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We all have had own individual experiences as to how we introduced to wonders of sex be by others or by ourselves. This may have happen early in our lives or other times on our way tp sexual maturity.

My experience began at age 10. While I was walking to a playground a couple of blocks from where I lived, an older boy whom I knew called me to come over to the garage where he was . He asked how I was and the said ”Have you ever seen one like this!” and unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled out his flaccid penis. I stared at itt s he squeezed it and it grew larger in his hands. As it got stiff and was pointing straight at me he began to stroke it back and forth. I was amazed on how big it got and the size of bell shaped head at it’s end. As he massaged it, drops seeped from the hole in the end. He then reached out his hand to mind and said “Put your hand around it and do what I was doing.” I was afraid but did as I was told and as I felt his hot erect penis “Lick it with your tongue.” Scared or not, I did not want to do that and pulled my hand away from his penis and ran home.

I wasn’t long after this experience that during the night while sleeping I would be dreaming and somewhere in the dream I felt like I was falling and the feeling was pleasant. At this time in my life I was having the most wonderful feeling dreams. Several times when I woke up in the morning, I noticed the bed sheets were damp. I wondered if I might of peed in the bed but found out later in my life that I was just approaching puberty and that what was happening was I was having a wet dream.

As these things were happening to me I did notice that my penis was getting larger and it would get erect more often and it felt real good when I rubbed it . I was taking a shower one Saturday evening and my penis was erect and being all soapy, I began to squeeze and stroke it as it got hard. The more I played with it the better I felt when all of a sudden, my body tensed and the wonderful feeling that I had experienced during my dreams overtook me and my penis started to shoot white stuff from it. The feeling was so intense that I almost fell to mt knees. As my penis stopped squirting and the ecstacy left me. That feeling was so wonder ful that after I finished my shower, I played with my penis getting it hard again and spitting in my hand for lubrication I jerked on my erect penis until I was shooting again and experiencing that oh so great feeling that came with me shooting stuff from my penis. I later learned that I was masturbating and that when my penis shot off that I was ejaculating my sperm and that’s how one could get a woman pregnant my ejaculating his sperm into her.

Hair was now also growing around my penis and balls as I got older. My penis was also getting longer and getting more girth to it as I masturbated 3-4 times a day. I was mostly a solo thing until I was a senior in HS and went out with a freshman. She was very well developed and we went bowling and parked afterwards. I had never had my hands on a girls breasts before that night and making out I managed to unsnap her bra and feel bare tits. Thy were soft and spongy and her nipples were very hard. Feeling her tits wasn’t enough as I now got my hand down her pants so I could feel her crotch also. She unsnapped her jeans to give me better access and I pushed my hand under her panties and made my way down to her pussy. I felt her soft silky hair and I pushed my finger through her public hair to find that her pussy was very wet. With one hand, I was softly massaging her breasts and the other hand was exploring between her legs. This was all happening while we had a lip lock on each other. I continued to explore her body for some time. My penis was rock hard and straining to be released from its confines as by balls ached to be relieved. Before long we decided we better get home before her parents curfew. As we left, my balls were still aching from all the activity. We got to her house where I kissed her goodnight and went straight home and went upstairs to my bedroom and Jerked myself off three times in a half hour and the first cum shot, I shot the more than ever before.

She called me the next day and said she enjoyed our date and that her parents were going to a bowling tournament the up coming weekend and that she would be baby sitter her two younger siblings. She said her parents would be leaving Friday evening and coming back on Sunday. She told me she would call me were her parents had left and the siblings were in bed and I could then come over. She called me at about 8pm and said to come over around 9pm. At a little after 9, I knocked on the door and she opened it and told me to come in. She was wearing a bathrobe and what looked like flannel PJ’s underneath. I took off my coat and we sat on the couch and talked awhile and then I moved over and put my arm around her and gave her a kiss. This started the petting as we made out and I put my hand under robe and pajama top and began to feel her tits. She responded by undoing my jeans and searched and found my erect penis. After a while, she said “Lets go to my bedroom.” Her room was just off the livingroom and we went in there and closed the door. We sat on the bed and she looked in my eyes, took off her bathrobe and said “Let’s lay down on the bed..” We laid down on the bed beside each other and picked up where we left off in the livingroom. As we made out, I pushed her pajama top up so I could expose her breasts. She sat up and took off her pajama top and I gazed at two firm pert breasts the size of grapefruit. Her nipples were erect. Having never before seen naked breasts I looked in awe at these breasts. She laid back down and her breasts feel down on her chest and I brought my mouth to the nearest breast and put it the erect nipple and gave it a little suction. With my other hand, I reached over to her other breast and began to fondle it.

I released my mouth from her entrapped nipple and began to kiss her. We continued to kiss each other and this time deep open mouthed french type kissing with our tongues intertwining each other. I reached down and started to put my hand down her pajama bottoms when she reached down and pulled her bottoms off. My hand then went down to her belly and then down until I felt her soft furry mound. I played with her soft hair and a finger found her well moistened slit. As we broke from a kiss, I pulled myself up and moved down to get a look at her and explore her pussy as I have never seen what it looked like. I played with the hair around her pussy and then took my hands and spread her lips open to see moist pink flesh. I saw the opening to her vagina and rubbed her slippery slit and she let out a quiet little moan and I took interest in a little mound off flesh at the top of her pussy. I ran my finger up her wet slit and then rubbed that little mound and she shivered and said “Don’t stop, that feels so good.” I continued to rub it and every now and then took my finger and went down to her juicy lips and got my finger all full of juice and then brought it back up continued my massaging. Soon she let out a deep gasp, pushed my hand down on where I was massaging and her pussy convulsed over and over as she shook and moaned loudly. This when on for a good minute or more before she slowly relaxed.

