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Follows on from part 5....
Extreme Apologies for the delay in Part 6 production, but I've been sort of busy, to say the least.......

Once again, please be kind.

An extract from the end of part 5....

To the right of us, all the way across the floor and over a chair, was a ton of spunk, several obvious long lines where he'd spurted, and a load down near us where he'd presumably finished.

"He hit the window", Jackie proudly announced. She had finished the wank, I later found out, and had obviously done a very good job.

I looked across and saw one of the girls pointing at the net curtain where the cum had landed.

I looked at Mark who was putting his underpants back on, his erection still there to a certain extent, but fast on the wane. He looked back at me and gave me a grin and a shrug.

"Maybe next time", I said, forcing a smile. I looked round at Zoe and she looked just like I do after I cum. Hair a total mess, eyes half asleep and the horniest smile you can imagine.



.......As I retrieved my skirt and knickers from the pile of clothing by the door, I was aware that Mark had shuffled over towards me, and was at that moment balancing on one leg while he tried to pull his jeans on. He held back as I pulled up my knickers, then zipped himself up and leant in.
"Sorry about all that", he said quietly. The giggling and general excitement was still such that his voice did not carry. He seemed quite worried.
"About what?", I asked, genuinely not knowing what he had to be apologising for.
"Well, not doing it with you. I'm sorry"
"Who said anything about doing anything with me?", I whispered, trying to feign disinterest.
I definitely felt a bit disappointed, possibly a bit jealous, but it was not as if we were formally going out together or anything.

He looked a bit taken aback. "I just thought that with what happened with you and me yesterday, that it would be you who should know..."

He was red and I was enjoying his discomfort, as it made me feel that the feelings I had for him went both ways. I loved playing hard to get. Still do sometimes.

"Well, like I said, I'll maybe get a chance again. That's if I want to, of course."

I tried to keep a straight face while he analyzed the situation, but ended up cracking a smile. He grinned back.

"I just wish it had been you who was there, you know, when I shot, that's all"

"Just out of interest, who was it who got you to shoot?", I asked all matter of fact as I did up my skirt. He looked at me disbelieving.

"I honestly didn't see," I said, " I had Zoe on top of me and you'd moved away...all I could see was a crowd of girls!"

I was pretty positive that it was Jackie who had carried out the majority of his wank, but didn't know for certain whether she or someone else had finished him off.
"Well, there were so many hands", he was really blushing now, "I don't really know...that's the truth, honestly."

Jackie arrived on the scene, and the others were retrieving their skirts and brushing off dust and cobwebs from where they'd been thrown by the door. Jackie was still naked down below and obviously enjoying being like that in front of Mark. He tried not to look.
"He did really well", she exclaimed, patting him on the shoulder. She was genuinely pleased with herself, and I don't think for one minute that she intended to rub my nose in it. "Did you see it hit the window? It just flew out. He also got it all over my jeans!"
We both instinctively looked at her jeans which she was now holding up as some sort of trophy. Two streaks of wet spunk still glistened across one leg.
"I thought they were out of the way right over there...obviously not!"

She pointed to where her jeans had been, and we dutifully looked. Two long wet lines were apparent, stopping about a foot from the wall where her jeans had been. There were marks up the wall towards the window....probably his as well. I now felt the pang of disappointment again that I'd missed it.
Jackie had now pulled a tissue from out of the jeans pocket and was rubbing at the wet marks. I quietly looked at Mark and he mouthed the word sorry at me.
I motioned my eyes towards Jackie and looked back at him all quizzical, and he tried to look as if he didn't know what I was asking. I mouthed "was it her?" and made a subtle wanking motion with my hand. He looked very uncomfortable but eventually nodded.
Jackie had by this time wiped off what she could and was making a big display of picking up her knickers. She had turned around and now had her back to us, and was at full stretch bending over, the knickers strategically placed so she would have to reach. Mark was hopelessly drawn to the view, and I fully understood as most of the girls, including me, also found it fascinating as well.

