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Waking up on Saturday after the Friday afternoon I had I find myself sore and still tired but it’s only six in the morning and I feel like I have I few things to do but pleasure before revenge for me. I pull myself from bed quietly and wearing just my boxer briefs I creep out of my room and into Katy’s just a few feet down the hall. She’s still sleeping and I see her upper half sticking out of the bed. I get the door closed and creep up alongside Katy and with my body held up over hers and looking down just wait for her to realize I’m there. It takes a moment but I get to watch as she goes from groggy to ‘how the hell did you get there’.

“Good morning sweetie,” I whisper before laying a soft kiss on her lips.

I feel her pull the blankets up around me before pulling me into bed and wrapping every limb she has around me and mine. I keep kissing Katy soft and slowly enjoying as she warms up to me. I feel one of her hands trail down and after a little maneuvering my shorts are down under my balls with my cock free and hard, a little more work and I can feel Katy’s pussy working its way around my ‘head’. A couple adjustments and I slide inside easily and both of us groan while kissing.

“What did I do to get the surprise,” Katy asks breaking the kiss.

I smirk a little and start taking slow strokes in and out of Katy, she’s as tight as usual and for a wake up I think I’m doing pretty well. I feel her shift a little and I get seated all the way in and start to get into a rhythm. I trail kisses down Katy’s jaw line and around her neck as she paws at my back before she starts giggling. I pause and look down to see what’s so funny but a well placed hand on my ass is pulling me back to the task at hand. I speed up a little and focus on the slick tight feeling of Katy as I keep working in and out of her. It’s weird for Katy and I can tell, she’s been so used to me being rougher and more forceful when we have sex. I get a little tingle in my cock and Katy can tell, I feel her start to shift and after a little more maneuvering we get rolled over onto my back. I trail my hands up her tank top and start to squeeze her breast lightly.

“Let me do some of the work before you finish early,” Katy says quietly.

I let her sit up and I get to see her in the morning lack of light and with the tank top on I get a nice shot of her figure. A hand trails down her body and I watch Katy start rubbing her clit lightly, I feel her hips start rotating around giving me the full treatment. I really want to hold out but I can tell she’s getting close to cumming too, I grit my teeth and the circles turn to a hard and fast bouncing. I take my hands away from Katy’s breasts and watch them bounce while contained by her tank top. I feel her start to clamp down on me and I let go my first few shots inside Katy’s warm pussy, she jerks a little with shock before nearly head butting me as she collapses forward and kisses/moans into my mouth with her orgasm. I kiss her back and we grind out our final moments together before Katy rolls off of me and start to clean up. I lay there and feel more warm and bobbing on my member as she takes matters of my cleaning in her own mouth.

“Now do you want to tell me what I did to deserve some early morning love from the stud,” Katy says crawling back under the covers.

“You were so good yesterday with not being hung up on what was happening I figured I’d pay you back before you started to feel left out,” I tell her letting her curl up next to me.

We cuddle and relax for at least an hour when Katy’s phone starts going off, I let her check it while I sneak out and back to my room. A quick change and I get into the gym/garage to work out the rest of my muscles. Katy joins me and we work on her form while talking about next moves, I explain the new ‘movie’ plan that I have and Katy give me a warning to keep Liz in the loop. I debate it but I can tell Katy is right. The majority of the morning goes well and I let Liz know that Jun is working on the final presentation and that he’ll keep things from getting too out of hand. She insists on the delivery and I relent to her getting me a hug in the process. I figure on spending the afternoon at home but Mom decides that I need to help her with grocery shopping, which I never do and a little put off we head out together.

“We don’t talk much anymore do we Guy,” Mom says on the way.

“We talk plenty. We talk at meals and when we’re out like this,” I reply confused.

“What I mean is that we aren’t talking about everything. You and your Father are on the warpath and all these secret meetings are killing me so we need to really talk,” Mom says a little upset,” I used to know you and now you’re this angry young man who spits out freedom march speeches while breaking people’s bones.”

“Mom I’m a monster,” I tell her quietly.

“No you are my son, there needs to be a point where you will have to stop and say enough,” Mom says pulling over to talk.

“I don’t think I have one. I am almost enjoying the conflict,” I tell her getting a stoic look.

“That’s because you feel you are justified because of what happened to Kori. But there has to be a point where you just fight because all you’ve done is fight, have you even tried to sit down and talk with some of these people,” Mom asks shutting the engine off.

“Mom they are coming at me, they point me out when I’m there just to get a reaction. All of this is Heather trying to get back something she threw away. I know you’d like a peaceful resolution to it but that’s just not an option anymore,” I tell her quietly,” Had someone done this to you Dad wouldn’t have wasted as much time as I have going after them. You love him but I know what he’s capable of, trust me when I say that I’m being pretty damn merciful.”

“Mercy isn’t something that comes at the end of a fist or boot,” Mom says calming me down.

“Okay, so what do you suggest,” I ask plainly.

“Set up a meeting with this boy, show him that Heather is using him to get you back. If she’s treating everyone like their expendable then I say prove to him that she’s not to be trusted,” Mom says starting up the engine.

We get to the store and do the family food shopping, it’s a quiet time with small talk and I can tell she’s not going to let this go. It’s the ride home and the maddening silence that provokes Mom to start in with more talking.

“I want you to find a way to contact this Kyle and arrange a sit down between the two of you,” Mom says as we pull in the driveway,” I want you to find a way and make it happen.”

“I can’t do that, it goes against everything I’m trying to do,” I tell her as we exit the car.

I get the food from the car and load it inside for Mom but she’s being very quiet about everything while we get it put away. As soon as she’s done I watch her head off to her bedroom and close the door, along the way she passes by Liz and Katy who give me a ‘what’s wrong’ look. I shrug and when Dad joins us in the living room I tell him about the conversation her and I had while we were out. I see his face get grim and we all watch him head into the parent bedroom. All three of us sit down in the living room and wait quietly as the parents talk things out. It’s about two in the afternoon when they come out and Dad has his bad news look on his face.

“Talk to the Asian boy and get this Kyle’s number, have a sit down with him this afternoon and try to come to some form of peace,” Dad says getting all three of us to freeze,” You’ll have a sit down and either come to some sort of peace or get a feel for how to handle this kid.”

“Dad this goes against everything you’ve told me about how to take them down,” I tell them both getting up,” I have a sit down and they’re gonna see past this fear I’ve got them in and then it’s going to be an uphill battle from there.”

“I understand that Guy, but we’re asking you to try,” Dad says trying to calm me down.

“Guy maybe you should try a peaceful way out for once,” Liz says from the couch,” How long before the
rest of us get hurt by this.”

“It’s a war, I told all of you from the start that this wasn’t going to be fun or pretty. Pain is the only thing I can count on when it comes to this,” I spit out to everyone in the room,” Either I bring the pain to them or they just keep hurting me through my friends and family.”

