i found this story elsewhere but loved it and had to repost it hope you injoy it thanks for reading
It's in a story format, the names changed and several events put together to make it shorter to read, but this is real. Hope you like it.

It had been three days since my wife and I had started our two weeks of lounging around naked. Each year when our young son went to camp for two weeks, our house became a nudist colony for the two of us. Even though I had to work most of the first week, each night I came home I would be welcomed with my blonde wife naked going about her normal routine. Her naked small breasts and shaven pussy seemed so child like all the while being so naughty. Once getting in the door I would join her by stripping down and would remain that way until one of use had to leave the house for some reason.

With two more days of work before the weekend and my week off started, I painfully put clothes on each morning and returned to work, all the while Cindy went about her day completed naked. She would send naked pictures of herself to me at work, getting me incredibly horny through the day. To say the sex was good was an understatement. Cindy had always been a great fuck, but the exhilaration of being naked all the time made her pussy all that more ready for a good fucking by the time I got home. It seemed as if she was wet all the time.

Thursday I received a text from her letting me know our daughter was coming over and was going to stay a couple days. I cringed to myself as I knew our nudist time would be cut short. Stephanie was a mirror image of her mother. The two girls were often confused as being sisters they looked so much alike. Alike, except for one thing. Whereas Cindy had small perfectly shaped breasts, Stephanie had a beautiful set of big breasts that caught more than her share of attention from every man, including her father.

When I arrived home I was surprised to see my wife still naked as she started dinner. “Aren’t you going to get dressed? Steph will be here any minute” I said. She turned to me and said “No, I’ve told Steph this many times that this week was our special time together. She knows it and for whatever reason wants to come over anyway. Now get undressed” She turned back to cooking. I stood there for a minute and thought it through. Cindy and I had always been forward with our children about sex and our bodies, so why change now.

My mind flashed back to only a few years ago, before Steph got her apartment. One early night, Cindy and I had crawled in bed while the kids watched TV. Too early for sleeping, I started to massage and caress her naked body under the sheets. I played with her soft little breasts and bare pussy. She quietly moaned as my hands roamed her body, all the while listening to the noise from the TV through the partially open bedroom door. My mouth found her nipples and she welcomed the sensation by pulling my head to her. My cock hardened against her leg as my fingers opened up her petals. She couldn’t take much more and moved to her side, allowing me to spoon her soft full ass. My engorged cock slid along her lips before easily sliding into her body. I pulled the sheets down just to above her hips. This way I could see her soft little breasts her motherly curves. I began to fuck her hard losing all track of our surrounding. That is until I heard my daughter at the door. “Mom…Dad, what are you guys doing?” Even through the shock of hearing her voice, I managed a smile at the question. “You know what we are doing, your dad is fucking me with his big shaft.” My wife answered her.

The excitement of the moment combined with the matter of fact style Cindy answered her, made me even hornier. Not only did I keep fucking my wife, I slowly pulled sheets down further and drove my cock deeper into my wife. Cindy gasped at that extra pain, tilted her head back towards me and kissed me passionately. I cupped her small breasts and plunged deep into her body yet again. Still standing there, Steph took it all in. Cindy moaned as she pulled her mouth from mine. “Oh yes, harder, harder” she purred. With that I pulled the sheets completely from our bodies, gripped Cindy’s hips and fucked her harder still. I looked up to my daughter, who looked back at me and smiled softly.

I watched as Stephanie moved a step forward, her eyes scanning the scene in front of her. My eyes couldn’t leave her face, the face that she seemed to share with her mother. I groaned as I continued slamming my shaft deep into her mother. “Oh baby, you are so fucking sexy.” As the words left my mouth I knew it was meant not only for her mother but for my daughter. “I want to cum in you baby. Oh fuck I want to cum in your pussy baby” I said loudly as I looked directly at Stephanie. Her eyes looked deep into mine, never looking away as I finally said “I’m cumming! I’m cumming in you baby!”As my last ounce of seed spilled into her body, Stephanie broke her gaze and silently left.

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