blue skirt up even higher and had taken the sharp knife and carefully cut it loose, and laying it open and out to each side! Followed by her knickers first down one side, then rolling her bottom over slightly so I could cut the other, this had brought into view her triangle and most wonderful, and prized possession! I hesitated for a moment with my eyes wide at the sight, and my big cock harder than ever, twitching in my sweats with lustful perverted anticipation!
This was the moment I lived for the sight of a helpless woman like Louise tightly bound, and her most intimate tender treasure sinfully arched up, one that could give incredible pleasure, and that a woman in this situation would not willingly give! But this pleasure would be mine to take, and at first she would resist with all her might, only to freely give it in to me in the end! I savored this vision that was burned into my lust filled brain, as my perverted fiendish mate clicked away taking numerous digital pictures, of all that had happened!

Louise's tender pussy folds buried under dark reddish brown pubic hair easily showed the outline of her pink skinned labia lips and swollen clitoris through her wet white knickers! Apparently in Louise's terrified state, her body stimulated like a wild animal in heat, with no control of her own, had whetted itself in sexual anticipation of what it knew was coming,... forceful brutal rape!

Now with her undies cut loose, I tried to pull them free and for a moment they stuck in her wet slit, as I tugged harder they slowly slid through her sticky wetness and a pleasurable gasp escaped from her groggy lips as the fabric passed across her stimulated clitoris! Once they were free, I placed the wet sticky apex of the soft fabric up to my nose, and drank in the most erotic smell, that of Louise's sex charged ambiance one that had been trapped between her wet folds only moments ago! OMG! Was this ever intoxicating as my hard cock now more than ever ready, had easily flopped out of my sweats, no longer restrained!

Then carefully folding the wet fabric into a wad, I gently pushed it through her red lips and into her mouth. I certainly didn't want to choke her, and after satisfying myself that she could still breathe, and with her coming to, I tore off a large rectangular strip of black tape, and with devilish pleasure, tightly sealed it over Louise's mouth leaving her helplessly gagged using her own nasty wet undies that helped gag her!
Now, she was mine to take! I continued my sexual assault by cutting her bra free, fully enjoying myself as these beautiful breasts now unencumbered and jiggling were mine to grope and squeeze, as rough as I dared. I used my tongue on her nipples, then on the tender flesh of her neck and had lovingly kissed both of her flush cheeks. I felt my cock again bigger and painfully harder, that was more than ever in need of relief .
I could see that Louise was awake now, and her eyes bulged out in wide eyed shock and horror, as she first tried to move, then realize she was bound and gagged, and helplessly trapped by my huge hulk towering over her on the bed, and could do little to resist!.With her legs tied so far apart this had opened her labia lips slightly easily exposing her opening through her glistening well trimmed reddish brown pubic hair, just enough to entice a pervert like me into an unstoppable sexual rage! The desire to suck on her wet sweetness was over powering with her legs so.... helplessly wide open. The view was mouthwatering, and it was all I could do, to force myself and take the time? Now on my knees with her pubic mound helplessly arched up and so close, I took hold of her pubic hair and spread the wet pink skin of her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in, as deep as I possibly could, into her slit and lapped like a thirsty dog at Louise's most intimate sexual being! One cannot describe the wonderful feeling that occurs when a woman like her totally helpless responds to the pleasurable abuse of her genitals!

My fingers with a good hold on the soft flesh and pubic hair, have migrated up to the strands of reddish brown pubic hair around her clit! The thing was starting to swell, and the hooded skin that normally surrounds a clitoris was fully retracted leaving the dark pink fleshy blood filled orb sinfully exposed, and ready for sex! With a number of pubic hair strands between my thumbs and forefingers I pulled them easily exposing the sensitive flesh around her clit to my waiting tongue that was at the very base of her clitoral membrane as it traveled up!

As I touched it, I could feel her pulse on the tip of my tongue each time her heart would beat as I licked the steamy tasty morsel with erotic desire, to enjoy myself and pleasure this attractive woman was my intent at first! But I could not stand it as my mouth and lips surrounded it, I softly bit it at first and then harder and harder!... For her it was only moments until an incredible shuddering orgasm released as her pubic muscles tightened and convulsed several times I could hear her blissfully moaning under the sticky black tape! I continued to do this again and again more aggressively each time until I was biting her clit so hard I was afraid I might really hurt her in my perverted lust, only to be rewarded with several more orgasms that were of equal intense! It took several moments for both of us to recover as I pushed up on my knees!
With my cock now enormous and iron hard, it was all I could do gently put the big swollen dick head into Louise's wet tender opening. She jerked slightly still sensitive from my oral abuse at the touch of my hard male flesh! But I could only kept up the gentleness to a certain point, as uncontrolled lust and thoughts or brutal intercourse the likes of which I could not remember rushed through my perverted sex charged brain! These thoughts were of rough hurtful abuse, and I certainly possessed a sex organ that could not only pleasure a woman, but was also one that could horribly defile with brutal hurtful results! No longer in control and with animal lust I raised up as high as I could and with all my weight plunged my iron hard rod into her with all of my heavy bulky frame behind it!

