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18 year old Amy meets, is seduced by and loses her virginity to the Asian Temptress and her life thereafter
Mistress Lin – Full Story 1-5

Part 1

Mistress Lin has instructed that I write to describe how we met and our subsequent voyage of discovery, a voyage that has resulted in my total fulfilment and my true understanding of my place within the society Lin introduced me to.

Me, well I’m Amy, or rather Slut Amy; the name Lin attributed to me, and I must confess that since my association with Lin it rather suits me. I am just 18 years of age, female, white, 5’9 in height, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes; my legs are a bit longer than I like and my 34DD titties are out of proportion to my size 10 body. I am in my first year at university; no, I will not be telling you which one, where I am training to be a teacher. I come from a middle class family, both my parents are teachers, well my mom (as she likes to be called) is a head and my dad is a modern languages professor. I have a kid sister; Cheryl aged 9 who I absolutely adore.

It was early September and my first week away from home that I met Lin; a meeting that had a profound effect on my life and has changed me forever. I was at an all time low; living in a room in a shared house with people I hardly knew and didn’t particularly like, I was home sick and desperately missing Cheryl and facing the prospect of my first weekend alone. I was almost in tears when I phoned mom to receive totally useless advice such as “Get dressed up, go to town you are bound to meet someone to talk to”. Gee thanks for nothing mom.

After an our wallowing in self pity I decided I had to do something, even if it was only getting drunk, I recalled a local wine bar that looked reasonable and resolved that I was going to enjoy myself whatever happened, a decision I have come to question on many occasions. So what to wear? Jeans and tee shirt my usual apparel didn’t seem appropriate, but then again my skirts seemed too short, well if you are going to make an impression make it a lasting one, so a short cotton skirt and skimpy top won. For those of you who are interested, and there are probably a few, my underwear comprised a white lacy front fastening underwire bra, that perfectly showed off my and a matching white thong. Black heeled sandals and a black bag completed my outfit. Not bad I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror having applied some make-up.
It was after 9pm when I got to the bar, I had not expected it to be so crowded, ’Fresher’s week’ said the sign on the door, so at least I was going to meet some fellow students. To my great relief my choice of clothes did not make me stand out, but unfortunately already being tall, my choice of footwear resulted in me being the tallest girl in the bar, in fact I was taller than lots of the guys. Hey maybe mom had been right; I chatted with some guys and girls, the house wine was fine and I was beginning to relax, that was when Lin entered the bar. She was stunning; of Asian origin, mid 20’s about 5’7” but her Jimmy Choo heels made her seem much taller. She was obviously a regular patron as a booth had been reserved for her and the manager rushed to remove her Alexander McQueen leather coat, I’m a girl, I notice these things. Under the coat she wore a black Stella McCartney mini dress and sheer black pantyhose, as she was led to a private booth all the guys and most of the girls, including me, checked her out, her ass looked so hot. Sitting in the booth she looked totally relaxed as she gazed round the room, her eyes missing nothing and registering everything. A couple of times I innocently looked in her direction and found she was looking directly at me, not knowing what to do I immediately broke eye contact, but on the third occasion I returned her stare and was rewarded with her wonderful smile.

The crowd began to thin and I had received a couple of invites to impromptu student parties but didn’t feel in the mood, on the positive side I now had the telephone numbers of new friends who were in a similar situation to me. Within a very short time the bar was almost deserted, the only two people not forming a couple were Lin and me. She coughed to attract my attention and smiling again pointed to the empty bench opposite her and held up the half full (yes I am a half full, rather than half empty person) bottle of wine. Initially I looked around expecting her to be conversing with someone standing behind me, something she found really amusing. It was as if she possessed some hypnotic power, I am normally a reserved person, probably not a good foundation for a trainee teacher, but I was unable to resist her, a feeling that has intensified.

She offered her hand and made brief introductions before she indicated that I should sit opposite her, we exchanged small talk, I discovered that her family originated from the Philippines, she had a slight accent, and that she had qualified as a 1st grade teacher. When I laughed and indicated her apparel she leant forward and whispered “If I like you I may let you into my secret”. She did however manage to extract my life story from me without my realising. Another bottle of wine was opened, I could not remember us drinking the previous one and by the time the bar was ready to close I was nearing my primary objective of getting drunk. Lin insisted that I go home with her, stating the obvious, that I was in no state to go home alone and that she had really enjoyed my company and had more wine in her apartment. What did I have to lose I thought, well that night I lost my virginity to Lin.

