Deanna continues to learn about sex and things are definitely different around the house.
Deanna’s mom Kirsten usually left for work by 7:15. She had a very responsible job as an office manager for an accounting firm and her commute into the city took almost an hour. They lived in a rural part of the county, so both Dee and Spencer took the same bus to their school, which held all grades, K-12. Their bus didn’t come until a few minutes after 8 so they usually spent their mornings shuffling around in their pajamas, eating breakfast and lounging about like most teenagers. Deanna was never one to primp or fuss over clothes, hair, and makeup like a lot of the other high school girls. She dressed simply in jeans and sweaters, except for game days when she wore her cheerleading outfit to school. Her long silky hair she wore straight and simple down her back, sometimes in a pony tail, and she did not need makeup. Her skin had a natural bronze hue and she had been blessed with visible eye-lashes and brows that did not need plucking. In other words, her mornings were pretty free until the bus came.

As Dee heard the garage door close she pulled off her nightshirt and went downstairs in just her panties to join Spencer for breakfast. He was engrossed in his book while he ate his cereal and did not initially notice his topless sister sit down across from him.

“Morning, Spencer” Dee said brightly as she poured herself some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

“Hey Dee” he said, glancing up briefly from his book. He choked on the mouthful of cereal and milk in his mouth and some dribbled back into his bowl as he tried to regain control, coughing loudly.

“Something wrong?” Deanna asked innocently.

“No, uh, . . . not at all Dee. I just wasn’t expecting to see your titties over breakfast!”

“Well” his sister explained, “I just like the feel of being naked. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies, ya know?”

“Well, you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of yours, cuz it’s like, um, what’s the word? Oh, yeah: Perfect?”

“You really think so?” she blushed. “You are sweet Spencer. Were you OK with me cleaning you up after you, what did you call it, came?”

“I dozed off. That happens sometimes after I cum. Thanks for doing that, so you, uh, touched my dick?”

“Couldn’t have cleaned it otherwise” she smiled back. “It was really soft.”

“That’s how it is most of the time.”

“How about right now?” she teased.

“Right now it’s gettin’ hard as a rock, kinda like your nipples, sis.”

He shifted in his seat to give his raging erection some room. “So, you’re gonna go around the house topless when mom’s not here.”

“Yep” she affirmed. “And maybe I’ll take my panties off too . . . would you like that?”

“Shit, yeah. I’m gonna have to jerk off before we leave, or else I’ll have this wood sticking in my pants all the way to school”. He pushed his cereal away and turned in his chair, pushing his boxers down and immediately grabbing his stiff rod. “Can you get me some tissues, Dee?”

Deanna brought a chair around after returning with the tissues. She handed them to Spencer and sat in the chair facing him, spreading her legs open and rubbing her thighs as she watched her brother stroke his dick.

She watched in fascination as her brother opened up the tissues, laid the squares on top of one another and then wrapped them over the top of his cock, resuming his stroking.

Spencer was not yet used to the teasing sex show that his sister seemed to really enjoy performing, but he was so grateful for it. This was like a young boys dream come true: being able to look at a beautiful naked girl while he jerked off. Deanna began by massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples, moaning out loud.

She then rubbed up and down the crotch of her satiny white panties. Deanna had a mesmerized look on her face as she displayed herself for her own and her brother’s titillation.

For some reason she decided to get down on her knees right in front of him. “Let me do it, Spence” she said quietly while she looked him in the eyes in a way she never had before; a way that a sister shouldn’t look at a brother.

Dee put her left hand on his knee and reached in with her right to wrap it around his cock, still covered with the tissues. Looking closely she could see the spot at the top where some fluid had come out of his pee-hole and had soaked into the tissues. The hardness of his cock surprised her as she got used to the feel of it in her hand. “Now I know why they call it a ‘boner’” she chuckled. “It feels so hard, Spence.”

Spencer couldn’t really think rationally at this point. His hot, older, almost naked sister was clutching his cock and was beginning to stroke it for him! He certainly could not have foreseen this scenario resulting from the simple act of opening the bathroom door without knocking yesterday. He looked down into her dark brown eyes and truly appreciated for the first time how beautiful a girl his big sister was. He was a skinny, nerdy 7th-grader who fully expected that pulling his own pud was going to be the extent of his sexual experience for at least the next several years. Now sis was giving him a handjob!