I also understood why Jackie would do such a thing, as I had done the self same thing the previous day and enjoyed it immensely. To this day, there is still a hell of a buzz in exposing one's self to people one hardly knows, or to complete strangers.
One of the big highlights of my summer holidays even now, is to arrive on the beach in the full knowlege that nearly every bloke nearby is waiting to see if I will take my bikini top off or not. There's nothing quite like it.

I waited until Jackie had stood up straight again and had started to dress, and pulled Mark's head down so I could whisper in his ear. There was no way that Jackie was going to win this one. I put my hand round his neck and pulled his ear close.
"Next time I want to suck it"

He straightened up and looked at me wide eyed and I nodded. He coughed. Everyone was now getting ready to go back up to the house for a coke, and we ended up being separated.

Back inside the house, it soon became apparent that one of the boys had gone missing. Michael (Mikey) had quietly slipped out when Zoe had left with Mark, and no-one had seen him since. It was a case of chickening out, apparently, and he had appeared quite terrified about the whole thing.
A worry went round that he'd tell someone what we were up to, and a bit of a panick ensued and someone suggested a group of us go and call for him at his house. His Mum would be there, but it would seem quite normal as we were always knocking on doors.
Suddenly, one of us noticed Mikey in his front garden and we were soon all at the window motioning him to come over.
He went back into his house and we all gulped a bit, but almost immediately he came out again and made his way straight across. We heard his footsteps down the side and the back door opened.
The interrogation was swift. Had he told anyone? Was his Mum suspicious? No to each. More questions ensued, until he admitted that he didn't want to take part in anything because he was scared that he'd be embarrassed.
It was then that I remembered Gary and Mikey requesting that they went together, and realised that the worry they had was pretty bad. I turned to Gary.

"What about you, Gary. Do you want to leave as well?"

He was immediately indignant and full of bravado. "No way! We all made a promise. I'm no chicken!"

Mikey looked hurt and tried to explain but didn't make a very good job of it. I think that most of us gathered that he was worried to death that he wouldn't be able to do anything and we'd all laugh. Zoe chipped in and took a natural lead again. She was in the same year as him at school, and was only about a month older.

"Why not just give it a try? I don't expect anything from you because you are the youngest here. You are waay younger than Mark and even he was worried."

Mikey was red in the face and thinking of an answer.

"Just ask the boys who've been what it was like. They all had great fun. We'll go out while you talk, but if you still don't want to, we'll understand. We'll be down in the shed and if you want, you can still come down with Gary but just watch"

We all looked at one another quizzically, as this was never agreed, but it seemed the kindest way to let him out gently, and no-one opposed it. Gary stood open mouthed. Maybe he had something to say. Zoe looked across at him.

"Is that OK with you, Gaz?" He nodded, but didn't seem 100% convinced.

"We'll make him turn around and just listen if you don't want him seeing you", someone jokingly piped up, and the whole group giggled. Even Mikey managed a smile, now that the pressure of stripping off had been removed.

"You lot talk it through, and we'll be waiting" Zoe announced, and made her way out of the door. We all followed, several girls patting Gary on the arm as we passed, in an effort to either calm him or congratulate him on his courage. He had a worried smile.

We all noticed the lines of cum again as soon as we entered the shed, as they were pretty hard to miss. I made a mental note to sweep some dust or something over it later, just in case my Mum went down there for some reason.

We sat in our semi circle and waited, with Jackie checking out of the window and arranging the now forgotten magazines on the table, inspecting each one carefully to make sure they were still pristine.

Suddenly she broke the silence. "They're here".

They. That means Mikey was at least going to be present. I wondered if he would go the whole way. Zoe tapped my arm and whispered in my ear.
" Mikey is my favourite. I hope the others talked him into it"
I turned my head and saw she was beaming a huge grin. I made a funny face and whispered back "knowing you, you'll have your hands on it in a few minutes."
We both giggled but stopped immediately when the shed door sprang open. The serious stuff was upon us once more.

