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Story is like no Christy for now. Mom and Aunt only.

As you know Aunt Linda left promising me a juicy Christy for next week but 7 days were too long. I tried to resist my self but it was too difficult. Everyday Mom gave me 2-3 blowjobs at night but it proved to be insuffcient. I was a wild animal and wild games is what I like. My desires were high I wanted to do something abnoxious once again. I called up Aunt Linda and asked her to come tomorrow which she agreed. I had dirty things already in my mind and sex was not in desire as in dirty things were.

Linda came early morning. “Good Morning slut” I wished her. She was quiet. She did not respond. She probably knew what was going to happen.
“Mom, stay out of it for now. Let me be with Linda for now. But I will call you. Be ready.” I said to Mom to stop her interference.
“Linda , go there” I said pointing towards my room. Linda knew she had no power now. Mom was quiet already. Linda proceeded towards my room and soon we both were shut in my room and I was free to do whatever I want.
I wanted a warm shower and I asked Linda for it. Soon she was all over me and pissed. This was warm and I enjoyed it.

I loved asses and was in demand again. I lied down and Linda was over me with her ass on my face. I enjoyed as she moved over me and my face was ass smashed. I loved this part. I forced Linda to doggie position and my penis was soon hard seeing the asshole of hers. I put on of my finger in her hole and started to massage. I had to work long on her hole to make it soft enough. I put in my dick when it was wide enough and I started to enjoy. She was making sounds but I ignored it. I knew she was capable of everything. I cummed in ass hole. It was clean as she cleaned before coming over. She was quiet afterwards. I again did in her ass as soon I got little warm and it was too long this time. Her hole went too soft this time and it was easy now. I was content with the sex I had. I wanted a little fun now.
“Mom , I shouted , come up and fight “ I called my Mom up. I had a filthy plan in my mind.
Soon she came up and saw Linda naked as well. She did not say anything. She was standing.
“Well you 2 have a competition tonight” I said.
“Its a naked pillow fight but with very different rules” I started to explain.
“You can hit on 3 parts , that is boobs , pussy and ass.” I said.
“When your opponent falls down , you have to cum her as well with your finger only. No other equipment. You have to drink her cum.” I went ahead.
“After cumming her 3 times. You have to pin her down. To pin her down , first sit bare ass on her face while massaging her asshole with your hands only. You win when the opponent can't bear the pain of hand massage.”
“You also need to have Viagra as well so that you are high” I said passing them a packet. They both took 1 does each immediately.
“The winner gets a relief of 1 month from me and my enjoyment. The loser has to bear a lot. She will have to get a shower with her mouth open from the opponent. Secondly she will have to lick my ass and massage it too with her finger without giving me slightest pain. Thirdly , the loser goes to SECZY Palace tonight “ I declared rules. Both had red faces and were little stunned. But I was not in a mood to bail out any one.
“Do not break rules else you would have to pay penalties. I mean it and they are really dirty” I said to make them disciplined. I had set the challenge really hard so that I have left them something to compete and they don't end up teaming up together and fail my plan. I tossed them an oil bottle so that they oil themselves up. “Also apply oil to your ass in case to make it smooth” I said. It was fun to see ladies oil their hole up. It was kind of funny now.
“Get ready. Take your pillows and start on my whistle” I said. They took their places on bed and got ready with their pillow firmly. They had to compete to save the humiliation. And I whistled to start the game and took my place on chair.

