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Hey everybody, this is my first story ive posted on here, and I have shorter ones posted on if you want to check them out. My username on there is Pyro93 as well. Well without further ado, I hope you all enjoy part one and I hope to finish part 2 soon
I just finished yet another boring day of work, but unlike the rest of the week between college and working at target. Sally, an old friend from back in middle school when I moved into this town, called me up asking if she wanted to drive down to florida with her since her best friend and roommate, Jennifer or Ginger as we all call her because of her hair, and she needed someone to split the room with. I was able to get the 2 weeks off and told her that i would love to. Once I got in the house, I packed up the last of the clothes that I would need for the trip, and grabbed the fedoras that would match some of the outfits I was bringing with me. Packing my duffel bag with the last bits of clothing, I carried my bags out to the car. Placing my fedoras in the back window and my duffel in trunk.

I turned on my gps and headed off to Sally's house about a half hour drive from mine. When I pulled up in front of her house, I had just enough time to turn my car off and look up to see her trip, and accidentally toss one of her bags into the air, towards the car. I quickly got out to help her, saying, "you still haven't changed a bit have you Sally." laughing a little she got up and started grabbing her bag. She was had a nice black blouse and skirt on, pretty much the same style she wore all throughout high school. "Oh come on, I'm not that bad." As soon as she said that, the bag that had fallen, fell open. Spilling out the clothes onto a pile on the dewy morning grass. I laughed leaning down and said, "Yep, same old Sally." She groaned as I started picking up her clothes. I grabbed a shirt and said, I didn't know you liked wearing silk shirts."

"Silk shir...what are you talking about? Oh god, STOP! THOSE AREN'T SHIRTS!" She lunged at the pile grabbing them and quickly throwing them into the bag, snatching the silk thong from my hand before stuffing it in with the rest. Both of us red, I stood and said," Yep, same old Sally."

She just looked at me like she wanted to say something, but just laughed it off. "What?"I asked knowing it would bug both of us until she said what she was keeping inside. "Its nothing, but...I was wondering if we could stop by my parents place in Delaware on the way there?" We started picking up her bags and lugged them into my car, packing them neatly in the trunk.

"Sure, where did they move to exactly, I haven't seen them in ages." I slid into the driver's seat and she slid in next to me. In Bear, not that far off of route 95 on our way to Tampa." I started taping in their address as I asked, "Think they would mind if we stayed the night there since we got off on such a late start.
"Are you kidding? They would love to see you again, and definitely wouldn't mind if we stayed the night." Sally's smile was dazzling as she started talking about how they always asked about me whenever Sally called. " I haven't visited since Christmas so its going to be nice seeing them again."

Taking 295, It was a short trip to Bear from Bellmawr. Sally and I were catching up but there wasn't much of anything new to say between our busy schedules. "So why did Ginger back out on you?" Sally just waved her hand and sighed, "some guy she has been bringing over. He is a nice guy and all but you can just tell that he is a player and you know she hates being called Ginger." I just chuckled, "she has never complained about it to me when I call her Ginger." She just shook her head, "thats because its you and 'JENNIFER' knows you don't mean nothing by it."

"What do you mean thats because its me?" I asked, a little confused by what she meant. Sally just looked at me and said, "you still haven't realized it yet?" I just laughed and said, " well yeah, dense male here." That got her laughing and said, "but seriously, you haven't noticed what she has been doing and hinting at you since we were in high school?" Although me and Sally have been friends since middle school, we weren't friends with Ginger till our softmore year in high school. "Sorry, but I really don't know what you are talking about." I said, confused. She just looked at me for a little bit and said, "did you notice my hints back in high school?"

I was so caught up in our conversation I didn't realize we had made a wrong turn, and neither of us were paying attention to the GPS said, "Rerouting" when neither spoke for a minute. "Wait what?" Looking quickly at the GPS, I realized, we got off on the wrong ramp and had to drive back around through a heavily wooded road. "Well least we didn't stray too far." I pulled over for a second to get my bearings and to let the GPS make a new route for us.

"...Curt?" hearing a bit of worry and hesitation in her voice, I looked up at her and said," No worries, Sal, we should be there in..." I was cut off, when she pressed her lips against mine, I was stunned. When I didn't pull back she started to kiss me deeper and with more courage. I gently grabbed her arms and started to tenderly kiss back. She gently broke the kiss and I let out a small chuckle and asked, "wow, where did that come from?"

Sally just smiled at me with her hazel eyes and said in almost a whisper, " I've been waiting to do that since we met back in middle school." She kissed me again, this time only a small peck. " But I thought you didn't like me, and when we started hanging out with Jennifer, I thought..." I kissed her long and hard.

