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Following your positive responses to the previous chapters of my story, Mistress Lin informs me that I have been very remiss in not producing a regular update to you her devoted followers. For those of you who have not read the previous instalments, my name is Amy, or Slut Amy as mistress refers to me. I am 18 years of age, female, white, 5’9 in height, with long blonde hair and hazel eyes; my legs are a bit longer than I like and my 34DD titties are out of proportion to my size 10 body. I am in my first year at university where I am studying to be a teacher. I met Lin in a wine bar and in two short hours she had seduced me, taken my virginity and made me her slut – This is my continuing story.
I woke from a totally inappropriate dream; in my dream I am kissing Cheryl, my 9 year old sister who is sharing my bed, in places I shouldn’t, my fingers are exploring parts of her body that should be untouched. Lin and Josie are in bed with us and Cheryl is going from pussy to pussy licking and sucking as we gently stroke her tiny cunny. My dream has me slowly massaging Cheryl’s cunny with my fingers, it feels so real.

What woke me is Cheryl telling me it feels so nice; oh my God, my fingers are inside her little panties and she feels so wet. I instantly remove them and turn over, hoping that Cheryl will think the whole thing a dream; I lay awake cursing myself for having touched my sister’s cunny. Cheryl cuddles in to me her hand initially resting between my legs and then with deliberate actions it moves to touch my pussy, the little minx is awake and wants to play. I turn to face Cheryl and we kiss; a deep un-sisterly like kiss, I pull back so that I can remove Cheryl’s nightie and panties and my nightie quickly joins them on the bedroom floor. I move my hand and cup her tiny ass as I slip my right leg between her legs, my knee pushing against her bare cunny. We kiss deeply her tongue fighting mine as I invade her mouth. I can feel the warmth and wetness of Cheryl’s pussy on my knee as she begins to hump my leg.

Cheryl’s breathing is becoming hard and fast, I kiss her neck my hand stroking her smooth back as I apply pressure with my knee, I sense Cheryl is going to cum. When her orgasm hits her back arches and she lets out a loud moan of pleasure; my leg is soaking and I need to taste her.

I kiss my way down her body, starting at her lips, then her neck, her tiny titties, smooth belly and finally my ultimate target. Her cunny is soaking wet and Cheryl instinctively widens her legs to allow my tongue full access; my tongue easily slides inside her tiny opening, her whole body shudders and she wraps her fingers into my hair. I devour her pussy, savouring the taste as Cheryl has her second orgasm.

Cheryl is covered in sweat as we hug and kiss, her tiny body trembling from her orgasms, I want so much more from my kid sister, but know that will have to wait.

I wake late to the sound of Cheryl giggling downstairs accompanied by the every present morning smell of fresh coffee and bacon. I tidy my room picking up my nightie and Cheryl’s panties; I cannot resist sniffing them, the smell transporting me back to our illicit pleasures.

Josie is in her usual position by the cooker with Cheryl sitting at the table colouring, I give Josie a good morning kiss before sitting next to Cheryl and admiring her work. I lean over to kiss her cheek, but she turns to face me, kissing me full on the lips. I need to make sure what happened last night remains our little secret.

Josie is preparing a breakfast tray

“Is that for Lin?”

“Yes babe, you want to take it up while I sort out Cheryl’s breakfast”

I nod and take the tray

“Don’t be too long babe, you gotta eat too”

Smiling I take the tray to Lin’s room gently knocking on the door before entering.

“Good morning mistress”

“Good morning slut, I heard you playing dirty games last night and now I have need of your services”
Lin pushes the cover back her naked body pale against the black satin sheets

“Take off your robe slut”

I drop me robe and she gazes at my naked body, she licks her lips in anticipation

“Rub your cunt slut; rub it now I want to see you pleasuring yourself like you did Cheryl”.

I am unused to the authoritarian tone of Lin’s voice, I find it both exciting and scary; I slowly move my hand to my pussy and gently stimulate my clitoris. Lin’s hand is already between her own legs, her fingers delving inside as a wicked look spreads across her face.

“Make yourself cum slut; I want you to cum for your mistress”.

I moan as I feel my orgasm developing, the lustful look on Lin’s face making it all the more intense, I shudder as the wonderful sensation crashes through my body, the pent up emotions bursting like a giant dam.

"Stop it you little whore," Lin assertively commands.

I am slow to respond.

"I said stop rubbing your cunt, you little slut”.

My hand is still touching my clit but no longer manipulating I look at Lin.

"Get on to your knees slut. Do it now."

