Here Marla is figuring out what going on, what Jen has done to her. She been drugged and who knows what else. Has Marla life been destroyed, can she fix it before it too late?
I awake hoping to find that it was all a bad dream. I rub the sleep out of my eyes, and look around. It was not a dream; Jen is still lying on her back with her hands and feet shackled to the horse. I also heard a rattling sound from the floor; the vibrator must have slipped out of her ass during my sleep. It warm in here and the lights are very well muted but still well lit. I see what looks like a steel toilet in the corner along with a shower. ‘Yes I remember her giving me one last night or before she raped me.’ I get up there something around my waist; the large strap-on is still on along with bondage harness. I take them off as I sit and take a long piss. I hear moaning from Jen, she must have heard me moving. Yes, the ball gag is still in her mouth, I take a Dixie cup from the plastic dispenser filled it with water and washed out my mouth before, I stop and look to see if there anything on the water faucet. “Mmm, let make sure first,” filling a second cup I brought it over to Jen. I removed the gag and offer her a drink.

She drank it, and then I saw her do the cotton mouths stretch with her lips. She was about to say something when I shoved the ball gag back in. “Aggh, mmurh”

“I’m not ready to hear anything from you yet.” I said as I went to get some water. Drinking a few cups of water I went over to get my clothes that were still on the floor along with hers. I quickly got dress and went to the door. It was locked with what seems to be a security push button lock with 10 keys. I don’t remember her doing this from the other side. I guess she wanted to make sure her guest would not leave once in. I did a few combos before I gave up. I looked back at her she was watching I could almost see her smile with that gag in her mouth.

I walk back to remove the gag again, “What the code, Bitch?”

“No. You release me and I let you out one day when I’m tired of you, that how this works.” Jen is acting and sounding confidant that she has me over the barrel.

I look at her, smile, “Look, Bitch there is three ways we can handle this.” Holding up one finger, “we stay here until hunger makes you talk.” Holding a second finger up, “I will sit over there pushing number until I get the door unlock and leave you here.” Finally I hold up a third finger, “I take the easy approach, I take your toys and give you some lashing till you break. You know what I seem to like that way best.” ‘My backside still stings from the beating she gave me, not to mention my bottom from her other treatment she gave me.’

I undid the hand binding and grabbed her hair to sit her up as I held her left wrist. Shoving her left wrist up under shoulder blade I grabbed her right. Using Jens’ own leather cuffs I hooked them together with the snap locks. I proceeded to undo her right leg and pushed her off the horse so her left leg was still attached but she would not be able to try and kick me. The mats on the floor should prevent any major breakage.

“bruth,” Jen made a noise through her gag.

I quickly undid her remaining leg and cuffed them together. Dropping her legs I went and pick up so she was standing then over my shoulder. I looked over to both the bed and then the “X cross” that she had me on. I decided on the cross, sat her down and leaned on the cross. “I may not have your experience in doing this but I am more than comfortable in beating the shit out of you if you try anything. Putting my foot on the snap on the ankle cuffs I released her hand to cuff her to the cross. Jen went for my head as I attempted to pin her other hand. I blocked it with my elbow and open handed slapped her across her face.

Jen looked at me in surprised that I moved so fast. “Bitch, I’m faster than you think, last time you had me drugged remember. Grabbing her hand and twisting it behind her back, I finished getting her left arm cuffed to the stand. I made quick work of getting her tied to the cross. I removed her gag, “Tell the code for the door, Jen.”

“Look, Marla, I never going to give you the code.” She said smiling, “I been used by the best, before I did this the first time.”

“So this is your attempt to get me to let you go, and beg you to keep me as your sex toy?”

“That the only way I going to let you out of this room.” Jen said smiling as if she had me over a barrel.
I walked over to her toy chest, looking over what she had. ‘She probably right she has been beaten, and tortured so there not much that I can do to her that has not been done before in the ways of pain.’ I was thinking as I continued to look over her equipment. ‘I wonder if not pain but denied pleasure should work. Grabbing some of Jen’s toys, she returns to Jen. “I give you one more chance before I get started.”

“Ha ha ha,” Jen laughs has her tilt her head up. “Forget it, you not leaving here until you mine.”
I look at her, I take a nipple clip and attach it to her right nipple and connect the clip by a small chain to her lift nipple ring.