The manager helped Lin into her coat, called a taxi, insisted on paying and didn’t charge us for the wine, when Lin said apartment, she meant mansion, located just out of the town and in its own grounds; it’s enormous. She slipped off her leather coat letting it drop to the floor as she crossed to a decanter and poured two gigantic brandies. Sitting on a low sofa she patted the seat beside her. I sat my skirt riding up exposing way too much thigh. God the brandy was good and the second even better. When Lin leant forward and kissed me deeply on the lips my resolve melted, our tongues dancing together in my mouth’ when her smooth firm hands caressed my thighs I did not recoil in horror and when my bra joined my tee shirt on the floor I was in rapture. As she exposed each part of my body Lin was full of compliments, she showered my neck with kisses as her fingers manipulated my nipples making them stand proud and erect, the feel of her lips and tongue filled me with ecstasy and when she knelt before me pulling my thong to one side planting kisses on my shaven pussy I became hers.

Standing she instructed me to unzip her dress which joined the discarded coat, her Aubade front opening bra barely contained her 36CC titties and when she removed the it I marvelled at her huge pointed nipples, I thought my titties were good, hers were fantastic; looking down her pantyhose were hold up stockings and she didn’t wear panties, God this woman is hot. Wearing just her Jimmy Choo’s and stockings she led me by the hand to the master bedroom; we must have made an erotic sight as I padded behind her wearing just my thong.

We kissed passionately our hands exploring each other’s bodies.

“Amy, do you want me to fuck you”?

I nodded my head, at that moment it was the thing I most wanted in the whole world.
“Then you get to choose which one Amy”. She opened a cupboard that was just full of sex toys.
Her hands hovered over the various phalluses and when she hovered over a double headed monster with a strap I let out a gasp

“Mmm good choice Amy, you are a total slut”

Picking up the dildo she lay on the bed and spreading her legs wide she inserted one end into her smooth pussy, the effect was electrifying, 7” of black plastic cock standing out proudly from her gorgeous body.
“Fit my harness in place slut” she ordered as she knelt on the bed, her firm ass facing me. She laughed as I fumbled to complete the task, a mixture of alcohol, nerves and lust was stopping my fingers from working. When I had finished I could not resist planting a kiss on her ass.

“Mmmm you want to eat my ass slut, that’s good, that’s real good”. Reaching back she pulled her cheeks apart revealing her rose bud opening. “Kiss me there bitch”.

I kissed, licked and slurped earning squeals of delight from my Asian mistress “Enough slut” she hissed “Get on the bed”.

I lay there as she parted my legs and lifted my knees, she took a jar of gel from the bedside table and smeared it across my pussy, her fingers working it into my opening, it tingled then felt warm and comforting, making me totally aroused. Lin positioned herself so that the tip of the phallus was touching my inflamed clit.

“Tell me you want me slut”

“Please mistress” I begged, “Please fuck me”.

She pushed forward, two inches of the black cock entering my cunt, bright lights flashed in my brain.

“Beg me to take your virginity whore, beg me to make you a real woman”.

“Please mistress, do it, please I can’t take anymore, and I need you”

Pulling back she then thrust her hips forward, the phallus rupturing the hymen membrane and filling me with her toy. She used me rough and hard, each thrust giving pleasure to both our pussies, I had an orgasm, quickly followed by another, but she did not stop and it was only when I found the strength to push her on her side that I had any respite.

The night ended with Lin on her back and my straddling her the phallus still embed in our cunts it was in this position she finally cum, the ferocity of her orgasm making me cum again.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and I was woken by the feel of Lin’s fingers stimulating my core clitty. My head was pounding from the alcohol, my mouth tasted of sandpaper and my pussy was so sore, yet so alive. We were both naked on top of the duvet; in daylight Lin’s body was even more beautiful.

There was a discrete knock on the door, I struggled to get under the covers but Lin just laughed her strong arms holding me down.

“Come” she called and a shortly after the door was opened by an African girl aged about sixteen dressed as a maid carry a tray, well a very sexy maid, the hem of her uniform was so high when she bend forward you could see her lovely black pussy lips and the inviting pink interior.

The maid took no notice of our naked bodies, as if it was the normal, was this normal for Lin? The maid poured the coffee and I saw Lin’s hands caressing the girl’s strong thighs, Lin’s fingers slipping inside the black pussy. “Thank you Josie, that’s all for now” commanded Lin and the girl performed an almost perfect curtsey before she left the room.

Looking at my watch I saw it was nearly midday.

“I’ve got to go home” I muttered

Turning and kissing me on the lips Lin said “You are home my little slut and we have so many things to discuss”.

Part 2

After a leisurely breakfast served by Josie, Lin’s African maid I was enjoying a long soak in the master bedroom’s massive sunken bath, I looked up as the bathroom door opened and Josie entered carrying towels and a mug of fresh coffee.

“Mistress apologises, she is going to be busy until 3, and she thought you would like coffee”

I smiled and was rewarded with one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen.

“You are really beautiful Miss” she continued.

