Let me first introduce myself, my name is Jay and when these events took place I was 16 years old. I am 5’13’’ and fairly well-built for someone who never played any kind of sport apart from pocket pool. I have light brown hair and turquoise eyes. After my parents’ divorce, my father immediately married his office secretary, who to no surprise was the prime candidate for wrecking my parents’ marriage. My father got custody over me and soon his new wife, along with her daughter Molly, moved in with us.

Molly was 14 years old at that time and 5’7’’ tall with an athletic body due to years of playing volleyball. She had fiery red hair like her mother, and her nose was full of freckles. Unlike her mother, who had long curly hair, Molly being quite the feisty type cut her hair short, and always at a male barber. The only thing we two had in common were those bright turquoise eyes, despite being unrelated.

I, being an only child, found this new situation difficult for I never had to share anything with anyone before! Not to mention that my privacy was now threatened. With a younger stepsister running around the house I had to be extra careful. However, the good thing was that my stepsister would only come to my house during the weekends as she lived with her father, who got custody over her.

So, one day I was minding my own business, watching the Discovery Channel when my stepsister came into the living room. She was still in her school uniform which somewhat surprised me as she would always, rather gladly, change into something more casual on arriving home from school.

“Home from school already, sis?” I said with a grin.

“Jay, it’s Saturday!” Molly giggled.

“Oh, yeah...” I suddenly realised the obvious myself. However, this puzzled me even more. Why was she in her school uniform then?

“Whatcha doing Jay?”

“Oh, nothing really. I was just switching through the channels. All my friends have gone camping over the weekend so I’m probably going to bore myself to death.”

“Aww, don’t you worry big brother. I’m always here to cheer you up.”

“Thanks Molly, I appreciate it--” Just as I was about to finish the sentence, I dropped the remote; I immediately went to reach it with my clumsy fingers when all of a sudden, Molly bent to reach it.

“Here Jay, I’ll get it for you.” As she bent over to pick the remote, her pink panties flashed under her red schoolgirl skirt. My eyes immediately glued themselves to those gorgeous panties and I thanked God for this wondrous gift, twice. She finally stood up and I tried my best to make a convincing poker face.

“Is something wrong Jay?” Molly looked at me puzzled, as my poker face had obviously failed, miserably.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just remembered something funny, that’s all.” I gave the most unconvincing smile and she left me there like a complete idiot with a confused look on her face.

Dammit, I said to myself, I’ve got such a hard-on right now. This can’t be right; I got turned on by my stepsister’s panties! Speak of the devil; my stepmom entered the living room while an Eiffel Tower stood with all its glory inside my boxers. I tried to hide it, swiftly covering my erect penis with a pillow.
“Honey, there is something I want to talk to you about,” said my stepmother standing all serious in front of me, “it’s about Molly.”

“Oh, what about Molly?” I looked into her stern eyes, she must’ve seen me looking at Molly’s panties, I thought, I’m so dead now.

My stepmother lowered herself so she could come close enough to whisper something into my ear. This would be perfectly normal if she hadn’t had the tits the size of Asia and had had the urge to wear a bra for once. As she stood there lowered, I could see her huge tits dangling under her red blouse. My primordial instincts were telling me to milk those jugs; to suck them dry. This was so wrong, on so many levels, this whole bloody day. My stepmother had the best tits I ever laid my eyes on. She had beautiful perky nipples flashing directly at me. I stared at them rudely without mercy. I even had to wipe my mouth as I was drooling all over the place.

“Molly had a rough day,” she whispered so gently, it turned me on even more. Boy if you only knew how hard this day was for me, I thought to myself without breaking eye contact with her perky nipples.

“Being her big stepbrother and all, I was wondering, could you go cheer her up a bit?” She was so close I could feel the warmth of her breath on my cheek.

“Of course, of course, that’s what brothers are for.”

“Good,” she said, “I knew you were a good boy.” She finally straightened herself up and I hastily directed my gaze towards the floor. She gave me a wink and went out of the living room shaking her ass as usual. I waited a couple of minutes for the Tower of Pisa, that was bulging inside my boxers, to lean down completely before getting off the sofa and going up the stairs towards Molly’s bedroom.

Between Molly’s room and my own was a second bathroom, the first one being on the ground floor of course. As I passed her bedroom, I noticed that she wasn’t in there. I heard water running in the bathroom, and on closer inspection I saw that a towel was blocking the bathroom door from closing shut. I knelt to pick it up so I could close the door, when... There she was... My stepsister... Standing completely naked in the shower; with my razor in her hand. I watched as she trimmed her ginger pubes bit by bit. Her body was like white marble and her pubes as well as her hair burned red like fire. She was that damn hot. I opened the door a bit so I could get a better look at her firm boobies. Although they weren’t as big as her mother’s, they had great potential in them. They were already C size and had the same round shape like her mother’s with great perky nipples pointing directly at me.

