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Sex in the sand dunes is about myself Tony and Sue Chapter & maybe chapter eight I do not know yet depends on the rateings I getchapter eight is calledPassion on the home front
Continued from chapter Six

Sue did not seem to care just as long as she had her orgasm I also was going to cum .
She knew I would Explode deep insider her it did not matter to her she loved it .
She was always wicked hot an horny like this and being pregnant meant no condom .

Chapter Seven
Sex in the Sand Dunes

We hear the couple going at it she looking down on them we could hear them talking loudly .
I'm going to cum soon sis yes fuck me fuck your sisters tight twat oh gawd fuck me yes yes .
Thank you honey I can see good with your binoculars it is like their almost in front of us .

I know that look on her face shes going to cum dam that just makes my pussy so wet .
I have news for you baby , yes what's that ? I'm gonna cum too Yes fuck Tony aah yes that's it aah .
Gawd ooh yes yes oh gawd aah fuck me “Fuck Me Now “!! .

Push that hard cock of yours deep in my wet pussy Yes that's it baby yes right there that's it right there .
Harder oh yes aah you got it that’s it you hit it baby Yes baby ooh yes fuck me ooh this feels so good .
She began grinding herself hard on my shaft now using the Kegel exercise I felt her vagina squeezing my shaft .

Please baby shh we do not want to disturb the couple ahead don't worry daddy I'll be quiet enough kisses me .
Daddy your gong to make me Cum soon aah ooh Daddy! Yes that's it Daddy Fuck me ! Fuck my pussy aah! .
Yes your hard cock feels so good in me aah fuck me make me cum aah Daddy I’m cumming .
Yes ooh aah baby I'm gonna cum inside you now oh yes Cum inside me Daddy yes please fill me up .

I'm gonna shoot baby here it comes aah yes !! ooh aah “ Fuck Me Daddy Cum inside me "Yes, do it! .
“Oh Gawd I kept shoving my cock upward unloading my hot juice inside her I could feel her juices flowing .
She continued riding m my shaft hard grinding away I just laid there under her .
I began to lick and suck on her nipples "Lick them ,suck them Daddy aah yes ooh .

I have no clue where that came from but I kept going
She lay on top it feels so good ooh yes it does Daddy aah fuck your little horny slut ooh Daddy .
your gong to make me Cum again ooh aah Daddy! I'm cumming again ooh I'm cumming daddy aah ooh fuck .
Yes oh yes me make me cum once more Oh Gawd I'm almost there fuck me daddy Daddy "Yes, do it! “Oh Gawd .

She then suddenly collapsed on top of me with my semi hard shaft still impaled deep with in her .
Daddy I'm done please let's stop I can't take it no more my pussy so sore I gently rolled her off me off me .
Tony honey I love you I love you too sue honey I love you and April very much but I know it is wrong to do this.
May I ask you a simple question yes of course would you please help me raise my baby if my parents toss me out ? .

I never told you that their also raising my kid sister I can at least give it a try you know honey I have never been a father figure before I will think on it one more question alright would you marry me someday ?
honestly I am not sure at this point I do love you and all there is one more person to consider and that's April .
Were like sisters I will say this but once I stand by my word when I say if for any reason what ever happens at home .

You come over any time of day or night you can live with me sweetie then we take it from there alright thank you .
Your welcome sue you know that I have plenty of room for you and the baby now I don't want you to worry alright .
We should head back it's getting late we been gone way too long ,do you think they miss us? Yes I sure do think so .
I help her slip her bottoms back on then we walk down hand in hand walking back to the camper .

Walking along the path we passed by the dune where the young couple was look he he butt marks in the sand .
Alight honey you have had enough I think all the sex we been doing should last you a week no not that long .
I was thinking maybe a day or two at the most well what are you going to do about them two back there? .
I was thinking suppose we made love all tonight all three of us this way you would not feel left out OK by me .

We arrived back at the camp well where have you two been never mind I think your smile s say it all .
My gawd you two are like rabbits you been humping again haven't you we didn't say that you two did and yes .
Yes we have been playing around just a little bit that is all ind you well we were thinking lets go shopping .
Like where girls well food of course this is going to be our last night here isn't it ? we do go to school .

Yes I am very aware of this besides your moms throwing you a party this eve Oh geez dam thanks for reminding me.
I guess all the sex made me so dam horny I forgot all about my party yell girls it is steaks on the grill this eve .
My cell rings it is Mary hello Mary how is everything fine how are the girls are they behaving oh yes they are .
You haven't banged them that hard in the past couple of days have you tony have you Hugh what Mary did you say?.

Common Tony now you have three very horny eighteen year old’s and Yourself an older guy common now .
Surly you know what I am talking about ? I don't really know we may have had a little fun I bet you did liar .
You went in them deep and exploded in their pussies didn't you admit it went all the way OK so we did .
Who do you think I am not aware of what was going to happen it was all April's idea any way to go up there .