Everyone in the room is quiet and I can hear the tension starting to wear on us all with the conversation. I make a point of exiting the room quickly as I see Mom start to try to speak to me again. I sit quietly in my computer chair and wonder what the hell happened with my family, supportive for a week now they want me to stop. I would have been done with this before the weekend but I just listened to more people’s ideas when I should have just run in head first and got shit done. A quiet knock pulls me out of my brooding and I see Mom come in and I can tell she’s been doing some crying, wonderful.

“I need to clarify something with you, I understand what happened to Kori was horrible and I am not saying to turn the other cheek on it. I just want you to explain to me why he has you so wound up that you can’t even hear me out when I’m talking about a peaceful option,” Mom asks sitting down on my bed.

I go into what Kyle and Heather’s group has been doing around the school; I explain the bullying and the attacks on everyone in and out of my group. The whole time Mom sits down and listens quietly letting me get it all out as I go from talking to angry ranting. I finally finish and Mom has me sit next to her on the bed, I do so and she takes my hand as I sit.

“Just talk to him, learn about him if you’re going to destroy him then learn how to do that,” Mom says softly.

“I know how I’m gonna hurt him Mom, I am getting his girlfriend,” I reply quietly.

“You don’t want to talk with him then you do what I say when it comes to her, none of this eye for an eye with her,” Mom says with a level of finality in her voice.

We sit and I explain how I have no clue who she is and how to approach her. Mom starts to talk about how to speak to women and I start laughing, she gets me to sit down and explains it in Mom talk.

“Boy listen up because you don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about,” Mom says sitting me down in my chair,” You have all these women around you because they came after you. Get me the information on this girl and then we’ll go over what to do.”

I watch her leave and get Jun and Isaac on the phone, apparently Jun’s been burning the candle at both ends and Isaac has been working like a man possessed to get me more info on the mystery girlfriend. He says he’s been working on it and I give him my address and have Jun forward the basics to my computer. It takes a few minutes but the data is in a wonderful little file at my inbox and I start going through the details; Rachael Killian, Junior with some college credits on her trans, part of a book club at her school and lives almost the whole way across town. I keep reading and see that Jun really went all out breaking through all her account info and personal info sites just to get me her likes and dislikes. Isaac shows up and we start going over some of the basics, she’s quiet and a reader not a doer. He thinks that she’s an uptight prude but I decide to consult the ‘expert’ on the subject. I call Mom into my room and Isaac gives her the spot on the bed and I relay the findings on my new target. Mom listens quietly while we explain the ideas on the girl and Mom does her best to listen in before she starts laughing. Both Isaac and I sit quietly while we wonder what Mom finds so funny.

“You mean with all your digging you think this girl is a bookworm who doesn’t get out,” Mom tells us calming down from her laughing fit,” Look at what she reads, there are more trashy romance novels in that list of books read than I care to count. She’s a free spirit guy, she wants adventure and romance. Hell half of the books she reads the women have multiple lovers because she’s untamed.”

“Okay how the hell do you get that from all that we explained,” Isaac asks confused.

“I’m a mother and a woman boy, I have more experience being a woman that you’ll ever have being with a woman in your entire life. Trust me, you want in get her location and do exactly what I tell you,” Mom says laying out her plan.

We listen and Mom starts laying out clothes for me to wear with Isaac staring in disbelief as she goes over the exact way to get this girl to approach me. I’m a little put off by it but either this or peace talks and if it makes Mom back off then I’ll give it a shot. I’m not decked out preppy but I’m wearing one of my nice silk shirts and decent cargo pants when Mom hands me a romance novel from what I can only guess is Liz’s collection. I get a location from Isaac and tell him to be on standby in the area just in case. I grab my leather jacket and head out to the public park downtown where her last post said she’d be at. I head over on my bike at Mom’s recommendation, but it’s not like I prefer to drive a car.

There’s a little sun out but it’s a cool fall day and the park isn’t packed but I still take a few moments to walk around and find my target, she’s sitting at a table alone reading as I make my approach. I keep to the plan and don’t acknowledge her as I sit at the opposite corner and take out my new reading material, I get my coat off and start to get into probably the sappiest novel I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I’m about half way through the second chapter of drivel when I hear someone trying to talk.

“Excuse me but what series is that,” I hear coming from my quarry.

“Honestly I don’t know, I’m looking for some inspiration for dealing with my girlfriends,” I tell the girl not looking up.

“You have girlfriends,” She asks emphasizing the plural.

“Yeah,” I say looking up and seeing a disgusted look on her face,” oh not like that. I have multiple girlfriends but they all know each other and spend time together.”

I can see she’s skeptical at my admission but I return to my ‘book’ when I notice she’s moved next to me.

“What do you mean by inspiration,” She asks confused.

“Having multiple girlfriends is taxing, what works to make one feel special isn’t what works for the others. I’m trying to come up with some ideas on how to make one feel really special soon,” I explain,” who are you again?”

“Oh I’m sorry, Rachael,” She says holding out her hand.

I take her hand in mine; she’s got a firmer grip than I thought. I give her my name and try to turn back to my reading but she’s got more questions.

“So why have four girlfriends,” Rachael asks.

“They chose me, I had an open relationship with the first one and it just kind of exploded from there,” I explain leaving out details,” besides it’s not like the women in this book don’t run around sleeping with these guys are being honest with all of them.”

“But the women have been repressed by their lives and station and the lover’s are how their expressing their want for freedom,” Rachael explains.

“Yeah but with no honesty they’re going to burn out every relationship they have,” I tell her closing the book to continue the debate.

“No they need the fire to embolden themselves to blossom into who they are,” Rachael explains in impassioned tones.

“Wow, either you really relate to these women or you are a drama nut,” I say chuckling.

We both laugh for a minute but she’s still hard into trying to convince me that the characters aren’t the cheating harpies or something.

“So if you’re so keen on these women tell me about your love life, you must have a boyfriend,” I ask getting a quiet look.

“I do, we talk and share our thoughts and feelings but he likes the separation of me from everything else in his life so he can relax when we’re together,” Rachael explains going into her life.

“Well it doesn’t sound so great by your tone. Sounds more like you are looking for some adventure like you heroines,” I tell her keeping it the subject off of me.

“It’s fine, I just feel like sometimes there’s parts of his life that I could help with but he keeps it separate,” She says a little sadly,” I have met his family a couple times and we’ve been dating over a year. I guess I’m just being greedy is all.”

“No you just want a real relationship and you don’t feel like you’re having one,” I tell her,” more than that you want to do things in your life and you don’t feel like you are.”

“Yeah, I want more. Guess it’s why I’m reading all these books,” Rachael says a little put off.

My god I love my mom, not a prude or a closet freak either. She was right about the book and the conversation but I’m stuck now with where to go. I let her sit for a minute and decide to go for broke.

“Okay I have an idea but you probably won’t like it,” I tell Rachael getting her attention,” Ever ride on a motorcycle?”

“No I don’t know anyone who owns one,” She says a little skeptical.

