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Deanna stood in front of the bathroom mirror appraising the shape of her breasts. At 5’7” her body had grown up to be long and lean. Her skin was smooth and even and her dark brown hair hung straight to the middle of her back. Dee thought her boobs looked sexy and she was sure that they were getting bigger by the week . . . her friend Natalie had said so. She held them up for inspection with both hands and felt a bit of a tingle as she squeezed them.

Her 15th birthday was a few days away and she had promised herself that she would have a “sexual” experience by the time her birthday ended. She wasn’t looking to lose her virginity, per se. Several girls she knew of at school already had, with mixed results. Deanna did, however, want to feel the thrill of sex, in some way, with some one.

Her good friend Robby was always a thought in the back of her mind but he never actually gave her prurient thoughts; when she thought of Robby she mostly thought of Math homework and school council, but he was the boy she felt closest to. Natalie was a close confidant, and she swore that she wanted to have sex with Tim Peterson; a 6’4” senior on the basketball team. Natalie and Dee were cheerleaders for the basketball squad, so they got to spend a lot of time looking at those boys, and being looked at by them.

She ran her hand down her stomach and combed her fingers through her pubic hair. Stepping back so that she could see herself more fully in the mirror, she continued to massage her tit with her left hand as she dipped her middle finger into her virginal slit. She’d once watched a video of a girl masturbating on someone’s phone at school, but her mom had told her that “good girls don’t do that” when they had had “the talk” a few years back. Deana was a good girl but right now she wanted to touch herself while looking at the naked form in the mirror, her nipples sticking out hard as she rubbed and pinched them. She slid her finger into her lips and gave it a little side to side movement, feeling a jolt of pleasure from her clitoris and noting an excretion of fluid from inside her. Stroking herself slowly up and down she felt her finger get slick with her juices and bent the last knuckle to gently enter her hole. A new excitement flowed through her at this “dirty” act of penetrating her privates with her finger; she always used pads during her periods so even tampons had not been inside her. She repositioned her hand so that she could push in to the second knuckle, and then right up to her palm. She could feel the muscles of her pussy reacting to the penetration and it was a thrill to clamp on to her own finger. Easing back out, Dee added her index finger and slid back in, the tightness of her young twat making her feel very naughty to be pushing two fingers inside her. She sat down on the edge of the tub so she could spread her legs wider and kept her fingers inside her pussy. She licked her other fingers so that she could moisten her nipples and rub them with renewed vigor.

*** *** ***

Spencer just had to pee before heading downstairs for breakfast and was shocked by the sight of his older sister sitting naked on the side of the tub. Dee jumped and covered herself quickly with her arms best as possible, but not with complete effectiveness. “Shit Spencer! Don’t you knock?”

“Oh, jeez, sorry sis!” her 12-year old brother sputtered in apology, but did not tear his eyes away from the beautiful nude form in front of him. “What were you doing?”

“None of your business, now get out of here!”

“I haven’t seen you naked since we were little, Dee . . . you sure do look a lot different. You look really pretty. ”

Deana couldn’t believe this conversation was still going on but her brother didn’t make any movement to leave, and she couldn’t push him out without fully exposing herself. “Are you gonna get out of here or do I have to scream for mom?”

“Just let me see your boobs good once, and I’ll go. I’ll be able to jerk off to them for a week, at least!”

“Oh my god, you little perv!”

“Come on, I’ll show you mine” he encouraged as he unbuckled his jeans and eased the door closed behind him. It was pretty obvious to Dee that he had a boner as she could see the front of his white underwear pushing outward as the zipper went down on his jeans. She realized that after the initial shock of being walked in on, she was still in a state of excitement, and having her brother look at her was actually adding to that.

“So I show you my boobs and you’ll go, right?”

“Um-hmm” Spencer assured as he nodded his head, his eyes trying to bore through his sister’s arms to see her lady parts. He pushed down his jeans several inches and he felt his erection straining against his underwear. “Do you wanna see mine?”

“Ok, you go first” Dee was trying to gain a little control over the situation.

Spencer hooked both thumbs into the waistband of his tightie-whities and stretched them to reach over the head of his dick, which he was pretty sure had never been this hard before. There was a little clear fluid at the tip, which sometimes happened when he jerked himself off; in other words, pretty much daily.

His boner fell free but did not even go down close to horizontal, it was twitching at full staff in his excitement, pointing upward at about 30 degrees, straight at his naked sister.

Deana couldn’t help but stare at her brother’s cock. She’d never seen an erect one in person, or even a limp one, for that matter. Spencer’s dick was about an inch in diameter, she estimated, and looked to be about 5 inches long from the base of his tight ball-sac to the tip of the reddish torpedo head.

“Is that pee?” she inquired, noting the fluid on the tip.