I had watched as her eyes at first wide in fright, followed by terror, then wonder as the painful thrust of of my big cock head easily forced its way past her pelvic opening with little resistance, and descended with full penetration, and was felt deep with in Louise's succulent vaginal tunnel! Even gagged I could hear her helpless fateful bloodcurdling screams, ones that did not seem stop!
Once I was full inside her,I began thrusting like a mad man deeper into her softness. Louise's sweet tender body one that had never before endured such brutal intercourse, especially with such a large male organ was jerking more helplessly underneath me! I snarled and called her a prick tease one that should not have tempted a sexual deviant like me, and with evil pleasure, I kept up the wild penetrating thrusts into my helpless naked prize.
I fully enjoyed this harsh rape after watching and lusting after her for so long. The feeling of her soft fleshy folds and tight love tunnel around my home wrecking cock was incredible, as I continued to raped Louise constantly making sure each stroke was hard and fully up against her arched up dark haired pubic mound!
After I'd spent myself several times, I sagged on top of her, still chuckling into her ear like a sex crazed perverted mad man that I was, and still loving the softness of her big breasts that were trapped tightly between her and my hulking manly chest.

You see my dear I said,with my dick buried deep as I kept stroking her cheek, still pleased to see my pretty prisoner who's eyes were paralyzed with fear. I've wanted you for so long now, and was determined to have you, trying to explain the unexplainable. We're going to have so much fun tonight. Louise shook her head “No” frantically at me. I could see her beautiful eyes pleading at me to let her go, but of course I had no such intentions.
'I'm very pleased you wore your school uniform Louise, that was certainly an added bonus I did not expect? I had decided to tell her just what I was going to do with her, after all she should know as this would add to her fear, and her body would respond accordingly?

'You see,my dear,I'm not just a kidnapper and rapist of pretty girls like you. I also have some excellent contacts, of whom will be very interested in a woman like you? One so attractive shapely and desirable would bring a tidy sum so selling you to one of them, where they would then auction you off to highest bidder as a sex slave, this would bring a small fortune for a woman with your incredible body charm and substance!
Louise's eyes bulged out even more as I told her this,.. she began desperate helpless struggles again to free herself, but of course her efforts were totally wasted.
Struggle all you want my pretty it will do you little good, as I chuckled into her face, gripping her chin to look at me. I've bound and gagged numerous pretty girls before and not one has ever escaped, so your chances my dear of escape are, shall we say zero.!...
I felt my lust filled unsatisfied cock still hard, and I knew I was going to rape her again.
Ah, so big isn't ,my dear?' As I plunged back and forth in her tight wet juicy pussy and hammered her again as brutal and harsh as I could holding nothing back this time!
I had a good tight hold of her bruised nipples and were using them as pull toys to steady myself as I thrusted deep into her again and again! This was the forth time I had blown my lust filled load of pent up cum, and Louise now more than ever stimulated with her chest heaving in her own sexual pleasure as I pulled back, she was actually trying to push her pussy up to help meet and receive my forceful thrusts!
My big black mate now with his cock out harder than ever was loping it to the ready! His cock was a bit bigger than mine and as a young man had the nick name of donkey dick, and after seeing the thing I could see why they called him this! He wanted some of Louise's tender pussy, so I, now spent for the moment and Louise starting to respond, had pulled out and slowly rolled off the bed making way for him!

In only seconds he was on her and his big black dick was pounding her sweet pink dark haired cunt hole with wild abandon doing exactly what I had done only moments ago! It was so erotically perverse to see big hard black meat slam into her white pussy time and again the site of this had quickly made my dick hard again. To hear the sound of wet white flesh and hard black meat come together was so vulgar sounding and in the excitement of it all this big black bastard “Dam Him” seemed to last much longer than I? But to my surprise Louise had experienced several more helpless shuddering orgasms, apparently I had started her down this perverted road and my big dicked black mate had finished her off at least for the time being?
Now with us both spent I had several more perverted sexual indignity's that I wanted try on Louise? Ones of sadistic hurtful sex toys, I had asked other perverts in the past what they might use or do to a naked helpless woman like Louise, and the toys I had brought were some they suggested using on a naked bound helpless female like her!