I get up and grab my coat and Liz’s book and head towards my bike. I don’t look but by the patter of shoes behind me I can tell Rachael is following me. At my bike I throw my coat on and grab the spare helmet and hand it to her before grabbing mine, I see she’s got a nice pair of capri pants on and a light coat but honestly it’s her long strawberry blonde hair that keeps my attention as she stares at the helmet in her hands and then to me and my bike.

“I don’t think I can,” Rachael says handing back the helmet.

“Okay,” I tell her taking it back,” You’re not ready for it that’s fine.”

I watch her get a determined look on her face before taking the helmet out of my hands and I get her on the bike. I explain the leaning basics and peel out and away from the park. Rachael could break my ribs with the grip she has around my waist. I take her around for about an hour and stop us away from the park and prying eyes and let her get her bearings on the ride.

“Wow, that was fun,” Rachael tells me excited before noting where we are,” what are we doing here?”

“Right now we’re talking, did you have other ideas,” I ask coyly.

“Oh that’s so not a good idea, first off my boyfriend studies martial arts and second I’m not the cheating kind,” Rachael says a little stand offish.

“Okay but he is the secret keeping kind so I’ll ask you a vulgar question, when was the last time you two had sex,” I say with no subtlety in my question.

“We made love recently enough for me,” Rachael says trying to put me in my place playfully.

“I didn’t ask about love making, that happens. I’m talking about hard, beautiful and animalistic sex or fucking if you prefer the word,” I say with a little more clarity and amazingly less tact than the first time.

I can see Rachael’s face getting flustered by the vulgarity and I’m guessing more so by the fact that she’s never had someone express things like this to her before. I let her stew it over before breaking the silence.

“Listen I may not have the most stereotypical relationships in the world but mine are honest and we’ve never had to hide anything major like you feel is being hidden from you. Now I’m just guessing but I think that you got a choice about your life,” I say taking things into more of a decision than a life revealing question.

“Okay what do you think are my choices,” Rachael asks confused.

“Well either you get your boyfriend to open up about his secrets so that you don’t feel so alone or you take this budding wild side that you’re developing and start having some secrets of your own,” I tell her keeping my humor about the situation contained.

“What kind of secrets are we talking about,” She asks trying to get some bearing.

“Well how about the fact that you just met a guy your age and aside from talking about your love life you went on a ride with him on his motorcycle,” I say replaying our events so far,” I mean it’s a start.”

“Okay but that’s kinda small for a secret,” Rachael says trying to figure out her next move.

“Well here’s the thing I think your nice but I am not looking for another girlfriend,” I tell her putting her at a distance,” But I think I’d at least like to know you better if at all possible.”

“And how much better are you thinking,” She asks moving till we’re close enough to kiss.

“Depends on when you’re ready, I think you’d be more ready if you started to show your boyfriend that you want a complete relationship by surprising him and just showing up where ever he’s at,” I tell her getting a wide eyed look,” Or you can just start making some secrets of your own.”

I can see her thinking but it’s when she grabs my hand and leads me a little further out of sight before stopping and backing up against a wall. She’s a little indecisive about it but as soon as I cover the distance and get close she pulls open my coat first then hers showing me a tight blue top. I get grabbed by the head and pulled in for a kiss which starts a little softly before I wrap my arms around her thin frame and lift her up off her feet pinning her against the wall and shoving my tongue in her mouth. It catches Rachael off guard for a second but she is a quick study and I can feel her tongue taking back the fight against me. I get her legs wrapped around me and while she’s got a little less ass than Liz it’s just enough for me to grip my hands on. I try to start to move my kissing down her neck but Rachael puts the brakes on and we go back to her safe zone before she unwraps her legs from around my waist. We slowly untangle and I can see she’s got a wonderful color to her face but the doubts are creeping in.

“So how was that,” I ask smiling.

“So wrong, that’s what it was. I can’t believe I did that,” Rachael says with less regret than I anticipated.

“We did that, don’t worry I won’t tell your boyfriend if you won’t,” I say getting a smile.

“I don’t think I can find words for that kiss,” Rachael says as we walk back to my bike.

“Well then don’t try, but I would like to at least talk to you again,” I say giving her my number.

“Okay here’s the thing, I felt something but it’s not love I think it’s just what my body is telling me from the adrenaline rush. But we should talk again at least and maybe I can meet one of your girlfriends if that’s okay,” Rachael asks putting on the helmet.

“After today they’ll probably want to meet you when I tell them,” I say getting an odd look,” We don’t keep secrets.”

I ride Rachael back to the park and taking back my helmet let her walk away, I know she looked back when I sped off but it’s only six and I have things I need to do at home. I pull in and as soon as I’m in the door the whole family is waiting for a report except for Mom who is in the kitchen. I say nothing and simply go to see Mom who looks at me expectantly.

“I have no words for the sheer level of awesome that your great wisdom and years of insight have given me into the planning for what happened today. It went better than you planned,” I tell Mom laying on the praise.

“Okay how much better than she gave you her number,” Mom asks expectantly.

“She kissed me, it was hard and nice but more for her than me. I gave her my number and played it cool, she’s not gonna beat down my door but you were right about her,” I say giving her the short of what happened.

“Well am I happy that things aren’t all ending in pain and anguish for everyone involved,” Mom says giving me a quick hug,” Now no beating up this Kyle boy until the right time, when you do you can crush him with her.”

I stand back and marvel at the sheer level of devastation that my Mother just laid out in front of me. Take his girl, take his pride and beat hell into him. I’m on such a happy note that when I try to text Kori to head over she texts me back telling me that I need to wait till tomorrow because she and I have a date and a meeting to tend to. I’m confused again but with Kori it’s either a good thing or a surprise. I let it sit and decide I need to heap some praise out to my team as I note that not only is Isaac still in my room screwing around on his phone but Jun has joined him and is on the laptop.

“Gentlemen you have both done me a wonderful service with this information. Isaac I know you’re new to this but I can’t afford to take baby steps with you now and considering that I must say you did a great job,” I tell Isaac causing him to perk up before turning to Jun,” You’ve brought him along well Jun.”

“He’s good out there in the world with the info gathering, I’m your computer guy,” Jun says smiling.

“Either way you two have done a lot with this, I’ll try to pay you guys back sometime if possible,” I tell them sitting down in my computer chair.

“Well if that’s the case can I get a girlfriend,” Isaac asks with a little more seriousness than I expected.

“Depends if the girl wants you, no trickery involved man,” I tell him smiling.

We go over basics and group workings when Jun finally gets called home and takes Isaac with him to help out. I sit and mull over today’s events, Rachael was not what I was expecting but then again I’m guessing that I get to see a different side of her than Kyle does. I’m not getting into another relationship but if I’m bringing about some major change in people it’s going to be fun to see Kyle deal with his perfect girl getting what she wants from me. I let the rest of the evening pass with relative peace and quiet, apparently Mom isn’t talking about what I’m working on and I figure that I’m going to keep a lid on it as much as possible since this part is her baby and while I’m not getting my hands as dirty as I’d like it feels good to have everyone on the same page with what I’m doing.