I couldn’t stand this anymore. This was the final straw! I was so damn horny, I felt I would explode any second. I released my erect cock out of my boxers and started stroking like a madman. My stepsister rinsed each boob with great care. Then she put some liquid soap into her palm and went straight for her pussy. Gently, Molly lubes her clit as I stand with my shaft in my hands and watch. It didn’t take me long to realise that she wasn’t just washing her pussy, but that she was also masturbating. She rubbed her soapy clit a few more seconds before she finally inserted two of her fingers deep inside her ginger pussy.

At first, she moved her fingers in and out slowly, but then she increased the speed of her penetration. Now she already held a steady pace with her fingers and I tried to match my stroking with her own movements. I looked at her pretty 14-year-old face and saw soft teenage moans coming out of her mouth. My stepsister’s moans turned me on even more as I started stroking even faster. Her moans became louder as her fingers went all in on her wet pussy. Her body began to shake before she came hard under the shower, squirting all over the bathroom floor. I tried to suppress my moans but a few of them went out softly as I started cumming myself.

It was like a fire hose, my supply of cum seemed endless. I was teased by two blazing hot redheads all day long, I built up so much seaman that I could fill a medium-sized pool with ease. I came all over the place, the door; the carpet; the towels; wave after wave of cum. I was so proud of myself when I looked at the mess I had made. I enjoyed that sensation just briefly and then hastily cleaned up the mess with the already cum-soaked towels, and threw them into the bathroom as I stealthily shut the door.

I swiftly escaped from the scene of the crime and raced towards the sofa in the living room. I jumped onto the sofa and acted as if nothing at all had happened. As I lay there, innocently watching TV like a good boy, guilt soon overtook me whole. God Jay, you just came while watching your stepsister masturbate in the shower, I thought, what is wrong with you man? It’s not like you haven’t seen a girl naked before; your own girlfriend gave you a blowjob this very morning; you’re not just some loser hoping to get laid, what just happened back there?

I felt ashamed of myself. I was like an animal, acting upon instincts rather than reason, but God I never felt such a sensation like I did that day. It’s like they say: forbidden fruit always tastes the best. That fear of being seen jacking off while your stepsister’s having a shower right in front of you, mixed with the wondrous sensation of your seaman marching out of your cock was simply astonishing. However, before this incident, I never realised how hot my stepsister was. I never seemed to have paid much attention. But God almighty, she had the most perfect body, ever; those lovely round tits with such light-coloured perky nipples, and that firm athletic ass of hers. I was now getting hard just by thinking about her.

I heard the stairs creak and I knew that that would probably be Molly coming down into the living room. I took a deep breath and pretended I was really into some programme on TV. I couldn’t resist turning around to see her as she approached the sofa. Although she was wearing a sleeveless shirt and some really tight boyshorts, I imagined her being naked again. In my thoughts I tore her clothes apart and worshiped her boobies and her---

“Jay!” Her shout brought me back into reality and I snapped out of my fantasizing. “For the third time, have you seen my slippers?” I looked down and saw a pair of cute teddy-bear slippers on her feet.

“Yeah, I was just thinking how cute they were,” I lied miserably.

“Not these slippers,” roared Molly as she made a bitter grimace, “the ones that I bought last week. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Were you even listening to me?!” She yelled at me furiously.

I just made a dull nod to signify my unconditional surrender, as I was utterly overpowered by her ferocious shouts.

“You’re just like all them other boys,” she started sobbing, “you just want to make fun of me and my freckles.” A big salty tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek. I felt really bad about all this and I just realised that this must be what my stepmother was talking about earlier; the boys were probably teasing her for being a ginger. It must’ve been really hard for her at her age.

“Hey there, Molly, don’t be sad. Those boys have no clue what a gorgeous young lady you are.”

“But--- but they say that I have no soul because I’m a ginger.” She looked at me with those watery turquoise eyes filled with tears and I was now fully determined to cheer her up.

“Molly, those boys are just a bunch of frustrated assholes. I for one love redheads, to be honest, most of my friends do in fact. I’m sure you can easily find a boyfriend who’ll know how pretty you truly are.”

“Aww, you really think so?” She wiped her tears and smiled at me.