With her laying there helplessly gagged, tied and moaning in sexual orgasmic blissful relief ! With my mates help, we first untied her ankles and had attached them to leather slings hooked to an overhead cross bar, this had been done with her polished heels and knee high socks still in place! This cross bar still held them wide and apart. The bar had large eye bolts that was hooked to an overhead electric hoist! I had pushed the up button and it had lifted her wide open legs up off the bed slightly at first, and as I kept the hoist running my mate had cut the cord around Louise's breasts with the sharp knife! This had left only her wrist tied out to the top corners of four poster and when I finally let off the up button, Louise was hanging helplessly upside down by only her ankles, and still with her thighs wide and her pubes totally exposed at my eye level!

Again with my black mates help, we cut her wrists free, and he pushed the four poster bed out of the way as I retied her hands up tightly behind her naked back! I had crouched down on my knees with two of the harsh metal clamps and had placed them on Louise's nipples! She yelped as I whispered in her ear, saying if she would be a good girl I might reconsider and let her go! This of course was a blatant lie, but many times in the past young women I had raped before had become more accommodating from my offer!.... Then had pulled the black tape free of her red lips!
She had barely recovered from her forceful orgasms, as I pulled her wet white undies from her mouth, she trying to free herself of the sickening taste, had spit it out, this gave her enough relief to start screaming for help again, calling me and my mate perverted bastards which of course was true! I had anticipated this and had the electric cattle prod laying it close by, but not being familiar with it had not noticed the control was set at full max when I placed the horseshoe shaped tips between her wet thighs and pulled the trigger! I first heard a terrified bloodcurdling scream as the blue arcing current zapped her moist genitals followed by several more dreadful screams!

The results were incredible! She shook like helpless naked upside down puppet controlled by a mad puppeteer as her pubic muscles ass cheeks along with these big full breasts of hers now hanging upside down first tightened then jerked twitched, and reacted wildly as she thrashed around helplessly bound from the electric shocking experience! The body of a naked woman bound and hung upside down had left many parts of her female anatomy grotesquely shaped and hanging making her even more vulgarly appealing, especially to a sexual pervert like me! Louise with her chest heaving, and still swinging around wildly was finally able to gasp in enough air, as I zapped her again with another shocking jolt! Another scream escaped from her lips, followed by several more nasty expletives poring out as to our parent less lack of moral character !

Once she calmed down I said to her with a cruel smile, now be nice to us, and I might change my mind and let you go. Quite evidently I was lying, but wasn't feeling sorry for her in the least. I had gotten other women I had kidnapped to accommodate me by this ruse and had hoped Louise might fall for the same offer? She shook her head no, vigorously saying never!... Do I ever love it when after being well used, a woman like this still has the audacity and nerve when helplessly naked to resist like this, at least vocally!

With her last defiant gesture, I had with an evil grin taken the cattle prod and had switched the “U” shaped end for the shorter single tipped one, then had adjusted the intensity of blue arc voltage output to a much lower setting! With Louise still defiant and gently swinging back and forth upside down, with her black polished heels far apart and pointing up! I had one last sadistic trick in order to get her to submit! It takes a woman with a fair sized clitoris to make it work and Louise certainly had one now as my trick only required a short loop of Kevlar fishing twine!
My expertise with with ropes and knots allowed me to do this sinister sadistic thing as I placed the open loop around the base of her dark pink swollen clitoris and pulled the special slip knot snug! Her reaction was a quick startled yelp! Followed by the words, OMG! No!....Please No, not my clit?.......I asked her sweetly once more, Louise are you now ready and willingly do what ever I ask? Still defiant and a bit more unsure as a whisper, one I could hardly hear said no? I prompted her again mocking her comment, No!.....did you say no my dear? As I tightened the noose around her swollen clit slightly more the results was, now a more conciliatory, and less defiant, plea...of, please no!
My mate had taken the roll of black tape and had attached the large Hitachi vibrator to the equally large dildo on a stick, and had taped it tightly to the thing at about 10 “ of penetration, then poked her red lips with it, telling her to suck and wet the bulbous rubber head! The smell of the big dildo was sickening apparently it had been used on another hapless female not that long ago?

