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This is the first book in my trilogy, which is Copyrighted and published by 21st Street Urban Editing and Publishing. This is just a preview. If you loike and want to read more please go to www.21streeturbanediting/book_orders and order the autographed book for $12.99! Also go like my FaceBook page
It’d been nearly a month since I broke up with The Whore. That’s the name I gave Tony, my ex. I found out he cheated on me several times with several different girls, so in my mind, he is The Whore. But I can’t deny I was in love with the bastard, and dealing with the breakup has been hard as hell! In a month, I went from a size 14 to a 16!
My mom’s friend, Charlotte, offered to take me to the gym with her. Charlotte is a few years younger than mom with a personality to match! She is 46, looks 25, acts 18… perfect! I’m 23, look 23, and I act 18. She was a freshman when my mom was a senior in college. They were best friends then and we’re best friends now. Charlotte never had kids, so when my brother Mike and I were younger, she bought the stuff our parents wish they could’ve bought us. Back then she was Aunty; now she’s Sis. Mike made the mistake of calling her Aunty in public one time when he was 16. We thought Charlotte was going to have a heart attack.
“Michael! You can’t go around calling me your aunt in public! That’s just as bad as calling me Granny! From now on, I’m your sister!”
Sis and I went to the gym twice a week. She has such a banging body that I feel like standing next to her compliments her and diminishes me. She and I are almost the same height, about five foot three inches. She’s slim with a tiny butt and her breasts are a little bigger than mine. I’m a D and I think she is a DD. But even though next to her I felt like the 700-pound man, I loved being around her. After a couple of weeks of working out with her, I had lost the weight I had gained, but I still wasn’t happy with my appearance. In the locker room, she would shower in the group showers and I would shower in the stalls. Sometimes she would tease me for going in and taking my clothes with me.
“Oooooh, are you hiding a wee wee in your pants, Jen? Are you really a boy?”
I would throw a towel at her and we would laugh about it. Once or twice I would catch a glimpse of Charlotte as she dropped her towel and her back was to me. A lot of women got dressed and undressed in front of us without a second thought and there were some pretty gross sights, but Sis… she was different. I didn’t look at her in admiration; it was more like envy. The first thing I noticed was her brown skin. I always thought African Americans and Latinos were special, but even though I’m half Latino, I don’t feel as special next to Charlotte.
I would like to stop here and say that I have never had a sexual thought about women, only the normal random curiosities. However, something happened which began a change in that. A simple conversation sparked my curiosity. It started out as nothing. I just asked, “Sis, how come you don’t have a boyfriend?”
She laughed and said, “Jen, I’m a lesbian!”
I didn’t know what to say. In fact, I was embarrassed at my stumbling response. “Oh, uh… um… oh…wow… okay.”
Sis laughed out loud. I don’t know why I was shocked. I guess I was shocked at the fact that someone I’d known for so long had this secret and she was not what I expected or assumed her to be. The way she told me was so casual; it was like it wasn’t something she wanted to be a secret. She asked me in a very concerned tone if I was cool with it, and when I found my voice, I replied, “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be cool with you being a dike? No! No, no, no! I mean… uh… wait… Why wouldn’t I be cool with you being a lesbo? Noooo, that wasn’t right. Um… Yeah, Sis, I’m cool with it.”
She laughed and kissed me on the forehead. She had kissed me before, but this time I got a tingle down my spine. I don’t know why; it wasn’t like she kissed me on the lips or anything. I tried not to let it dwell on my mind, but when I went to bed that night, I started thinking about the friends she had introduced my family and me to over the years. Were they really just friends? Or were they girlfriends?
When I closed my eyes, I started thinking about how she must have been with them in bed. I imagined her sweating brown body against their light, white bodies, or even the caramel-colored ones. I imagined her shaking as each one of her “friends” gave her an orgasm. I imagined the faces she’d made as they licked her clit and ran their fingers through her afro. Before too long, I found I was rubbing myself at the thought and tasting my own juices from my fingers. I only brought myself back to reality when I moaned as my tongue tasted my pussy juices.