I broke the kiss this time, chuckling slightly,"you know, I always loved you, but I was too afraid of losing what we had to notice how you felt. I'm sor...she started kissing me again, almost hungrily this time. " You don't know how badly I've wanted to hear you say those words."

She quickly undid both of our seatbelts and crawled on top of my lap, pressing down on top of me and kissing me. Only stopping for a quick second when she bumped her head. She both felt and heard the smile and chuckle from my lips and she quickly grabbed the little handle that lets the back of the seat lean all the way back. Sally started to grind on me, as she slowly started kissing my chest up to my lips, where she she slowly slipped her tongue into my mouth. I started to suck on her tongue for a little bit before sliding mine into hers.

We kept sucking on each others tongues as they explored our mouths. Rubbing my hands up and down her back, teasingly raising her shirt up to her bra. she quickly broke the kiss and brought both her bra and shirt over her head, revealing perky 28C breasts. I lowered my head down to her nipples and started suck on one of them. Moaning softly, she stared to grind her butt on my hard dick.

All of a sudden she pulled my dick out and start rubbing her hands up and down my cock. leaning my head back against the car seat she suggest to move into the backseats so we can move around more freely. once in the back she pins me down. "I've been waiting a long time for this" and starts kissing my neck leaving a love bite trail while she starts to go down on me. reaching my dick she put it in her mouth and starts sucking slowly at first then hearing me moan slightly starts to suck faster putting me more into her mouth, savoring the taste of my precum.

Moving back up, she starts kissing me again, I start to massage her legs going to her inner thighs feeling her buck up a bit as I start making my way to her pussy. Realizing that she wasn't wearing any panties, I slid my hand over her clit and started rubbing her hard little bud. Moaning slightly into our kiss, she spread her legs a lil farther apart giving me easier access.Keeping my thumb on her clit, I slid my fingers down over her wet pussy lips and started to rub them before sliding my middle finger in between them. She starts grinding her hips on my hand asI rub both her clit and her pussy. sliding my middle finger back, I slid it inside her wet pussy that seemed to be drooling now.

She breaks the kiss and starts leveling her pussy with my dick, she grabs it, and while looking right in my eyes, pushes impales herself on my dick. she moans as she feels the head of my dick against her cervix as my balls rest against her ass. She shivers and moans, "oh my god, I've never felt this FULL before."

Her pussy felt amazing, it was soaking wet and felt like she was gripping me with her entire pussy. She leaned forward until just the head was inside her, giving me a deliciously evil grin. But before she could slide back down, I grabbed her ass and pulled her down quick, slamming back inside her, she yelped a lil and her body tightened as she started to cum already Squirting her pussy juices all over my cock. I started to thrust up inside her before she finished cumming, loving how her pussy squeezed and clamped down on me. Unfortunately because its been nearly over a year since I had sex, I could feel my cum filled balls already getting ready to burst.

"I love... you Sally," I moaned, "oh shit... I'm getting close." She moaned, "Do it, ah, inside me. I'm gonna cum again." I thrusted up hard, feeling the head of my dick hit her cervix with every thrust. She bent down and bit into my shoulder as she screamed out as she was cumming. This sent me over the edge, and with my dick right up against her cervix, I shot stream after stream of hot, thick cum inside her. Prolonging her orgasm, and mine as she spasmed on my dick. We were both spent but we both wanted more. Yet we had to get to here parents house still. So she slid down and cleaned me of both our juices before letting me go, she let me pull my pants up. Giving me a wink, she put her bra and blouse on. As I went to the drivers seat, she went to the trunk and fished out one of her panties and a pad. She sat back down in the car and put them on. Giving me a wink and saying, " Just in case it starts to flow out." I kissed her, tasting our juices on her tongue. "hmmm maybe next time I can take care of that so you don't need a pad." She giggled at the thought and just smiled. I set up the GPS and set back out to get back on 295 towards her parents house.

Hey everyone, I'm working on the next part of this series now, let me know what you think. And I'd like to put out a big thanks to emolover69 for helping me with writing this story. Let me know what yall think and thank you for reading.

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2013-11-08 00:20:22
Not a bad start but you need to really watch the small errors, in your title you have teen male/teen male, not female. Then in line two you put "asking if she wanted to drive down to florida with her". She with her? Instead of I wanted to drive down to Florida with her" makes more sense and capitalize the proper nouns, Florida, Target, etc. but again, not bad. Got to the sex pretty fast and finished faster. Need to drag it out some and give plenty of details.

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