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Once again
I woke up the following morning and wondered if what had transpired between Debbie and I the night before had really happened or if it was a dream. I didn’t have a hangover so I know I hadn’t drunk to excess. The thoughts went through my mind reenacting the previous night’s sexual activities and wondering how Debbie would feel this morning. Was she too drunk to remember? Could we look each other in the face?

The morning shower felt great and prepared me to meet the day and my sister. I had taken the day off to make final preparations for our drive to Texas and knew I would spend more time with Debbie. My wife got the children off to school and told me that she was going to get her hair and nails done and that she would be gone all morning. Debbie walked into the kitchen still wearing the nightgown from the night before but with the buttons all buttoned up. My wife asked her if she’d like to go with her but Debbie said she didn’t feel well and would prefer to stay home. As my wife left she told me to take good care of my sister.

Once my wife’s car was out of the driveway I asked Debbie if she was okay and she said yes she was fine and that she didn’t want to hang around a hair salon all morning. There was no indication from her that anything had happened the previous evening. Part of me was breathing a sigh of relief and part of me was wishing she had said something. She finished her breakfast and said she was going to take a shower. I watched her walk off to the bathroom thinking about how good her ass had felt in my hands the night before.

I went to my den and sat down to pay some bills when I heard the water go off in the shower. A few minutes later Debbie walked into the den with a towel wrapped around her. With a smirk on her face she took me by the hand and told me to come with her. We entered the living room where the sleeper sofa was. She let go of my hand and walked away from me, then turned around and let her towel drop to the floor.

She laughed as she told me that I didn’t get a good look at her the previous night because it was too dark. I felt my cock harden as I gazed at her tits. They did not sag at all and her nipples were dark and small in contrast to her tits. Her stomach was flat and I could see the flare of her hips. The hair on her pussy was darker than the hair on her head and formed a perfect triangle at the junction of her thighs.

Debbie walk toward me and sunk to her knees in front of me. I was already undoing my pants as she reached up and pulled my pants down. My cock, now hard as steel, sprang to attention as it was released from the confines of my underwear. With me standing there with my pants around my ankles my sister began to lick the head of my cock. Her tongue trailed down my cock, licking as she went, gradually coming to my balls which she licked and playfully put in her mouth.

Once again I felt her lips cover my cock. As I looked down she was looking up at me to be sure I was enjoying myself. Her mouth then slid down on my cock, wetting it as she sucked. With one hand on my cock and the other playing with my balls she continued to suck me. I reached down and played with her nipples which made her moan as she sucked. I could feel myself getting close to cumming and warned her that she’d better stop or else I would cum. This only made her suck my cock harder and faster. With no further warning I began to spew my hot cum in her mouth. She moaned even more as she drained my cock and balls.

Debbie stood up and told me it was my turn as she lay down on the sleeper sofa and spread her legs. As I took of my shirt and untangled my feet from my pants, she reached down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips with her fingers exposing her now swollen clit. Then she asked if her big brother was ready to eat some cunt. I didn’t hesitate as I placed my face between her thighs and began licking her slit. Every so often I would cover her clit with my mouth and suck and lick it.

Her pussy juices flowed from her and ran down to her asshole. My hands were now under her ass as I licked and sucked her cunt. My finger found the little rosebud of her asshole and began playing with as I ate her out. Very slowly I began to insert my finger into her ass. I could feel the tightness of her sphincter give way as my finger entered her. She yelled out “Oh Jesus” as my finger began sliding in and out of her ass while my tongue and mouth worked on her wet cunt.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard against her pussy as her hips bucked wildly as she began to cum. I didn’t think she could get any wetter as she had her orgasm. I continued to finger her asshole and lap up her teenage cum. In a few moments she was pushing my head away begging me to stop.

I climbed up on the sofa and lay down on my back, my face covered in my sister’s pussy juice. She rolled on top of me and began kissing me and licking her juices off of me. My cock hardened again as I thought what a horny slut sister I had. I could feel her hairy cunt moving against my leg and then she shifted so my cock was against the hair of her pussy.

As she rubbed her tits against my chest I could feel the head of my cock begin to enter her. Debbie slid down a little more and soon my cock was half way in her. She got up on her knees, never losing my cock from her pussy and began rocking back and forth and then up and down. Her pussy was so tight and her wetness felt so good. I reached up and grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples as she wantonly fucked my cock. She had another orgasm and then another as she continued to fuck me. Shortly she looked at me and once again told me that I couldn’t cum in her pussy because she didn’t want to get pregnant.

I told her I had another idea and asked if she enjoyed me fingering her asshole. She said that she did. Telling her I would be right back I soon returned with a tube of KY jelly. I asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass and she replied hell no and seemed a bit afraid of the prospect of having my cock in her ass. I told her to get on her hands and knees and give it a try. She hesitantly said okay and assumed the desired position.

Placing a gob of KY on her asshole, to which she said was cold, I slowly began entering my middle finger. Always asking if she was okay I gradually had my finger all the way in and began sliding it in and out. Satisfied that her ass was well lubed I pulled my finger out and reached for the KY to place some on my cock. Debbie turned her head back and watched my get my hard cock slick. She told me to be careful and go slowly.

I placed the head of my cock against her asshole and very slowly penetrated her virgin ass. Having about two inches in her I again asked if she was okay. She said yes but I could tell she wasn’t totally comfortable. Leaning over her back, I reached for her pussy and began lightly rubbing her clit as my cock went in a little deeper. I slid my cock in and out a few times and could tell she was starting to enjoy her ass fucking.

A few more thrusts and soon my cock was buried in her ass. She made no complaints as my hand played with her cunt I slowly withdrew my cock and plunged in again. I was glad I had already cum once because her asshole was so tight I knew that I would have cum quickly if I hadn’t. I got up on my knees and off her back and grabbed her hips. I could feel my balls slapping against her cunt as my cock rammed into her.

She reached between her legs and began playing with my balls as my cock fucked her ass. She kept telling me to fuck her ass and I knew she was enjoying it. Before long I felt that knowing sensation that I was going to cum. I pounded into her ass even harder watching the globes of her ass jiggle as I fucked her. With one deep plunge my cock exploded in her ass making it even more slippery. I looked down and could see cum leaking from her ass as my cock slowed. Then I pulled my cock out even more cum drained from her asshole.

My sister fell flat on her stomach and said that getting fucked in the ass was fantastic. She said she could feel my cock expanding and contracting with each shot of sperm going in her. I picked up the towel off the floor and wipe her ass and then my cock telling my sister that we’d better get cleaned up because my wife would be home soon.

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Any guy that wants to say they have a huge cock is usually exaggerating. Go find a real girl and stop looking for one over the Internet

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Kinda good but you write like a robot, put your own flavor on the words...

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