Wait till I get a hold of you I want some of you in me too oh Mary what ever do you mean “I'm Horny Too“ !! .
She laughs at me You thought I was serious did you ? well Yes I did well I was just having a little fun that's all .
How is sue doing she been horny lately yes some times and my daughter with her friend get their cherries taken ? .
Why Mary I'm shocked well you shouldn't be we girls had this long talk already , you were in on it also? .

Well yes I was I helped them plan the whole thing the girls knew April and Sue were going to be turning eighteen .
This weekend they wanted their eighteenth birthday to go out with a bang all I said ask tony for sex he's single .
Thanks Mary that's all I needed well your getting all of us when you get home save your energy “You Stud You “.
she hangs up the phone girls come in the trailer please Now on the double I was peeved and they knew it .

Please sit down now yes “Now “ I I me stammering just got off the phone with your mother April .
Someone has a little explaining to do as a matter of fact I think you all do they all get angry and walked out .
I am sure in a mess now with them what do I do with my situation now? I might have just dug a hole .
Well I had no idea whey they went it was still light outside I left word if the girls were looking for me .

I had to go grocery shopping I let the office know in case they were looking for me now I can go .
Candle holders candles steaks and what ever else to make it a romantic evening I came back still no sign of them .
It was getting late I'm getting worried I started dinner baked potato topped with sour cream , chives steak with veggies.
Now for dessert banana splits for dessert and whip cream and cherries and a birthday cake with all three names.
There now were all set and ready to go I opened the door to let out a little smoke out of the trailer .

I hoped the aroma would get them back soon I was worried sick it's almost dark thinking to myself .
Then all of a sudden I heard footsteps approaching in the distance they were talking giggling I knew it was them .
I turned out the lights then lit the candles on the table was all set with dinner in place were ready to go sit down .
I was so happy all three girls were back safe and sound I heard the door open April sue Jan stepped up came inside .

Surprise I yelled “Happy Birthday ladies”! Hugh what's this Tony just saying thanks Ladies for a Great weekend .
What are you doing are you trying to apologize yes I also said this we all would have a party to celebrate you .
Were sorry we stormed out we thought that just maybe you forgotten all about this that's all ” We Love You Tony” .
How can we ever thank you no need to just keeping my promise ooh and we will keep ours as planned alright.

You will find out later that's all were going to say now lets eat while it is still hot and ready like us sue winked .
We ate dinner had dessert and had cake we were all full Ladies I'm exhausted I'm going to turn in alright .
Girls shh we will wait till hes asleep then we will go in there but naked then love him like never before .
I slowly drifted off to sleep I must have really been tired because when I woke up it was Sunday morning .

The girls all three were in bed with me I was soaked below well I checked their pussies they were wet too wow .
I slowly crept out of bed they did not make a move they must have gone at me all night or them selves for that matter .
I showered after that I quietly packed the van so we were ready to go after they woke up and refreshed up them selves.
The we could all head for home I cooked breakfast and the started to wake up good morning ladies .

Well Good morning too you baby “ Our Little Sud Muffin “ they all came around me started hugging , kissing .
Well whats this you were awesome last night baby even asleep you remained to get hard we all three had a turn .
Like I was saying it has a mind of its own they all giggle after breakfast I figured we hit the road that’s fine .
We have to wash anyway I will change the bedding April says you take it home and was Tony alright by me .

Ladies I was thinking I will not need to find a girl friend ever I already have all of you to keep me company .
Ladies are we all ready to go home yes we all piled in the van and headed for home .
After what seemed like was a long drive home we finally we pulled into the driveway at my home .
I was so tired they were exhausted also Mary comes out to greet me Hi there how was the trip fine thanks .

Our Journey and the weekend wore me out oh my cock is so sore I was thinking to myself what a weekend .
I have become almost completely drained this weekend , “ Hello In There” earth to Tony snap out of it already.
I'm sorry did you want something Mary yes I did Anthony what are you day dreaming about Hugh? .
I was thinking it has been a great weekend the girls and myself had an awesome time camping .

I missed you April you too Tony well we certainly have missed you also Mary I have missed you all too I hope the girls did not wear you out to much no not really .
Mary My dear friend I'm just an ordinary guy trying his very best for his nearest and dearest close friends .
I am looking out for all of you four beautiful woman yes we know trying to butter us up are we well too late .
I have it all set up for the party I invited the girls parents and my family you also are invited to the party .

Thank You Mary I will be there come here a moment I need to talk before you go home please .
Yes what seems to be the trouble Mary she whispers in my ear bring those condoms tonight alright .
We will have some after the party when everyone’s gone home alright I will do that Mary .
See you this evening they all wave good bye I go home begin unpacking start doing my laundry and relax .

How how does one man cope with all this ? I wish I knew the answer I have no complaints what so ever .
It made me think a great deal maybe I need to start raising a family maybe sue was right after all .
I need someone to leave all this estate too what if Jan and April are pregnant then I am a bastard for doing this .
I drifted off to sleep in my big easy chair.

To Be continued
on Chapter Eight .
Passion on the home front
( One woman plus three eighteen year old's)
Does this equal trouble? Stay tuned .
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