“Definitely,” I nodded my head and an image of her trimmed ginger pussy flashed before my eyes, but I quickly discarded the image.

“I wish I had a boyfriend like you Jay.” She stretched her arms and invited me to give her a hug.

This made me feel a bit uneasy, as I couldn’t stop imagining her naked body and now I was supposed to hug her. I went shyly towards her but then she leaped at me and gave me a squeezing hug. I tried to gently break free of her tight embrace but not before my erect cock got buried deep between her young firm tits. As her boobies kept hugging my cock, I immediately realised that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She takes after her mother, I said to myself. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to have noticed my stiff cock as she continued squeezing me for a few more second before finally letting me go. She giggled for a brief moment and then went racing up the stairs.

Only then did I realise how tight Molly’s boyshorts were! Her ass cheeks were left totally bare and exposed; the small piece of fabric that was supposed to cover her ass was wholly swallowed up by her bubbly ass cheeks. It was obvious she had outgrown those boyshorts, so why wear them? I watched her ass shake like an earthquake and it made me feel dizzy. Surely I wasn’t being teased by my younger stepsister?

I was haunted by the image of her perfect teen ass for the rest of the day. At one point I got fed up with my fantasizing and I dashed for the door frustrated and desperate. I went outside and took my bicycle for a ride to vent the incestuous lust for my younger stepsister.


I returned home later that night after I had been driving my bicycle for hours. I was totally exhausted. All I wanted now was a hot shower and a good night’s sleep. Leaving my bike in the backyard I entered the house through the backdoor that lead into the kitchen. I saw all the lights were off so I presumed all were asleep. I crept and made a few silent steps trying not to awaken the rest of my household. However, upon reaching the stairs I noticed a dark figure moving back in the kitchen. I was frightened at first but then when I focused on the dark figure I realised it was my stepmother. I was somewhat confused on what was she doing there all alone in the dark. A second figure emerged from the darkness, my father. This made me rather curious and I sneaked closer and hid behind the fridge.

As far as I could make out from the pitch-black darkness, my stepmother was wearing a greenish corset with red lacing. Kissing my father, she turned her ass towards me. Upon seeing her black lace thong I started breathing heavily. My heart was pounding so hard it almost pierced right through my flesh. If they saw me here I would be in big trouble, so I knelt and hoped for the best. Seeing my stepmother’s ass immediately reminded me of Molly. A sudden clapping sound made me flutter and I almost shit my pants. However, there was no need for fear; that was just my father spanking my stepmother’s bubble butt. I heard a few more violent spanks which were followed by my stepmother’s soft moans.

“Oh, Sharon,” said my father, “please let me destroy that lovely ass tonight.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” replied my stepmother, “Only if you’ll be an extremely naughty boy, Ted.” She grinned and teasingly pulled her stockings’ garter belt with her fingers.

On this my father replied by grabbing her huge jugs with his hands while he kissed her neck wildly. She let out another volley of soft moans, as he continued caressing her large breasts. This turned him on even more, and he was not alone. I slowly unbuttoned my shorts and went for my cock. My father started biting her neck like a vampire while she unzipped his pants. Kneeling, she pulled them down. Her ass cheeks were now exposed even more as she knelt. I watched enough porn to know what ensued next. I couldn’t see much because her head was blocking the view, but by her head movements I could tell that my father’s cock was poking her tonsils. I firmly gripped my erect cock and started stroking it gently. I had to remain silent less they find me.

My father grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth roughly. I heard her gagging but this only made my father increase his pace. After a few more seconds of deepthroating, he finally let her have some air. She hastily took a couple of short breaths before he started ramming at her tonsils again. The fact that my girlfriend couldn’t deepthroat was really frustrating for me. Seeing my stepmother eating my father’s sausage almost made me cum. My breathing was getting faster so I had to slow down with my stroking and catch my breath. I had to be silent as a lamb.

“You like that, don’t you bitch?” Said my father right before he slapped my stepmother’s face.

“Harder!” Came the reply, and he hit her twice more.

“Stand up you slut,” ordered my father, “I’ma fuck your brains out.”

“Less talk, more action,” teased my stepmother, “or else you won’t get to violate my ass!”

He helped her up and she took her thong off. Her pussy was trimmed the same way Molly’s was. Again, images of Molly’s naked body came rushing through my head. Her tits glistening as she rinsed them slowly. Her nipples hardening cause of the cold water. I now completely swapped my stepmother’s face with Molly’s. I spit into my palm and continued with my gentle stroking.