“You think that hurts,” Jen smirks.

I smile as I bring up a vibrator. Touch the chain then I turn it on. I look into Jen eyes as I slowly increase the speed. I see her look confused and wondering what I had plan for her. I keep changing the speed; I can see it taking effect. Jen is looking stern trying to deny the effect. I have seen it before the attempt to fake or withstand a treatment. I have seen the thousand yard stare a patient will give to stop from screaming during a spinal tap or other painful treatments. She fails to hide the pleasure I am giving her.

“This your torture, Marla.” She says. “Give it up, and let me go. I might only give you a mild punishment.”
I keep it up. “Ugh,” Jen involuntarily utters. I stop and pull the clip hard off her nipple. Smiling I replace it and clip one to her clit. She looking at me, “what are you going to do, clip torture me that 101 stuff.”
“Just tell me the code and all will stop or it will finish as you request after I open the door.”

“I can take all the pain you think you can give me.”

I return the vibrator to the chain and I start a new one on the clip on her clit. The noise that the clip makes is a little different than if the vibrator was just on her clit. It does not take long to see Jen is about to come and again. I stop, pulling the clips off again. This abruptly ends her building orgasm. I wait a few minute and reattach both clips. While both of her nipples are hard as rocks her right is also red and swollen from the clip being forcible removed. While it might be painful the pulling off the clip it also stops the pleasure form continuing. I start vibrating the chain between her nipples and the clip on her clit. Jen is even getting a faster build up to her orgasm only to have it stop moment before it is achieved.

I look into Jens eyes as she begins to realize I not torturing with pain but with pleasure but still denying her the satisfaction of cumming. I do this about six more times I don’t say a word. Jen is trying to keep up that she will not break. Her legs start to give out by now and the time to reach the potential release is getting shorter I switch to a feather. I begin to tickle her nipple and breast, her neck even her belly button. Each time I stop before she can have a release. Little does she know this is what she did to me with the riding crop only she did it so I would not stop cumming, I am doing it to get her worked up but not to cum.
“Oh come on get it over with, Marla.” Jen cried. “Beat me; whip me, I will not allow you to leave here unless you are my slave.” She was still trying to sound as if she was in charge.

Over the next three to four hours I did other things to her never letting up and never letting her to get off. Build her up and stop it. I used Ben Wa balls and remote vibrators in the pussy and ass. I even, at one point I only had to breathe on her nipple or clit to get her excited. Jen at one point begged to go the toilet, remembering her response to me wait, I tell her to go pee where she was.

Soon after she did, the golden fluid came out as a jet. It was coating her legs. The smell was ripe. I check to make sure that it was clear. The nurse in me made wanted to see if it was a healthy piss. It was. I then took the hose and washed the piss off of her and sent down the drain. I then turn the high pressure hose on her crotch only to stop as I see her getting ready to explode. Her legs no longer able to support her, Jen yelled out, “537369, now let me cum please!”

I walk over to the door and the combination worked. The door open and I stepped out. Picked up a screwdriver and came back in, Propping open the door so it would not close. I turn on the Remote control vibrator and turn it on. “Ok, a woman of my word I let you have a release and finish your orgasm. Jen began to shake violently as she came. The Ben Wa balls and the vibrator came flying out with her virginal discretion. She was moaning and groaning as I went up the steps to the kitchen.

My purse was still on her table along with my phone. I picked it up and flip it open. There on the screen the time and date. I was down there for four days. Looking at my missed called and unopened text messages, I start to read though them. Three was from my husband JT. They were a little confusing asking what the fuck where was I. How could I do it just because of him not able to get to Hawaii? I also received messages from my boss asking for sure that I really wanted to quit. I read another one from a doctor if I was really up to doing this with him and his wife. Looking over all of my text sent I see Jen been busy setting me up as a talent for a mutual friend, claiming I want a divorce from JT, and resigning my post at the hospital. The message to the doctor was me spread-eagled on the mattress downstairs. I immediately texted JT, “I do not, repeat do not want a divorce. That I love you and will be your one and only. Someone must have hacked my phone. I call or text you soon. I will be awaiting a Skpe call this evening when I get home love Marla.”

I called into work and asked for The Director of Nursing, told her that I just got my phone back and I think it was hack please disregard any messages for the last four or five days.