I immediately kneel and Lin is off the bed and standing directly in front of me

"Look at my pussy”.

I see Lin’s swollen clit and the moisture dripping from the mistress’s pussy. Lin steps forward her pussy just inches from my face, I can smell her juices, see them seeping from her opening.

“Lick me slut’ lick my pussy and suck my clit”. Lin grasps my head as she grinds her pussy into my face, using me to bring herself to orgasm.

Shortly after I am back in the kitchen trying to hurry Cheryl; mom and dad are picking her up in 2 hours and I have to get her washed, dressed and down to the MacDonald’s in town. I turn down Josie’s offer of a lift, preferring to take the bus and spend some time alone with my sister; after all I need her to promise to keep last night a secret, something that she readily agrees to.

We survive moms machine gun questioning and Cheryl extracts a promise from me that she can stay again real soon. I wave my family good bye – boy do I need a stiff drink.

After Cheryl’s visit my life takes on a semblance of normality, uni, part time work, hot sex with Lin and Josie. Lin has not acted the dominant mistress again, it’s a pity because I really enjoyed the little session. Ms Greaves, sorry Vikki, the PR director, I work for wants me to help out with an important, but difficult client who is due to visit the UK and is expected to place a large order, not sure what I can do, but always up for a challenge.

The phone call from Vikki comes as a complete surprise, I had just finished my tutorial, seems I am progressing well and will be given a placement after Easter, really looking forward to some hands on teaching experience.

“Amy, meet me at the Best Western Hotel straight away; grab a cab and charge it”.

As it is a uni day I am wearing skinny jeans that are so tight I cannot wear any panties and a loose cotton top over my lacy bra. I find a cab and am at the hotel in less than 30 minutes. The Polish babe on reception, Zuzana, directs me to Vikki’s room, apparently I am expected and as I walk to the lift I glance in the mirror and see Zuzana checking out my ass; Mmm maybe I need to do something to foster Anglo-Polish relations.

Vikki opens the hotel room door and practically drags me in, pinning me to the wall, she kicks the door shut and demands that I kiss her, I can smell and taste the alcohol on her breath; I kiss her on the lips, her mouth opens slightly and her probing tongue penetrates my lips. Boy does she know how to kiss, I am positively melting. She takes my hands and positions them on her dress over her titties. They are quite a bit larger than mine, but feel real good; I can feel the nipples hardening, Vikki’s not wearing a bra.

“Unzip my dress Amy”. She moans as she turns.

I unzip and allow the Helmut Lang creation to fall to the floor, Vikki steps out of it and leads me to the king size bed. We collapse on the bed kissing and I find myself on top of Vikki. I kiss each of the firm breasts before concentrating on the erect nipples. I lick, bite and suck each in turn, my attention driving Vikki wild. I run my hands down Vikki’s firm stomach slipping my fingers under the waistband of her silk panties; I cup my hand against her pussy, my fingers rubbing along the moist slit.

Vikki is pawing at my clothes, the top and front opening bra present no problem to the older woman who roughly fondles my firm tits; the jeans are more problematic and I have to stand up to remove them, although this gives Vikki the opportunity to remove her panties and spread her legs, her shaved pussy demanding my attention.

Without hesitation I cup my hand against her pussy, I feel the wetness as two of my fingers slip inside her magical opening and my thumb concentrates on her enlarged clitoris.

“Eat my pussy” she moans.

I deeply inhale the aroma of Vikki’s pussy, a scent that drives me wild with lust; I press my lips to her shaven lips my tongue searching for the opening.

“Oh Godddddddd Amy” she moans as my tongue finds and stimulates her clitoris, “Lick me bitch, lick me, make me cum”.

I push my tongue deeper and deeper penetrating her pussy and causing her to shudder, I can feel her wetness on my face.

“That’s it fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk”.

I physically feel Vikki’s orgasm, her shuddering body, the rush of fluid and the wonderful taste that coats my tongue and fills my mouth. I stay in position lapping at Vikki’s pussy as another orgasm courses through her body.

God, she’s quick, one second she’s on her back with me between her leg and the next it is me who is on their back and she is straddling me, her hot titties pressing against mine; she leans forward her lips crushing mine as our tongues start an erotic dance, I can hardly breathe as she devours me, her hand touches my face before cupping my tittie and travelling down between my legs. She is still kissing me as her magical fingers stimulate me, driving me to an instant orgasm; she demonstrates her skill and experience taking me from one orgasm to the next; not stopping until we were both totally spent.

I hope you like the story – all feedback positive or negative is most welcome

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