Gary was first in, and his eyes immediately went to the tramlines of cum. I swear his knees wobbled.
He was the taller of the two, and painfully skinny. I had watched him play football many times in his baggy shorts, and was always aware that his legs were much longer and far skinnier than the other lads of his age, although he was a very fast runner and one of his team's best scorers. Still, he always reminded me of a baby giraffe. He had very short, brown hair that went all frizzy if it grew too long, and big brown eyes. In fact, he was a lovely looking boy who had the most dirty laugh and gorgeous smile. It was obvious that he would be very popular with the girls when he grew up. In fact, he already was, looking at the interest on the faces of the girls sitting there and grinning at him.
Mikey followed, trying to look as happy as possible with the situation, but it was obvious that he was shitting a brick.
He was not quite as tall as Gary, but already quite stocky in his build, just like his Dad. His Dad worked out with weights and did all manner of sports, including judo.
I had once been in Mikey's garden when his Dad had appeared from their garage, stripped to the waist and all sweaty. Us girls couldn't take our eyes off his muscles.

Mikey was obviously going to be chunky when he got older, and had already passed two belts in judo, but right now he looked like he was lost.
They stood in front of us, side by side, waiting for instruction. For some reason it was natural for all of us to take the lead from Zoe. She got straight to the point, as usual.

"Are you taking part, Mikey?" We all looked at Mikey and he nodded. Two or three of us clapped. Both boys started shuffling.

"OK, if you take off your clothes and put them over there, you can watch us take off ours. Or read the magazines if you like".

She had an amazing way about her. They immediately started to undress. Gary whipped off his Tshirt and started straight away on his jeans, getting into a muddle while trying to get them off over his trainers. In the end he had to pull them up and start again, this time taking his footwear off first. He was really eager to get naked. Compared to the other lads, he was by far the most willing.
By the time Mikey had removed both his shoes and socks, Gary was in the process of removing his underwear, standing straight up in front of us, all skin and bone.
He was fully erect and we giggled nervously as it bobbed about in front of us.
It wasn't the largest one we'd seen up until then, but was definitely a proper man's cock. Quite thick and shiny at the end, with a good hint of brown hair around the base. It was funny to see the group of us all turning our heads to varying angles as we studied it, all trying to look underneath at his balls, which were nothing to be ashamed of, it must be said.
Zoe was his classmate, and seemed surprised at his development down below.
"Wowza, Gary. I only saw it at easter and it was only little then!"

We all burst out laughing and then immediately remembered that we had to be quiet. It would seem that our Zoe had been here before. It was also obvious (to me, anyway) that this development from boy to man had only just happened, and certainly only over the past two or three months at the most. No wonder he was so eager to show it all off.
No-one had noticed that Mikey had stopped undressing. Hands reached out and fingers made contact with Gary, making his penis bounce up and down, and bringing forth bouts of laughter.

"Have you shot yet?", continued Zoe, "as you said you hadn't at easter".

We were shocked once more by her bluntness, but were eager for an answer all the same.

"No, but I've been close I think", he said, looking at Mikey. It was obvious that Mikey had been present when Gary had tried.

We all now noticed that Mikey had stopped and pretty much guessed the reason why. It all fell into place and we gave each other knowing looks and I, for one, felt desperately awkward.
Mikey was not as "advanced" as Gary, and knew all that before he agreed to come and join in. This time it was my turn to talk.

"Mikey, we fully understand if you chsnged your mind. I'm guessing that you're worried about shooting? Am I right?"

He was really red in the face and nodding., not making eye contact with anyone. It was obvious that he'd been told by the lads that this was an expectation, and was worried sick about it.

"It doesn't matter if you haven't managed yet. We won't mind. You heard Zoe say that it was all different for Gary at easter, and look what's happened to him in the past few weeks"
We all looked at Gary's erection....even Mikey.

"If you like, you can go out and just show us all later...or maybe just one or two of us... or maybe not at all. It really doesn't matter. No-one's expecting you to shoot."