I decided to wait on talking to the doctor as that will take some heavy explaining. I walked around Jen house to see if anything I should be aware of that could come back and bite my ass. In her room, the wardrobe closet was actually a computer desk with live monitors to Jen’s basement playroom. I looked around and found that she recorded everything, including the original takedown of me as well as, oh god when did that happen. There it was me being gang raped by her and seven or eight guys. The volume was very low but could hear me begging for it. I do not remember any of this. Wait a minute yes she drugged me. Could I have not remembered this because of I was drugged. I then looked around to see if the drug was in the desk, her room. I could not find anything. I did get all the digital copies of me in that torture chamber and transferred it to my jump drive. I sat on her bed and cried for some time when I heard movement downstairs.

I crept down the stair thinking that Jen had escaped from the basement. I saw a young man in the living room. He about six foot and look very athletic big. He had dark short hair and a sun tan skin. Oh it must be Jen’s step son, Jeremy. He turned around and saw me, “Hello, who are you?” he asked.

“I am Marla, you must be Jeremy.” I asked quietly.

“Yea, Marla, oh you must be the workout queen.” Jeremy said. “Mom, talks of a lot about you and how you drive her at the gym.”

“Is that all she talks about me or is there anything else she says?”

“Well, she also said you a very beautiful ebony goddess that seems to control her.” Jeremy laughs as he blushes. “I have to agree about the beautiful part.”

I wonder if he knows what his mother does in her basement. Knowing my eyes must be bloodshot from crying upstairs. I was wondering why he did not notice them. I have got use to men and some women looking at my busty breast but I notice he was looking higher just not at my face as we came closer. Now do not get me wrong, he was a big kid, handsome big kid at that. I had a feeling that he just did not pose a threat to me; then again I thought the same of his step mother. As he got closer to me I did notice that he kept glancing down then back to my eyes, but pausing as he got to my neck. I reached up semi-unconsciously and found what he was looking at. It was the dog collar that his mom put on me, while I was in the basement playroom. Keeping my eyes on Jeremy I removed the collar. I now got a closer look at it. It was spiked with a tag claiming I was property of Jennifer. My fist close around it, ‘your mother is going to die a very slow death.’ I thought but said, “Jeremy, thank you that sweet of you to say.”

“Where is mom?” Jeremy asks.

“She kind of tied up at the moment.” I truthful said.

“Well did she get you a drink or something before she got busy?”

“Yes, earlier, but I could go for another drink.” I said wondering if the son is like the mother. I followed him into the kitchen.

“Marla, coffee or soda?” asked Jeremy.

“Soda or cold water will do.”

He opens the refrigerator door, “well we have diet coke or sprite.” Looking over the door, “You don’t look like you need a diet soda unless you do.”

‘Jeremy if I was not wanting to kill your mother, was 25 years younger and not married I would most likely be playing easy to get with lines like that’ I thought. Now Jeremy looks like he was nineteen but I knew from talking with Jen he only a sophomore in high school. “Your mother was going to give some travel anti-nausea pills do you where she keeps them?” I asked.

“Oh yea,” walks in to the half bath and get the package out and tosses them to me. I open it up and about half of them are missing.

‘Mmm, yep she must have slipped then in to my coffee and soup earlier’. Scopolamine is the main ingredient though that alone is not enough. I see a container in the dish drain with a lid. I grab it and ask, “Could I use the bathroom?” Jeremy steps aside and point to the half bath down the hall. I take a sample of my urine and seal the container. I might need this.

After washing my hands I take the small container and place it in my purse. ‘Shit I already forgot to collect other samples. I fucking know to get samples from rape victims, but I am not a victim I am a survivor.’ “Jeremy, Just out of curiosity do you know what your mom does down stairs?” I ask.

“I think that where mom takes her boyfriend, when I am not around. Why?”

“Just wondering if you been in there?” I prodded.

“No way, I tried when I was a kid and dad whopped my ass so hard I could not sit for a week.”

“Mom never tried to get you to go down in their room?”

“Never, Mom said that off limits to me.” Jeremy sighed.

“While we are waiting, Jeremy, What do you think of your step-mom?” I inquired.

“She cool, a lot of my friends like to come over just to see her.” He said blushing.

