The orgy concludes. Shorter chapter but action-packed . . .
“Alright guys, I’m going in” declared Phil as he stood and removed his lounge pants and boxers. He had just finished watching Mason fuck Jillian while Missy assisted and got compensated for her services by getting eaten out voraciously by the newest member of their sex team. Mason had taken a seat on the sofa to recover but it was obvious that Jill was looking to further scratch her new-found itch.

“Be gentle with me Phil” Jill joked as she propped herself on her elbows and surveyed his growing cock. “I haven’t done this in a while.”

“Up on your knees, Jill” Phil responded. “Let me see that gorgeous ass of yours.”

Jill rolled over in compliance and pushed her cheeks in the air, spreading herself open as she widened her knees and leaned forward so that her face was right on the carpet. Phil marveled at the beauty of her long legs as he stroked them and began to fondle her ass, spreading her cheeks with his fingers to admire her pucker and her sopping gash. He dipped a finger in her juices and rubbed it over her asshole, gently probing to the sound of her moans.

His cock felt as hard as a baseball bat as he positioned himself to enter her pussy, while continuing to tease her sphincter with his finger. Mason had certainly gotten her warmed up and she accepted him eagerly, rocking back into him as he penetrated her.

“Oh, Gaaaaaaaaaahd” she breathed. “Fuck, that feels great. You’re a BIG guy, Phil, much bigger than my husband . . . Fuck meeeeeee!”

“If you insist!” Phil quipped as he began to stroke in and out of her, holding her smooth, shapely hips to pull her against him and then rock her away.

“I gotta get a picture of this” Jimmy remarked as he stood and got a beautiful profile of his dad fucking his best friend’s mom, doggy-style, in his family room. “This is gonna be my new wallpaper on my laptop” he laughed.

Theresa wasn’t sure exactly how she would feel when she finally got the chance to watch Phil fuck another woman, but she felt so close to Jillian now that it was almost like just sharing another intimate detail of their lives. She watched in awe as Phil thrust firmly, Jill’s ass cheeks slapping against his thighs as he increased his rhythm. Phil was being much more aggressive with her than he was when they fucked, like he was working out in the gym.

“How are you feeling Jill?” Theresa inquired.

“God, Terry, I’ve … never . . . been . . . fucked . . . like this . . . in my life! Uh . . . uh . . . uh” she continued to grunt with each thrust.

Phil’s body was gleaming with sweat as he leaned forward to wrap Jill’s body in his arms and grab her tits, while continuing to rock his hips and thrust into her, slowing down his rate, just a bit.

“Wow, Dad, you’re like a fucking machine!” Sue said in awe as she watched and fingered herself.

“Sue” Jill spoke up again “get down here please so I can bury my face in your pussy like I said I would.”

“You got it, Jill” Sue agreed and got herself into position. “Come on mom, I’ll get you while Jill eats me.”

Phil was fucking Jillian while she ate his daughter, who in turn had his wife sitting on her face, facing him. It was a surreal scene and he was thankful that he was able to last as long as he did. But when Jill began to buck and moan it put him over the top and he filled her fuck-hole with the biggest load of cum he’d ever produced, grunting “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuck” as he climaxed.

Sue wasn’t far behind him in her ecstasy, she had put her legs up on Jill’s shoulders and was using them to pull Jill into her sopping teen cunt, moaning into her mom’s snatch, who was riding her like a bronco. Jim continued to take pictures while Sam finished jerking off, dumping his load right onto Jillian’s back as he stood over her. Phil only relaxed for a minute or so before deciding that he wanted a taste of Jillian’s pretty pucker which was staring right at him. He put two fingers into her freshly-fucked gash and came out with a mix of her juices and his spunk, then spread it around her asshole. Gingerly, he inserted his middle finger about an inch.

“Uuuugh, ahhh, fuck! Oh my god, fuck!!” Jill exclaimed as she pushed back against his finger. She returned to licking Sue’s cunt but also brought a hand back to jam two fingers in her own, and grind her palm against her clit. When Phil removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue, she bucked and shouted again.

They could all hear the sloppy wetness of Jill pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt as she brought herself to her 3rd or 4th come, each one seemingly more earth-shattering than the last. She finally rolled onto her side, panting and tucking her knees into her chest, her hand still buried in her twat.

Theresa took the opportunity of the opening in front of her and leaned forward to embrace Sue in a 69, which the two of them had gotten very adept at. They knew each others’ pussies well and liked to make their sessions last. Their licks were slow and deliberate, interspersed with tender kisses and nuzzles.