Sunday morning starts very quiet and just after breakfast I’m greeted with the surprise of a text from Rachael, she says she’s been thinking about what happened and apologizes for putting me on the spot with some out of control emotions. I tell her that sometimes being out of control helps you figure out why control is overrated. She sends a LOL text back and asks when we can talk face to face again and I tell her we’ll see. I get another text from Kori telling me that she’ll meet me at the park where I gave my big speech and I ask if it’s okay to pick her up, she says not this time and I figure that either this will be a bad day and get my game face on for the worst before I head out. It’s about one in the afternoon when I park my bike and start heading off to go see Kori. It takes me a minute to find her in her capri pants with a purple long sleeve top but she’s over by the picnic tables and waiting patiently. Once I get to her she smiles big and it actually makes me feel a little better.

“Oh baby you thought this was bad news,” Kori says sitting me down across from her and pulling up a basket,” We are having a picnic.”

“Wait we’re what,” I ask confused.

“We need some us time and I figure we’d kill two birds with one stone so to speak,” Kori says pulling out some sandwiches and juice.

We get to sit and just talk for the first time in weeks and it feels wonderful, I start to bring up what I’ve been doing but for once she stops me and brings things around to us and the rest of the girls too.

“We’re all going to need to think about how to get the five or more of us in the same house in a couple years so we can try this as a family for real,” Kori tells me eating an apple wedge.

“Well let me get past the craziness of everything now and I’ll try to get a job that pays well if I make it to college,” I tell her feeling a little off with the conversation.

“Honey we’re all gonna get some sort of college, so we can all provide for this family,” Kori says taking my hand,” Trust us, we women have been talking about it just so we can get it straight before it gets to the doing phase.”

“Well that’s why I guess you’re the heart of this group,” I tell her smiling.

“Yeah well just remember that while I’m sweet and nurturing I can get really vengeful,” Kori says showing me a little playful anger.

We get an hour of wonderful time for just the two of us to sit and relax as a couple when I watch Kori’s gaze shift to the edge of the park. I follow her gaze and see Heather with her Masha and Taylor in tow heading straight over towards us. I don’t know how they found us but before I can get up and go say ‘hi’ Kori takes my hand and shakes me off. We let them get close and I see Kori playing with her phone when Heather shows up.

“I didn’t think you’d ever go out in public again after someone took the time to shame you,” Heather says sneering at Kori.

“Yeah well bruises from belt heal a lot faster than when Guy decides that I need a good fucking and just pounds the shit out of me,” Kori says smiling back.

“You stupid whore, you think that’s the worst that can happen to you or any of you little girlfriends,” Heather barks back with more aggression than I’ve seen.

“No I think you’re capable of a lot worse considering how unbelievably fucked up you are,” Kori retorts keeping her calm.

“Easy boss, she’s not worth it right now anyway,” Taylor says bringing some order to the confrontation.

“Right Taylor, I’m here to speak to someone who matters,” Heather says turning her attention to me,” you tried to send me a message and I’m guessing that’s about all you got, take some low ranking people who are trying to stand up for something good and beat them down publicly? Guy you know this is all and act like everyone else here does so just drop the game and we’ll get back to some real happiness in our lives.”

“Wow, you are really delusional. I thought he was overselling it on how badly you’d lost your damn mind but clearly he was on the mark,” Kori says getting the attention back to her,” Guy doesn’t love you because you aren’t worth the love he gives me and the other girls freely.”

“Guy I’m going to tell you one time, you walk away with me right now and this all ends,” Heather says not acknowledging Kori’s statement,” I will let all your ‘old’ friends be if you just walk away and drop this act right now.”

“Well since you asked me so nicely I’m gonna have to say,” I pause for humorous effect,” No you crazy ass cock juggling thunder cunt. Love you? I can’t even tolerate listening to your name being said let alone hear your fucking nagging voice.”

“You better fucking learn from the last little lesson I had taught to your whore,” Heather says squaring off with me as I remain seated,” I know you well enough that when I turn my bodyguard loose on Kori right now you won’t lay a hand on me to stop it and Taylor only has to stay behind me to keep you from touching him.”

“You don’t know me that well,” I say standing up,” and in the case of Masha, yeah she has a name, I think she might want to reconsider her options in this particular situation.”

“What fucking options, I tell her to do something and she does it,” Heather spits out getting a look from Masha herself,” That’s her fucking job otherwise she’d still be sitting alone in the foreign languages classes wondering if anyone will bother to even fucking speak to her.”

“Sadly both of you are jumping the gun on this because you’re not getting to any of us Heather and honestly it’s kind of sad that you just can’t seem to let go when you lost so long ago that I’m pretty sure Guy doesn’t remember a single moment that he was happy when he was with you,” Kori say going for the throat so to speak.

“Masha break this slut’s fucking jaw,” Heather growls backing up.

Masha starts to move but I’m faster and cut her off. It’s a stare down and while I see Masha is capable of doing exactly what Heather told her I’ve got her thinking and that’s where I win.

“I can get her later Heather,” Masha says starting to stand down.

“You will fucking do your job and do it NOW,” Heather screams on the verge of a meltdown.

Kori’s hand on my waist pushes me aside so that Kori can see Masha face to face and while I’m worried about what happens next I can tell Kori isn’t for some reason. I watch Kori’s gaze go from Masha to Heather before she stands up.

“Let me ask you something Heather, say you come after us and we leave Guy. Do you think he’s actually going to want you after you ruined his life again,” Kori asks trying to get Heather to think.

“I’m not falling for any of your bullshit, Guy will do what’s best and that’s leave with me,” Heather says almost growling,” And that’s going to happen after Masha does her damn job.”

“Okay so Masha hurts me bad, what about the others,” Kori asks leading the conversation.

“I’ll take have the two of them taken out easier than you’re going to get it right now,” Heather says again trying to force Masha’s hand.

I’ve got my eyes locked on Masha and she’s staring at me, I know she’s worried about what I’ll tell Devin if she does it and she’s afraid of what will happen if she disobeys Heather. I don’t weigh in Taylor on this tension but it’s the laughing that get’s everyone to look at Kori. I know that laughter, I’ve been that laughter. It’s a laugh that tells everyone that something really bad is about to happen and I’m waiting to see the surprise now that I get the whole scenario out in my head.

“Two of them? You really don’t have all the information do you but let me give you some insight since you don’t know. Guy calls me his heart, I show him love and compassion and he gives that to others in turn. Katy is freedom and chaos, she’s violent and passionate all wrapped in a ball of spikes and punk. Then there’s Mathilda, a real force to be reckoned with since she’s that will that doesn’t bend or break,” Kori says explaining our dynamics.

“He’s got me and I’m all that matters,” Heather says trying to further justify her delusions.

“I’ve gotta hand it to you on one thing, getting protection is a really good idea. Not for the bedroom but for me. It took a little time but I get to go back to school knowing that I’m taken care of,” Kori says with a knowing smile.

“I swear all three of you sluts are on fucking borrowed time cause I’ll make sure that each and every one of you is a bleeding mess when my people get done with you,” Heather says bringing out more of her venom.