From my position I could see how tall Josie is, she is actually 6’ and has a figure to die for. I feel a wantonness overcome me “Would you wash my back Josie”?

What I wasn’t prepared for was Josie slowly, and really seductively, slipping off her maid’s uniform, stepping out of her heels and then climb into the tub. If you have never had you back washed in the bath you really need to try it, as Josie soaped and rinsed I lay back, the feel of her firm breasts on my back is intoxicating, I turn my head and her face is immediately in front of mine, our mouths open simultaneously and we are kissing, deep, seductive kissing. Josie’s firm hand finds my right tittie, her fingers stimulating my nipple.

“I so like to see my sluts bonding” I almost jump out of the bath when I hear Lin’s voice from the door. “No, please don’t stop” she continues “I only wish I had time to join you”.

Walking into the room she stands over the tub looking down at us, Josie’s hand still on my breast.

Leaning forward she first kisses Josie and then me before walking to the door. Stopping she turns “Josie, don’t be too long I have some guests arriving in an hour and we will need coffee”.

Josie insists on drying me, the towels are huge, luxurious and warm, the dirty girl had brought two towels, was she expecting to share my bath? Well if Josie insisted on drying me it was only fair that I dry her, I gently towel her, delighting in touching her breasts, shaven pussy and firm ass. The act of drying Josie reminds me of Cheryl and how much I am missing my sister.

My top and skirt are laid out on Lin’s bed together with some new designer underwear, I am about to dress when Lin enters the room; using her considerable strength she pushes me back onto the bed, her lips fastening around my tittie as her hand parts my legs. I do not resist as she sucks and gently bites my sensitive nipple, nor did I resist when her fingers slip into my wet pussy and her thumb stimulates my clitoris.

“I have boring meetings slut, but tonight I will give you all my attention, get what you need from your flat”.

Lin continues to manipulate my pussy and clit and only stops when I tell her I cannot take any more punishment.

7pm finds Lin, Josie and I in the large lounge, Lin is wearing a loose Chinese robe, Josie a brightly patterned African dress and me Jeans and vest, talk about a fashion faux pas. We are drinking another exceptional wine.

“Well Amy there must be loads of questions you want to ask”?

I marshal my thoughts – so many questions are buzzing round in my head.

“When we met you said you had taught grade school, how do you afford all this”?

It transpires that Lin had been in a long tern relationship with a Helen, successful business woman who developed an inoperable brain tumour; Helen had made arrangements to ensure Lin was well provided for, giving her several homes and a financial interest in a number of developing businesses. Lin had made the most of her opportunities.

The evening is really pleasant, three girls’ laughing and chatting, I have not felt so relaxed for months, the wine is replaced by more wine, the music is sensual and when Lin leans over and kisses me it is heavenly.

“Let’s watch a DVD, you choose Josie”

Josie’s selection is just perfect; the three of us laze on the big couch and watch the most amazing lesbian sex action. The story line revolves around two predatory lesbians and their various conquests, a part that was just written for Lin. Unlike some porno’s I have watched, in school friends houses, the film is well written, the camera action great and the models really attractive, and yes it gets me aroused.

Josie is the first to strip, that girl has no inhibitions; she wants us to compare her titties to the black model on the screen, Josie’s are much better and when we both tell her she preens with pleasure. Leaning back on the sofa she spreads her legs and starts fingering her pussy as she watches the action. This is just too much and Lin and I practically race to strip. Lin is fondling Josie’s titties before I can get my jeans off, but I don’t mind as it is the black girl’s pussy that I want to taste. I spread the dark outer lips and marvel at the pinkness beyond. I devour her pussy and clit, her juices coating my face as she orgasms, I kept licking and sucking as she squirms on the sofa; my fingers move from her pussy and I stimulate her ass, gently flicking across the rose bud opening. Josie is pushing her pussy up onto my face, making her ass more accessible, the little slut wants me to finger it, well how can I refuse. Josie’s hands are wrapped in my hair pulling my face deeper into her pussy; I stiffen as I feel a hard object touching my anus.

“Shush baby” whispers Lin “Just relax”.

I concentrate on eating Josie as Lin applies gel to my pussy and ass, her fingers working the liquid into my openings.

Lin changes position her hand resting on my back as she rubs the tip of her phallus along my anal crack. Josie tightens her grip on my hair as Lin pushes forward, I just have time to wonder how many other girls they have done this to as the plastic cock enters my anus and presses against the sphincter muscle. The gel is really good as there is no resistance and the full length of the dildo is embedded in my ass. Holding it in place Lin turns her attention of my pussy, her fingers rubbing my already enlarged clit. Her assault on my pussy is merciless; I travel from one orgasm to another without break. Josie is demanding more and more of my tongue; I am lost in a world of sexual craving.

