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An 18 year old girl sets out to snare her 45 year old boss
Adam Beaumon is at the top of his profession, he is the principal accounts director having responsibility for several multi-million pound accounts, and wonders why he is in the fucking office at 8pm on a Thursday night? The reason he is still in his office is that the figures for a presentation he has to deliver to the board of his biggest account tomorrow morning don’t stack up, in face that are so badly flawed he could end up losing the account, and his job.

His ears are still ringing form the torrent of abuse he received from his wife when he phoned to say he would not be home and would be staying in one of the company flats or even worse a hotel. He may be a tyrant in the office but at home Adam ranks below the dog. The fact that it is his earnings that pay for their big house and extravagant life style doesn’t seem to matter, Christ if it wasn’t for him their daughter would not be going to a ridiculously expensive private school.

There is a gently knock on his office door, Adam is surprised, he thinks everyone has gone home and the cleaners know better than to disturb him.

“Come” he shouts and the door is opened by the cute kid from the general office.

“I thought you may need some coffee Mr Beaumon” she stammers.

“Thank you ahhh”

“Laura, Laura Marshall”

“Thank you Laura, but why are you still here, you should have finished hours ago”?

Laura places the coffee carton on the desk and walks to stand next to Adam looking at the computer screen. Adam finds behaviour of this kind intolerable. He is about to issue a rebuke.

“Yes Mr Beaumon, but Jayne let me work on some of the figures and I heard there is a problem and I feel responsible.

Laura adjusts her glasses and when she places her hand on his shoulder Adam is about to remind her of her place, which isn’t in his office looking at his work, her fingers gasp his shoulder and she point at the screen

“That figure is wrong”

Totally surprised Adam looks at the screen than grabs a stack of print outs from his desk, he quickly scans the documents before looking back to the screen.

“The fucking figures have been transposed, what stupid idiot did that” he explodes.
“I’m Sorry Mr Beaumon I think I goofed"

Laura knows the figures are wrong, she deliberately reversed them knowing it would provide an opportunity to stay late and work with her boss. Once she knows her plan is working she rushes out to the sexy lingerie shop in the mall and treats herself to the hottest set available. When she changes from her normal boring undies to this hot set she feels empowered. She is relieved everyone else has gone home as it gives her a chance to admire herself in the large mirror. The pink and black under wired half cup bra show off her firm titties to perfection, the matching suspender belt standing out against her pale skin, the tie side heart shaped panties barely covering her shaved pussy and the black sheer stocking accentuating her perfectly shaped long legs. The short black mini skirt, pink blouse and heels add to the effect.

She returns to the other side of the desk and flops down onto the sofa , her short skirt riding up affording Adam a view of her white thighs above her stocking tops and her tiny panties, she slowly smoothes down her dress and adjusts her glasses.

“I made a big mistake Mr Beaumon, you shouldn’t have needed to stay and I'm real sorry you are gonna be home late. Gee is there anything I can I make it up”. Adam cannot fail to notice the emphasis on ‘anything’.

He takes real notice of Laura for the first time, maybe she’s more than a kid from the general office, he visualises her breasts, he has a good idea of their size as they are straining against her tight blouse and he can’t get the thought of her panties out of his mind. He takes a gulp of the coffee and is pleasantly surprised; it’s not the usual muck from the machine

“This is great coffee Laura; and no real harm done, it gave me a chance to really study the report, just be more careful next time”.

Laura stands giving Adam another view of her fantastic thighs and panties, he feels his penis swelling in his trousers, a feeling he has not had for several months, oh shit he thinks as Laura walks round his desk.

“Thanks Mr B for being so understanding; I thought I was going to be in real trouble”.

He is shocked when Laura kisses him on the cheek. As Laura walks to the door he can’t take his eyes off her swaying ass; he imagines what it will look like without the skirt covering it. He watches as she shuts the blinds covering his office windows and turns the key in the lock. He sits in silence as she turns and walks back to his desk, his cock stirring as she slowly unbuttons her blouse revealing her sexy lacy bra and her lovely firm titties. The blouse falls to the floor quickly followed by her short skirt. His mouth goes dry; this adorable creature is standing next to him wearing just her stunning lacy underwear. He jumps when she takes his hand and places it on her lace covered tit.

“Bet you really want to punish me Mr B. I so deserve it”
Adam remains seated not knowing what to do; he is no longer the demanding boss with the bad reputation he is a weak man being manipulated by an 18 year old temptress. He doesn’t resist when she unbuttons his shirt or when she unzips his pants. He lets out a low moan when she takes his cock in her hand and gently wanks it. He closes his eyes as she kneels down and takes his throbbing cock into her mouth and sucks. He feels disappointed when she allows his now hard cock to slip from her mouth, but that disappointment quickly disappears as she seductively removes her bra and tells him to release the ties on her panties.

His heart is thumping in his chest as he stares at her body; her shaven pussy is glistening, the suspender belt, stocking and heels making her even more alluring. Stretching forward she places her hands on his desk then bends and spreads her legs, her titties resting on the mounds of paper and her ass and pussy in the air.

“I think 6 strokes with your ruler should be a suitable starter Mr B”.

She hands Adam the plastic rule

“I soooooo need it Mr. B - it makes me horny. No one is here and I won't tell; you know you want to punish me, you cock is giving you away”

Adam is too frightened to move and Laura pout's.

“Don't you find me attractive Mr B”.

Shaking Adam stands, he reaches out and strokes the smooth ass cheeks, he can feel slight ridges under the skin and the faint marks from previous punishments, and this causes a shiver of excitement to course through his body. Laura wiggles her ass making her pussy available; Adam runs his finger along the slit, she is so wet. He lifts the rule and delivers a playful slap.

"No Mr B - you gotta do it like you mean it".

Adam tries again, striking Laura harder, but it’s not hard enough for the little bitch bent over his desk.

"Fuck Mr B my brother does better than that and he's only 12. Are you a wimp or something".

Adam sees red, the little bitch called him a wimp, he loses control slashing down with the rule; ten strikes later and he is shaking and out of breath whilst Laura’s ass is a mess of red welts and she has orgasmed, her pussy leaking down her legs. He cannot control himself, he is on his knees behind the temptress his nose pressed into her ass as he greedily laps at her pussy with his tongue, the small and the taste is so intoxicating. Laura lets out a series of low moans that spur Adam on. His cock is so hard, a hardness he has never manage to achieve in 20 years of marriage to Yvonne. He has to possess this beauty. When he stands and presses his cockhead against Laura’s sopping pussy she eases back, the cock quickly disappearing deep inside her, it is debateable who fucks who, however it is Laura who begs Adam to stop as she has had so many orgasm’s she can no longer stand.

As she kneels on the carpeted floor Adam manipulates his swollen cock until with a long groan he sprays his seed on Laura’s face coating her face and glasses with thick strands of cum.

Helping the girl to her feet Adam deeply kisses her

“I have a hotel room booked for tonight; I don’t suppose you fancy dinner and staying with me”

“Sure Adam” she replies “That would be cool, I better go clean up first though”

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2015-12-06 23:46:05
I get the feeling that after 20 years of abuse & repression; the fun is only beginning!!

I'm very happy to say that in this case pain / abuse wasn't a turn-off, exactly the opposite because it's what she wanted

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2015-11-26 14:57:01
Where can I find a bitch like that?

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2015-04-19 22:06:26
Where can I find a guy like that ?
This was great .

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2014-09-29 09:25:22
I think you hit a bueylsle there fellas!

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2014-08-14 04:39:24
Entgnhleniig the world, one helpful article at a time.

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