“Am I doing it OK Spencer?”

“Fuck, yeah, Dee.”

“You shouldn’t talk like that Spencer, mommy wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, yeah, Dee, Oh My God, fuuuuuuuck yeah!”

“Now you’ve taken the Lords name in vain, young man” Dee scolded gently while she continued her slow pumping. “Should I go faster? Or slower? Or squeeze more?”

“It feels fantastic, sis, I’ll let you know when to go a bit faster, right at the end, ok?”

Spencer leaned forward a bit so that he could reach down and grab hold of his sister’s tits with his fingertips. He twisted them gently as she continued to stroke and he could feel his climax coming on strong and fast.

“Ok, a bit faster Dee, light and faster, and touch up near the tip a bit if you can.” He had never thought he’d be vocalizing instructions on beating his meat but here he was, in his kitchen, about to cum with his sister participating very actively this time.

Deanna was enraptured with this dirty, naughty, perverted act like the other dirty, naughty things she had done in the last 24 hours. She could feel her pussy getting very damp as Spence pulled on her nipples and she pounded his cock in her fist. She hadn’t noticed that the tissues had soaked through at the tip so the first string of semen that came out of Spencer’s dick landed right across her cheek and nose! She flinched back and the second spurt landed in between her gorgeous tits. The third pump of jizz just landed on the back of her hand, which still clung to her brother’s shaft.

“Wow, Holy Shit!” Spencer said, laughing.

“A lot of good those tissues did, Spencer” Deanna scolded, but she was beaming a smile at him.

“That was amazing, sis, I can’t believe I came on you! That is so fucking hot.”

“Well, let’s get cleaned up and ready for school. I’m horny now too but I don’t think I have enough time to make myself cum.”

“Save it for later sis, we’ll get together later tonight. Since you touched me, maybe next time I could touch you?” he asked hopefully.

“We’ll see Spencer, if you behave yourself!”

*** *** ***

“Natalie” she whispered to get her friend’s attention as they changed in the locker room for cheerleading practice.

“What is it?” Natalie sat down next to Deanna, noting the secrecy implied by her whisper. Natalie was in great physical shape. She was the one who did the flips and the jumps during their routines. She was just a touch shorter than Dee, at 5’6”. Her boobs were firm, rounded B-cups and her pretty face was complimented nicely by her bright green eyes and natural blond hair.

“I did it last night, Nat. I made myself have an orgasm!” her admission came out in a hurried whisper.

“Well, it’s about time, Dee! How good was it?”

“I don’t have anything to compare it too, but it felt terrific. And then this morning I felt horny again so I walked around the house in just my panties.”

“This morning?” Natalie was a bit confused. “With Spencer there?”

Deanna quickly realized that she had blundered with her admission, how could she be so stupid? “No, uh, well, he wasn’t . . .” she tried to cover up her admission and look for something plausible. The flush of color on her face gave her away though.

“Oh my god, you let Spencer see you topless?”

“Nat, you CAN’T say anything, please?! I’d get in so much trouble.”

“Don’t worry Dee, I’ve got your back. But WHY would you want to let Spencer see you naked, or at least mostly naked?”

“I’ll fill you in after practice if you want to come to my house after school.”

*** *** ***

They took the late bus home, which ended up being like a 45-minute ride as it went all around the district, dropping off kids who stayed after for sports or school activities. It gave Deanna and Natalie plenty of time to talk as they huddled in a rear seat, away from the ears of others. Dee was going to try to make Spencer seeing her topless seem as innocent as possible and skip over all the other bits, but she ended up spilling her guts to Natalie, whom she knew she could trust without reservation. They had been friends since Kindergarten and Nat had been there for her when she lost her dad, and was never one to judge about some of the religious views that Deanna had espoused. Dee had been drilled with the teachings of her mom’s church, and had only recently begun to question some of their very strict code and views.

When she got to the part about lying in Spencer’s bed and masturbating right in front of him, Natalie gasped and blushed. Then, when Dee admitted to jerking her brother off that morning, Natalie’s mouth dropped open and she just said “No way!”

“Uh-huh, I swear it’s true. He came right on my face and on my chest. It was really kinda cool. He asked if he can touch me since now I’ve touched him, do you think I should let him?”

“Oh My God, Dee, you’ve gone off the deep end! Two days ago you had never even touched yourself down there and today you’re having sex with your brother!”