“How about you, Jeremy, do you like watching your mom?” I ask.

I see look down at his feet. “I know she my mom but..”

“You find her to be nice eye candy.” I said.

“You make it sound so” he began to say.

“Naughty, bad?” I asked with a smile. “I am only playing with you. She says you a sweet kid and the joy of her life.”

Jeremy was blushing as I said this. “Do you have a girlfriend, Jeremy?” I asked him with his head hanging low. I unbutton my blouse to give him a better view of my cleavage. ‘Yes, I am more than old enough to be his mother, but I was going to get my revenge on Jen.’

“No.” he was quick to respond. “I seem to lose them soon after my fist date.”

Sitting down and giving Jeremy a good look at my legs. I let the slit in my skirt to fully open and expose my right leg. Remember I do a lot of working out and almost every Saturday morning I run five to ten mile and today I am wearing five inch heels. I can see Jeremy admiring my legs. “Jeremy, do you missed treat them?”

“NO WAY!” Jeremy exclaimed. I see him looking at me, “Marla, I would never do anything ungentlemanly like to a lady.”

“I believe you, Jeremy.” I said with a higher seductive voice. “I have a feeling you are a very nice man.” I sat there watching Jeremy, looking me over, his eyes were scanning me and from what I saw he liked what his were seeing. His shorts’ he was wearing was beginning to tent out and seeing the amount of stretch he would give JT a run for his money.

“I’ll go see what taking mom.” Jeremy said as he turns. I have a feeling he is a little embarrassed about the fact he was getting hard.

“Jeremy, don’t bother your mom. She is still tied up or she would be here.” I said, “Please sit, and tell me more about your stepmom.”

Jeremy sat down across the table from me; I think to hide his embarrassing hard-on than to just get comfortable. I turn to face him with my arms crossed under my breast resting on the table. Jeremy could not take his eyes off of my chest. The way I was sitting my boobs were pushed up and slightly over flowing out of my blouse. I might be married but I know what the effect of boobage does to the male of the species. Hell I have seen some women drool over my tits.

“You been working out with mom for nearly a year now, I figured you know her by now.”
“I truly thought I did until recently.” I said. “Working out does not leave a lot of time to talk much.”
“Well she does say you are a task master at the gym.” Jeremy said. “She has definitely bulked up a little; you look like you have too.”

When he says that, I sit up straight and pose in the typical flex muscle position. “So do I look to have well defined biceps?” I ask. I then begin to flex my pectorals which cause my tits to dance on my chest. I look and see Jeremy’s mouth and eyes open wide. I reach over the table and push his chin up to close his mouth. I also slipped off my high heel shoes. “If you keep your mouth open like that you draw flies,” I said with a slight laughter in my voice.

“Sorry I did know a woman to have so nice muscle as you.” Jeremy said to cover his staring at me.
“Thank you, I hope I don’t look to manly”

“Oh no, Marla you are very unmanly hot.” Jeremy said before cupping his hand over his mouth. “Sorry I did not mean that. “

I smile at him. “That ok, I think that it very cute for you to say that.” I stretch my leg under the table to gently slide it up and down his exposed lower leg. I hear him gasp as I touch his leg. “Tell me has your mom been having some man friends over lately?” I asked returning to my previous crossed arm sitting position so I can tease him.

“Yes she has seen a few, since dad left.” He said.

I heard he died not left. “Your dad left you with your stepmom and I would think you go with him.”

His face change quick with that. I dropped my foot. “He left us both, and we have not heard anything from him since.”

I reach over and held his hand. “I sure he did not leave because of you.” See a tear forming in his eye. I got up and hugged Jeremy holding him close, his head in my bosom. “Now, now I did not mean to upset you.” Holding his head and shoulder he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I have the feeling he got over the conversation and was enjoying the hug I was giving him. Our legs between each other’s, I sat on his thigh. His erection rubbing against my leg, I reach under his chin and look him in his eyes. They were not saying I hate my dad but, I want you. I lean down and give him kiss on his lips, not a quick one but a long deep one. I sucked his tongue into my mouth. He may not have girlfriend but boy can he kiss. I may have started it but he had no problem in taking an aggressive edge lifting me as he stood. This white boy could kiss. As we broke our kiss no words were said as I removed my arms from his neck and gently ran my hands down his chest, feeling his chest and tight abs to reach his shorts. I slide my thumbs into the waistband and pushed them down. I dropped down on my knees his dick was standing straight out and when it passed my big tits it bent and sprang back up hitting me on my cheek. I grab the shaft and kiss the head.