My stepmother sat on the kitchen counter. Old habits die hard; this was probably how they fucked at their office. Now I had a profile view of them, and already I missed her massive ass cheeks. She spread her legs, inviting my father’s monster cock inside her wet caverns. Not for a moment did he hesitate but he penetrated her pussy viciously. She was so wet that with every thrust of my father’s cock I could hear her pussy making a plopping sound.

Still seeing Molly’s face in the place of my stepmother’s, I wished I was the one fucking her and not my father. I couldn’t help but fantasies about my stepsister. Watching her masturbate in the shower turned me on more than I had realised. Even now as I was watching my father fucking the living shit out of my stepmother, I was still thinking about my stepsister’s lovely round ass.

“Honey, aren’t you forgetting something?” My stepmother whispered teasingly.

“Like what Sharon?” Replied my father as he slowed his ramming speed.

“You’re giving my pussy so much attention that my ass is becoming extremely jealous.” She bit her index finger gently and then graciously turned around.

I could see my father’s face gleaming with joy. He knew as well as I have that he was a very lucky man to have the opportunity to penetrate such a lovely bubbly ass that only my stepmother could have. He reached for the top kitchen cupboard and took a bottle of olive oil with his left hand. As soon as he had opened the bottle, he started pouring the olive oil over my stepmother’s hot ass. He did so nonchalantly that the olive oil was soon dripping from her enormous ass cheeks and made tiny waterfalls. I watched as my stepmother’s oiled ass glistened in the moonlight while my father poured some more olive oil onto his palm and started caressing her tight asshole. She moaned softly as he tenderly massaged her asshole but it was not long before he inserted his index finger all the way inside. She shook violently as it took her by surprise and then she grinned pleasingly.

Then my father opened the kitchen drawer and took a rolling pin. My stepmother had no idea what was coming her way. He positioned the rolling pin right at the entrance of her oiled asshole and began shoving it steadily. My stepmother welcomed the idea by spreading her ass cheeks with her hands as my father continued with the penetration. Slowly he shoved half of it inside before she started moaning louder and louder. I could see her legs shaking because of the sheer pain that the rolling pin was inflicting upon her tight asshole. My father shoved that rolling pin in and out of her ass for a few more seconds until he was finally ready to violate her ass himself. He took the rolling pin out and he oiled his cock just before shoving it balls deep into her ass.

My father’s cock was a welcome relief after that wooden rolling pin. She seemed to have enjoyed getting her bubbly ass destroyed. She started rubbing her clit with her right hand as she kept moaning. I could see by my father’s increasing speed that he wanted to come very soon. However, my stepmother beat him to it! Her moans turned into yells as she went shouting: “I’m going to cum Ted, I’m going to... Aaaaaaaaaah! I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmiing, Aaaaaaa!” Her shouts ended with a splash. She was a squirter like her daughter. The kitchen floor was soaking wet after her squirting for half a minute.

“That’s a good slut,” said my father, “now turn around so I can cover your face with my load, you like it warm don’t you?”

My stepmother was still in ecstasy as she swiftly turned around and answered: “Yes honey, I want to feel you dripping all over my face!”

My father was stroking his hard cock until finally his seaman came shooting out in large quantities. The first load came right into her left eye before she could close it shut. The second went straight for her ginger hair and after that new loads came pumping out of his cock until her nose, her lips and her cheeks were all covered with spunk. My stepmother tried to get some seaman out of her eyes when my father said: “Here dear, let me help you out!”

He started pissing all over her spunk-covered face. The white and yellow liquids now merged into one as it all went sliding down her neck and between her gigantic tits. She looked at my father and grinned before opening her mouth to get a chance to drink some of his warm piss. At this precise moment, watching how my stepmother was not only covered but was also swallowing my father’s piss, made me cum as much as my father. I had to hold my mouth shut with my right hand while I kept stroking my cock with my left. Immediately, loads and loads of seaman came out as I painted the green kitchen wall white.

After that, I put my pants back on and stealthily went for the exit.
However, as I was leaving the scene of the crime, a pair of shinning spheres blocked my retreat. It were the turquoise eyes of my stepsister Molly! Was she standing there behind the kitchen door the whole time, watching me masturbate? It seems the tables have turned and now I was being the one spied on. I stood there motionless, not knowing what to do, before she ran for the stairs up to her room. I was so bewildered and confused, but I had no time to waste. I had to get out of the kitchen before my father and my stepmother see me too! I dashed for the stairs and went straight for my room. As I opened my door a note was lying on the floor. I picked it up and read it aloud:

Midnight, my room!


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