Finally I can take no more and collapse on the floor, Lin and Josie barely notice my absence as they go into the classical 69 position, their grunts as groans as they orgasm drowning out the TV.

We spend the remainder of the evening on the lounge floor touching and kissing and occasionally stimulating each other to further orgasms. I have no idea what time we managed to move into the master bedroom, all three of us falling into a deep dreamless sleep.

Part 3

I woke on Sunday morning to the smell of hot bread, grilling bacon and fresh coffee, for a couple of seconds I actually believe I am in my bedroom in my parent’s house and expect Cheryl, my kid sister, to come bounding into the room to tell me breakfast is ready. But I am not at home, and this is Mistress Lin’s bed, the bed where Lin and Josie spent the night tormenting me with their lips, fingers, pussy’s and an enormous dildo, it’s no wonder my pussy and ass are so sore.

The sound of voices and laughter tells me that Lin and Josie are downstairs, I think about the relationship between these two females, had I got it all wrong; initially I had thought of them as mistress and servant, after all Lin is at least 25 while Josie is probably still in her teens, and the first impression they presented lead me down that road, but was that just a ploy on their part?

My mind returns to home and oh shit, I have not phoned mom since Friday night, she’s gonna be going ape, I scan the bedroom for my purse, where the fuck did I leave it. I almost jump out of bed, my clothes where are they? Then my memory returns, I recall being stripped on the sofa by Lin and Josie and some steamy moments on the floor watching a hot porno film, God 48 hours ago I was still a virgin, now I am a slut.

I see the robe laid out on the bed, it was obviously put there for me, putting it on I look in the mirror, my hair is a complete mess, but no brush or comb, oh well not gonna look my best when I go down.

Lin is looking immaculate; she is wearing a black Diane Von Furstenberg mini dress, something I can only dream about.

“The sleepy sluts finally got up Josie” is my welcoming from Lin, but it is delivered in a pleasant manner.
“Morning babe” and a nice kiss on the lips is my welcome from Josie who is wearing white American Apparel running shorts and a white vest, my God she looks so stunning. Josie hands me a cup of coffee. I definitely got these two wrong. I am looking round the room, searching for my purse.

“What you lost babe”.

“My purse Josie, I need to phone mom, she will be going frantic”.

That big disarming smile again as she leaves the room returning seconds later with my purse.

“Oh shit, dead battery” I throw my mobile back into my purse.

Lin hands me her i-phone 5, I didn’t know they were available “Use mine Amy”

I sit at the table with Lin as Josie joins us; they obviously want to hear my conversation.

“Hi mom....yes I know, sorry, yes ....well so much happened.....oh yes real battery died; yes I’m fine, no really good....yes I am glad you made me go out Friday, met two great girls.....yes having coffee with them now. No I got up early and walked to their place”.

This sends Josie into hysterical laughter.

“No it’s just Josie laughing at the TV”

I lightly punch Josie

“Sure put Cheryl on, high babe what you doing....colouring, what you colouring....a picture for my bedroom, that’s nice.....put mom back on it’s not my phone....Yes I’m good...yes Uni tomorrow I’ll ring you".

I let out a deep breath as I terminate the call and hand the phone back to Lin.

Josie is laughing so much that there are tears rolling down her cheeks and Lin is desperately trying to maintain her straight face.

After a very deep breath “So is you mom always like that Amy”?

“Pretty much so, yes”.

“And who is Cheryl”?

“My kid sister, she’s just turned 9, she wants to stay with me one weekend”.

“We can accommodate that can’t we Josie”

Josie nods adding “Yes it would be fun”.

Breakfast, well more like brunch progressed in relative silence, but it is a comfortable silence, not one of those where you feel you need to say something. Despite her protests I help Josie with the washing up as Lin reads the Sunday papers.

“So what do we do about you slut”?

I tense at the sink, this is the moment I have been waiting for, yet dreading.

“I want to serve you mistress, you and Josie, I have never been so happy”.

Josie squeezes my hand and smiles.

“Then we need to set the rules, sit down Amy, I want to see your face as we agree them”.

“At all times you will address me as Mistress”.

I nod in agreement

“You will meet my every demand without question, you will be taken to dark places your mind has never envisaged, but we will keep you safe”

My eyes open wide and I take a real deep breath, Lin’s eyes do not leave my face, I feel them burning into my soul. We sit in silence until I nod my agreement. I hear Josie let out a deep sigh, she was holding her breath waiting for me to answer.

“Good slut Amy, you will only engage in acts of a sexual nature with persons I permit you to or on my instructions, you are permitted to play with Josie”

Was that a hint of a smile from Lin; again I nod, this is getting interesting.

“You complete your University Course – If you drop marks this all stops”.