"I'm not going back there and being called a chicken", he said, looking up at the ceiling. "So I'll go ahead and try, but I don't think I'll be able to shoot."

We all told him again that it didn't matter, and said it wasn't necessary to strip, even, but he wouldn't have it.
He undid his jeans and pulled them off over his bare feet. Silence reigned.
He then pulled off his Tshirt and stood there in his pants for a while until he plucked up courage, his surprisingly muscular body almost a miniature of his Dad's.

He suddenly let out a long sigh, took a deep breath and whipped them off in one swift movement,, standing up straight in front of us with his underpants in his hand, and naked as the day he was born. We all couldn't help but look. Our curiosity simply got the better of us.

Mikey had an erection alright, but it was not on the scale of Gary's. He had no hair to speak of down there, but nevertheless, his cock and balls were definitely on the way to being fully developed. I guessed that he was about halfway there, and however short the timespan is for a male to go from boy to full man, we must have just caught it as it was happening. Not quite one, but definitely not the other.
I felt someone should say something to reassure him.

"Lovely", I said. Someone else told him that he had the nicest bum (true) and there were murmerings of agreement. Hands went out to both lads and girls swapped places with each other so they could have a feel of both. Zoe got herself into the chair by Mikey's side, and had her hands all over him. I tried to catch her eye and give her a knowing smile, but she was concentrating and had her studious look going on.
The girls obviously liked this novelty of having two at once, because we forgot to honour our part and undress, and simply got down to wanking them.
Zoe took posession of Mikey and nobody really minded, as it was obvious that she had a thing for him. She sat at his side with her face almost up against his right hip as she got to have fun. Her left arm had gone right underneath his bottom and her left hand peeped through his open legs just enough to cup his balls. Meanwhile, her right hand fitted perfectly around his now rock hard cock, and she was wanking him slowly. Whenever she stopped, he would move himself backwards and forwards in her hand until she started up again.
All the other girls were having fun with Gary and I couldn't see much, so I moved over to the chair right in front of Mikey. He was sort of lost in the moment up until that point, then suddenly realised that I had chosen to come and watch.
I think if Zoe didn't have him in such a vice like hold, he would have instinctively covered himself up. I once again found myself semi enjoying his discomfort. I also felt the urge to crank it all up a notch.
Without saying anything, I stood up directly in front of him, stepped out of my Nikes and undid the button on my skirt. He then knew what I was going to do and his eyes widened. I was wearing quite a short, red tartan skirt at the time, so he could see quite a bit of leg anyway, but now he was going to see a whole lot more.

I turned slightly sideways so he could see me unzip, then pulled the skirt down and put it on one of the chairs. On my bottom half, I was now just wearing my white knickers and sports socks and sat down again, opening my legs wide so he could get a look. I knew I was very wet down there from all the day's excitement, and one glance confirmed that I had a very visible damp patch.
Mikey's eyes were locked onto it, and Zoe was looking up at him and grinning as she carried on her slow wank. He glanced at her and flashed a hint of a smile back at her, and then locked on to my mound again.
Gary at this moment, had his arms round the shoulders of the girls who bent down at each side, and was looking downwards towards the mass of hands that were vying for space on and around his erection.
One girl would get a sudden gap and take hold, immediately starting her stroking action until another hand took over the action. Hands were appearing between his legs from behind, and feeling around until they managed to cup around his balls. Then another hand would get in was a free for all, and I was not too sure whether Gary was 100% enjoying it.
He looked across to me and tried to say something, but nobody took any notice. In the end he sort of struggled free and said quite loudly "you have to undress" and nodded for them to look at me.
The gaggle of girls took up position by their chairs and quickly got naked down below. Everyone now knew the drill, and soon there was a heap of skirts and such on the table. I had my knickers off in a flash and sat down.
Zoe had released her grip on Mikey and he was standing there covering himself up while she fumbled with her skirt. He still looked slightly terrified, but was half smiling more often than not, and definitely warming to the occasion.
I sat forward so that his bits and pieces were no more than a foot away from my face, and asked him if I could hold it. I was one of the older girls in the group, so this was obviously a daunting moment for him, so it took a few seconds of plucking up courage before he moved his hands away and placed them at his sides.
His erection positively leapt out at me, rock hard and pointing at right angles from his little muscular torso. Actually, he looked lovely. Terrified, but lovely all the same.
Zoe had stripped off and was back by his side, hand wrapping around him again. I watched her wank him right in front of me for a while, her hand stopping its forward stroke just inches from my face.
"Do you mind if I have a turn?" I asked, matter of fact. "Just for a short while, and you can sit in my chair."
She immediately liked that idea, and we quickly swapped places, my hand going in from the back and feeling around and underneath his gorgeous tight little backside.
I reached in further with my arm and cupped his balls, leaving his cock free and pulsating up and down while I tickled his balls with my fingers.
Zoe was taking up position, spreading herself wide by putting a leg over each arm of the chair. A sudden change of volume came from Gary's group and I turned my head in time to see him buck a few times as he was wanked off onto the floor. I caught a glimpse here and there, but there were too many bare bottoms in the way to see anything in great detail.
Zoe had a better view, and later told me that he had shot whilst looking directly at her while she was spreading herself.