“Three of us? Like I said you have some bad information Heather, Guy doesn’t have three girlfriends,” Kori says taking a look to her right,” There are four of us.”

Everyone including me is a little dumbstruck but I follow Kori’s gaze first and see something that I’ve been missing for about four months now. All white leather bike racing gear with yellow trim, the helmet is the same as when I left her behind. Taylor is confused, Heather is looking in between Kori and our new guest and Masha is staring down something that she never expected. I watch with wonder as the helmet comes off and I see Imelda in full raging Latina mode.

“I got me a sister you crazy fucking bitch, and she’s gonna take your fucking bodyguard and beat her till she pees blood and bleeds piss,” Kori says finally turning on her anger.

I’m kicking myself for not learning any Spanish but I watch Imelda tackle Masha to the ground and they start grappling. It’s at that exact moment that I see something I’ve never seen in Kori before as she starts to square up with Heather who is now realizing that she’s got no backup and no protection. All of the bravado Heather had is gone and it’s a matter of seconds before I’m watching her and Taylor run for their lives. Kori starts to move to chase but the slight limp keeps that from happening as she sits back down favoring her leg. I turn my attention to the real fight in front of us and Imelda has put Masha on her face and has one arm pinned under her leg and the other twisted behind her back.

“You think you some scary bitch, I’m the motherfucking fury,” Imelda says raising a fist to start bashing Masha’s brains in.

I grab her arm and pull Imelda off, Masha rolls over and sits up and now I have three women all staring at me like I’ve just grown a penis out of my head.

“Imelda not her,” I say taking a hard tone.

“Guy she’s the fucking bodyguard, let Imelda take her the fuck out,” Kori says angrily.

“No, you two sit there and Masha you sit right there in the grass and nobody fucking move,” I say getting everyone’s full attention.

I step away for a moment and pull my phone out giving Devin an emergency text and telling him where we are and to hurry. I really want to just let go and go after Imelda and Kori for the surprise but I need to control the situation before people jump ahead of what I’m trying to do. It’s a tense time in between my sending the text and the wait for Devin but his arrival reminds me that the big guy can move as I see him hauling ass on foot in our direction even passing Masha sitting down in the grass still.

“Holy shit… I thought there would be more people here,” Devin says catching his breath.

“Nah, just me and the girls, you remember Masha,” I say pointing her out.

I watch as the two of them get into an awkward silence and while it’s interesting I turn my attention to Kori and Imelda.

“You planned this Kori, I understand why and it would be great except that Devin here,” I gesture to our mountain,” asked me to see if I could get the two of them together somehow and while you did a wonderful job it’s not what Devin asked for. Now unless we don’t want to see two happy people that ‘we’ made damn sure could get together. Devin do you two need a moment or would you like to sit with us?”

“Can we sit with you guys,” Devin asks with only a little confusion.

“Ummm, I guess so,” Kori says looking between Imelda and me.

We all get seated with Devin, Masha and I on one side facing Kori and Imelda. Everyone is quiet and tense when Masha decides to break the silence.

“I understand why you did it,” Masha says looking at Kori.

“And why did I do it,” Kori asks with a little anger.

“Because I’m what’s keeping you from hurting Heather. She has me run around with her to keep you from beating your revenge into her,” Masha says keeping things as civil as possible.

“Well that’s good that you understand why I’m still going to want to have my sister here beat the borscht out of you,” Kori says with a little more anger than I’m hoping for.

And everyone at the table goes from attempted civil to high alert and I’m about to have to jump between Imelda and Masha when I hear something that warms Kori up to her a little.

“I am not a fool; I was left so that she could get away with something that I only heard she may have been responsible for. If I had been sent I would have at least given you a fair fight but sending people with belts is not something that I would follow, I supported them but now I’m being left as a sacrifice so that Heather can get away,” Masha says with more than a bit of shame.

“She got ditched Kori, her people sold her under the bus. I can still kick her ass but does that get you what you want,” Imelda asks bringing Kori back from her rage.

“Okay I get it I’m a little high strung about this okay and maybe we don’t need to beat Masha up to make my point,” Kori says with some exasperation,” just really wanted to get a hold of Heather.”

“Baby, we will but this is not the time,” I tell Kori taking her hand,” Now can we please talk about how we’re going to get through putting Masha back in with her old friends so that we can get the real people who are responsible for getting two women beaten up today.”

My last words get Devin’s attention a lot faster than the other girls but Masha is nodding in agreement and Imelda and her start going over their ‘fight’ in front of Devin who starts to get agitated. I pull him aside and begrudgingly he follows.

“You can’t let them do this,” Devin says visibly pissed off.

“I get where you’re coming from but she is a big girl,” the words get a odd look from Devin but I continue,” What I’m telling you is that this girl gets it, she’s not weak and you like that in her now it’s not a horrible beating they’re talking about just her taking a shot or two and getting away. Then you get to take her home.”

He doesn’t understand but I get a hand on my shoulder from Masha who gets me to step away while she talks to Devin alone. I head away from the couple and even away from the table with Kori and Imelda. I head to the playground and climb up on the top before sitting down and letting them get about the scene setting for Masha’s beating. I watch it play out and while Masha takes only a few shots and not even hard ones its Devin who seems to feel it more than Masha does. I watch as they all pack up and leave, Devin and Masha going one way with Imelda and Kori packing up the picnic remains before the two of them head towards me on my perch.

“He really does remind you of a gargoyle up there,” Kori says with Imelda in tow.

“Not the reception you promised me Kori,” Imelda says a little disappointed.

I drop down and grab the picnic basket before wordlessly heading back to my bike, I don’t take out my spare helmet when I get there and I can see Imelda has one of her own as Kori hops on the back of her bike. I head out like a demon and Imelda definitely keeps up with me but it’s not a difficult thing for her to do considering she’s a better bike rider than I am. I get into Johnny’s front entrance and get my bike parked at his inner court yard, it takes only a minute for Johnny to greet me and see I’m not in a great mood.

“Hey man I see you brought company, I have your place all ready and here’s the key,” Johnny tells me tossing me the key to the cabin.

“Wait how do you have a place here,” Kori asks as I start heading to the back cabin.

I lead the girls back to the old cabin that I visited with Tracy the first time, it looks like Johnny spruced up the place for me because it’s locked when I get there and the bedding is a bit nicer. Gotta thank him for that later. I get inside and let the girls follow me in, I motion the both of them over to bed which they both head to and sit down on staring at me. I know they’re a little nervous but I’m trying to keep my cool as much as I can taking my coat off and throwing it down on the chair which makes both of them jump.

“You stand up and come over here now,” I tell Kori visibly shaking.

I know that when they took her and beat her in the field she was strong but now I’m seeing her very afraid and very soft. I miss her soft but I watch her swallow her fear and step forward.

“Guy listen I know you don’t like surprises but we….,” Imelda starts to speak but I cut her off.