“Nope” Spencer wiped the tip with two fingers and rubbed it with his thumb “it’s kinda like cum, but it isn’t. I think it’s to help a guy “put it in” when he’s gonna have sex.”

This was new info to Deana, she must have been giggling during that part in health class.

“Come on, let’s see ‘em sis, you’ve gotten a good look at mine.”

She certainly had, and she still was as she removed her left arm which had been covering her tits, leaving her right hand covering her muffin.

“Wow” Spencer marveled . . . “your tits look great, Dee. If I was a girl I swear I’d play with myself all day long.” He had immediately gripped his cock and was now slowly stroking it up and down, staring at Deana’s gorgeous rack and outrageously hard, protruding nipples.

Dee would have thought she’d be disgusted to watch her brother beating his meat, but she actually found it very erotic, especially because he was beating it while looking at HER. She decided to encourage his activity so she resumed with rubbing her breasts with her left hand and pinched each of her nipples in turn. Spencer moaned quietly as she did this and pushed his jeans and underwear down past his knees so he could open his legs a bit and increased the intensity of his jerking.

“Oh, god, that’s good” he encouraged Deanna as he masturbated unabashedly in front of his sister. “Oh, yeah, pinch ‘em Dee!”

Deana removed her right hand from her crotch so that she could pull on both her nipples simultaneously, 3 feet from her brother’s face. Spencer glanced down, seeing a female bush in person for the first time in his young life. “Oh god, fuck me” he grunted, but tried to keep his voice low as the first spray of cum left his dick. He came in three more spurts, landing on the tile floor near Deana’s feet.

“Ooooh, gross!” Dee took a few steps back.

“It’s just cum sis, that’s what happens, ya know?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know it would shoot out like that.”

“Well, I didn’t know you were gonna show me your pussy either, sis” Spencer laughed. “That made me cum right away. You’re pretty hot, ya know?”

Deanna blushed as she pulled some tissues from the box on the vanity and handed them to Spencer to clean up his spooj. “You think so?” she asked innocently.

“Yeah, Dee, you are. Really, thanks for letting me see you naked. I’ll be able to jerk off to the memory of this for a FEW weeks, at least!”

“You need to think about naked girls to jerk off?” Deanna was curious, as she sat back down on the edge of the tub, still completely naked and not doing anything about covering herself up. Spencer had orgasmed but she hadn’t, and she continued to feel the thrill of be exposed like this to her little brother.

“Of course, what else would I be thinking of? I do have a couple pictures of naked girls on my I-Pad that Nate sent me that I look at too. I have them in a file under school stuff so the mom won’t find ‘em. I don’t dare surf the internet for porn, cuz mom would whoop my ass if she found out.”

“How often do you, uh, ya know . . . do it?” Deanna was curious.

“Every day at least once, but usually twice, and a few times 3 if I’m really horny. How ‘bout you?” He inquired as he zipped his jeans back up, having finished cleaning up his semen from the bathroom floor.

“This was my first time” Deanna admitted shyly.

“Seriously?” Spencer was incredulous. “Wow, then lucky me for my timing, I guess.”

“Mom told me that good girls don’t do that to themselves” Deanna said sadly, feeling a bit of guilt returning.

“Yeah, she told me the same thing when she gave me the talk last year, but I know that practically ALL the guys do it, and they even said it’s natural when we had that little sex-ed thing at school. I think mom is a bit stuck in her Church teachings and needs to join the rest of us in the 21st Century.”

“So you think a lot of girls do it too?” Deanna asked hopefully.

“I would guess so. It felt good what you were doing, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it kinda did.”

“I’ll make you a deal, sis. We’ll keep this between us OK? I know I’d go nuts is I didn’t jerk off at least once a day, and I think you should at least know what you’re missing. Have you ever had an orgasm?”


“Well you at least need to have that happen so that you know what it’s about.”

“How will I know when I’ve had one?”

“Believe me, you’ll know! Nothing will shoot out of you but if a girl’s climax feels anything like mine when I cum, you’ll feel great, and relieved when it’s done.”

“I feel so stupid, Spence. I’m almost 3 years older than you and I feel like I know less about sex than you do.”

“It’s OK sis, guys are just hornier than girls naturally, so we start grabbing our dicks when we’re like 2 years old and don’t stop ‘til we’re dead!” he laughed. “I didn’t actually start cumming until like 6 months ago. Before that I would just reach what I think still counted as an orgasm, but nothing came out. Now when I reach orgasm, I shoot out a load like you saw.”

This was also new info to Deanna, but as she thought about it, it did make sense. Of course REALLY young boys couldn’t make babies; they had to reach puberty first.

“Thanks again, Dee, I’ll get breakfast ready. You want waffles?”

“Sure Spence, I’ll be right down” Deanna answered as her brother left the bathroom. She sat there staring at the spot on the floor where her brother’s cum had landed, then got up and dressed herself for school.

*** *** ***

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