Wow that is a surprise, I had not given uni a thought, and I shrug and nod.

“You will move into this house, you will be given your own room, but you will leave the door unlocked as we may feel the urge to use you. The rent for your rented room will be met; don’t want mommy worrying about you”.

That definitely struck home and I smile.

“You will seek part time employment; we need to be able to explain the new wardrobe you will be acquiring”.

Well getting a job is already on my priority list, so no issue.

“Is that acceptable to you slut”?

“Yes mistress”.

The atmosphere in the kitchen immediately lightens and I am kissed by Josie and permitted to kiss Mistress Lin.

Josie shows me my room, it’s amazing, it takes up nearly half the top floor and although it slopes in line with the pitch of the roof I can stand up in most parts; it’s just so ideal. I drop back on the king size bed holding my arms open to Josie.

Josie is on top of me, her hands slowly moving down to the belt of my robe, she moves forward her soft lips touching mine as we deeply kiss; the robe is opened Josie’s soft fingers tracing a line on my thighs I hold my breath as she touches my smooth pussy lips. I realise that this is the first time I have made love without being fuelled by alcohol, and this makes it so special. Josie’s kisses become more demanding her tongue filling my mouth, running across my teeth, dancing some erotic dance with my own tongue.
“Oh sweet Jeeeesus” her fingers pinch and roll my nipple. “Oh goddddddddddd, as she rubs my swollen clitty.

Josie’s lips travel down my neck and across my chest until they descend on my right nipple, she bites and sucks, my senses go into overdrive, an instant orgasm is building up inside me, I can’t control my emotions

“I love you Josie” I blurt out.

This is rewarded by increased sucking of my already erect nipple and the vigorous rubbing of my clit. Josie lifts herself up on her powerful arms and looks at my shaven cunt

“Oh how beautiful you are Amy, what a beautiful pussy you have”

Kneeling between my legs she thrusts 2 fingers into her own pussy, she takes them out showing me the wetness coating them , I take her hand and draw it to my mouth tasting her sexual desires; she repeats the exercise this time sliding them into my already wet pussy, transferring her juices into me. I am wriggling and bucking on the bed as Josie introduces the third finger.

“I want to eat you Amy”

I open my thighs wide as Josie lowers her face, her fingers part my outer lips as her mouth and tongue devour my pussy.

I raise myself on my elbows to watch Josie, but within minutes the first orgasm throws me onto my back as I scream in passion “I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming”

My legs go rigid as the spasms of orgasm engulf me, I ejaculate cum juice spurting into Josie’s eager mouth. We both collapse on the bed gasping for breath; I lick my juices from Josie’s face.

“Hurry up you two” came Lin’s voice from down stairs; “We have to collect Amy’s possessions from her bedsit”.

Part 4

I am now residing in Lin’s house having my own room, although most nights either Lin, Josie or both are sharing my bed.

Lin set out 6 rules that I have to obey if I wish to continue serving her:

I must at all times refer to her as mistress
I must follow her every instruction without question
I must only engage in acts of a sexual nature when permitted to do so by Mistress Lin
I must complete my university course without dropping marks
I must leave my bedroom door unlocked at all times
I must obtain part time employment

The first five present me with no problem, however I fear the sixth may be challenging.

Two weeks after moving in I am in bed with Josie; Lin is away on an extended business trip, Josie sure knows how to use her fingers, lips and tongue to take me to magical places.

“Get up sleepy” she sighs, “you got your interview today”.

I’ve no idea how Lin managed it, but I have an interview with a large manufacturing company for a part time role in their PR department.

I struggle out of bed and into the shower, my pussy and clit sore for the battering they received during the night, where does Josie get her stamina from?

By the time I am back into the bedroom the bed is made and a new black Hugo Boss suit and white silk blouse is laid out. Before I met Lin I would never have been able to own clothes like this.

Putting on my Aubade underwear, another luxury I owe to Lin I look at myself in the mirror, Mmm not bad for an 18 year old student. I don the skirt, a perfect fit that shows a good length of thigh, I will need to be real careful if I have to bend down; the jacket is a three quarter cut and is longer than the skirt, wow. The white silk blouse and 4 inch heels make me look stunning. Josie enters the room and whistles.

“Wow babe fuck the interview let me take you back to bed”.

We laugh as she messes with my hair, getting it absolutely perfect.

I look at my watch for the tenth time, nerves are setting in; what if they ask me questions to which I don’t know the answer? A gentle neck massage and kiss from Josie calms me down. She insists on driving me to the interview, in Lin’s Mercedes SLK.

“Well if you are going to arrive in style make it good bitch”. Josie’s philosophy

The car is waved through the security barrier and when I get out of the low passenger seat I give two passing guys a fantastic view of my long legs and tiny panties.