“Marla, please you shouldn’t what if mom comes in.” he pleaded.

“Shhh, I promise you mom will not catch us.” I said. I then started to stroke his 9 inch cock, I was wrong JT would lose to Jeremy. He is longer and thicker than my husband. I begin to lick his prick, running my tongue along his shaft. While I was looking up into his eyes as I lift up his dick and lick his ball sack. I began to suck one of his nuts into my mouth then both. Jeremy closed his eyes as I sucked his balls. I continued to jerk him off with one hand and unbutton my blouse with the other.

My breast hanging free now I remove mouth from his balls and when back to licking his shaft. He open his eyes to see me with my tits hang out and I slowly take his dick in my mouth. When I had more than half in my mouth my lips lock themselves on his dick. My tongue working what in my mouth I start to bob up and down his shaft. I took him deeper every time. I felt it hit the back of my mouth on the very next down stroke I swallow and my nose was touching his public area. I had his entire dick, his nine inch long by two and a half to three inches thick cock down my throat.

“Ahh, Fuck yes, I coming Marla.” He said followed by moans as I felt the first ejaculation going down my throat. I start to gag as the second one hit. I pull away and he filled my mouth with three and four. I swallow for all my worth. Then came three more ropes of his cum. I let it set in my mouth so I can taste it. ‘God it been over eight months since I had cum in my mouth.’ I continue to milk him dry. ‘JT hope can forgive me but need to find out everything Jen did, Jeremy hope you can too.’

I stood back up, and guided him back to his seat. “Jeremy, Oh you so big,” I told him as I sat spread legged on his lap. His still hard cock pressing up against my wet panties, I lean in giving him a deep passionate kiss.

“Marla, I , I is that what a blowjob is like really?” He said as if in shock. “I have never had one before.”
“There blow jobs and then there is blow jobs, I hope I did not set the standards too high for you. Jeremy have you ever had sex?” I asked.

“No, I never got to first,” Jeremy said broken hearted.

Looking up, ‘forgive me, for what I do.’ “Jeremy I going to give you a grand slam.” I told him. “I need you to promise to stay right here and not move. No, go and make sure all of the doors are lock then come here and sit down until I come for you.”

“Ok, what about mom?” he asked.

“I give you my solemn promise that your mom will not catch us and will only know about this if you say something.” This seems to calm him down.

As Jeremy went to look all of the doors I went back to the basement. Jen was out cold on the cross. Looking at her I decided to put her on the mat. Carefully releasing her and carrying her to the mat. I then tied her to the mat and as an added touch I put the dog collar on her.

I went and got some stuff I going to use on Jeremy, a set of leather cuffs, ropes and a blindfold. While searching the toy box I found it the rest of the drug combo as well as some hypodermic needles. I looked up, How can I think of doing this, I could lose my license, my career hell if I don’t I could lose them anyway and more. I figured out the dose and gave Jen what she gave me. Hiding the equipment I needed, I found Jeremy on his chair like I asked to be. Walking up to the young man and giving another kiss on his lips, “Jeremy, will you trust me. I will make it very special and if you like I will give you some repeat performance.”

“Ok, Marla.” He replied hesitantly.

I first put on the blindfold and then led him up to his mother’s room. There I striped him and laid him on her bed. I tied him to the four posts of the bed so he was laid out spread eagle on the bed. He was still fairly hard still. I gave him another deep kiss. I reached down and gave his dick some good long slow strokes. “Now keep this hard for me.” I told him. I got up and move the monitor of the dungeon with his mother tied naked also spread eagle, on the screen so Jeremy would be able see it. I put a pillow on his face and removed the blindfold. “Ok now when I tell you remove the pillow and enjoy whatever happens.”
“OK,” Jeremy said with excitement.

I run as fast as I could down to the playroom. I strip down completely. “Ok, I have something to show you.” I yelled then I pour a glass of water on Jen face. “Wakey ,wakey” ‘I hope Jeremy can see and hears this very clearly.’

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