“They might be at that a while, Mason” Missy had perked back up to say. “Are you feeling ready again?”

Mason looked down to find that he had, in fact managed to recover a passable hard-on. “Ready for what, Missy? What’s next?”

“No one else but Sammy has ever fucked me Mason, and I’d really like it if you would.”

“Me?!” he exclaimed, “you’re a bit young for me aren’t you?”

“Yeah, and you’re a bit young for your MOM, don’t you think?” Missy teased as she got in front of him and began fondling his cock to bring him back to full attention.

“You ARE about the hottest 11-year old in the history of the world, I think” he complimented her as he reached for her pert little breasts and bulging nipples.

“You bet your ass I am” she assured as she climbed up on the sofa, straddling him, never releasing his cock from her grip as she guided it to her sweet cunt. She leaned down to whisper in his ear “your mommy licked my pussy to make me so wet Mason. I helped teach your mommy how to eat pussy.”

“Oh, god, Missy.”

Missy worked Mason gradually into her, relaxing herself for this next step-up in cock size from Sammy. She felt the satisfying jolt of pleasure as her clit bumped against his pubic bone, having taken his full length into her young snatch. “That was so hot when you fucked your mom, Mason” she continued to whisper. “I loved watching you fuck your mom, and my sister too. You fuck good Mason.” She kept up the filthy whispers as she rocked back and forth on him.

Jimmy did not miss the opportunity to save pictures of this coupling for posterity. Deciding which would end up as the wallpaper on his laptop was going to be a tough decision. He chuckled to himself that he’d probably set up a slide-show screen saver to toggle through tonight’s orgy.


“Yes, Mrs. C?”

“Jimmy, you’ve been left out here. Come on and get that dick out. I haven’t given a blow-job since I was a teen-ager!”

Jim gladly put his phone down and walked over to the waiting lips of his best bud’s mom. He stood right next to where Missy was getting drilled by Mason as Mrs. Campbell pulled his pants and boxers down and took him into her mouth. He had almost become numb to all the sex going on around him but now there was a very warm mouth wrapped around his shaft and Mason’s mom got the bulk of his attention. He still snuck a peek at Missy getting fucked and Mom and Sue continuing the languid 69.

His dad was moving around behind his mom, who’s ass was in the air over Sue’s face. “Can you make a little room in there for me Sue?” he asked, very politely.

“Sure dad!” Sue pushed up on her mom’s cheeks just enough for Phil to enter her from behind, then she returned to licking her clit and got to experience the unique feeling of her dad’s cock sliding in and out of her mom on her tongue. Terry moaned and began grunting as Phil once again found his rhythm. “Fuck . . . me . . . fuck . . . me . . . fuck . . . me” over and with each stroke, then planting her face back into her daughter’s gash.

“Are you ready to come Mason” Missy was still whispering and clutching him tight.

“I’m getting close, Missy” he whispered back, like the two of them were on their own little island by themselves, not in a room with 6 other people pleasuring each other.

Missy began thrusting more urgently, rolling her hips into him and back out, like she was kneading bread with her pelvis. She kissed him with a wide open mouth and the two entwined their tongues and moaned into each other’s mouths as Mason finally squirted into her quim. Missy felt the warm spunk inside her just as she climaxed herself and she squeezed Mason with all her might, digging her nails into his back.

Sammy had been standing and watching everything since his first cum and now Jillian beckoned him to her as she continued to suck fervently on Jim’s cock. She positioned him right next to Jim and began switching back and forth between the two. Stroking and sucking. Licking and stroking, till both boys shot their loads right into her face and onto her wonderful tits.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!” Phil finished as he came into Terry’s wet box. Some of his semen dribbled out where Sue was there to lick it off of his shaft. Sue and Terry were the last to cum, faces once again buried in each other’s snatches after Phil had pulled back out.

*** *** ***

The walk-in shower wasn’t quite big enough to accommodate all 8 of them at once, but they took their time, in and out in groups and pairs until the hot water ran out and it was time for bed.

*** *** ***

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As always Snow 10/10 for everything I can think of! Very excited to read more of this story :)

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i adore the stories, remembering the boys bathroom at the park when i was 7-11 and sucking all the guys cocks and getting fed their cum...... only one being a boys my age, yes i'm a girl

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i adore the stories, remembering the boys bathroom at the park when i was 7-11 and sucking all the guys cocks and getting fed their cum...... only one being a boys my age, yes i'm a girl

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