Aunt Linda started aggresively against Mom. She started to hit her back to back with pillow on her boobs. Mom was defending herself somehow. Aunt Linda hit her hard once that mom almost lost her balance and slipped. Mom retaliated at her by hitting on Linda's pussy with pillow corner. Linda felt the force at once. It was Mom's chance now and she was on top hitting Linda on her pussy and ass.
Overall it was fun watching them as no one really got hurt. Suddenly I noticed that Linda is trying to pull Mom's hair and it was out of rule. Whistle and they stopped.
“Linda , why are you pulling her hair ?” I asked in a referee's tone. Linda was quiet. “Penalty” I declared.
“Finger up in opponent's hole and then in your mouth. Quick. Do not do it again else you suffer harder.” I smiled.
Linda had to push her finger in Mom's asshole and then in her own mouth as punishment. The fight started soon after. Linda looked dangerous now , specially after the punishment. Soon Mom fell down and Linda was on top of her. Linda started to cum Mom with her finger while sitting on top. She started to vibrate her fingers in mom's pussy and move it aggresively. She also rubbed mom's clitoris and boobs in case to release her orgasms. Since they took viagra , cumming down was a little easy. Linda effectively licked the first cum from Mom. But it seemed that Mom was just taking rest and waiting for Linda to to get tired.

Mom hit Linda again after first orgasm with pillow nearby on Linda's ass. It was a mighty blow and Linda alsmot fell over. Linda hit Mom back hard with pillow on her boobs. Mom moaned a little. I am still confused whether it was due to pain or pleasure. But it was fun. Usual fight started again with either side dominating.
Soon Mom blew an ultimate move. First she made Linda fall down with hard blows on her ass. Then Mom sat beside Linda and started to cum her with her 1 hand while beating Linda on her boobs with pillow using other hand. It was effective as it was hurting and seducing Linda at the same time. Linda cummed first time very soon and Mom licked all of it. Mom started to finger her for another time. This time it took too long after first orgasm but some how Mom did it for second time too. For third time , she had to lick Linda's boobs and massage her clitoris before starting to finger. This helped in squirting out Linda for third time as well.
“Cumming and licking is over. Pin her down and win the battle Mom” I cheered this time.
Mom turned Linda to make her lay on her belly. Mom sat on Linda and started to ram her ass. From the first moment , mom started to finger her ass. She put in 4 fingers at once. Linda started to shout.
“Do you want to quit Linda?” I asked seeing the pain. Linda waved a no. She was trying hard to fight out the battle. But nothing seemed to go her way. She tried topple out Mom but was not successful. Mom was working in full force. Her hand was inside Linda's ass. Linda was a pornstart material and was bearing pain. Seeing Linda comfortable, mom played a trick. She made a fist and put in Linda's ass. Then she started to open her fist and expand palm. This was too much for Linda and she gave up. I blew the whistle. The whole fight was awesome. The sister forgot the relations and fought well.
“Well it seems Linda has given up and Mom you are the winner.” I declared.
Well Mom , you are ready to shower upon her.
“Open your mouth Linda” I said. Linda opened her mouth and Mom peed on her. Linda was disgusted and she went to washup.
“Mom, out from here now and you are free for a month” I said. Mom calmly went out sighing relief.
I layed down on the bes waiting for Linda to come over. Soon Linda returned from washroom after cleaning herself.
“Linda , well start on me. I want good massage” I said Linda pointing my finger to my ass.
Linda came slowly and started to undress me. She opened my pant zip and unbuttoned me. Then she started to blow me once. She held my dick between her boobs and started to blow me. I was already high and blew out myself on her face. She drank it all. Then she turned me over. She first started to massage me calmly near my asshole. Very calm like baby. I was enjoying it. She applied little oil and started to do my hips first. Soon she moved in to the curve and started to rub my asshole. I was thrilled. She took some oil on her finger and put it in my hole, It itched a little but soon it was all heaven from there on. She kept on moving her finger in and out for an hour and I felt awesome..
“Thanks Linda, its enough. You did good work. Just blow me once again” I asked to finish her job. She was too kind and blew me again. It was fun and sexy.

Well It was enough for the day I thought. I asked Linda to rest at my room and I would plan out the Bar thing for night. We all dressed up and got ready for supper.

Next Part containd Aunt Linda's visit to SECZY BAR Palace where she meets her someone as well.
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