The receptionist is really friendly, unlike most I have encountered in my short life.

At exactly 2pm her desk phone rings and pointing to a door with the name plate Ms Victoria Greaves she tells me to go in and good luck.

Ms Greaves is waiting just inside the door; she welcomes me with a warm smile and a handshake, I guess that she is in her early 40’s, a bit taller than me, but her heels probably help, and red hair, that just has to be dyed. The brown print Deetz summer dress, yes girl’s notice quality clothes, well, this slut does, absolutely suits her and the long twin row of pearls show her long neck to perfection.

She invites me to sit in a chair that is positioned about 4 feet from her desk, in a position that gives her a great view of my firm titties and long legs.

She asks me the standard questions, why do I want to work for the company, what qualities can I bring, experience, describe myself etc. All the questions Josie has been taking me through for the past week. I answer the questions carefully occasionally crossing and uncrossing my legs, that’s when I notice she is becoming flushed; oh my God, I’m turning her on.

She stands and moves to my side of her desk sitting on the edge, her legs slightly spread, oh fuck, she’s not wearing panties.

“So Amy what would you do to get this job; I’ve interviewed people with better qualifications”

“I would do anything Ms Greaves; let me show you how amenable I can be”.

“Go on then Amy, impress me”.

I leave the chair and stand in front of Ms Greaves; I take the hem of her dress and lift it to her thighs revealing her shaved pussy. I gently spread her legs before kneeling and running my tongue alone the inside of her thighs, moving ever close to my intended target. She opens her legs wider allowing my tongue to torment her clit before exploring her pussy. My hours of training at the hands, and pussies, of Lin and Josie pays off and within minutes Ms Greaves is panting and moaning as an orgasm rips through her body.

I meekly return to my seat as Ms Greaves tries to compose herself, I give her my best seductive smile.

“One final test young lady, Bend over my desk”.

I use my models strut as I walk to her desk; I place my hands palm down in the centre and bend at the waist my legs wide apart, this is better than answering dumb questions. I feel Ms Greaves lift my skirt, her fingers shaking as she lowers my panties, her warm breath on my neck. When her hand strikes my left buttock I am unprepared and almost let out a scream which I mange to convert to a moan. I receive two more slaps before my shirt is lowered, I make a play of sitting down, pretending my bottom is sore, this is nothing compared to what Lin and Josie have done to me.

“Amy, I think you are exactly what I am looking for, we will be in touch to agree salary and a start date”.

We both stand I move to shake Ms Greaves hand, she takes my hand but instead of shaking it holds it to her firm breast. “Yes exactly what I am looking for”.

The receptionist mouths “well” as I walk out the door and my big smile tells her I was successful, she gives me a knowing wink as I walk to the entrance. Then I see the photographs, CEO Ms Lin Navarro, what a bitch. I am walking towards then main entrance when the car horn sounds; Josie had waited for me. She wants to know every detail of the interview; her eyes widen when I tell her I licked pussy and got my ass slapped, but is truly delighted when I tell her I got the job.

After getting the job everything feels an anti-climax, uni is fine but boring, however Lin is due back and I really want to give her something special; buying something is pointless and I have some ideas which I share with Josie who fully approves.

When Lin arrives home on Friday I am already in her bedroom; when she walks through the door she is totally surprised by my present, me.

Josie has handcuffed me to the ornate headboard of Lin’s bed; the only clothing I am wearing is a short red and black Luxxa basque that sits under my tittles and ends level with my navel, I have carefully shaven my pussy so it is hairless and Josie has rubbed some scented oils into it so that it glistens. I position my legs so that they are splayed out showing my pussy to perfection, the final addition was Josie’s idea; a black ball gag on a red leather strap. My favourite dildo, the double header Lin used to take away my virginity is strategically positioned at the foot of the bed.

I can safely say my present was well received and totally used; Lin is insatiable; she rides me till I can cum no more and then fucks Josie as the black girl licks and sucks on my sore clitty and pussy. It is an eternity before I am released and we all collapse exhausted on the bed.

Life in Lin’s house is never normal, but I do have uni and a part time job to keep me away from endless fucking; surprisingly the job is really interesting, I am learning lots about PR and meeting some top models. Ms Greaves, sorry Vikki, is a dream; she knows so much about the industry and is always willing to share her experiences. I’m pleased to say Lin added Vikki to the list of people I can fuck, although apart from some heavy petting we have not yet had the chance to get top really know each other.

