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My name is Ashley, and this is the story of my discovery and exploration.
This story is fictional; any resemblance to real life events is coincidence.
My name is Ashley, and this is the story of my discovery and exploration. I grew up in a 4 bedroom two story house with an in ground pool. Between watching what I eat and sports I keep a pretty tight body. I always loved gymnastics, but I had to drop out when my chest started to develop. Don't let the movies full you, when you start hitting the upper limits of a c chest, gymnastics really start to become uncomfortable. I did still have cheerleading.

My adventure all started late one night, I was in my pajama pants and a loose T-shirt. Everyone else had gone to bed and I stayed up to watch a movie on TV, I don't remember what it was called. After the movie ended I was headed to bed when I heard moaning coming from my parents' bedroom. I had seen some porn and masturbated regularly, but I wasn't having sex. I was however very curious. Their bedroom was near the stairs on the first floor and the door was slightly open. I quietly approached the door and looked in.

There was enough light coming through the window from streetlights to clearly see what was going on inside. My mother was naked on all fours facing away from the door with my father behind her thrusting into her. Staying in shape runs in my family and the scene before me was amazing. As I watched my mother push back into my father with each thrust I slowly slide my hand under the waistband of my pajama pants. I was already extremely wet as I started furiously rubbing my middle finger in circles over my clit.

As my orgasm was getting closer my father's grunts grew louder and sharper. My mother turned over onto her backside and wrapped her legs around his legs and pulled herself closer. She wrapped her hands around his backside and time froze. My mother made eye contact with me leaning against the doorway with my right hand down the front of my pajamas. After what seemed like an eternity time started again as my father let out a cross between a moan and a grunt. My mother turned her attention back to my father. She looked up at him, closed her eyes and opened her mouth just as the first jet of cum hit her left cheek. She let out a moan and started shaking in orgasm as several more jets of cum landed on her forehead, chin, and chest. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I reached up with my left hand and pinched my nipple under my shirt, my body erupted in an orgasm of my own.

My knees were weak as I made my way up the stairs to my room. I lay in my bed and drifted off my sleep in the mind blown afterglow of my orgasm.

The next morning I didn't immediately believe what had happened. Realization quickly hit me based on the state of my mostly dried pants. Then fear struck. My mother saw me masturbating while I watched her and my father have sex. I couldn't even imagine the trouble I was in. I decided to take a shower before I headed down to face
the music.

In the shower visions of the night before kept replaying in my head. I ran my fingers up and down my lips as the warm water cascaded over me. I pictured my father trusting into my mother as I slid my first finger into myself. I added a second finger a few strokes later. Every second or third stroke I brushed my thumb over my
clit as I pictured my father's backside tensing as he came. I came as I moved my other hand up to my breast and kneaded it with my hard nipple under my palm. I moved my index finger and middle finger to either side of my nipple and applied pressure while keeping up a steady rhythm with my fingers moving in and out of me. I
pictured my mother trembling in orgasm while my father's cum landed on her face and chest. I came again before turning off the water and toweling off.

I got dressed and headed down stairs. I found my mom in the kitchen.

"Hi Mom, where's Ryan and Dad?"

"Hi Ashley, Dad's at work and Ryan went to meet up with some friends. Would you like some breakfast?"

So far she didn't seem angry with me, so that was a good sign. "No thanks mom."

"Come over and sit down with me. I think we need to talk about what happened last night."

I sat down with my mother at the island in the kitchen, I felt like I was going to be sick.

"First I just want to say that I am not angry or embarrassed about what you saw. Sex is a natural thing and to be curious about it is normal. Now I know you don't need 'the talk', but based on what you were doing last night I have to ask, are you having sex yet?"

"No, but I am curious. It seems like all my friends started a few years ago."

"It looked like you really enjoyed watching your father and me." At this I blushed a little.

"Seeing the two of you was so much hotter than porn."

"Have you ever thought of Ryan that way?" I blushed a deeper shade of red this time. "It's ok, in fact people don't talk about it, but I think it's pretty normal. I was an only child, but your Dad said he used to sneak glances at his older sister. Then as they got older and more curious they started experimenting together. Talking to my girlfriends many of them seemed to mess around with their brothers too. It just seems to be one of the things everyone does, but no one talks about."

"Do you think Ryan would be interested?"

"Well there is certainly one way to find out...seduce him."

"What do you mean?"

"Tell you what, first we will get you on the pill. I thought about putting you on it a while ago, but you didn't seem very interested in sex so I waited. Then we'll get you some sexy bras and panties. With your room being at the top of the stairs Ryan walks past your door to get to his room. When you're changing wait till you hear
him coming and leave your door slightly ajar. Where a few short skirts around the house and 'unknowingly' give him some glances up your skirt. Basically tease him and pay attention to his reactions. If he is noticing you and starts trying to catch glimpses, then you know he is interested."

"I get it, maybe leave the door slightly open when I'm in the shower. Pick up a bikini instead of my one piece swimsuit."

"Exactly, maybe some lace bras so when your nipples get hard he can see them through your shirt. Of course by the look of it you may not need the lace."

I looked down and sure enough my nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through my shirt. "Hmm your one to talk."

Mom looked down at herself and looked back up with a smile. "I do admit thinking of the two of you exploring each other does excite me."

"So what will Dad think of all of this?"

"I'll talk to him, we'll go to the doctor today because getting you on the pill should happen either way. As long as he is on board we'll go shopping for the rest
after we talk."

With that our plan was set, I was going to seduce my brother Ryan.


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Very nice start of to a great read liking your details you've given very nicely devilish charm

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I can imagine your naked body you are too much hot

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more than people admit brothers an sisters do things together

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Lame, short, and no incest. Please get your tags straight.

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