What the hell was I thinking? I hadn’t had those thoughts since I first really tasted myself with Tony. I dismissed it as just being overly horny from missing him still and I went off to sleep.
The next time I went to the gym, I knew my thoughts about Sis had changed. Every time I looked at her, I couldn’t help thinking about her with her friends over the years and what they had gotten up to in the bedroom. I even started to watch lesbian porn at home and looked for pictures and movies with small black-haired women that looked like Sis. It got worse after two or three weeks when I stopped picturing her with friends and started picturing her with me.
Every time she touched me, I felt tingles through my body, and my heart fluttered whenever she walked in the room. Eventually, I stopped kidding myself, and at night I imagined her kissing me and stroking me as I rubbed myself to orgasm. It was her hands that took me there; even her tongue made me cum. I knew this wasn’t good. It would only end in heartbreak. I would gain weight again and spend my nights in tears instead of orgasms.
It took me weeks of wrinkled fingertips and messed up sheets before I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see Sis naked. But when I went to the showers, the thought of my body standing amongst a group of perfect bodies… I couldn’t. Then one day, I had no choice. As I turned the corner to go into the stall, a big red sign with white letters blocked the entrance: OUT OF ORDER. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, I kept saying to myself. My heart was beating at a million miles per hour and I began to feel sick, embarrassed, and excited all at once. We had just come from the pool, so I still had my one piece on as I walked up to Sis, who was already soaping up with her back to me. Feeling very uncomfortable about stripping, I quickly undressed and took the shower next to hers. She was clearly shocked to see me standing there.
“My shower is broken, so I had no choice but to - ”
“It’s okay. You’re allowed in here too!” She laughed.
That humor relaxed me a little and I began to soap up, stealing glances at her body. Even then, as my hands rubbed past my nipples, I wished it was her experienced hands washing me and not my lonely ones. I’ve never wanted somebody to touch me so badly. I felt as if my whole body was going to go into a shaking frenzy from craving attention - her attention. Her breasts looked beautiful, slightly bigger than mine with small dark nipples. I tried to keep my glances short and natural as I watched the soap drip down her smooth, brown stomach to her shaven, wet, very small protruding pussy lips. After all the porn I’d watched on my computer, I wanted to get on my knees and lick her right there.
As I washed my hair, I thought I could get a better sneak peek of her body. But I got another surprise instead. Charlotte obviously thought my eyes were closed because she was licking her lips and checking me out! She even moved her head down to get a closer look at my pussy. As I rinsed my hair, I noticed she had her back to me again and I couldn’t help but wonder if she actually wanted me. Me? No! But wasn’t she looking?
We dried off and went to our lockers to get dressed. Normally, Sis would have her back to me while we clothed ourselves, but this time, she faced me. Even though I tried to look her in the eyes, I couldn’t help but take quick glances at her breasts and her pussy, and she was even touching my arm a little more than usual. As I bent over to pull my skirt up, her butt touched mine and I nearly climaxed right there!
“Uh, Sis, I’ll meet you in the café. I have to go to the restroom right quick.”
“Okay.” She grabbed her things and I raced for the restroom.
As soon as I sat on the toilet, I let my fingers slip between my slit to my already hard clit and massaged out my fantasies. I tried, but I couldn’t stop moaning. I even covered my mouth when I heard someone come in, but even that didn’t help, and I took myself on a roller coaster ride. Finally, I had an orgasm, cleaned myself up, redressed, and stepped out to wash my hands.
The other stall opened and Sis stepped out. “You okay, sweetie?”
“Oh, uh, yeah. I think I ate something bad last night. That’s why you might’ve heard…well. ”
She smiled. “Let’s go.”
We ate at the café and she took me home. All of a sudden I felt I messed up.

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