Josie is in panic mode; Lin has arranged a house party and invited several important clients, it seems I am going to be waitressing with Josie – Mmm I can remember her maid outfit, this promises to be a wild party; but before that Cheryl my kid sister is coming to stay for the weekend. Talk about devious, I arrange for mom and dad to drop Cheryl off at the bed sit on Saturday morning, of course they insist on coming in, mom is impressed with how clean the place is; dad just gives me his knowing look. Waving as they drive away I tell Cheryl I have a big secret that she must keep. She slowly considers before nodding. I have already arranged to meet Lin and Josie at the zoo and introduce them to Cheryl as my friends. Josie and Cheryl instantly become friends; Josie recounts stories she was taught as a child about each of the animals, stories that have us all in fits of laughter. From the zoo we are sightseeing followed by a pizza and finally home totally drained.

To my surprise Lin offers to settle Cheryl down in my bed, Cheryl and I are sharing my double.

“I trained to be a 1st grade teacher, I can still tell good bedtime stories and settle kids down; and you look like you need a drink”.

Cheryl held Lin’s hand tightly as she kissed Josie and me goodnight and willingly went up to bed. Lin is back 10 minutes later; Cheryl fell asleep during the first story.

It’s not long before I am in bed snuggled up to Cheryl; I cuddle my sister and all into a deep sleep a sleep in which I have totally inappropriate dreams; I am kissing Cheryl in places I shouldn’t, my fingers are exploring parts of her body that should be untouched. Lin and Josie are in bed with us and Cheryl is going from pussy to pussy licking and sucking as we gently stroke her tiny cunny. My dream goes back to me slowly stroking Cheryl’s cunny with my fingers, it feels so real.

Then I hear Cheryl’s sleepy voice close

“Don’t stop Amy that feels so nice”.

I am instantly awake – oh fuck.

Part 5

What woke me is Cheryl telling me it feels so nice; oh my God, my fingers are inside her little panties and she feels so wet. I instantly remove them and turn over, hoping that Cheryl will think the whole thing a dream; I lay awake cursing myself for having touched my sister’s cunny. Cheryl cuddles in to me her hand initially resting between my legs and then with deliberate actions it moves to touch my pussy, the little minx is awake and wants to play. I turn to face Cheryl and we kiss; a deep un-sisterly like kiss, I pull back so that I can remove Cheryl’s nightie and panties and my nightie quickly joins them on the bedroom floor. I move my hand and cup her tiny ass as I slip my right leg between her legs, my knee pushing against her bare cunny. We kiss deeply her tongue fighting mine as I invade her mouth. I can feel the warmth and wetness of Cheryl’s cunny on my knee as she begins to hump my leg.

Cheryl’s breathing is becoming hard and fast, I kiss her neck my hand stroking her smooth back as I apply pressure with my knee, I sense Cheryl is going to cum. When her orgasm hits her back arches and she lets out a loud moan of pleasure; my leg is soaking and I need to taste her cunny.

I kiss my way down her body, starting at her lips, then her neck, her tiny titties, smooth belly and finally my ultimate target. Her cunny is soaking wet and Cheryl instinctively widens her legs to allow my tongue full access; my tongue easily slides inside her tiny opening, her whole body shudders and she wraps her fingers into my hair. I devour her pussy, savouring the taste as Cheryl has her second orgasm.

Cheryl is covered in sweat as we hug and kiss, her tiny body trembling from her orgasms, I want so much more from my kid sister, but know that will have to wait.

I wake late to the sound of Cheryl giggling downstairs ac companied by the every present morning smell of fresh coffee and bacon. I tidy my room picking up my nightie and Cheryl’s panties; I cannot resist sniffing them, the smell transporting me back to our illicit pleasures.

Josie is in her usual position by the cooker with Cheryl sitting at the table colouring, I give Josie a good morning kiss before sitting next to Cheryl and admiring her work. I lean over to kiss her cheek, but she turns to face me, kissing me full on the lips. I need to make sure what happened last night remains our little secret.

Josie is preparing a breakfast tray

“Is that for Lin?”

“Yes babe, you want to take it up while I sort out Cheryl’s breakfast”

I nod and take the tray

“Don’t be too long babe, you gotta eat too”

Smiling I take the tray to Lin’s room gently knocking on the door before entering.

“Good morning mistress”

“Good morning slut, I heard you playing dirty games last night and now I have need of your services”
Lin pushes the cover back her naked body pale against the black satin sheets

“Take off your robe slut”

I drop me robe and she gazes at my naked body, she licks her lips in anticipation

“Rub your cunt slut; rub it now I want to see you pleasuring yourself like you did Cheryl”.

I am unused to the authoritarian tone of Lin’s voice, I find it both exciting and scary; I slowly move my hand to my pussy and gently stimulate my clitoris. Lin’s hand is already between her own legs, her fingers delving inside as a wicked look spreads across her face.

“Make yourself cum slut; I want you to cum for your mistress”.

I moan as I feel my orgasm developing, the lustful look on Lin’s face making it all the more intense, I shudder as the wonderful sensation crashes through my body, the pent up emotions bursting like a giant dam.