After having the wet pussy fabric gag, and the more nauseating smell of the dildo that was revolting she tried turning her head this way and that. But he was finally successful and able to grab a fist full of her dark hair by holding her head, just enough to force the nasty thing past her red lips and into her mouth!
My mate said with mock concern good sweetie very good! Louise was able to finally spit the thing out, after which he lifted it up to her cum filled over stimulated open cunt hole and worked the firm dildo cock head carefully around sickening it in her gooey vaginal opening! Then with perverted glee raised up on his toes and plunged it down fully all the way! This had placed the round Hitachi vibrating head firmly against her swollen clitoris! It had also forced the still warm sticky cum up, and out, that was now running down across her belly and onto her tits!
He had turned the thing on to its highest aggressive setting! The stimulating sensation along with penetration was one that few women have ever experienced! Louise, now unsure and torn between incredible pleasure along with unrelenting abuse quite loudly cried out! Please stop, oh please stop, followed by the exact opposite words, to not stop, as her instantly over stimulated sex organ’s and the sensations now mixed could not discern between pleasure and abuse! But the best or worst depending if one was the victim, or the sadistic abuser was yet to come?
With her ass cheeks tightening and jiggling and her tits hanging down I had leaned down and snapped the sadistic metal nipple clamps on her pink nipples along with two large and very heavy lead fishing weights, then letting them go with their full weight, that had instantly stretched her unblemished pink nipples to twice their original length! Tightening the twine a bit more, I took the electric cattle prod and placed it against her swollen dark pink clitoris pulling the trigger several times! The results were predictable as screams of pleasure and abuse echoed around the confines of the concrete basement it only took several more genital shocking trigger pulls with the vibrating dildo helping, to have Louise begging us to stop, now said she would do anything, words I was waiting to hear. This and the earlier results of her sadistic abuse had my big cock rock hard again as I raised the hoist slightly to the perfect height and guided her pert red lips around my big cock head as lots more cum ran down her sinfully weight leaded breasts and was dripping on the floor into a puddle! I started face fucking her as rough and as harsh as I dared as she now willingly did her best to suck my dick inside out and easily receive the fruits of her labor!
Everyone has heard about numerous conspiracy theory’s. Those about a group of wealthy powerful men, ones that control the fate and fortunes of countries and their governments,... and who knows if indeed they are true? But for me I can assure you that there is a group of mostly men, but also several women that traffic in the sex trade! Yes they are rich and powerful and many are captains of industry, and in control of big successful businesses, not your visible CEO’s mind you, but certainly ones behind the scene that are definitely in control.

These people have associates around the world with questionable ethical morals, and employ a number of what they call watchers, and opportunists men like me that look for mostly attractive young women,... loaners. Women that have little or no family and few close friends. Then keep watch, and at the right moment and time either snatch them or make a call to those working for this unscrupulous group, and another woman, and in this case it is a woman named Louise who will disappear without a trace?
With Louise naked bound blindfolded, and drugged once again, I readied her for her new life! For now though, she was a great fuck, and a wonderful cocksucker I knew she'd fetch an excellent price once I had made the arrangements to ship her out for sale as a pretty bondage sex slave, to be sold at auction in Dubai! One of several places around the world where free money and slave auctions still exist, and are alive and well. All the other girl's I'd seized and after they were raped and sexually brutalized! I had sold them all to this group, and in doing so this had made me a very wealthy man. A van would arrive soon in Newcastle Upon Tyne business district. to pick up this well used precious cargo. It would be a short trip to Duram Tees Valley airport, where I would watch a G-4 business jet painted in the counterfeit yellow colors of DHL land?

The aircraft is owned by one of the richest men in the middle east, it arrive, with its landing lights on, touched down here in the middle of the night reversed thrust turn off, and stopped close to where I'm standing! As I stood behind her, I kept squeezing Louise's naked breasts fully enjoying myself at her helpless expense, still bound and groggy from the drug and with the sinister thin twine tightly knotted around her most precious swollen clit! This well used female was exchanged for a large packet of money, then grabbed by a crew of faceless accomplices loaded aboard, and whisked away into the night to her waiting fate of a submissive helpless sex slave! Her new captors would be pleasantly surprised when her tightly secured clit was cut free as it would produce an incredible helpless shuddering orgasm, the likes of which few have ever seen as they would watch in wonder?

Who would own her? Would it be a rich sheik from Dubai, a black African war lord, a well to do Indian business man or a Texas oil Barron? In any event they would be getting a real prize and she would be sought after perhaps bought and sold several times for pleasure and abuse, and would end up well used again and again! She had been my pretty prize, and would now be sold to another! It was kind of sad in a way to see her go, I had actually thought about keeping her as I really loved her, but then this would have never worked out? As their were others before her and would be more, many more after she was gone, and of course I have, and will love them all, besides I have a wonderful video and incredibly detailed digital pictures of the entire event that will bring lasting pleasurable memories to me!
Name withheld by request!

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