“I’ll get to you in a minute,” I tell Imelda before turning my attention back to Kori,” You really did a number on this one, you stay out of action while I’m running multiple plans and trying to play cupid and the whole while you’re running your own plan just to make sure you get your own personal level of revenge all the while trying to get me back for the big surprise I had for you last summer. I don’t know what to do with you about all this.”

Kori is frozen in place and I’m standing less than a foot away, she wants to speak but I simply wait till she’s about to talk before scaring the crap out of her by picking her up and kissing her hard and deep. Her eyes are wide and full of shock it takes effect for a few seconds before she starts smiling while kissing me back. It’s a wonderful warm feeling and the only thing stopping it is me as I break kiss and turn my attention to Imelda who is stunned by the events. I set Kori down before turning to Imelda, she sees my smile but it’s my near full on tackle bowling her onto her back on the bed I get over her I kiss her once on the lips before trailing kisses all down her neck.

“I missed… you so… much it… literally hurt... not having… you around,” I tell Imelda kissing all down her neck.

“I missed you too baby,” Imelda tells me pulling her coat open.

Getting the two of us out of our clothing is not too difficult with Kori helping and it’s suddenly me at a disadvantage when I got from on top of Imelda and kissing to on my back with both of my girls licking up and down either side of my shaft. Imelda takes the lead and starts working half of my cock with her mouth, it’s a slow up and down letting me know that this is about as soft as she’s probably going to be with me today all the while Kori finishes stripping herself down and gives me her breasts to play with. I take my time squeezing them before sucking on one slowly, I feel Imelda stop working me over and hear kissing above my head. I stop only briefly to see Kori and Imelda kissing which is probably what makes me harder than ever. The girls start to take positions and I find it odd that Imelda is taking a back seat as Kori straddles my hips and works my cock into her velvety pussy. Kori stays upright and is moving her hips back and forth with me inside her, the feeling is wonderful with how soft and warm she is I’d almost lean my head back and close my eyes to relax if Imelda wasn’t moving around the bed.

I follow Imelda’s movements over to Kori who is still grinding my cock; Imelda moves to her side and takes one of Kori’s breasts in her mouth and starts rubbing Kori’s clit with a free hand. The added attention to Kori gets her to speed up and I’m feeling it as she starts to squeeze me tighter. I’m in awe of Imelda now that I get to actually look at her, she’s toned up in the last for months but it’s the tattoo on starting on her right hip and going up her side that draws my eye. Five tigers like mine, same colors stalking down her body. I try to pull Imelda down to me but she moves my hand onto Kori’s stomach and I don’t know what is more hot, good girl being using me to get off or my hard ass Latina girlfriend getting a matching tattoo. I grab Kori’s free breast and squeeze which doesn’t get as much reaction with Imelda and I working her pussy over with fingers and cock. It’s a brief few moments before Kori tenses up and I can feel her muscles clamping down on me, Kori’s moaning fills the cabin and we let her ride her orgasm out. Imelda and I get Kori set down and a blanket pulled over her as she tries to relax.

“Imelda, you’re in some trouble sister,” Kori says dazed.

Imelda freezes for a moment as she hears me growling behind her. We’re both on our knees still as I grab her by the shoulders and back her up against the wall. Imelda doesn’t wait as she shoves her mouth against mine and the only thing that gets us to break our war is when she moves to where she’s squatting with her legs bowed in front of me. I start to rub my cock head against her slit and when I find the opening I’m greeted with the tight and slick sensation of Imelda’s pussy that I’ve been without for months. I only get about three inches in and Imelda is shaking and I can feel a small orgasm taking her over.

“Am I resizing you, you beautiful bitch,” I asks playfully slowly pushing deeper.

“Oh God I’ve missed this, don’t take it easy. Break me,” Imelda gasps jamming her tongue into my mouth.

I take all the slow out of my pushing and slam the rest of my cock in to Imelda which gets her to moan and me to grunt at how tight she’s gotten in the months we’ve been apart. We break from kissing as Imelda starts to kiss down my neck as I take long hammering strokes into her pussy. Her teeth dig into the base of my neck and I come to realize how I’ve missed her aggression. I’m pushing deep and hard still trying to get another orgasm out of Imelda when I get a shock to my system as she backs my head away from her and slaps me in the face. It’s not a mean slap or even a painful one, it’s just enough to get my attention as I can tell she’s getting into it. I grab the back of Imelda’s head and hold it against the wall away from me before leaning in and biting her back on the base of her neck. Her hands are all over my back and when I get a decent amount of flesh in my teeth I take all the slow out of my hard thrusting and move to rabbit fucking. No mercy, no protection or safety for her considering she’s my girlfriend, hard sex and fucking that says ‘you have a hole and I’m going to fuck it’. Imelda is more into it than Kori or Matty would be and the nails in my back show me that. Her slick pussy is doing a number on my cock as I fuck her like she’s property. I can feel my member start to swell and Imelda can too as she gets me to let go of her neck with my teeth and takes my head in both her hands and locks me into a death stare with her big brown eyes. It’s more than I can take and where I would normally close my eyes and enjoy the sensation I am locked onto Imelda as the first shot of cum escapes me and blasts her insides. I grit my teeth and she moans with her mouth open but neither of us looks away as we cum hard against each other. I don’t think we’ve been like this for long but when I finally pull out and my load comes falling after. Imelda cleans up barely before pushing me onto the bed and pulling Kori with her to pin me down on either side.

“Okay Kori, you didn’t lie. That was a great reception to the surprise,” Imelda says grinning.

“I really thought you were pissed honey,” Kori says propping her head up on her arm.

“I got no reasons to be pissed, got Devin a chance to connect with Masha. I get all my girls in the same area and now Heather knows that her wall is crumbling,” I tell them relaxing.

“But I didn’t get to hurt her,” Kori asks confused,” How does that change things?”

“She had a bodyguard that nobody could beat. Now I ‘beat’ her bodyguard, she’s going to be running scared,” Imelda explains.

We lay there chatting lightly and I get kissing done on both my girls before Kori tells me the arrangements. A day after we had the conference in the field with the whole group she contacted Imelda and asked her to come up, Carl got her a U-Haul truck for her bike and Imelda’s been driving cross country for a few days just to get here. Apparently she arrived last night and that’s when the two of them decided to hatch the plan to get Heather today in front of me. I joke at the two of them trying to impress me and both playfully poke me back about playing cupid. We get everything cleaned up after about an hour of cuddling and me getting my hands all over Imelda and Kori before heading back to the bikes and I we get the two of them back to Kori’s house where Imelda is staying for the time being. I give Carl a knowing nod and he just smiles and pats me on the back before I head back home. I get in my front door about six at night and my whole family is waiting for me, I tell them that everything is fine and pull Katy aside to talk in my room.

“So how bad was it,” She asks concerned.

“Honestly things are going well which makes me feel like we need to turn up the heat,” I tell her getting my boots off.

“Thank god I’m tired of sitting back and waiting for the fight to come to us,” Katy says showing a lot of enthusiasm.

