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This is a story of getting together with and old flame from long ago.

Linda and I had a few dates back when we were in high school and now that time has past and we are in our retirement years, an opportunity presented itself and we took advantage of it.

I maintain a property across from where Linda now lives. She is a widow and lives alone. One day in the late afternoon having finished cutting the grass of the property that I maintain, Linda came over and asked I would like to join her for some coffee. I took her up on her offer and we went over to her house and she heated the water for coffee. We sat and talked about our pasts and our families and enjoy the coffee and each others company.

As we sat conversing, Linda tried to scratch her back but could not reach the itch. I volunteered to take care of the itch and began to scratch her back. As I was relieving her itch I asked her if she wanted her back rubbed. “Sure.” she said and I told her to turn around on her chair and face the back of the chair and fold her hands on the top of the back and put her head on her arms. She complied and I began to rub and massage her neck and down the muscles of her back. She began to relax from my rubbing and told me not to stop.

After about 20 minutes of massage Linda got up, took my hand and told me to come with her. She led me to her bedroom where she sat on the bed and had me stand in front of her. She then smiled at me, reached over to my jeans, unsnapped and unzipped them and pulled them down to my knees. I had a feeling where this was going to lead and she then pulled down my boxers to reveal my now hardening penis.

Now Linda as with me are in our late sixties and for a woman of that age she doesn’t look over a day forty. She now took my penis in her hand and brought to her mouth where she than began to lick the head of penis. With her free hand she reached up and cupped by balls as she was ministering to my now erect manhood with her mouth and other hand.

The feeling of her hot mouth engulfing my hard penis was not new to me as I have from the beginning of puberty have used and received oral stimulation in my lovemaking. Linda was no novice at this as she was pleasuring me as a an experienced love maker. As her mouth side further down my shaft, began to apply suction and she slide my manhood in and out of her very hot moist mouth.

I stood in front of her with my hands at my side any let her do her thing. She had a way of applying the right amount of suction and pressure while foundling my aching balls. About fifteen minutes was all I could take and I placed my hands on the back of her head and slowly pulled her closer to me as she took more of me into her mouth. I was just a the point of no return and I let out a small groan and held her head still and my hard penis contracted and I began to ejaculate my hot sperm into her mouth. With this, Linda began to suck harder as my sperm was shooting into her mouth. When I finally stopped ejaculating, Linda opened her mouth and I saw that she had swallowed every last drop that I had shot into her.

Now that Linda had given me such pleasure, I was not about to let her go without receiving the same type of pleasure from me. I pulled off her top exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were very erect and for a woman her age there was very little sagging of her breasts. I then reached down and pulled off her pants and under ware. I then pusher her back unto the bed and spread her legs exposing very wet dripping vagina. I gazed and her wetness noting that her pubic hair was neatly trimmed on her mound and that the out lips of her vagina were shave bare of any hair. With my tongue, I traced my way up her thigh and with my free hand spread the swollen lips protecting her vaginal entrance. My tongue started from the bottom of her vaginal opening and licked up to the top of her moist opening where her swollen clitoris was. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris and then traced circles around her opening. Linda let out a little moan and told me not to stop as if felt so good.

As my mouth and tongue worked on her vaginal lips and clitoris, I reached up and began to fondle her breasts and pinch her erect nipples. His went on for about twenty minutes or so and Linda was moaning louder and was slowly trusting her crotch into my face. At this time I decided that it was time for Linda to enjoy a orgasm and I put my lips around her stiff clitoris and
started to suck on her love bud. Linda’s put her hands on the back of my head and thrust her hip up into my face and Let out a big moan and mumbled “I’m cumming! I’m cummin!” and I felt her vagina contract as she pushed my head harder into her as her orgasm over took her.

After a couple of minutes, as Linda laid there limp, my penis had gotten very erect when I was pleasuring her. I got between her spread legs and pushed my throbbing penis very hot juicy vagina. I slid in til by balls hit her ass. I began to trust in and out of her raising my position up so when I thrust into her my penis and its head would rub her clitoris with each stroke. Linda moaned fro me not to stop as it had never felt so goo tho have a hot cock fucking her.

“I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again!” yelled Linda. “Fuck me harder, oh fuck me harder! I want to feel your hot cum shooting in my cunt!!” I did what she asked and Linda yelled “I can’t stop cumming! Cum in me!” With that I could not hold back any longer and started to empty my balls into her pulsating cunt.

As her orgasm subside and my ejaculations stopped, we lay side by side and fell asleep.
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