Mikey was obviously aware of events and sort of tensed up when it was obvious that Gary was in the process of shooting.
When I'd finished trying to see Gary's moment, I turned back and looked up at Mikey and mouthed "don't worry" at him, whilst wrapping my fingers round his cock and starting a serious wank. His obvious surprise and enjoyment seemed to reassure him again, but this was soon cancelled out by the girls wandering across and sitting down to watch him, now Gary was getting dressed.
Two of the girls next to Zoe now joined in the "spreading", and I sped up the wank.
Mikey's knees started to bend and his arm leant on my shoulder for support.
I looked at Zoe and nodded, hoping that she would guess what I was getting at. It was getting obvious that Mikey was making the same noises and gestures that the other lads had made just before they shot, and I was hinting to Zoe that she should take over.
She looked at me quizzically for a split second, then realised and jumped out of her chair and cupped her hands in front of his cock. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but this is obviously something that Zoe got a kick out of.
I was kneeling on one knee and it was getting painful but I didn't dare stop. My other hand moved in and gently cupped balls while I really sped up the wank, my hand gripping hard and pumping fast.
He suddenly put most of his weight onto my shoulder and made several loud sounds, something like Tyaaa Tyaaa, which bought on some giggles, but then he went all quiet and still for a second or two before gasping and thrusting his whole middle backwards and forward, as if he was fast fucking something. I found it hard to hang on, as he was surprisingly strong, and he continued to really fuck my hand for all it was worth. I could feel his balls pulsate in time with his orgasm, and realised that this was what Zoe had found so fascinating earlier on in the day. It was as if he was being forced to squeeze out every drop.
He was still fucking my hand and groaning, and I noticed Jackie had moved in and was now holding him up from the other side. It was by far the most athletic orgasm of the day, and seemed to go on for a very long time.

When he had finally stopped pumping, he straightened his legs and gradually took his whole weight again, which was a blessed relief, as my knee was really sore from the rough wooden floor.
I was gradually easing off my grip and still feeling the odd pulsation in his balls when I noticed that Zoe had that mischevious triumphant look on her face again.
I raised my eyebrows in question, and she showed me her cupped hands.

There was spunk!

Not a massive amount, but spunk all the same. I had a weird, overwhelming sense of achievement, and found myself grinning up at Mikey's happy, smiling face. I let go of his now quite little cock and saw that I had it all over my fingers as well. We both showed our hands to the group, like some sort of trophy, and everyone clapped.
Mikey had had his first orgasm in a very public way!

PS..Mikey and I ended up having several flings during our later lives, and he still figures large to the present day. He still makes the occasional Tyaaa sound.
A truly lovely guy.



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Was the firs boy you sucked and the first who fucked you one of the boys in the club. Who was the first girl you fucked?
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How about more on later years.
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