“Not like that girl, I’m looking at something bigger but I need you to start getting people ready,” I explain calming her down,” when we do this it’s going to be different than you think.”

“So a nonviolent attack Katy asks put off.

“No, a very coordinated and very brutal attack with no recovery in sight,” I tell her getting her attention again,” I need to figure it out but when I do I need someone to make sure that everyone get’s their shit handled and that’s going to be you. Can you handle that?”

I get a very sinister and happy smile from Katy before getting an even better kiss. I let her get out of my room and spend the rest of my night relaxing and getting things coordinated with Jun on facebook. He tells me that the video is done but he’s not sure how to present it, we work on it for a few minutes when Isaac gets into the conversation and pulls an idea for me that I can’t stop chuckling over. I give the two of them my approval and they start laying the ground work for it tomorrow.

Monday morning is a blur of getting ready, letting my father know about my long term idea. He tells me he’ll work something out and to just handle the day to day. All three of us get to school and it’s the arrival of Kori on the back of a different motorcycle that has our whole group looking, Imelda doesn’t take off her helmet and Kori tells everyone that we’ll get to her driver later as we all head off to class. Lunch time has only one notable event as the whole crew minus Kori is sitting at our tables when she gets to the cafeteria. As soon as she enters the whole cafeteria stands up and parts ways for her to get over to our tables quickly. I see Kori is a little embarrassed by it until I address the group with one hand in the air before lowering it. Everyone sits down at the gesture and Kori just sits there smiling and shaking her head.

“Honey I didn’t arrange this. Everyone here follows my lead now and they respect you,” I tell her getting an odd look,” From now on if you point they move to make a wall. You will never be alone until this is over. These are our people.”

“We’re a family and we have a belief,” Devin says adding to my statement.

“And what is that belief,” Kori asks taking a drink of her milk.

I point out Vicki from one of the tables and then Hideo sitting across from her and motion them to come over. It takes Hideo a second but soon I have my people there and Kori is more confused than ever.

“Hey guys, do you feel like there is anything wrong with you,” I ask the two of them.

“No, we’re not wrong. We didn’t do anything to deserve any abuse and now we’re unified,” Hideo says with more confidence than he’s had ever.

“We believe in ourselves and we follow you guys because you believe in us,” Vicki says before turning her attention to Kori,” It’s really good to see you back here where you belong.”

“Thank you very much, just don’t do anything crazy,” Kori says with a light smile.

Both of them head back to their table and start talking among themselves as I turn back to Kori who is stunned.

“You all built an army around me,” Kori says shaking her head.

“No girl, we built an army around a group of people who are tired of being talked down to,” Katy says clarifying the point,” Everyone here doesn’t feel ashamed of who they are and Guy has people looking at each other as people, not punks or nerds.”

“I am impressed by it all, you definitely have done a number on Heather’s people, I don’t see any of them here,” Kori says looking around.

“We never told them to leave, they just stopped coming around,” Ben says chiming in.

We all finish lunch and I ship Hanna off to get Tracy and Mathilda up to speed on events. I get through to final period of the day and my phone goes crazy from Jun telling me to meet him in the A/V room. It takes me a few minutes to find it but the whole crew is there along with Allison, Mathilda and even Tracy as we all pile inside. We’re sitting there looking at a big TV with a DVD player set up but it’s the two chairs spare next to me that makes me chuckle a little. Sure enough the door opens and Liz enters pulling Greg after her who looks like he’s going to die of fright.

“Nobody here is going to hurt you or even touch you Greg,” Liz tells him sitting him down right next to me.

Liz takes her seat on the other side of him and I watch Devin cut out the lights before leaning on the door. Jun fires up the video and we all see Liz’s face pop onto the screen.

“Hey Greg, you told me that I need to figure out what’s going on in our relationship and I took a good look at it and figured out what our problem was, here’s a little taste of what things could have been like,” Liz tells Greg before the screen goes black.

A plain white title pops up that reads, How to and not to fuck a girl. It goes through the starting all girl orgy scene which gets some minor cat calls and playful poking of the girls involved when I see Greg’s face blanche as he sees his sister having sex with a girl. Everyone is watching the screen but I’m watching Greg more as his horror is personally amusing to me, Liz is watching as well as the video as I queues up to her and Greg in his room.

“But how did they film this, this shouldn’t be here,” Greg says watching in pure shock.

Everyone watches the scene with Greg slowly being milked by Liz; subtitles have been added so you can hear Liz encouraging Greg during their sex. At almost then end the subtitles say that Greg is crying and music I’ve never heard kicks up almost blaring ‘I just had sex and it felt so good, a woman let me put my penis inside her’. Everyone starts snickering when Liz’s face pops back in.

“As bad as that was honey I thought I should show you something to let you know how things should look,” Liz says turning the camera towards the new scene.

There I am on camera hammering away at Allison who I didn’t see the face of before but now I can tell
she was in a state of bliss the whole time I was pounding her out. I see her look at the camera and it’s almost hilarious to me as Greg shifts in his seat pitching a tent in his pants. Little bastard is watching his sister get fucked by me and it’s turning him on.

“Hey Bro… I’m really getting fucked right now… and it’s bigger than I’ve had yet… I hope you start fucking girls like this… cause you’d suck at being an… OH GOD THAT’S IT,” is about as far as Allison as she cums on my cock.

Everyone starts oohing and ahhing as we watch Allison in all her glory hit an orgasm and while grabbing at me hold on as I hit mine. Greg finally figures out who is fucking his sister on video and looks at me before turning his attention to his sister’s pussy with my cum oozing its way out. This goes for a few moments before a side by side of both orgasms on split screen pops up with a how to fuck and how not to fuck title under each one. The screen turns back to Liz who is smiling at the camera.

“So that’s my little video for you baby, I hope you learn from it because I know we all did,” Liz says in a happy tone,” Love you.”

We see the film end and people start clapping and praising the ‘actors’ in the film even going so far as to patting Greg on the back before I motion for everyone to clear out leaving just Greg and me in the room.

“You had sex with my sister,” Greg says finding his voice.

“Yeah I did, she was pretty good too,” I tell him plainly,” Though honestly I’m thinking that if I was going to do it again I’d probably cum all over her face instead of inside her.”

My words get all the fire Greg has and I see him start to rush me but I cut him off and slam him against the wall putting my hand on his throat. Greg is pawing at me to get me to let go but I’m stronger and get right up in his face before growling out my orders.

“I will show this to the entire school, I will put it on the internet and people will watch it by the thousands. You will be embarrassed for years and probably will never get a woman again thanks to me,” I growl menacingly,” You tell MY sister that MY girlfriend deserved what happened her. Now here you are getting all hard watching me do to your sister what you should have been doing to mine.”

I drop him off the wall and let him catch his breath before he starts talking to me.

“What do you want me to do,” Greg asks desperately getting his breath.

“I want the people who did Kori, Kyle knows them and you will get them for me or I swear to you that your god will not save you from what I do,” I tell him taking the DVD out.