“We didn’t have sex!” Deanna protested. “I just pulled on his thingy until he came, I don’t think that counts, do you?”

“Why not ask your mom and get her opinion?”

To that they both laughed long and loud, until tears streamed down Deanna’s face.

*** *** ***

“Mom” Deanna called down the stairs. “Natalie’s staying for dinner so we can work on our routine afterwards, ok?”

“No problem dear, do you want hot dogs or spaghetti?”

“Hot dogs are fine mom, and Spencer can even handle cooking those on the grill.” She closed the door to her bedroom and turned back to Natalie, who was sitting on the bed texting with another friend. She put the phone down as Deanna sat beside her.

“So, tell me Dee” Natalie began, “what was it like?”

“What was what like?”

“Everything! Um, getting off in front of your brother, watching him jerk off, grabbing his dick! How big is it?”
Dee held her fingers about 6 inches apart and giggled at her friend. “At least when it’s really hard. When it’s soft it’s this teeny little thing” her fingers moved to within 2 inches of each other.

“Did you kiss him?”

“Not on the mouth or anything, I did give him a smooch on the forehead after I came that first time.”

“Did he suck on your boobs?”

“Suck on my boobs? No. Would that feel good?”

“God, you really are clueless about some things, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry Nat, I do feel kind of dumb. My mom did everything possible to make me feel that sex was only something you did after you were married. You’re supposed to let your husband ‘do it’ to you whenever he feels like, and you make as many babies as God gives you. Until I got to High School and we had that sex-ed unit in health class, I assumed that pretty much everybody felt the same way. I know it must sound really ignorant, but that’s how I was raised.”

Natalie gave her a warm hug and assured her “you’re NOT dumb Dee, you’ve just been a bit sheltered from what goes on in the real world”, she paused. “So you got yourself worked up this morning walking around naked, huh? Did you take care of yourself at school?”

“At school? God, no, I wouldn’t ever do that! But I was thinking of doing it now, if you wouldn’t mind?”

“Right here, in front of me?”

“Well, if I can do it in front of Spencer I can certainly do it in front of you! You could do it too if you felt like it.”

Deanna began to disrobe and Natalie found herself getting unexpectedly excited watching her best friend strip in front of her. They’d seen each other naked before when they had swim class together last year. Deanna’s boobs had definitely filled in considerably since then and Nat couldn’t help but admire them as they fell free of the restraint of her sports bra. As Dee unzipped and pulled her jeans off, Natalie felt a sweat break over her as her temperature seemed to rise a few degrees instantly. Dee stood there in only her panties, waiting for a response from her friend.

Nat wasn’t sure exactly what came over her, but all the sex talk for the last hour had her going a bit, she surmised. She stood and put her hands on Deanna’s luscious mounds and leaned in to suck on her left nipple. A sharp intake of breath greeted her in response as Dee’s knees buckled slightly and she leaned into her.

“I guess that does feel good” Dee said quietly.

Natalie quickly stripped and the two of them lay down on Dee’s bed, pulled their panties off and began to pleasure themselves side by side. They alternated looking at each other, giggling, looking away, concentrating on what they were doing, giggling some more. They held hands at first then let their hands roam, caressing breasts and arms and hair, they’d never felt so close, and no intimate conversation could compare to this type of sharing. Natalie spread her legs wider and draped her right leg over Dee’s left. Dee responded by caressing Nat’s thigh all the way to the top, where she playfully ran her fingers through her pubic hair. Natalie sucked in breath and pushed her pelvis up, like she needed something more. Deanna took what she hoped was the right clue and slipped her fingers down into her friend’s very wet pussy, where they entwined with Natalie’s.

Natalie moaned in response to the extra hand in her womanhood and reciprocated by sliding her right hand into Dee’s waiting snatch. They rolled toward each other and held their heads close as they finished each other off in orgasms that were stronger than either had experienced before, bucking against each other’s hands and feeling the juices flow from their young, tight cunts.

As they broke their clutch Natalie placed a light, loving kiss on Deanna lips and the two of them smiled earnestly before breaking out in giggles once again.

“Deanna!” her mother called up the stairs. “Dinner is on.”

Dee brazenly opened her door stark naked and called down the stairs “coming mom”, eliciting fresh giggles from the both of them. Deanna was a good girl, but she was being very, very naughty . . . and loving every minute of it.


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