"Stop it you little whore," Lin assertively commands.

I am slow to respond.

"I said stop rubbing your cunt, you little slut”.

My hand is still touching my clit but no longer manipulating I look at Lin.

"Get on to your knees slut. Do it now."

I immediately kneel and Lin is off the bed and standing directly in front of me

"Look at my pussy”.

I see Lin’s swollen clit and the moisture dripping from the mistress’s pussy. Lin steps forward her pussy just inches from my face, I can smell her juices, see them seeping from her opening.

“Lick me slut’ lick my pussy and suck my clit”. Lin grasps my head as she grinds her pussy into my face, using me to bring herself to orgasm.

Shortly after I am back in the kitchen trying to hurry Cheryl; mom and dad are picking her up in 2 hours and I have to get her washed, dressed and down to the MacDonald’s in town. I turn down Josie’s offer of a lift, preferring to take the bus and spend some time alone with my sister; after all I need her to promise to keep last night a secret, something that she readily agrees to.

We survive moms machine gun questioning and Cheryl extracts a promise from me that she can stay again real soon. I wave my family good bye – boy do I need a stiff drink.

After Cheryl’s visit my life takes on a semblance of normality, uni, part time work, hot sex with Lin and Josie. Lin has not acted the dominant mistress again, it’s a pity because I really enjoyed the little session. Ms Greaves, sorry Vikki, the PR director, I work for wants me to help out with an important, but difficult client who is due to visit the UK and is expected to place a large order, not sure what I can do, but always up for a challenge.

The phone call from Vikki comes as a complete surprise, I had just finished my tutorial, seems I am progressing well and will be given a placement after Easter, really looking forward to some hands on teaching experience.

“Amy, meet me at the Best Western Hotel straight away; grab a cab and charge it”.

As it is a uni day I am wearing skinny jeans that are so tight I cannot wear any panties and a loose cotton top over my lacy bra. I find a cab and am at the hotel in less than 30 minutes. The Polish babe on reception, Zuzana, directs me to Vikki’s room, apparently I am expected and as I walk to the lift I glance in the mirror and see Zuzana checking out my ass; Mmm maybe I need to do something to foster Anglo-Polish relations.

Vikki opens the hotel room door and practically drags me in, pinning me to the wall, she kicks the door shut and demands that I kiss her, I can smell and taste the alcohol on her breath; I kiss her on the lips, her mouth opens slightly and her probing tongue penetrates my lips. Boy does she know how to kiss, I am positively melting. She takes my hands and positions them on her dress over her titties. They are quite a bit larger than mine, but feel real good; I can feel the nipples hardening, Vikki’s not wearing a bra.

“Unzip my dress Amy”. She moans as she turns.

I unzip and allow the Helmut Lang creation to fall to the floor, Vikki steps out of it and leads me to the king size bed. We collapse on the bed kissing and I find myself on top of Vikki. I kiss each of the firm breasts before concentrating on the erect nipples. I lick, bite and suck each in turn, my attention driving Vikki wild. I run my hands down Vikki’s firm stomach slipping my fingers under the waistband of her silk panties; I cup my hand against her pussy, my fingers rubbing along the moist slit.

Vikki is pawing at my clothes, the top and front opening bra present no problem to the older woman who roughly fondles my firm tits; the jeans are more problematic and I have to stand up to remove them, although this gives Vikki the opportunity to remove her panties and spread her legs, her shaved pussy demanding my attention.

Without hesitation I cup my hand against her pussy, I feel the wetness as two of my fingers slip inside her magical opening and my thumb concentrates on her enlarged clitoris.

“Eat my pussy” she moans.

I deeply inhale the aroma of Vikki’s pussy, a scent that drives me wild with lust; I press my lips to her shaven lips my tongue searching for the opening.

“Oh Godddddddd Amy” she moans as my tongue finds and stimulates her clitoris, “Lick me bitch, lick me, make me cum”.

I push my tongue deeper and deeper penetrating her pussy and causing her to shudder, I can feel her wetness on my face.

“That’s it fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk”.

I physically feel Vikki’s orgasm, her shuddering body, the rush of fluid and the wonderful taste that coats my tongue and fills my mouth. I stay in position lapping at Vikki’s pussy as another orgasm courses through her body.

God, she’s quick, one second she’s on her back with me between her leg and the next it is me who is on their back and she is straddling me, her hot titties pressing against mine; she leans forward her lips crushing mine as our tongues start an erotic dance, I can hardly breathe as she devours me, her hand touches my face before cupping my tittie and travelling down between my legs. She is still kissing me as her magical fingers stimulate me, driving me to an instant orgasm; she demonstrates her skill and experience taking me from one orgasm to the next; not stopping until we were both totally spent.

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