“That’s it, and you’ll leave my sister alone,” Greg asks standing up.

“No, I’m going to watch her join my family like you could have and then I’m going to watch her and one of them go off and have sex somewhere,” I tell him watching him lose what little color he had left.

“I’ll join you, I will tell you whatever you want just stop hurting me,” Greg says sitting down shakily in a chair.

“No, you will be with them until I come for you,” I say with a very stoic tone,” I am not often merciful and you learn how to betray your cause by helping me.”

I see Greg nod before I leave him alone in the room and see my crew, my family waiting for me all gathered outside the building. Allison is there but she’s the only one without a hood up. I lead us out to the parking lot and after the final bell rings I gather my family around along with a small crowd of loyal followers.

“Allison you stepped out of your family’s shame and into your own pride. I must ask one person here if she approves,” I say looking to Kori.

“Oh I like her, she is welcome,” Kori says smiling.

I see some real joy in Allison’s face as I reach back behind her and pull her hood over her head. People in the group start patting her on the back and welcome her as I turn my attention to my surroundings. I see Kyle and Taylor off in the far side of the parking lot talking with some of their people and only after Heather sees me do they start to disperse, Kyle doesn’t smile in my direction and I take some comfort in that. I pull Allison aside dragging Kori and Lilly with me before addressing the two non-girlfriends I have.

“Ladies I need some of my people rewarded, namely Jun and Isaac,” I say getting an interested look from the girls,” Lilly I know you can handle Jun but make it extra special please.”

“Oh I’m gonna make him limp,” Lilly says smiling and heading off.

“Ummm you want me to sleep with Isaac,” Allison asks looking back at him before returning her gaze to Kori and me.

“What he’s saying is that boy has done nothing but stare at you the whole time we were watching the video, not you on the video just you,” Kori says making Allison blush a little,” He’s done a lot of good work and you could use a guy that isn’t going to flake out like your brother did. Just might have to train him a little.”

Her last words get a smirk out of Allison who catches up to Isaac as he heads off to his sister’s car. We watch them talk for a few moments before she takes his phone and punches in what I can only assume is her cell number. She heads off to get a ride with her brother but it’s Isaac and his freshmen zeal that make me chuckle as he sprints over to his sister’s car. I shrug and Kori gives me a kiss on the cheek before hopping on Imelda’s bike and heading back to my house. I follow with Kori and Liz in the car tailing me but it’s Mathilda in her own car that’s makes me wonder how good or bad this now impromptu meeting of the girls will go. I see Kori and Imelda are inside but Imelda hasn’t taken off her helmet and Dad is a little defensive with a masked person in his home. Everyone get’s seated in the living room except for Imelda and me as I shoot from the hip with introductions.

“Okay well we all know that I have a lot of commitments when it comes to the women in my life and my family so I’m just going to get this out right now,” I say rushing my words,” Mom, Dad and girls this is my girlfriend Imelda from Texas.”

Imelda pulls her helmet off and while Dad and Mom are more relieved than I have seen them in the past few weeks its Mathilda and Katy who immediately get up and leave the room. I watch the girls go and Kori is hot on their heels. I know they are in my room and I’m a little hesitant to get involved but Imelda is pushing me forward with a look. I lead her down the hall and knock on my own door which Kori answers with a little bit of a grim look on her face.

“Girls can I just speak to you both once before you decide to kill me,” Imelda asks pushing past me into the room.

I close the door after me and lean up against it and with Matty sitting in my computer chair Kori sits with Katy on the bed.

“I didn’t come up here just because Guy is my boyfriend. When I met Kori last summer she told me that you three were like sisters and that sharing Guy was more about him being there for you as much as you being there for each other. I’m here now because someone hurt my sister,” Imelda says trying to hold onto her emotions,” I’m just want to fit in when I know I shouldn’t be welcome on your turf.”

“I didn’t know she was here till yesterday and I would have liked to give you both some warning,” I shoot a glance to Kori with my last word,” that she was here. Either we all come together or once this whole thing is done I walk.”

All the girls stare at me with my last words. The prospect of them all losing me fresh in their minds has only one of them moving, Mathilda. I watch her get up and square up with Imelda who is ready for a beating.

“When he did you the first time was he soft and nice or did he give you a good time,” Mathilda asks getting a weird look from everyone.

“It was hard but it was great,” Imelda says deflating the tension.

“Same with me but I had to play hard to get,” Katy says smirking.

The girls get into a powwow about me and our times together, before discussing more girl topics than I care to listen to. I head out of my room leaving them to their conversation and back to the living room to give my parents thumbs up. Mom starts ordering food for dinner while Dad and I step into the gym.

“So I’ve got an idea about how to attack these kids but you need to get your people on board and mentally ready for what comes next,” Dad tells me sitting down.

“Yeah well with Imelda here that gives me some breathing room to put them on the defensive before we do anything big,” I say taking off my coat.

“Not big, quiet subtle and fast,” Dad says getting my attention.

We discuss his ideas and I like more of what I hear, Tuesday we start pushing back and I’m going to have some real fun getting Heather’s friends to flee her sinking ship. Hours later everyone has gone home and I’m alone in my room when I get a text message from Rachael. She tells me that her boyfriend was more stressed yesterday than she’s seen him in a while and she had sex with him to try to get him to relax, I get her to clarify sex and she changes it to love making. I ask her if she’s tried to kiss him like we kissed and she tells me she did but he got weirded out by it. I ask her how it felt and she says she’s mad and embarrassed. I tell her I’d like to see her mad but Rachael gives me the best piece of news I could have gotten barring Imelda’s visit/move. Rachael tells me that Kyle got a call from another woman, someone named Heather, and that he had to leave suddenly to meet with her. ‘Best’ part was when she started asking questions and he snapped at her for prying into his life. I could be doing a victory dance but instead I’m running down the hall and showing my Mother the messages as she winds down for bed.

“Well what do I tell her,” I ask Mom who smiles sweetly.

I watch her take my phone and type in a few words before dismissing me. I head back down the hall and read the message ‘Well what do you want to do’. I get back to my room and the reply isn’t what I’m hoping for, Rachael tells me that she wants to meet some more honest people. I say that there are plenty out there but she clarifies that she wants to meet my girlfriends. I say I’ll see what I can do and while Rachael’s response is happy I get Kori online and relay everything to her. She says the girls will need a few days but not to expect the happy faces I saw tonight. Oh crap, I’m thinking that I’d rather go at Kyle’s group alone than walk Rachael into the tiger’s den. I explain what my Mom has me doing for dealing with Rachael, Kori says that she’s telling Imelda who is rolling on the floor laughing about it. At least those two have a good handle on their jealousy because I’m going to need to use every trick in my book to keep Rachael close but not girlfriend close. I tell Kori that I love the girls and she tells me that I need to get everyone of us together privately so all the girls can ‘appreciate’ me together. I don’t think about the best victory party ever because I have to think about too many other things. Greg and his Judas role, Devin and Masha getting together, and now Rachael’s seduction and conversion. No rest for the wicked I guess.

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