I wanted to be raped, not for real of course but by my boyfriend...I wanted rough, dirty, against my will sex so hot that the neighbors needs a cigarette after we were finished. I had been casually dropping hints to my boyfriend Steve but he just wasn't grasping how badly I wanted this fantasy to happen so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

We made plans to go out with some friends for drinks, I made sure I fed Steve a steady flow of alcohol during the evening...I wanted him drunk, but not past the point of no return...I did need his cock to preform later. Steve can be a playful and horny drunk and that's what I was counting on...

It was a little after midnight when we headed home, I drove because my man was drunk...just how I wanted him! As we walked into the house Steve made a crack about getting naked and I said I was all set, he's not a big fan of that saying and I used that to my advantage. Steve said that wasn't a question, so take your clothes off and go get on the bed. I said I don't want to take my clothes off and you can't make me, well this set things into motion as Steve said fine, challenge excepted!! Steve grabbed me by my arms and proceeded to drag me down the hallway and into the bedroom where he threw me onto the bed. I tried to sit up but he shoved me back down roughly and said I told you to take your clothes off bitch, if you won't do it then I'll do it for you. I was almost scared by the mean tone in his voice but it had the opposite effect on my pussy which was getting wetter by the minute. Steve yanked my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor before unbuttoning my jeans and yanking them off along with my panties. I tried to cover myself up but he pinned my hands above my head with his free hand as he undid his pants and reached for his already rock hard cock.

Steve said you want to play games do ya? Well here's a game you'll like, I'm going to fuck you as many times and as many ways as I feel like it, I had my buddy hook me up with a little blue pill and it's just kicking in so you're in for a night to remember!

Steve had some zip ties from work laying on the dresser but I never saw him pick one up, before I knew what was happening my wrist were zip tied together above my head. I started to freak out a bit but soon calmed myself down because I knew Steve would never hurt me...or so I thought.

Steve yanked my bra up and my tits spilled out, he wasted no time pinching my nipples til they were hard before he lowered his mouth to one and began to suck, and he sucked hard as he scraped his teeth against my nipple and I let out a scream. He said quiet bitch or I'll shove something into your mouth to shut you up. This went on for a few minutes til he slowly moved down my belly to my freshly shaved pussy. Steve traced my pussy lips with his finger before dipping just the tip inside my hot, wet hole and bringing his finger up to my mouth, he shoved it in so I could greedily suck my pussy juice off of it. This seemed to please Steve and he rubbed two fingers against my gash, lubricating them before thrusting them inside, I have always loved getting finger banged by's when I cum the hardest. I laid back and enjoyed the fingering he was giving me and by now he had four fingers in and was trying to cram the fifth. I was louder then normal, begging him to fuck me faster, to make me cum...but Steve said you'll cum when I say you can cum and only then or I'll punish you. This excited me and pissed me off at the same time, I wanted to cum now damn it...I didn't want to wait.

Steve pulled his fingers out of my pussy and shoved them in my face for me to them clean off and I was more than happy to oblige. Steve reached out and flipped me over onto my belly and I thought I was about to get what I'd been waiting for, for him to slide his cock head into my nice tight pussy but instead I felt his warm wet tongue slide against my asshole. I tried to move away from his tongue and this only made Steve angry, he said I'm going to fuck you twice as hard for pulling away bitch. Steve eased a finger into my asshole and then a second, sliding them in and out trying to stretch my ass out for the beating it was about to receive. I felt the cold lube splash across my asshole and was thankful he remembered to use it, at least that would make it somewhat bearable. Steve wasted no time climbing up on the bed and rubbing the head of his cock against my tight asshole, his cock was much harder than normal because of all the increased blood flow from the pill and I was worried because he was much larger than the first time he fucked my ass. I readied myself for the pain and expected him to ease it in but Steve slammed his cock halfway in on the first thrust and I felt my tears run down my face as I screamed out in pain. I begged Steve to go easy on me but he just slapped my ass and said shut up whore, don't pretend you don't like it rough...this is what you wanted, you wanted to be raped and you're getting it and then some. My asshole was throbbing and on fire but Steve kept pounding away at it, there was almost a point where the pain turned into pleasure...almost! After about 20 mins Steve eased up on the beating he was giving my ass and decided he wanted to try something else. He walked around the bed and got my rubber cock out of the drawer and brought it to me. He said you want a dp, I'll give you a dp bitch! He flipped me onto my back and smiled down at me and said I'm going to enjoy this a lot! Steve slammed the rubber cock all the way into my pussy in one stroke bottoming out against my cervix and almost shoving through, he held it there as he slid his cock back into my swollen asshole. Steve began to pound my pussy with my dildo at the same pace he was pounding my ass with his own cock. I knew he could feel the two cocks touching inside me every time they were buried balls deep because I could feel it as well and I actually started to enjoy it. I started to yell for Steve to fuck me harder, that I was getting so close and begging for him to let me cum, my pussy juice was dripping down into my asshole helping it stay lubed for his cock to slide in and out easier. I could tell Steve was fighting back his orgasm but I didn't care if I was punished or not, I wanted to cum and I was doing it no matter what. After a few more thrust I felt a hot gush explode from my pussy as I started cumming, I've never cum so hard before and I said oh fuck baby I'm cumming, you're making me cum so hard with you big fat cock in my ass, I want you to fill my ass with your hot cum...please cum for me Steve! Steve was reluctant at first but after a few more deep thrust I felt him empty his load deep into my bowels, he never stopped thrusting tho...just slowed down slightly and then slid out and walked into the bathroom and turned on the sink. I was so busy trying to catch my breath that I didn't notice he was washing his cock off. Steve returned to the bedroom with his still hard cock in his hand and said you didn't think I was finished with you did ya? I still have two more holes to fill up with my cum.

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