After she composed herself, she turned her attention to my still stiff penis. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft and the made circles around the rim of my bell shaped head. That sent shivers down my spine and she took er other hand and fondled my nuts. She the put her fingers around my shaft by my nuts and slowly squeezed and drew her hand up my shaft and when she reached the head, rubbed her hand around the head gathering up the juice that was oozing from it. She kept stroking my penis and then as her hand got to the base of my penis and she began to go back up my shaft, I could not hold on and I groaned a let loose my sperm as it shot up my shaft and spirting out of my penis high into the air and falling back down on my belly. I kept erupted shot after shot of hot sperm jetting into the air. Masturbating never game me such ecstacy when I jerked off by myself. When I stopped coming, she bent over and gave my penis a kiss and said it tasted good.

After as we lay there for a while we hugged and began to kiss again and foundling began as we explored each others bodies again. I began to thrust my penis against her as we kissed and fondled each other. The feeling of my penis rubbing against her thigh was beginning to get the best of me and in a few mor thrusts, I came again shooting sperm all over her thigh. After this, we got up and dressed and went to the living room and watched TV and as it was real late I kissed her and went home.

The next evening, we got together at her house at about the same time as the night before. We went right to the bedroom and this time we made out a few minutes and then proceeded to that off our clothes and lay on the bed naked. As we lay there, she turn and went down to my penis and took it in her mouth and using her tongue, licked around the shaft and then began to suck it and move her mouth up and down my penis. Watching her was just to much for my mind to handle and my sperm shot up from my balls and filled her mouth with hot sperm. As I continued to ejaculate into her mouth, the sperm began to ooze out of her corners of her mouth and down my penis. She removed her mouth and then licked the rest of my sperm from my penis. “Did you like that?” she asked. I wondered where she learned how to do that and replied “God ,yes.” She smiled at me and said “ I want you to to do the same to me. I want you to lick my pussy and feel your tongue licking me.”

Well I did not was anytime and had her lay down and she spread her legs open and reached down and with her fingers pull her lips opening her very wet pink pussy for me to lick. I lowered my head and stuck out my tongue and beginning from the bottom of her now dripping hot pussy, lapped upward until I reached the top of her slit. The aroma her hot pussy was intoxicating and I repeated my licking from bottom to top of her pussy. Her legs would twitch a little as I kept up my licking. The next time I got to the top of her pussy, she took my head in her hands and pulled it up until I was over the swollen bump where her pussy lips met. “Lick me here, lick and suck me here!” I swirled my tongue around her swollen mound and flicked across it. She moaned and I then began to suck lightly on this little bud and she reacted by moaning louder and then she pulled my head tightly into her pussy and squeezed my head with her legs as her body shook and I felt her pussy contracting as she moaned in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes she relaxed and I removed my head and looked at her. “Wow!!” I said. “What was that?” She smiled and said “You made me feel as good as I made you feel when you shot your load in my mouth.” I then laid beside her and we rested.

After a little rest, my penis twitch and I wanted to fuck her, but I didn’t want to get her pregnant. As we lay there, I looked at her and said “I want to fuck you but I don’t want to get you pregnant.” She looked back at me and said “I want you to fuck me too, but like you said I don’t want to get pregnant.” I thought a while and then told her to get on her hands and knees. She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her stroking my hardening penis and with my other hand ran my hand around to her ass and massaged her ass cheeks and then between her cheeks and found her tight little asshole. I fingered it and her ass twitched a little. I pulled her up to her and took my erect penis and rubbed it head around her asshole. My penis was seeping out of the end giving lubrication to her asshole. “I’m going to put my penis in you ass” she replied “ Be gentle, don’t hurt me.” I said “ I won’t.” and applied pressure to her hole with the head of my penis. I took my time and pushed a little bit of it into her ass. It was very tight and very hot. I then relaxed and let her get used to it and then gave her more of my penis. She had to be enjoying it as she began to push back to me as I pushed more and more of my throbbing penis into her. I had just about all of it in her and then began to pump it in and out of her hot slippery asshole. As I was pumping her ass, she reached under herself and began to work on her pussy. I felt my sperm building and told her that I was about to shoot in her ass. The pace in which she was masturbating her pussy increased and I shoved my penis as far into her asshole as it would go and began to unload my sperm into her ass. I felt her asshole began to contract as she buried her hand deep into her pussy and pushed her ass into me as closed my eyes in the ecstasy of my ejaculation and she kept moaning til her orgasm had passed and then fell forward and my deflating penis popped from her asshole. This was better than masturbating and even better than having a blowjob. Ejaculating into her was the more erotic and the ecstasy from felling you comming in her was the best ever.

I put my clothes on and told her that I wanted to continue to see her and she agreed. I still was curious as to where she learned to go down on me. May be I would find out the next time we get together.

I got home and took a shower and went to bed and laid there reminiscing on what had transpired that evening. I laid on my back and masturbated my penis and ejaculated and rolled over and fell asleep.

I didn’t see or hear from her for the next few days, and the memories of that night kept me very active as I masturbated a couple of times a day fantasying on what we could do the next time we got together. Not being involve with the opposite sex until this late in my teen gave me lots of reason to make up for lost time with her.
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